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File: iu.jpg (11 KB, 271x229)
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>germans elected hitler into power
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Martin "Marty" Louie was American.
File: fucking burgers.jpg (15 KB, 180x154)
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> Hitler started ww2
File: 1507840697794.png (70 KB, 645x729)
70 KB
who did?
>Weimar republic was controlled by the ((()))
>(((They))) let Hitler win
I wonder (((who))) profited from it

File: Pepe Pope.jpg (62 KB, 298x298)
62 KB
Matthew 16:18
1 Timothy 2:5
>Christ is the one mediator
>The Pope is only the humble vicar of Christ
>Therefore, the Pope can speak in the name of all christians

Seems logical to me.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the coast of Isle de France. I watched fire glitter in the dark across the horizon of Moscow. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die. "
File: 10216152.jpg (75 KB, 736x552)
75 KB
“A man's greatest pleasure is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them that which they possessed, to see those whom they cherished in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.”

Historical/Political meme thread.
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File: virgin.png (114 KB, 1914x860)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
File: hqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
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Let's crash this thread

with no survivors
File: THE CHAD KAISERREICH.png (424 KB, 2596x1024)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>the fact is that Rome's worst military defeats occurred prior to the creation of the Legionary.
What about Adrianople and Carrhae?
Weren't horses brought to the Americas by europeans?

>French zone
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Denazification programm, thats why
Participant award
participation award

also the french wanted to annex land, because they're crazy and cut from the same cloth as the german
File: gigglin.jpg (47 KB, 837x538)
47 KB
The legit answer is that Churchill wanted France to be a great power so that it wouldn't be just the UK facing off against the much larger Soviet Union over Europe if the US stayed on its own continent. This is why France is also on the UN security council and also why the West rearmed the FRG but not the Japs even though the latter did far less damage in WWII. Simply put as soon as WWII ends the Cold War begins and the west was shit scared of the Soviet steamroller so begins to build buffer states and get its core nations up to full strength again.
People often say that WWI and WWII are the same war but the same argument could be made for WWII and the Cold War, the 20th century was effectively just one big war to decide the ideological principles of the postmodern world.

Discuss the contention that denial of the legitimacy of King Arthur is as equally heretical as denying the resurrection of Christ.
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So Josephus is not a viable source?
He was likely based upon an actual king, though much of his tale is probably myth.
More than 1 source or from an already established historian of the time. If I wrote in my diary desu that I fought a dinosaur would you believe it?
josephus makes no mention of jesus
>Roman Britannic
Wihsful thinking. He was a Sarmatian merc that came with Romans.

File: IMG_1168.jpg (49 KB, 560x358)
49 KB
Which one was more successful and charismatic?

>They both created new societies and states by extinguishing empires.
>They both lived in the same era.

I think they had similarities, am I right?
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>Lenin genuinely had good intentions
I'd say Hitler had good intentions as well
>you could argue that for Stalin's case not for Lenin at least Stalin accomplished a lot
i was gonna seriously respond, but you're obviously just baiting
no, I am not
They could as well be a greekshit.
Then you haven't met the right kind of turks most people still love him.

>try to liberate their asian bretheren feom European imperialism
>is sanctioned and provoked by Amerikkka
>Amerikkka plans to invade
>is forced to destroy the US pacific navy in a preemptive strike to buy time
>fight couragously against an superior enemy
>enemy comits countless of warcrimes against civilians and POWs
>get shit on for not feeding POWs even tho you could barely feed your own population
>Amerikkka firebombs and kills thousands of civilians
>gets two cities nuked
>are now a joke compared to their former self and is universally hated by all it's neighbours
They didn't deserve it desu
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Oh yeah, by the eve of the occupation the americans weren't really that hated, since they didn't really rule how other colonial powers did. The Philippines had a functioning mostly-democratic government of its own with the governer general mostly keeping his veto powers to himself. Meanwhile, the economy was doing extremely well compared to other regional economies. When the remaining anti-american opposition manifested itself as japanese collaboration that sealed it, America was determined to be the best ever.
>kicking the burgers out
Philipines was already in the process of transitioning to independent country before japanese invasion.
the embargo didn't happen until after the invasion of Indochina in July 1940, but the US government had been working on it for at least 6 months before that
>Yeah, just like supplying the UK and Soviet Union wasn't an act of war against Germany, amirite?
it wasn't

What is the Business Plot and could it succeed.
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Never actually happened. No arrests were made. It was a newspaper hoax, which was in turn based off something that 1 guy said without any proof. Just a sensational story to get the papers flying off the shelves, nothing more, nothing less.
Lol bullshit dude there was a congressional inquiry called the McCormack–Dickstein Committee. General Smedley Butler was approached by the conspirators, a cabal of wealthy financiers, to lead their paramilitary force to overthrow FDR. Are you deliberately lying or are you just stupid?
Typical conspiracy theorist. It couldn't possibly be that the government is incompetent or maybe certain figures knew it but didn't care and played along to score points for team Roosevelt. No, it has to be part of a huge conspiracy.
Overthrow FDR? My kind of guys.

File: ThirdPosition4.png (820 KB, 2211x1451)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
just how big was the role of Sorel in the conception of these ideologies, including communism. It seems to make like his influence on last century is underplayed

File: C6p4iWRXUAACGeK.jpg (63 KB, 1080x1080)
63 KB
why do Americans so adamantly support Israel?
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File: reallyniga.jpg (32 KB, 600x375)
32 KB
File: heyty.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>jewish women aren't wife materia-
Psycopathic egoism for the goyim, collectivistic ethnostate for the chosen people :)
File: Adelson 2.jpg (131 KB, 1024x593)
131 KB
131 KB JPG


>Adelson and his fellow conference organizers limited participation in the event to donors willing to pledge at least $1 million over the next two years. With some 20 donors taking part at the meeting, the total dollar amount raised is estimated to be at least $20 million. A Jewish communal leader who did not attend the meeting but who spoke to the organizers said that, in fact, the overall funding goal for Adelson’s Campus Maccabees was $50 million.


>billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s new campus operation to defend Israel has picked David Brog, the head of the largest Christian Zionist organization, as its first leader.

>Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, will head the Campus Maccabees, a new multi-million dollar group funded by Adelson and fellow billionaire Haim Saban. The new organization’s mission will be to fight efforts on college campuses to promote the movement to boycott, divest from or sanction Israel. An official announcement is expected next week, but two sources closely informed of the campus group’s decision-making process have confirmed the information to the Forward.

File: chariotrace-980x520.jpg (235 KB, 980x520)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Why did the Byzantines fucking love chariot racing instead of the Roman tradition of gladiators?

Was fighting to the death considered un-Christian or some shit?
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>hell even Julius Caesar was called the Queen of Bithynia owing to his fondness for cross-dressing.

That was a rumor made by his enemies after he befriended and spent time with the king of Bythinia to cement good relationships between countries, it refered to him bottoming for the king in a gay affair. Romans loved making up insane bullshit that only plebs would believe, gossiping was their favorite past time.

Most emperors were smeared the fuck out of.
>the only reason people watch racing is to see them crash and burn

fucking burgers
But the killing is just a means to an end. It's not the goal.
It's true.
It's basically going from Rugby to Football, the plebs are pleased more and you make more off gambling

File: IMG_2033.jpg (259 KB, 1300x695)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
She's the one I stay up at night thinking about. I just want her back, /his/ ;_;

Who's your oneitis?
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File: image.jpg (601 KB, 1024x1008)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
>Imagine a Nestorian Persian crusading kingdom
I haven't been this hard since I imagined a Turko-Greco-Persian Ottoman Empire that converted to Orthodoxy.
>past 13th century borders
What's the point?
File: 1503361134470.gif (40 KB, 484x618)
40 KB
>tfw no strong western slavic empire
This DESU, if only Luther was murdered, under hapsburg rule, and the kingdom of empire being re-integrated and maybe even Poland through PU with Bohemia, like how Hungary joined parts of it by being under Austria
Oh yeah, the famous emirate of Sardinia

File: MMJFO.png (1.36 MB, 1200x1702)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
How would a Madagascar settled by Jews develop? Suppose that the Madagascar Plan was approved by the Allies but the Germans weren't given control.
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You read too much manga.
Just say Africans retard.
> Madagascar would take Jews months, maybe even years

I read that as taking jew months.
well meme'd my friend

Africa has so many population groups, it would be inaccurate.

File: moctezuma.jpg (67 KB, 1024x768)
67 KB
What culture created them? also bonus for pics of ancient swords.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
God. Popped up at the same time in egypt, greece, and Israel
according to the bible angels use swords so they probably predate human civilisation.
Israel didn't even exist until around the bronze age collapse going by any historical mentions.
File: Replicas_de_Macuahuitl.jpg (350 KB, 2304x1296)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
>needing metal to make swords

look at this pleb
The earliest copper swords were found in Anatolia and date back to like 3200 bc if I recall correctly

egypt and greece are landmasses with milions of eyars and Israel didn't exist yet when swords were invented, two or three millenia before hebrews had a state

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