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How many of you store most of your hentai on your phone?

Of course the larger screen of a desktop or tv is great, but the form factor of having it in the palm of your hands can't be underrated.

Besides, you never know when you might have an emergency and need it.
I know man, porn emergencies can be brutal.
Exactly. Gotta be prepared ya know?
I wish Seismic would port Wolf Girl is With You already desu
I don't store anything on my phone because Seagate, but the part about having it in the palm of your hands is very interesting. At first I thought "it's no big deal," I'm planning on getting a large curved monitor so I can fully enjoy /hr/ hentai, but when I read my first lewd manhwa on my phone, there was something really special about seeing a full frontal take up the whole phone screen. Maybe it's because PC/TV screens are horizontal and phones are vertical, but reading lewd comics on phones it certainly a unique experience.
>PC/TV screens are horizontal
t. pleb without a rotatable screen
It's true, but I'm planning on fixing that in the near future.
File: snapshot(4).jpg (750 KB, 1440x2880)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
Don't over-look that it's a bit more similar to reading an actual book than from the big screen.
Does anyone know of any good h-games on android?

All I have are the Seismic ones.
Just want to remind people that folders on android can be hidden from album and the like by placing a '.' at the start, ie : '.Downloads'

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