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Do you Guys and Girls think we can keep him locked up a long time ?

jinxy77 on tumblr
File: 9P7d9yY.jpg (592 KB, 3358x4299)
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finally!! been waiting on this thread!!
File: IMG_1465.jpg (217 KB, 1500x2000)
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what do you guys think from me ?
File: 1480475530628.jpg (104 KB, 1280x526)
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what we think is not very important. what's important is: are you having fun?
File: 1477076179255.jpg (230 KB, 1280x960)
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File: 1477080563491.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
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>those scars on her right leg
someone's into self harm
File: IMG_20170519_140416.jpg (2.81 MB, 2336x4160)
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2.81 MB JPG
>bought silicone cage
>doesnt really fit
>when i get hard i just pulls free and cuts into the skin

Any recomendated cages for the /big guys/ here?
File: 1490685483010.jpg (533 KB, 1200x1920)
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533 KB JPG

8" erect here, but 1.5" soft. Need to buy for soft size though. I've been wearing a cb6000s, Birdlocked Mini, and now a HTv2(small) on and off for about 8 years now. When I get hard, it hurts, but my wife has pretty much taught my body not to have erections unless she puts her foot next to my locked little penis and turns the chastity key on her anklet and gives me permission : )
moar anon
File: WorstCountry.jpg (448 KB, 2000x1333)
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448 KB JPG
This is where I live. Luckily we are allowed to cum with our ass.
File: 1495216742002.jpg (106 KB, 1000x743)
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i know she gets the question even when im not around...but there's this bar with a couch lounge where my gf and i drink a lot before/after going to baseball games. a lot of times she slips off her flip flops/flats and puts her sexy barefeet up on the coffee table and flexes her toes. 100% of the time we're on a double date the other girl asks her about the key on her anklet...she always says it's just the key to a tool shed we don't use often but she doesnt wana lose the key so she wears it for decoration.

>that lie literally causes my stomach to hurt from how hard i strain inside my chastity cage, especially since she wiggles her toes more as she answers the question
File: IMG_20170520_162303.jpg (2.32 MB, 2336x4160)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Got it closed after a cold shower but this doesnt seem right. The basering gets tiny cracks and grooves as the silicone heat up and stretches and catches skin between them, all while the head is to small for my D, pushing what doest fit into a blob between the two bits...

All i know is that silicone sucks
tell us more!
Yeah silicone cages are garbage. You'd be better off buying a Holy Trainer v2 knockoff for the same price. They're even on Amazon now, called something like "biosourced resin chastity" or something. There are also nice metal options on there too.
currently looking at pic related. but i am still worried about the size. i got my silicone one from amazon already since the prices are ok.
File: cb6000.jpg (38 KB, 562x520)
38 KB
actual pic would help...
File: ht v2.jpg (24 KB, 531x528)
24 KB
and a holytrainer thingy would be this then?
File: 20170521_130550.jpg (3.3 MB, 4608x3456)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
Me atm
And before all the usual questions start to take over this thread....

Yes, people wear these things 24/7. Me, for the last few years. My last erection and orgasm was a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, it will wake you up, at least in the beginning. Your dick tries to get hard and cannot. It may hurt. Your brain will learn to stop waking you up.

That should take care of 25-50 posts.
And, this is the same person as the above, why do I wear it?

My wife is mildly dominant. I travel a lot for work. She doesn't like masturbation while I'm away. So, I come home from a few days away ready to go.

I don't think she fears I would cheat on her, but now she has no concerns.

Global Entry, TSA Pre, United 1K. Not much of a problem flying in an HT v2, even with the body scanner from time to time. TSA is more concerned with my cufflinks and watch than a plastic lock on my junk.
Every chastity thread, there are always the same questions
i really gotta ask to those of you who are locked up, what kind of person are you?
like, if you were to describe yourself, what kind of character do you have?
don't get me wrong, im not saying this in a bad way, im just curious.
also do you think this experience changed who you are?

this kink kind of turns me on (both male and female) but i dont think i'd want it so consistently in my life. also im a loner retard and i wouldn't know who to get it on with.

btw do you exercise? isn't it uncomfortable doing any sort of sport with that thing in your pants?
A fag like that? Yes!
>current release date now June 21st 2021

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