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File: bn.png (224 KB, 759x451)
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224 KB PNG
What can we expect?
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Vague statements that ultimately re-affirm its immense political authority and do little to genuinely invigorate the Church one way or another
File: 1531309126838.jpg (223 KB, 745x636)
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223 KB JPG
Hehehehe that would be ridiculous, why follow the church after that? Am i right lads?
"agape" strange When I swallow the popes semen (gods representative on earth people) disgusting protestant call it "rape" well what can you expect from these heretical protestant and their false doctrine.

Grug think Sumer tribe wrong, not leave cave for fake tall cave they make. Real cave rock and real. Cave safe.
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dont; do it ugg, summer tribe evil devil, thye commune with evil witches
Grugamesh keeps stealing mate, wat do
Grug lost berries to big nose tribe what grug do?
This happen to me to in past.
Me and friends smashed 600 of their heads in with rocks.
They go live in other land now.

grug must accept los of berries, grug had too much berries in past, grug must give berries untill everyone has as much berries as grug had

File: 1165.jpg (34 KB, 400x600)
34 KB
Is the occult just philosophy for brainlets? It seems like occult stuff is just a system to explain the world and higher concepts strictly on how things make you feel. Key word feel.

Whereas philosophy seeks to explain the world and higher metaphysical concepts through reason, analogy, and abstract thinking. Key word: think

I've come to this conclusion after many years of seeing what people into the occult actually do. All they do is talk about how shit like crystals, tarot cards, yoga, and planet alignments make them FEEEEL.

At least philosophers use their brains. It reminds me of the allegory of the cave. The brainlet occultist reacts to the shadows on the wall, his emotions. He is constantly playing catchup with his own feelings. The philosopher realizes that his thoughts(and therefore decisions) create his emotions, and not the other way around. Therefore the brainlet occultist is like a woman, a slave to their emotions, and the philosopher rising above himself.
>the brainlet occultist is like a woman
the greatest philosophers of all time from every culture have been men and all the witches, voodoists, and gypsy cursers have been women. there's also exceptions of course there were men who were into the occult but they're all soibois like crowley

It also doesn't help that everybody who is into the healing crystals, yoga, and reiki bullshit in the current year is a woman, my facebook is ripe with that shit
Not even close. And you'd need to make a distinction between contemporary attempts at recreating old mystery schools and traditions while calling themselves "occult" or "New Age" and the actual old traditions.

The "real deal" groups and orders rarely advertise since they don't want to deal with the flood wave of hippies and wiccans.

So it depends entirely on the source material you used to draw your conclusions. A few hours on google and browsing sacred-texts or visiting the easy to find forums aren't gonna provide you with much worth paying attention to, but that's the point of being a hidden culture and art.
hell this makes me think of /x/ every year since that board has existed there's been retards who make threads that are

>does anyone else feel it? the paradigm shift is coming
>who else feels the mass awakening coming soon
>muh mass consciousness shift is coming

your shit mass awakening is never coming because it's literally just you being a brainlet retard, idiots have been saying this shit since forever, they just want to feel special.

Thoughts on Western Esotericism? What is it exactly? Does anyone here follow the tradition?
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>Thoughts on Western Esotericism?
2much judaism
The image above is from the early decks

Pretty much all modern decks are derived from the Marseilles deck
Ok, so pic related is a book on ceremonial magick, which is a branch of western esotericism and it's my major point of contact with these traditions.

Basically it's boring, uninteresting, doesn't produce any visible tangible results nor internal make feelgod, has outdated and bogus spiritual ideas, it depends a lot on judaism and the kabbalah.

All in all it doesn't strike me as something you would dedicate your life into, it's something you perhaps test to see if there is any truth, then you discard and move on.
It's pretty good. However, as with most esoteric traditions, it's really only useful if you find a living community to embody it, otherwise you're just fumbling around in the dark and are essentially LARPing.
Maybe you shouldn't use a book literally titled "modern magic(k)" when trying to explore old traditions.

File: unnamed.jpg (33 KB, 240x293)
33 KB
Was Gilgamesh the original Chad?
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Are you implying Manly Tears aren't Chad?
Gil was a homo
Yeah, but not like a little bitch.
why is he going to fuck that ox?
Thanks for the confirmation anons
Never read the epic of gilgamesh
I should though

File: belgium.jpg (192 KB, 710x1000)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Ask me anything
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This is the most American question I've seen in months, thanks for the laugh.
/int/ is literally the board for this.

Seriously, what the fuck is with these shitty threads? And why are so many shit-for-brains feeding it?
A Belgian might know more about Belgian history than your average /his/ memester so i don't see the problem.
Belgium and Luxembourg need to join the Netherlands. The Belgian king can be Grand Duke of Wallonia, or something, with the same for Luxembourg.

>seperatist movements depends on the size of the land, not the people that live there

literally what?

How did he manage to pull off a scam lasting for decades?

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 220x164)
7 KB
What are some examples of technological regression in history?
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He is too dumb to maintain the engine making it mutually beneficial for him to stick with you
> He is too dumb to maintain the engine

He'll just beat the crap out of you to make you do the work. Also, he already got the money, so he can just go find another easy gig.
File: just_think....png (39 KB, 500x300)
39 KB
this west Mongolia best Mongolia

File: 02f.jpg (34 KB, 655x527)
34 KB
>OP's last 2 digits indicate the year's last digits. Ie, 57= could be 1257 f.i
>OP'sum of last 3 digits could give an odd or even number. If odd, then the century needs to be odd, if even, even.
>Ie last digits; 254
>year has to be ending in 54 of an odd century. Ie: 1254 (13th century) or 1454 or etc
>anon replies to OP with a year and historic event/happening in that year.
>anon#2 replies to anon#1 as per his digits
>and so on
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>1799 (18th century)
>999= 9+9+9=27= odd number=needs to be odd century

You're doing it wrong anon

Filipino war of independence from USA

China-Japan war begins
Op was a massive faggot
Second Indochina War starts

0+5+5=10 odd so 20th century

Vasco da Gama reaches India

File: 4970760-image.jpg (580 KB, 1372x1920)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Why didn't Greeks wear sleeve/leg protection?
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It's definitely more hellenistic. Also, I basically agree with you, only I got a little further and claim that the Spartans were more organised in terms of their formation and other details.
Fair enough m8
They have a big ass shield nigga
what if the only records are stylized in a way that would teach philosophical principles to people in an effective manner?
I think it mostly came down to them using spears. It's far more likely to get your torso, upper legs/crotch, and head poked, than it is your hands and your lower legs.
If you had someone with a sword slashing at you, then obviously you would desperately try to get some sleeve protection.

File: rabbit out of a hat.jpg (51 KB, 900x723)
51 KB
>the mind emerges from non-mind
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>Of course the mind arrives from the CNS
How does an irreducible but supervenient downward causal power arise, since by definition it cannot be due to the aggregation of the micro-level potentialities? You're just talking about magic
How do you know? Have you ever been dead?
File: Immaterial Monism.png (494 KB, 1280x685)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
What makes you think the physical is anything special? If the physical is purely non-mental and the universe is just a bunch of combinations of physical stuff then there would be no consciousness at all. There would be no 1st person subjective awareness.
>If I shot you in your head, you'd stop being conscious real quick.
You're thinking of dualism, and I'm not a dualist. There is interaction between the mental and the physical because they are made of the same substance.
how do you kill consciousness?

animals die, machines break down. You equate consciousness with a clock.
What the fuck does that mean?

File: 226Book1.jpg (94 KB, 640x480)
94 KB
What went on during the 2-26 incident in imperial Japan?
It was an attempted coup but I cannot really understand the reasons behind it.
Seems a lot of autism was involved.
>Seems a lot of autism was involved.

That's imperial Japanese politics in a nutshell.
Fascist-inspired young officers wanted a "Showa restoration" that would establish a totalitarian regime with the Emperor as its leader. The Emperor didn't actually like them and had their little rebellion quelled. Way to get cucked hard...
so it's fascists vs fascists?
Could they have succeed if they had killed all the targeted officiers?

File: n491lcjtjib11.jpg (537 KB, 1793x2048)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
>race mixing is communism
>wanting fair pay is communism
>stubbing my toe is communism
>the ice cream machine being broken at McDonald's is communism

What's with Americans trying to associate everything they don't like with communism?
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>people implying this is wrong
It's not like "race mixing" is communist, just definitely something a communist should shoot for in their utopia. Just because communists starve themselves doesn't mean fasting is communist, either, but it is a thing they do.

I swear, communists and racists need to go get laid together.
Read Karl Marx nigga
Ashkenazi Jews (what most people know as Jews) weren't exactly welcome at the time they took German surnames.
There's a fair amount of underemployment though
And yuge too

File: 1513571844795.jpg (36 KB, 420x420)
36 KB
Why is there so many muslims here ? not complaining im just curious
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File: 1508858191091.png (71 KB, 645x773)
71 KB
forgot to actually reply, fuck me
There's barely any Muslims here, considering the fact that the vast majority, if not all, of the replies in any thread even tangentially related to the Middle East or Islam are negative.
File: 1532142937452.jpg (130 KB, 1024x493)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How dis make you feel?
Muslims in the middle east has abysmal birth rate with the increasing problem of genetic diseases due to cousin marriages

File: wxDRQPr_d.jpg (42 KB, 640x630)
42 KB
Which Axis power was the most retarded: Germany, Italy, or Japan?
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You know there are literally zillions of attractive Chinese women yet you picked some weird five-headed monstrosity to support your point. In the future make a better /s/ folder.
The Japanese word in your meme image should be 陛下, not 天皇.
You address the emperor as 陛下 "Your Majesty."
Literally it means "at the foot of the palace steps," and comes from the fact that traditionally one would only be able to report to the emperor through an attendant who would be standing in this location.
天皇 is a noun meaning "The Emperor of Japan." You would not use this word to directly address his person in the same way Elizabeth II's servants would not say, "What will you have for breakfast today, Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?"
File: 1532191946895(2).gif (170 KB, 360x346)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
>surprise attack on Americans
what kind of bait is this
Kinda wish that's how it actually went desu.

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