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Recommended Doujin list
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Blessed general

any more fics like these / stuff from literotica? it's difficult to find the right tags for this stuff
I usually see "Orientation Play" on AO3 for this as well
File: 00135.jpg (458 KB, 1129x1600)
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Reposting that great VD fic from the previous thread
File: Dragon19.jpg (320 KB, 1200x800)
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File: 74745752_p1.jpg (137 KB, 849x600)
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Alright too fucking far
At least make it Claudine, Mahiru or Kaoruko or any of the mobage girls
File: 72039222_p0.jpg (155 KB, 1131x800)
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This dude is pretty based
It's been a good while since I was on there, but I remember an older one about the subject. Lesbian gets her butt stuffed by her friend https://www.literotica.com/s/strange-bedfellows-4
Meant for >>5341453
>the original got deleted
Hetero plus a the tag of a yuri series is my favorite combination
File: 70188952_p0.jpg (585 KB, 1600x1200)
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File: 70188952_p1.jpg (667 KB, 1600x1200)
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Any more het butai stuff?
Imagine a scenario where your favourite yuri couple tastes cock.
HARD MODE: No rape or blackmail.
Anyone know the H where I think two waitresses ask a dude to get one of them pregnant?
File: 72038816_p11.png (415 KB, 1160x689)
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But blackmail is one of my favorite scenarios. The thought of the proud Maya sucking cock to save Claudine from expulsion is already hot enough, even better when she eventually finds out Claudine's been doing the exact same thing for her sake.

Apart from https://exhentai.org/g/1294801/49392f9e81/ there really isn't anything but futa.
File: IMG_20190513_002354.jpg (133 KB, 772x1063)
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Shame, but understandable. Revue isn't the easiest series to work in non futa dicks.
Blackmail is too overused and cliched. Get more creative.
File: 70043461_p16.jpg (652 KB, 700x856)
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>Ange/Charlotte (Princess Principal)
The group has to infiltrate a brothel to get info from a key asset so Ange, Charlotte and Dorothy disguise themselves as prostitutes of the place. Just before they get close to the target one of the servers gets to Ange/Charlotte and takes them to a VIP room. There they meet a fat mob boss with his friends, and you can guess the rest. Not really rape, but hard on both since they have to act like they're enjoying it (and they are but tell themselves otherwise)

>Anne/Grea (Manaria Friends)
A simple potion mixup causes them to inhale a lust potion (rather than the love potion from the library episode) and set their sights on the first male they see (can be a random anon or Anne's bodyguard).

>Diana/Akko (Little Witch Academia)
Akko convinces her girlfriend Diana to be in a threesome with Andrew. Things start out awkward between Diana/Andrew but Akko tries her best to get them to reconcile their past differences through sex (sex with her for the most part) and Diana slowly starts to be OK with him, going from simple kisses and jerking him off to getting mating pressed and screaming with pleasure while Akko holds her hand (and records the whole thing to video).

>Ruby/Weiss (RWBY)
I kinda got nothing without bringing in Jaune (and fuck that dude) so Ruby decides to give Oscar a bit of a reward for everything that's been happening to him as of late and brings him into her and Weiss private time. Lesbians having their way with a shota is extremely hot so something like that would be happening here.
Sounds fun.

Instead of Rebellion happening, Madoka's universe continues as planned, and Homura grows close to Tatsuya. As he grows up, he ends up looking more and more like a female Madoka, until Homu can no longer resist and seduces him. Maybe Ultimate Madoka is also present in spirit to complete the lesbian mommies /ss/ experience.

>Flip Flappers
During her inner voyage of sexuality discovering from episode 7, Cocona fucks the two male Papikas.
Also, Yayaka staves off loneliness by going to PI and getting fucked by humanoid Uexkull.

After so much heartbreak, Sayaka becomes an easy girl to see if dick can feel the void in her heart. It doesn't, but it doesn't hurt trying.

Ritsu talks Mio into being Satoshi's first. She also joins in, and the three start fucking regularly since then.

>Anima Yell
Kohane notices Uki's troubled relationship with her brother and decides to chair him up with sex, causing Uki to join in and thus making peace with her brother.
File: NNFTBDSLPNG.jpg (509 KB, 1165x1000)
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509 KB JPG
The previous picture needs to be posted too in order to fully appreciate the contrast.
Aw, what a cute lesbian couple!
Hakka-ya, the master of BuCap herself, wrote a doujin in which Hisa acts flirty with the StuCo president, so why not something where she goes all the way.
Nothing wrong with cliche. Besides, I love the thought of a lesbian begrudgingly taking cock and giving up such a huge part of her identity, simply because she doesn’t believe she has any other choice. It’s hot.
It’s not like it has to be blackmail per se though. Like Haruki choosing to whore herself out behind Isuke’s back so she can afford her girlfriend’s lavish spending. Great to think about how Isuke might begin to taste cum in her girlfriend’s mouth, or elsewhere, until one day she finally decides to go find out what exactly Haruki’s job at the construction site really is.

Damn that’s good. The mob would pass Princess around thinking she’s some slutty lookalike, having no idea they were fucking actual royalty. And what with both her and Ange being such great actors you can easily see them playing the willing whores, only to forget halfway through getting filled that they’re only supposed to be pretending.
The little witch one sounds real good. wish there was a fic about that.
Kiiko walks in on Aaya fucking her brother because he...oh, wait...
File: 1526920759560.jpg (57 KB, 801x217)
57 KB
Anybody know what doujin this is from?
File: D6lo73jVUAE0YSW.jpg (1.63 MB, 3541x2508)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG

File: 63.jpg (478 KB, 1063x1500)
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478 KB JPG

[DISTANCE] Joshi Luck! ~2 Years Later~ Ch. 7-8.5 [English] [SMDC] [Digital]
File: go fight win.webm (1.65 MB, 640x360)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB WEBM
>Anima Yell
/ss/ with Uki is good, but I'd also like Kana cheering Arima's oniichan, maybe to get closer to the family, or in exchange of lewd pictures

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