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To me it's lost its way, we went from being a team 7 fanservice machine in nsfw to a naruto/raikage interracial NTR shitpost team up of unholy proportions.

Wish their was more variety with other male characters for sexual fantasies types like Sasuke being the cheating avenger or Pains sexual path orgies.

What ideas can you come up with.
Most artists know that drawing a large amount of the cast means their work wont be able to get posted around since they're all clearly minors, reddit really cracked down on that stuff and a lot of artists made their money by promoting their stuff over there
and it's all /aco/ crap
but... they're all adults now
>naruto/raikage interracial NTR shitpost team up of unholy proportions.
Like seriously what the fuck is even going on with this?
File: best mom.gif (1.62 MB, 690x388)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
Also there seems to be a lack of Hinata
its kind of hot though
I need more of Ino cucking Sai
Or Kushina with any guy besides Minato or Naruto
>Like seriously what the fuck is even going on with this?

You can thank the author for that. The author decided to portray Naruto and Sasuke as workaholics who rarely have time for family. Housewives who get no action due to a constantly away husband is one of, if not the most common NTR scenario. If you put that in your story, you're pretty much begging for NTR artists to swarm in and draw big-dicked men stealing the housewives away.

This is further enhanced by the fact that Naruto even has ultra-masculine black men in it, and black men are the favorite of NTR artists. Then there's the fact that Raikage even had an interest in stealing Hinata in the literal canon storyline, so that makes for an added bonus. The Boruto-era of Naruto is pretty much the perfect storm for NTR, and it's probably not going away any time soon.
File: 1540877996156.png (283 KB, 500x476)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
After Boruto series release, there's no reason to draw anyone else's porn but Sarada's.
And Sumire.
there is still good shit being done, but it's few and far between
I see decent amount of Hinata but its either one of two categories.

1. BBC cuckold stuff (Generally with the Raikage or Killer B, obviously)
2. Cutesy pictures of Naruto and Hinata

If its not either of these, generally its incest with Boruto

Porn of her just kind of came to a grinding halt since Naruto ended. Which is a shame.
I aim to fix that I have edited hundreds of pics of Hinata but I can't find a site that supports her.
File: 6crd3bn32.jpg (773 KB, 2202x1600)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
like this pixxx came out 2 days ago and I fixed it
I also do requests but I'm not on 4chan a lot

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