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So what does /h/ think of Naruhodou's stuff? For me personally it's my go to most of the time for wanking to doujins. Primarily because of his bimbo proportions which is a huge fetish of mine, as well as his ability to (portions aside) usually match the drawing style for the characters from the source material. That's always a huge plus for me. Thoughts on Naruhodou? And I guess general Naruto H thread. Oh and if anyone happens to have a mega link for all of Naruhodou's stuff, that'd be much appreciated.
Oh and if anyone also has any recommendations for artists similar to Naruhodou that'd be great too.
I don't fap to his stuff anymore, but it does make me feel nostalgic whenever I see his doujins; Takes me back to 2009. On his art, I don't like it too much. It feels to "stiff" for me.
Yeah I agree about the stiffness. The only thing that should be stiff is my cock you know what I'm fucking? Also it definitely is a fetish nostalgia thing for me. Seeing this nostalgic characters with fat tits and asses and what not.
Yeah, looking back, it is kinda impressive how much things have changed over the years. Like back then, I would remember a majority of the doujins being Naruto porn, followed by Touhou, then Bleach/One Piece. Unlike today, with Kancolle, Granblue, Fate etc.
one of the few naruto doujins that feature shizune or temari.
I still love Naruhodou. My only beef with him is that he is bringing in far too much rapecrap into his works and I hate that...

Oh, and I'm still waiting for him to put Tenten and Kurenai into one of his works...
I like his stuff (especially Naruto x Tsunade, she is both very sexy and cute in those), but don't like how he is so focused on Zetsu rape now.
I wish he made something about Ino and/or Tenten without Zetsus.
I hope we soon have a part 6 of Jungle Party. Don't know the reason but it's my favourite wank material by far. Maybe the whole "abandoned in an island with 2 nymphos is my fetish
File: 1531618403207.jpg (76 KB, 960x960)
76 KB
Definitely agree with both of these, save for the the zetsu rape. Gotta say my favorite series of his IS the zetsu rape aka Lewd Prison series. Features an all star cast of bitches getting a hard non stop fucking. Have you seen that colorized? Shit is so cash.
How can his stuff still look like it did way back then?
Blown so many loads to his Nami sets...
Shame most of the shit he's doing is cuckshit.

His constant bimbo proportioned Tsunade is a mainstay design for me i keep going back to.
Not only her proportions are bimbo, but her personality is too.
Which makes her a perfect fap-version of Tsunade.
His work was some of the first I was introduced to. I remember reading Tsunade Nude Beach years ago on some hentai site with box in its name.
File: 1YhEmUtmMMDuBQiV0Tl3DxBw.jpg (872 KB, 2000x1414)
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Here's some fanbox stuff.
File: 3Tcx53j8azpPIiJNEtdzMbaJ.jpg (912 KB, 1414x2000)
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912 KB JPG
File: 8Ou8IyX9zN6hvjLGBSzauzkG.jpg (860 KB, 1414x2000)
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File: zgmmsAWi2i4su5pHGsohudyh.jpg (809 KB, 1414x2000)
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File: xHemze3s1H6KukqnR8gPxwIM.jpg (758 KB, 1457x2000)
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File: 3aH71KzeS8TLBOJh8vtcbcQI.jpg (866 KB, 1414x2000)
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866 KB JPG
Surprised no one dumps fanbox content here.
He's gotten noticeably better, although his anatomy has stayed more or less the same (don't have a problem with the proportions, like you - its good shit)

He's gotten better with shading, design, layout, etc. More confident probably.
File: 47.jpg (428 KB, 1280x1794)
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428 KB JPG
From what I've noticed after many years of "research", is that you either like/love Naruho's art or not. There is no inbetween.
I personally like his art. I also like huge breasts and thicc bodies so that's a plus. I can understand that he has his own way of drawing and that might not be enjoyable to some people.

I have cummed buckets with his Tsunade and Hinata.

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