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Let's discuss your favorite completed/ongoing porn manhwa.
File: 130.jpg (13 KB, 397x148)
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take a peek 130
landlord's little girl 74 https://raws.mangazuki.co/manga/the-landlords-little-girl/74
anyone know a good site that lets you read manwha for free? it seems that every site gets shut down sooner or later for copyright.
they used to get spammed on panda, now either the spam stopped or my filters are finally working
translated or raws?
Translated of course
manganelo.com, mangazuki.co, mangadex.org, and translator's pastebin. you could get free trial (few early chapters) from official english translation at toptoon.net
File: drug-candy-17763.jpg (48 KB, 350x468)
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I really enjoyed drug candy.
I really loved Lilith's Cord, it had an overly complicated plot with a likable main ship and it's on hiatus before the next season

Another one I really liked was Close as Neighbors, there's only five chapters on Mangarock but I know there's a fuckton more on readadultmanhwa.com or whatever, the plot was relatively good considering it's hentai

I think my overall favorite for lewdities would be My first time is with my little sister?? or something like that by porori, good art and a harem to boot, nhentai had scattered chaps but I think there was more on hitomi
I used to read one about this maid who starts working on a house for this man and his 2 ungrateful sons (a daughter and a son). Her plan is to take over the house by fucking the owner and she does, there was one page where the son finds her tied on his father's room.

I can't remember the name of it and I have been looking for a long time and I can't find it. Anyone know?
I think it's name was Rabbit hole.
File: Rabbit Hole.jpg (142 KB, 1200x600)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Yes it is. Thank you!
I've been looking for a webtoon that I've read a pretty long time but I can't seem to find it. The plot was about a woman that disguised herself as a man and went to work on a ship, but the crew discovers her identity and she gets raped.

Here's chapter 76. It's a pretty good webtoon.
chapter 1-4 https://www.toptoon.net/en#contents_80435
chapter 5-10 https://mangadex.org/title/31397/take-a-peek
raws https://www.19all13.net/%EC%99%84%EA%B2%B0%EC%9B%B9%ED%88%B0/%ED%9B%94%EC%B3%90%EB%B3%B4%EA%B8%B0/297?&page=12
>I've been looking for a webtoon that I've read a pretty long time but I can't seem to find it. The plot was about a woman that disguised herself as a man and went to work on a ship, but the crew discovers her identity and she gets raped.
Nvm, I've found it. It's called 韩漫Dark Sea.
I remember reading Close as Neighbours recently, but it was kinda dissapointing cuz milf left midway (and it looked like her initial design was changed from the first chapters?) and it ended after like 50 chapters. Wanted more desu
Still waiting on Liliths Cord, fuck I loved that one. S2 When
Household Affairs is alright too I guess, I kinda liked the actual plot along with the sex scenes.
Pheremone Holic and Sweet Guy have the best sex scenes/chapters in my eyes in an abundant quantity, and so did Hahri's Lumpy board house, maybe a bit less on the quantity tho.
Some others worth mentioning I guess would be A World that Only I Rule, The Girl that Wet that the wall, She is Young. Might be able to name a few more, idk
Also fuck Manhwa censorship. Pisses me off so much, regardless if it's law or not, or w.e the reason is.
I can deal with black bar censorship, but not full white cloud/space censorship
I could only agree with She is Young from titles you mentioned, that was a good read. I don't like how they handled sweet guy ending and household affairs was too edgy for me.
Thanks for close as neighbors, I like it too
Household affairs pissed me off cuz we started with the chicken lad and then by the end the main story is with the husband and his wife is a major bitch, it ended with the best possible ship tho

Also yeah Neighbors kinda surprised me,
>I know you've had a crush on me for years and want to father my child, wanna fuck?
>no let's go to the batting cages
wtf the milf route was fine
I really liked her character arc too, from freaking out about nothing ever changes to not being ready for actual change it was great stuff
>and then she leaves the story
Anyone know what happened to siren? I thought it was a cool korean version of berserk.

No, the milf route was fine, its just that i wanted more H scenes with her. There were a lot of instances where I felt like the story could've been stretched out, but in the end it wrapped up too soon (in my eyes at least).
It was still good though.
Does anyone knows about the brother slipped ínside me in the bathroom?

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