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The art is no issue but I'm having trouble thinking of a plot/story
Any ideas?
If you want to go weird with it try making the main squeeze a janitor/cleaner.

Our protagonist is hiding out eating lunch in the bathroom and gets caught by the cleaning lady who's life has been going down the crapper since high school. She empathizes with the kid, having been in exactly the same position back then. So they talk for a while, assume a far more social position, and the usual ensues. They finish over one of the urinals and it closes on the two joking about who's going to clean up their mess.
I imagine any kind of sex for favors trope would work. (Better grades, money, a spot in the school swim team, etc.)

Sex could also be extorted. (Perhaps the male lead, caught the female lead cheating on the last test )
How about actually vanilla stuff or maybe something similar to "golden time" joining a club and meeting a girl who is very helpfull to you. Just to find out later on that she was your childhood friend from years back . Or meeting a very cute and polite girl in school just to find out she is an undercover slut and ntrs her boyfriend with you. Idk man the stage is your you got all posibilities . Can i see some art of yours ? And also will the Vn be free or something to grab a bit of cash?
Not sure how others feel but manga like Touchuukasou2 makes me fucking diamonds. Doing stuff in secracy. Plot idea would be you hanging out with friends at school and your friends little sister shows up sometimes and just tricking her into doing bjs and shit behind her brothers back.

What talent or skills do you have to work with for this OP?
Op left. But i still drew you some art.
The fuck is wrong with her lower legs?

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