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why is colored hentai so rare? the few majority of colored hentai is with a really weird artstyle or really poor and shit colors

picture: [Ban!] Crisis Teacher (COMIC X-EROS #24) [English] =LewdWaniBootleggers=
Color takes like 10 times longer, that's why most color works are 4 pages, maybe 6 if you're lucky.

Difficult to get much emotion out of that.
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if you want color, you go digital.
printed full-color hentai manga is just too costly.
Labor intensive and time consuming. Not practical for an artist trying to get paid
>why is colored hentai so rare?
Because it's basically twice-thrice the work without worthy compensation for it.
m-da s-tarou colors all his work, it's pretty good
File: 9.jpg (701 KB, 2400x3421)
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>all color
>all high quality
>all english translated

thank you based god
takuji's works are mostly all colored
idk, don't mind most being black and white.

most western (non-adult) comics would benefit from being less concerned about color and more about cost.

though most western h-stuff is in color because it's web based.

(older stuff from the "american underground comix"-movement of the 1960's-1990's was black and white, don't know if that includes or excludes "Cherry Poptart". and the french-spanish-italian-belgian adult comics are all generally black and white)..)
Because it's a pain in the fucking ass..

Which is why the "colored hentai" shit as you describe it is usually a 4-8 page spread in the monthly comic's.
A combination of cost (at least when it comes to physical print which is still a big thing in Japan), extra time and difficulty to the work, and censorship requirements (lightsaber dicks). Doujin artists can get away with more in black and white while having it cost less and take less time to make.

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