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have any of you ever tried to contact a manga author? how'd it go?
no...ill at most follow them on twitter or pixiv

i tried back then but i dont think they understand english so im afraid to try again

only 2 authors if i remember correctly TYPE.90 and DISTANCE
I wanted to often times, but the problem was that if I said that I was a non-Japanese fan, they would probably think I did not buy their works, and that would be awkward
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im pretty sure Shindo L speaks native English. i spoke to him briefly at a Comiket a few years back
He does, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SD9-4pUPH0
>what does your mom think?
>she keeps asking me to draw her fucking my uncle.
File: Screenshot_45435235.png (1.02 MB, 1299x718)
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There is a female manga artist that is serializing an anime/ln adaptation manga in a non-h Monthly Dragon Age and also draws hentai in her spare time.
She streams non-h drawing on Twitch almost every day and she knows english decently enough so I get to interact with her often :3
She also has a face cam on sometimes and always has lots of cat cams!
Could just be like "hey just bought such and such work and loved it, what do you think about...?"

Even if you didn't purchase, a lot of people do understand that it can be difficult to obtain certain media in various countries due to licensing and other restrictions, so as long as you are polite about it, you should be fine.

Could always use google translate; not the best, but it's not always horribly bad either.

Also, learning basic hiragana/katakana and the downloading an app such as Duolingo, you can learn to ask basic questions and stuff within a couple of days (you can always just replace one noun with another and it generally works).

I've used these methods previously to contact a few artists for passwords and stuff to art and mods they put online and it seems to work out.
i used to interact when some of then stream. ryou loves ska music and i got him to listen to streetlight manifesto on stream once. mizuryu kei loves his sentai shit and he'll talk about it for hours. depends when you catch them on stream and how close to deadline they are but they are generally real friendly.
i want Shindo L to do more Bible stories.

specifically, the one where Lot gets raped and impregnates his 2 daughters.
I've asked doujin artist something about his illustration through pixiv. He answered me.
I do fanworks of their characters in a different medium.
They retweet it.
Instant win.

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