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Why was there such cruelty? 32,000 Muslim civilians killed, plus all the rape, how can you hate someone that much?
The sad truth is that most nation states involve genocide.

File: 1531681918984.jpg (96 KB, 805x453)
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What historical leader struck the best pose?
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James Monroe holding the flag. though Ive read that what really happened, is that Monroe was sent before Washington crossed. Monroe crossed with troops prior to cut off the Hessian's from escape
lol you know the mom was raped and forced into marriage just by her face
Pray for me senpai, I'm going deep.

File: a43yewr4gyt.jpg (49 KB, 474x670)
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How do you go from this...
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based rick and morty poster
Uh, you obviously don't realize how the JEW operates. Since the age of Gilgamesh, the JEW has infiltrated all systems of government and the psyches of everyone to do their JEW bidding
File: 1530072820862.png (178 KB, 303x311)
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178 KB PNG
>Religion and science are incompatible.
Hey, check it out everyone! We've found the dumbest fucking poster on the entire board!
Perhaps you should look up the HISTORY of science before posting about it on the history board?
File: 1521134628544.png (250 KB, 680x638)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
But his community college astronomy teacher constantly makes jokes about the Catholic church and how stupid they are - of course religion is incompatible with science

How come a nation funded by freemansonry is "historically against secret societies"?
Butthurt catholics.
>a nation funded by freemansonry
this stupid meme again
? What exactly is wrong about it?

Historians are often quick to the claim that natural resources, high value non-renewable energy specifically, is of little use to a developing society. However, these historians often fail to define what a “developing society” even is. The hardest of resource extractions (petroleum) was being easily mined by ancient Persian, Babylonians, and Chinese. Other valuable resources like coal, gold, and diamonds were obviously being utilized far before that. So obviously it is not these societies that historians are referencing because even 4000 years ago they were able to do it. What societies are these historians referencing?
>Historians are often quick to the claim that natural resources, high value non-renewable energy specifically, is of little use to a developing society
Who says this?

File: anastasia.jpg (51 KB, 533x768)
51 KB
>We'll see how brave you are
>We'll see how fast you'll be running
>We'll see how brave you are
>Yes, Anastasia

Why/how did Anastasia become the primary Romanov who was alleged to survive?
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File: sad cat pizza.jpg (34 KB, 370x699)
34 KB

Ermakov was not a Jew. He was an ethnic Russian from an Orthodox Christian family.

That's an actress who appreciates her role
Gets even more depressing when you remember that the last note Anastasia wrote was to her English tutor, passed out the train window:

>Goodbye. Don’t forget me.
That's what he said jewish

Which bright social scientist with new and interesting ideas about society should I listen to today?
>social scientist
None of them, listen to actual scientist
>Listen to a astrophysicist talking about society...
Sorry, but hard science people are savants that are more ignorant than ordinary people when they try to talk about something else than stardust and rocks.

File: neanderhybrid2.jpg (34 KB, 513x515)
34 KB
>Scientists announce the discovery of stone tools dating to 2.1 million years ago in Shangchen, China, the oldest evidence of hominins outside Africa.

So why do some people desperately try to cling to the debunked out of africa hypothesis? It has been thorougly debunked by credible historians, archeologists and scientists at this point

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>You sure as shit ain't going to be sneaking up on something in the African Savannah or the Mongolian steppe
Neither were Neanderthals.
those are cock sucking lips
wrf i have a neanderthal bod
Dumb canuck retard
Start hunting those herds with spears then dickface, then see how long the herds start to stand around when they sense you coming
But muh shitskin cult following a jew! Thats real europe

File: leepicspelling.png (18 KB, 1587x598)
18 KB
Which is the greater trainwreck of a language?
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naeh, it's "Bö"

Plenty of Brits are still rhotic for what it's worth. Some still say thou. Which rhymes with you, unless you're from Birmingham in which case both you and thou would rhyme with ouch.
Literally 420
french is such a trainwreck its one of the main sources of the absolute state of english via norman scribes
>67 - Soixante Sept (60 7) - Sixty Seven (60 7)
>68 - Soixante Neuf (60 8) - Sixty Eight (60 8)
>69 - Soixante Dis (60 10) - Seventy (70)
At least the swiss fixed it and just say septante, huitante, nonante

>80 - Quatre Vingt (4 20) - Eighty (80)
>99 - Quatre Vingt Dix Neuf (4 20 10 9) - Ninety Nine (90 9)

File: image.jpg (178 KB, 1024x678)
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178 KB JPG
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File: image.jpg (98 KB, 500x353)
98 KB
File: 4775B32.png (254 KB, 576x404)
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254 KB PNG
File: 4924048.jpg (218 KB, 918x949)
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218 KB JPG
>tfw no germanic WW1 bf
File: B17 salement amoché.gif (116 KB, 814x378)
116 KB
116 KB GIF

>you were born 20 years too late to take part in the Invasion of Panama

Shansha.... my shweet Shansha... When I was a little boy I met an old, fat dude who was writing a series of books. To build the world where the story takes place, he took Ireland, flipped it and put the UK on top so he had to do no work at all. He also set up the backstort by copypasting the story of William the conqueror but he changed his came to Aegon so it wasn't too obvious.
But he didn't stop at that with plagiarizing english history. He also took the war of the roses but changed the names of the opposing sides from Lancaster and York to Lannister and Stark. He had to do like no work at all.
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is westoros israel?
To troll book fans he'd have to support GRRM.
pls stop bro, you look dumb. ASoIaF is the best written fantasy since LoTR BECAUSE of the parallels to real history. It feels like though it's fantasy, its still a real world where people act like real people. He's also written so much more than that, but you focus on something that happens 300 years before the book starts and a plotline that is mostly finished after the first book. GRRM might be a cockhead, but he's got the best writing out of most cockheads alive today.
The Night's Watch is Israel.

>Made up of the outcasts and wanderers of Westeros
>Placed in a small stretch of land given to them by the North and Queen Alysanne
>Surrounded by savages, has to defend itself sometimes on both sides
>Created after a long and crippling war that left Westeros nigh in shambles
>Has repelled invaders many times
>Has to rely on the West(teros) for supplies and survival
>Operates on a supernatural Samson Option- if it's destroyed, the world almost certainly goes with it
Valyria is practically Rome and they even had they're own Carthage which they destroyed by salting the Earth.

File: 10000-03.jpg (71 KB, 609x381)
71 KB
I came across theses guys called the "Ten thousand" they were a mercenary company in ancient Greece. So i wanted to know if there were any other famous or major mercenary companies in the ancient world in general.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Thousand#Cultural_influences Heres the Wikipedia if your interested
I wish Gates of Fire wasn't written like King James Bible. It's on the commadant's reading list, but seems like it's a slog until the writing-style clicks.
The ten thousand was various companies of hellenic mercanaries in the service of the persian claiment to the throne
Their story is one of travelling in and out of the heart of persia and overcoming constant hardships
The Numidian cavalry tore shit up during and after the Second Punic War. I would love to see them in action.

Has there ever been a nation so in denial of their past that they often need to revise it to fit their views?
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Interwar Germany very very hard.
>slavery isn't bad
>but you guys did it too so you're bad too
"one the war"
Calls someone else a retard
>The Admiral's Decision
it's not ever remotely good use of that expensive toys. It's not even a training purpose - you learn NOTHING from dropping millions of dollars shaped like a smart bomb from stratosphere.

File: 1513901492546.jpg (51 KB, 960x526)
51 KB
Thoughts? Is this accurate?

For me it is, the only flaw is that certain areas in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India should have Greek "dots", just like certain parts of USA and for example Brussels should have Armenian dots.
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What even is this does it mean
Huwhites think Armenians, Greeks, and Kurds are poor sad oppressed people but these murderous psychos are the definition of megalomaniac disorder.
Thanks doc.
>Glorious Rhodesia is kurdish and not Armenian

Lost me right there man. Get your history straight.
At least use a gaul peters projection map.

File: Diocletian_1.jpg (151 KB, 794x978)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I'm putting together a team.
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File: diocletian_joy.jpg (85 KB, 640x566)
85 KB
Tell me about Constantius, why does he sympathize with the christians?
I believe it has s-something to do with his wife Helenna from the Pontus...
M-maybe Maximianus should remove him in thy name,my Caesar.
File: Diocletian_IVPITER.png (464 KB, 499x562)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
That must be why that wicked wench flinches when she walks by me and cringes when I talk to her. Very well, it shall be put into consideration after he is done fighting against an incursion; Only one Caesar gets to stay in this Tetrarchy. Who are you, anyway, centurion?
Alortiginus of Damastion,II cohors from the IV Legion,my Caesar...
We are stationed there in Dalmatia as the prætorians have left their post to join Maximian's tour in Africa as bodyguards one quartam ago...
I ho-hope I served well now my Caesar,
File: diocletianus_03.jpg (70 KB, 500x736)
70 KB
You're a brave officer.

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