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File: huey-long (1).jpg (262 KB, 1200x919)
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262 KB JPG
Why does everyone hate him here? He was one of the greatest American heroes of the 20th Century
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he wasn't long enough
If Louisianans hated him there wouldn't be a statie of him in their capitol building
File: aqvxmc8cmji11.jpg (33 KB, 640x671)
33 KB
y'all best stop calling me a commie
Blame the corrupt system not the people.
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 768x431)
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File: 1540250363583.gif (25 KB, 427x443)
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I know Brazil is its own thing, but surely the rest realized from the start that they'd be better off in basically every way as a single country, right? Or at least two or three larger countries instead of a million tiny weak ones.
We have this thread every single week

The answer is still no. Some could work (like Bolivia-Peru, Argentina-Uruguay, Colombia-Venezuela) but Latin American countries are massively different. There are also some geographical issues, like the isolation of Chile, the non-existence of a land route between South and Central America, etc.
File: 1443044834676.jpg (46 KB, 640x476)
46 KB

>No Puerto Rico


File: 64927-004-1D39561D.jpg (32 KB, 328x448)
32 KB
Who like did nothing wrong and who was a piece of shit?
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File: anglosaxophone.png (795 KB, 792x791)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
for me, it's East Anglia
Nerds that read books n shit
Chad warrior kings
>East Anglia
Bog subhuman marsh men
Bunch of farmers that got lucky
>Sussex, Kent, Essex
>the only kingdom not to be BTFO by the snowniggers
lol stay mad mercucks
kent never gets its due :(
Maciamo is a retard and this map sucks a dick.

File: 1529026604036.jpg (31 KB, 420x290)
31 KB
I truly fear this kind of discussion may be beyond the reaches of average 4chan posters, but I've found a few true scholars in /his/ in the past, so here goes nothing.

Does any one of you know any studies about cars from a gender framework? I haven't been able to find any paper or book dealing with the topic, and I refuse to believe there isn't any, since, well... cars are for boys.

Help, anyone?
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File: CHEEEEETOOOOOOOO.jpg (231 KB, 2817x2465)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
The real question is what are we going to do about orange? Orange is out of control and needs to be banned immediately. How can we ever hope to achieve progress while orange exists? Eliminating orange needs to be the number one priority for the resistance and that's a good thing.
Computer, exit program
It's good for understanding advertising and advertising is a huge part of the first world economy.
File: Pontiac Aztek custom.jpg (66 KB, 575x383)
66 KB
>Walter's Aztek is one of the worst cars ever made

Nonsense, the Pontiac Asstek was a bad car at all, it was just hideously ugly.
t. Wh*tey

File: 51o+c6DHSgL._SL1200_.jpg (52 KB, 1200x1200)
52 KB
What are some countries that haven't really done any truly horrific things?

Also has Canada done any truly horrific things?
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Smallpox was a bitch
Literally did nothing wrong
More evil stuff going on in the time and a summary of the act:

Eugenics Act
>lasted from 1928 to 1972
>sterilized at least 2,832 out of an approved 5000.
>victims included: females, children, low IQ, mental illness afflicted, people with mental retardation, epileptics, alcoholics, unemployed persons, domestics, rural citizens, unmarried, institutionalized persons, Roman and Greek Catholics, persons of Ukrainian, Native and Métis ethnicity.

Internment camps
>Japanese, Italian and Germans, some of which were kept active after the wars (especially the German camp between WWI and WWII)
>Residential schooling system which ended up full of sexual abusive
>The whole Railroad worker thing.
>Fucktons of voting restrictions
etc. ad infinitum
Métis deserved everything they got and more
So taking kids from one bad enviorment to another is the solution? Some children were used for physical labour and provided minimal education. Also, who says their homes were bad?

t. countryborn with many great-grands who attended residential schools

File: Daiy home life.jpg (34 KB, 591x510)
34 KB
>Wake up early before sunrise to the drum beats of the local temple.
>Wife starts the fire of the hearth as an offering to the Sun with copal incense.
>Get ready to go to work (farm, workshop. or public work).
>Have a drink of Atole (hot maize dough drink) for breakfast.
>Wife makes a packed meal usually a cold atole and toasted flat maize (like a crunchy tortilla) with seeds or other ingredients.
>Wife begins domestic labors (cooking, cleaning, looking after baby etc.).
>As you leave with your son, you set off via canoe on the canals of the city.
>Give son some cacao beans to go to the market and buy some things for the home.
>As you do your work, you hear the drum beat which announces lunch break.
>Eat lunch.
>Son brings mom house stuff and goes to rejoin father.
>Wife eats bits throughout the day and starts weaving on the backstrap loom making clothes for the family or excess ones sold at the market for extra money.
>Stop to use the public bathrooms on bridges of the streets. Neighborhood cleaning crew comes to pick up waste or burn it.
>Continue working with your son and relatives, your brother reminds you it's almost time for your son to begin school.
>Wife takes bath.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Please this it looks really fucking interesting. His lecture - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uaIeY-FGpI
It's there check the Aztec section
I'll add the Cantares I'll look for the codex
Gonna go ahead and direct people to a series of 9 postts I diid talking about quality of life for citizens of Tenochtitlan, th Aztec captial


In particular, I summarized

>Access to clean water, bathing, sewage systems, etc
>dietary practices
>life expectancy
>Medical practices and systems (I notably forgot to mention there were state run hospttiials)
>municipal administration/divisions and land ownership
>legal rights
>social classes and social mobility (or lack tthereof)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Also in the thread I linked where I posted about quality of life I also posted a few rars/zips of some of tthe art I keep meaning to send you, namely

>Gentling stuff
>Angus mcbride stuff from the Aztec, Mixtec and Zapotec Armies (Men-at-Arms) book
>Tomas Filsinger's maps of Tenochtittlan

And a few other things. Was also going tot seend you what I have from Tom H Hall, Louis Glanzman in that first batch of art, but I also have way more tthen that, just those are the things I have semi-orgaized enough to readily send over. I doo think we ned to work out a systeem for labeling what each image is of and aany potential accuracy issues for when they are in the mega, tthough, I havee some ideas for how that could happen I'll disscuss with you over email when I get the chance

You should also go ahead and upload the scans of tthe 'Aztec Warrior AD 1325-1521" Osprey book I uploades there to the mega
I personally would not, but there's obviously some cultural influence. Same for northern Mexico/southwest US:

File: Legion_Massive_Black_1.jpg (374 KB, 1024x602)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
Is slavery bad?
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File: 1537989472453.jpg (130 KB, 847x1024)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

kys underage faggot
if there are no opportunities where you live then move, you're not a tree. A slave doesn't have that opportunity.

Chattel slavery not really, though that was a more industrialized version of what had been happening for thousands of years. It's dressed up differently now but guys from Bangladesh/India in OPEC countries and many places in Africa may as well be, to say nothing of sex workers. We can argue about flavors all day but places where you'll be killed if you leave your job are still very much around. Morality doesn't really play into it, even in the US we still use massive amounts of barely paid labor where it's cheaper than mechanizing. Like I said before if the machines broke tomorrow we'd find our beautiful moral "convictions" suddenly very much in question, especially in the houses of people that don't want to draw their own water and the farmland.
>Morality doesn't really play into it
Morality absolutely plays into it. The impetus for abolition came from a conviction that human beings were possessed of unalienable 'natural rights' that was the culmination of nearly 2 millennia of greek & christian philosophy. You seem to have the idea that everything is technically determined, that slavery is only seen as 'wrong' because its inefficient in a mechanized world and utterly discount the power ideas have had to influence human customs.

The fact that slavery has been reduced from the legal ownership of human beings to mostly gang-related illicit activity on the margins of society is so much proof that nobody considers it 'fine when we do it'.

It's been wrong since the beginning in the sense that people were perfectly willing to kill each other to not end up in the slave class and subsequently attached the lowest social status to it, but no I don't think the ancients across cultures lost very much sleep over the practice when they were on the better end of it except when a revolt was happening, which is what I mean by the "fine when we do it" idea. There are no natural rights except for what you can claim for yourself against someone with a weapon that tells you you don't have them, and slavery was seen as a logical part of the game until very recently. Most seem to forget that the vast majority of slaves came as a result of conquests and offering those on the losing end an out from simple execution, including the Africans that were eventually brought to America. Perhaps I'm pessimistic but it seems the prevalence of our moral convictions has much more to do with technological advancements and sitting on top of the most powerful military apparatus the world has ever seen than anything else, which has always determined who sets the rules. Ideas aren't irrelevant but I do think they're far more downstream than most want to admit, and even then there aren't too many western people crying for the kid making 15 cents an hour to put their iphone together. Also the idea that our noble institutions don't play a part in modern slavery and its pseudo-iterations is laughably naive.

File: 1540231972580.jpg (101 KB, 500x736)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
How come lefties and socialists used to be way cooler and non-shit before the 80s? The SPD literally wanted Prussia back.
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Accurate and underrated post
>people who identify as German
Damn it ain't fucking rocket science. Theres a reason why German speaking states unified into one country, same for Italy, fucking christ

We'll get to the point where you people say "define Greek culture" and pretend that Greece was just an artificial creation that sprouted out of nothingness.
This! Strasserites were stabbing each other with their cocks before they got stabbed with real knives
Has to do with transition to service economy and USSR losing it's shit.
Based and redpilled

File: caesar.jpg (38 KB, 445x600)
38 KB
Who was the most powerful person in pre-industrial history?
Charles II of Spain
A white man
File: kublai khan.jpg (11 KB, 247x300)
11 KB
>this is what europhiles actually believe

File: thebes.jpg (495 KB, 1680x1050)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
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It's small because most of it is in ruins
there's tons of sites across the levant
i can't think of any that can be described as well preserved but you can get pretty close
File: check_em.jpg (111 KB, 1252x704)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Herc and Pomp for sure. Nice triple-dubs
Depends on what you mean with preserved
I like Istanbul.
It shows that no matter how old, it has been something else in the past, and still has inherted multiple things from different sources.

File: 1532666856684.jpg (133 KB, 800x595)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Why is Manifest Destiny seen as good and Lebensraum bad
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The United States taking land from a bunch of tribal savages didn't really upset the local balance of power any because they were the only powerful nation in all the Americas. Meanwhile in Europe you can't really expand anywhere without stepping on somoene's toes, metaphorically speaking. In addition, the land Germany wanted to conquer was already inhabited by civilized (albeit less prosperous) people who shared a common background as Europeans and the Christian religion. This made it a lot more unseemly, and the US got away with it because Westerners didn't really empathize with non-Westerners as much as they have since the 2nd half of the 20th century.
The lost Mexican territories are 'within America', though, it's basically just stanning for one group of European colonists over another. And really, wanting your own people to fail and suffer is even more unhealthy than wanting other people to do so. How much American anti-Americanism is just projected self-loathing?
As far as I know, the United States was supposed to be just that. A loosely organized group of states under a union (much like the European Union is today). That is, after the Civil War the United States started to act more as one country instead of a conglomerate of individual states.
fuck off faggot
Germans aren't Aryans.

File: 1524642943596.jpg (156 KB, 800x452)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Name one (1) think my nigga Delano did wrong
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Show trials, arbitrary suspension of speech, arbitrary arrests
Pro-trust legislation designed to stop competition
Didn't gas the Bund
Died and took the 2nd bill of rights the American people needed but didnt deserve with him to the grave
he looks like he fucks kids

File: 1497693208598.jpg (128 KB, 831x639)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hello /his/trionics, a while back we had a comfy thread sharing good books on naval history and kittehs. I like learning, and am willing to read significantly outside my comfort zone. I'd like to know what in particular interests you and why, and a book you recommend on the subject - all suggestions are welcome. Kittehs also welcome.
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how about cunliffes book about the voyage of pytheas. haven't read it but obviously its about one of the most famous greeks to travel up north
File: AR-160929273.jpg (93 KB, 960x720)
93 KB

Austria-Hungary: The Polyglot Empire by Wolf von Schierbrand. An interesting book written during the war in 1917 about society, culture, politics and war efforts of the dying empire.
Your leg is thin
Shhh no one should know about libgen
the author has such a good writing style, the description of the empire in the first few pages really hooks you

Is humanity naturally more inclined towards inborn social stratification (ie nobility and blood determining social status), democratic social stratification (ie widespread consensus and approval determining social status), or meritocracy (ie leadership capabilities and competence determining social status)?
Nobility wasn't a "blood" thing to determine social status, it became that way later. Nobility were a warrior caste that were able to usurp power from "civilian" authorities.

We're predisposed to form hierarchies to govern and protect each other, the exact nature and form of these hierarchies is subject to the force projection of each level in the hierarchy.
So control over the power to do violence is the biggest factor?

Naturally, yes. Political power is just the threat of military power.

biggest chimpouts in history
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Unironically WW1
Figures, sneaky sw*des wait until swooping in. NORWAY IS RIGHTFUL DANISH CLAY.
I am glad the English chimpout terrorist bombardement of Copenhagen is still in every kid’s history book
File: odd flex but okay.gif (102 KB, 547x429)
102 KB
102 KB GIF
some nerds dug up pollen from swamps dating back to this mess and they think on top of these madmen the drought and climate in general all conspired to fuck it all up

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