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File: deepdreamsistinechapel.jpg (375 KB, 1500x681)
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375 KB JPG
As you've probably suspected, it really is all bullshit. There is no ultimate authority to which we must defer (with whom we presently have any objectively provable contact), and that basically, you're it. Tag, muthafucka.

Of course, if you're not stupid, you also realize that the resultant corollary of this argument is that society is a complete construct of human invention, and thus subject to the whims of people... and people are unpredictable as fuck.

This is probably the reason why so many still cling to the belief in some vague divine benevolence, like at least deism, less often literally theistic than people think (which requires a conscious and personality-having god that directly intervenes in people's lives... I mean, it's obviously not impossible but not even most religious people go that far). And it's probably a good thing, we bitter atheists have to acknowledge (which, I must remind myself so often, only means "lack of belief in theism," and is oddly not actually mutually exclusive with deism, categorically speaking).

Who is adeistic, though? It seems that the claim to certainty that there isn't some unknowable, unnamable order which inevitably sorts out loose ends, and somehow provides a framework where everything turns out okay for as many people who want everyone else to also be happy (boy that's a hard one to parse) is just as logically absurd as any other claim that there is (though claiming to know the name of this magical thing as well does seem to be statistically improbable to a far greater degree...).

Fuck, man. No one knows.

Now, how can that not be the greatest unifying force in the universe? How can we not all band together and recognize that we are simple, lovable little creatures when compared to whatever vastly superior intelligence would have to organize the absurdly ironic chaos that forms our lives...
You have a biological make up and if you're honest to yourself, you'll realize a lot of the archetypes that present themselves from religion to religion are manifestations of your biological identity.
I remember when I was 14

File: 20180117_071939.jpg (2.32 MB, 3264x1836)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
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File: 1430624568665.jpg (50 KB, 464x444)
50 KB
it all goes to us in the end
You need to take it back in war.
Otherwise it will be forever tainted.

Your children will look at it and remember it was returned out of pity. A monument to French generosity and mercy over its vanquished foes.
I don't see how a horse skeleton is a fair trade
i smell a great opportunity for the heist of the century
True britons wouldn't celebrate how a bastard messed up with the islands

File: ya knepper din mor.png (144 KB, 1024x685)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
I need cool quotes that i can put on regimental flags. Specifically, ones that would fit the soldiers of the late medieval/early Italian wars era.

Heres one

>Desperta ferro! ("Wake up, iron", in latin")

also this one i stole from local lacrosse team

> Victoriae Pretium Eget Ante ("Victory requires payment in advance")
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"Be all that you can be"
"There's Strong, then there's Army Strong"
"The Few. The Proud. The Marines."

I know a couple other ones if you want them
File: Florian_Geyer.tif.png (68 KB, 258x326)
68 KB
"Nulla crux, nulla corona" (Neither cross nor crown)

Florian Geyer's words.
just drop em

> florian geyer
> mfw
File: 1512340544752.jpg (894 KB, 2100x1500)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
"A Global Force for Good"
"The Air Force is so unbelievably insufferable that I won't even post one of theirs"

Protip: He’s right.
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>Intentionally subversive and mentally manipulative
>Ties everything back to 'Muh Jews'
>Not History Relevant
>Targeting vulnerable adolescents who don't know any better
>'Everybody is wrong but me' mentality
Go back to your cesspool faggot. Saged in all fields.
oh my god who fucking cares?
stop shilling your stupid ramblings
no one cares that you have autism and that you think its cool, it's not that interesting grow te fuck up and stop shilling your shit here
Who is the worst shill cunt on /his/ out of Rei and @ImperialCult?
Then why do I never see him at /pol/? Fuck off.
Maybe because he dosen't put his trip on when he posts there, sort of like how he makes these threads pretending he's someone else

I just love Erwin Rommel so much /his/
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can we add von manstein too?
Too Prussian
Manstein seemed too uptight
Guderian and Rommel were laid back
ehhhhh fair enough.
Why did Saemonza always keep her eye closed by the way
File: i-read-your-book.jpg (54 KB, 570x320)
54 KB
Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

this too

File: SIT DOWN.png (687 KB, 853x433)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
where's my money bitch?

File: commie nip gets it.jpg (93 KB, 824x684)
93 KB
Why did the gooks fuck up so much less than the chinks, africans, and ruskies did?

As far as I can tell the koreans only purged political dissidents and caused famine.
Was it just a simple issue of lesser ambition leading to lesser failures?
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Can you expand on how NK fucked up less than the other command economies?
They didn't make pig iron, suck at rocketry, or make things worse than when they started.
People do realize Japan and South Korea had planned economies with 5 year plans and everything and still basically do in some regard (though to a lesser extent today) right?
North Korea consistently outgrew South Korea until the 70s, and continued to grow until the total collapse of the 90s. That marked the end of North Korea as a full-blown command economy--defectors note that the first people to die in the famine were those who unironically believed in the system. A good way to describe life now is a black market economy--almost all commerce and production is wholly unregulated and private, with a moribund state economy that is being literally stripped for parts. I've found dailyNK.com is a good source for the nuts and bolts of Nork life today. North Koreans are more candid with foreigners than you might expect--see, living outside the country, you have zero incentive to report politically incorrect behavior to state police (and zero reason to be trusted by them). This is frequently the only time in their life they will have the opportunity to speak with no fear.
It simply happens to require a lot less for a government to stay in power in North Korea than it does to stay in power in Russia.

Like, 10% of their population starved to death and they stayed in power. The USSR fell from a comparatively minor shock, because they needed to control half of Europe to remain viable.

>the absolute state of /pol/
What a great fucking thread.
why would you even reply?
Go back

File: Saigon-hubert-van-es.jpg (21 KB, 390x255)
21 KB
Do Americans really believe they won the Vietnam War?

File: thFG4O8J0C.jpg (45 KB, 474x726)
45 KB
>there is an area of France that is almost 650 square miles that is closed off from the public or anyone really because its literally "uninhabitable"

>hundreds of unexploded gas shells

>the ground is so toxic 99% of life cannot live there
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lmao gay ass niggas, we in flanders just farm on this shit
Blaukreuz, a series of organoarsenic compounds that were used as irritants or in combination with more lethal agents as "Maskenbrecher", where the blue cross agents would be difficult for the gas masks to filter, forcing soldiers to remove them and be exposed to things like chlorine or phosgene.
Real men. I salute you, anon.
There is no way that 650 square miles still has arsenic levels that high
If you actually read about it says that only a few small areas still aren't built on. The example given was in Ypres lol

File: history 1.jpg (2.12 MB, 3000x3868)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
Previous Thread: >>3921764

/his/ Book Thread; come discuss what you're reading, ask for recommendations or recommend some books to your fellow anons, ask for opinions on some books you've been thinking of reading.

Hundreds of book lists for research into numerous topics, with explanations of each recommendation

Mega libraries of free e-books suggested by kind anons:

2,000 World History Books

Mysticism/Occult Books

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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does anyone know a book about singapore?
there's a canadian on /int/ who has a bunch of resources for languages, maybe you could try there as well?

I haven't read Shelby Foote's three-volume series on the civil war, but I know from interviews he's pretty sympathetic to the South without crossing into lost cause territory.

I've read Battle Cry of Freedom and while it doesn't editorialize, it also doesn't pretend that the root cause of secession was anything other than slavery.
Found it! Thanks, anon.
I will soon buy "revolt against the modern world" by Julius Evola to get a totalitarians perspective on the world, a view in which democracy is seen as a cancer. Also he opposes Christianity and his reasoning for that might be interesting.

Has anyone here read it before?

File: Iron_Curtain_map.png (286 KB, 1200x1284)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Why did Eastern Europe decide to ally with the USSR?
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Austria was negotiated to be neutral
Both Russians and Americans got to Austria at the same time. But it was too small to partition it, Germany-style, and it was an occupied country, technically, and not a defeated Axis member, so they decided it to leave it intact as a neutered neutral state.

Hence why Austria is not a NATO member to this day.
File: 1493948429648.gif (527 KB, 625x626)
527 KB
527 KB GIF

That basically answers the question, they didn't get there fast enough to claim it for themselves.
Billions in support from the US and Saudi Arabia going to fighters who weren't bound by treaty or pretense of civility and who reveled in gang-raping prisoners to death?

File: welcome-to-sarajevo.jpg (89 KB, 800x533)
89 KB
Who were the good guys and bad guys?
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File: historian.jpg (41 KB, 650x372)
41 KB
omg, this is like /b/ not /his/ this place has gone to shit
Nice bait.
File: 1516241761503.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1349)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Not an argument
>akschually we WUZ innocent and shiet. Those Nazi ustashas were holding us down with their chess boards and shiet

If you can please talk about relevant information like the pink triangle in america or other things like that.

I am hoping for an above youtube conspiracy video level understanding of this D E S U.

File: HEWACONSULNSHIET.jpg (102 KB, 1421x905)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>This was the end of Pompey. But not long afterwards Caesar came to Egypt, and found it filled with this great deed of abomination. From the man who brought him Pompey's head he turned away with loathing, as from an assassin; and on receiving Pompey's seal-ring, he burst into tears; the device was a lion holding a sword in his paws.
Plutarch, Life of Pompey
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so did the boy ever get over the wall or no? Is there any more story behind it?
>facts are propaganda because MUH REVOLUTION

Aww, delusions
I wish I could go back to a time when I thought they all died from relatively quick gunshots to the head and not the 20+ minute brutal horror show that awaited the daughters and Alexei.
>"General Lee let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees."

What did he see lads?
It's not quite clear, only source I can find says the boy was visiting East Berlin with his father, when the border was closed. The father wanted the boy to rejoin his mother in the west and sent him to the border while he stayed back. The soldier disobeyed orders and helped the boy over the wire to the west, where he was presumably reunited with his mother.
The fate of the soldier is unkown, he was probably kicked out of the border guards, since they were required to have absolute loyalty.
(pic unrelated)

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