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Looking for book recs and tidbits about the Jacobite wars.

Not gonna lie, I’m only interested in the most tendentious, sentimental King-over-the-water kinda material. No time for Prottie wish-wash.

Also Will He No Come Back Again thread.
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File: jacobite.jpg (272 KB, 750x566)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
fuck the scots, fuck the stuarts and fuck bonnie prince charlie, the fucking moron, he dared take a army south of the tweed and paid the price for it.

but in all seriousness the jacobites were wrong, and deserved the defeats they suffered and the stuarts were bad monarchs who should have learned their lesson from Charles I and his fate
t. pr*d
not really, dont really give a shit about protestant vs catholic bun fight.

but a king is a servant to his country though he may be its most senior servant, the stuarts forgot that and paid.

constitutional monarchy>>>>>> absolutist monarchy
The Anglos actually chose a fucking Kraut to lead their country over a Catholic.

File: Tyre.jpg (98 KB, 940x600)
98 KB
ITT: Failed Biblical prophecies.
Which Tyre are you talking about? The island or the mainland? If it's the latter then Ezekiel was right.
All of them
The statement that Tyre will never be rebuilt means more than the restructuring of stones, wood and mortar. Tyre will never regain international prominence as a world trader and colonizer. She will never be a rich, prosperous, flourishing, world power as she was in Ezekiel’s day. The denial of rebuilding goes far beyond a mere architectural project. It must include making Tyre into the person she was in the early sixth century BC. It must be kept in mind that the meaning is “you will never be rebuilt,” not “the city will never be rebuilt.” The statement in 26:14 does not deny there would be buildings on the island. It means that Tyre would never be rebuilt into the commercial superpower she was in Ezekiel’s day. It means that the palaces and temples of Ezekiel’s day would forever lie deep underneath the ground (and the water!), never to be revived. It would in no way be rebuilt into the prosperous, powerful living entity she was at the time the oracle was given.

So if we look at what Ezekiel predicts, it comes down to this:
Nebuchadnezzar would take the mainland city, but fail in gaining the ultimate riches (the island city); The debris of the mainland city would used to make a causeway. (Which is why Tyre is now a Peninsula); The city would become bare rock; Many nations would come against Tyre; The city would never be rebuilt or restored to its former glory; Fishermen would cast nets over the site. All of these predictions came true.
For what purpose

*Carries the Entente to victory*
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File: 100.png (26 KB, 323x748)
26 KB
>Main army in 100 days offensive

That's wrong tho
There were like the third one
>Funded the entire war
>By taking out loans from the USA and importing more than half of its calorie consumption
*sits on island and claims victory*
File: british military history.jpg (480 KB, 1294x3932)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
That's true for the Napoleonic Wars and WW2, but in WW1 you have to admit they helped a little
>la concha de tu madre
Argie made that
t. argie

File: British_Empire_1921.png (44 KB, 400x175)
44 KB
So I just came back from my 2 week holiday in England and I have many questions. It is by far the ugliest and most gray country I have been to. The people there were honestly not the brightest (i'm talking about the natives), they could barely speak their own language and looked highly inbred. They also seemed like weak soyboys and the immigrants treated them appropriately. Despite this, they had the largest empire and navy for many years. They are second to none in science, literature and culture and they spread civilization to the worst shitholes. They had so many noteworthy scientists and inventors who literally changed the world we live in. So what happened? Did the native population get killed off?
The average Anglo I came across could've been featured in Nazi "subhuman" propaganda posters.
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You ever saw a Slavic person?Brits are far worse.
>So what happened?
They sent their bravest, manliest breeding stock around the world to be lined up, gunned down, or spread throughout foreign colonies. The chaff is all that's left.
>Brits look exactly like Slavs
Most Slavs aren't morbidly obese like the Brits
File: 1502048077198.jpg (88 KB, 600x405)
88 KB
These autistic threads can be quite comfy, I might have to start falseflagging as well
The United Kingdom formerly possessed a rigid class system which ensured all subjects of the Crown knew their place and function in society, on penalty of death.

The lower classes slaved away in mines and were sent out off to die in pointless wars where their violent tendencies and high breeding rate could be put to good use.
The middle classes were tasked with overseeing the lower classes and the bureaucracy of the kingdom.
The upper classes kept to themselves and provided employment for the more clever and upwardly mobile of the lower classes under the guise of shooting animals for fun and keeping their ancient decrepit castles in working order.
Those that deviated from this system got executed or exiled.

For hundreds of years the system worked as evidenced by the globe spanning trade empire that worthless island counterintuitively achieved. Then the Jews and their leftist pawns dismantled that system in the sixties and it all fell apart creating the wasteland you see today.

On this day 106 years ago Titanic left dock for the first (and last) time. Say something nice about it
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Not any more fucked up than a film about Titanic. Or a children's book.
Because they didn't hear it when Titanic said it.
Or a children's animated movie...
Eh, that's a completely different ball game, really. The animated movie introduces rapping dogs, talking animals, has people live, etc., and overall treats the subject disrespectfully.

The musical doesn't make light of the tragedy and highlights various real passengers as well as characters inspired by real passengers. Theater, even musical theater, is not an inherently disrespectful medium. Or at least, not any more inherently disrespectful than writing a novel set on the Titanic or making a film about the Titanic or writing a poem about Titanic and so on. The devil is in the details.

tfw got stuck with #TeamChocolate
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God I love that show
Daily reminder that if south had won the negroes would be working instead of filling up our prison system and livin off welfare.
Fuck off. You want real military veterans to only do reenactments?


A lot of the guys in my unit are vets.

File: Gu-Poison.png (40 KB, 273x308)
40 KB
Krama Kali Tantra and Ku Sorcery edition

Library link: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ

>Chaos Magick
Pieces of Eight

Groot's Religious System of China, vols 5 and 6.
The Sinister Way: The Demonic and Divine in Chinese Religious Culture


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The mongols didn't just tolerate, Syriac Christianity was influential. Just look at it Sorghaghtani Beki, a follower of the Church of the East and one of the most influential women of all time. She was the daughter in law of Genghis (I'm fairly certain ALL his sons married christians). She gave birth to Mogke (4th great Khan), Hulagu (Nestorian who founded Ilkhanate), Ariq (who was to be succeeded by Khaidu), and Kublai Khan (who needs no intro).
>inb4 "b-b-but what about Satanic Extracts"
Not Crowley, was authored by Cosmo Trelawney and found their way in the Yorke papers ages ago.

The first step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have one :3

Pic related.
Yeah wouldnt mind the OP mentioning the fuck this is cause im lost as of rn
>Historic Religious Texts
>Krama Kali
>Ku Sorcery


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: CIMG1196.jpg (545 KB, 1536x2048)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Just got back from a trip to Mali learned about sudano sahelian architecture what's the history behind these types of buildings
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There is a dedicated lefty pol on 8 Chan go there
What is upsetting you?
>Subjective opinion is right
>If something is subjective, there can be no right or wrong answers
t. brainlet
File: 1512332387915.jpg (214 KB, 699x919)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
can't even spell quarry and you call other people animals lmfao

File: OmFQ00S.jpg (282 KB, 2048x1591)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
What was the Korean war like in terms of combat, was it basically the same as WW2? Or was it like Vietnam?
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>per capita
Luxembourg's population was about 300,000 in 1950, making their per capita contribution 0.0174%

USA was 0.215%
Britain 0.028%
Canada 0.059%
I mean why exactly should North Korea have been spared occupation after they literally attempted to occupy South Korea and lost? Sure, China warned us, but in reality, we weren’t going to not beat timmy’s ass because his cousin Jimmy was watching and told us not to.
Even at risk of fighting Jimmy, Timmy done fucked up and needed some consequences.
This is why we need flags
reddit syntax

File: inside-freemasons.jpg (105 KB, 768x520)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
∴ greatest larpers of all time?
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File: Tru.jpg (48 KB, 502x677)
48 KB
>putting your hand in your jacket is masonic
what the fuck drugs you on
Yes there are a lot of men in government that are Freemasons.
Been that way in America since the start.

Have any of y'all actually, y'know, read the rituals?
File: dolla.jpg (130 KB, 550x777)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: yyyyyyyyyyyy.jpg (157 KB, 962x641)
157 KB
157 KB JPG


Can you cure racism?
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Amerindians have demonstrated a higher development rate than europeans. Therefore, Amerindians have more civilization potential than europeans.

How is this hard to get?
can you cure niggers?
Won't happen, Caffe Lattes will hate Black Coffees and Caramels with asian eyes are gonna hate Caramels with whipped cream top.

File: trveromannews.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

*raises arm* BY THE ORDER OF THE SENATE *pauses* AND CONSUL GAIUS *handwave* JULIUS *handwave* CAESAR!!!



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Vercingetorix did nothing wrong

File: Flight in the Winter.jpg (779 KB, 1280x800)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
I have been collecting historical stuff from the 20th century for about 5 years now and am wondering if anyone else wants to share their experiences and where they get their stuff
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File: jeanne.jpg (564 KB, 1198x604)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
I collect a few things...

Antique postcards, mostly Mostly 1901-1915 era cards. I especially like French cards where they recreate various historical people or events with costumed models. Or any cards with unique illustrations. Mostly ebay, but there's an antique mall near me with someone who always has bundles of new postcards to look through every month. Not my pic, but I have the 2 Jeanne d'Arc cards on the right..

I also really like antique miniatures, but I only have a few celluoid miniatures of varying quality from the late 19th century. I'd love to start collecting death/mourning miniatures but it's hard to find them for less than exorbitant prices and I'd rather save that money for non-collectible purchases.

And I have a few bits and bobs that I don't specifically have collections of but pick up if they interest me. Some old Pantheorama film strips, novelizations of silent films, vintage and antique advertisements, some Bourbon Restoration era royal edicts.
File: Duch Svatý 3.jpg (141 KB, 719x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I collect old cameras (half of them functional) and some old books.
Literally same but Czechia
Collecting is for people who feel they aren't interesting on their own.
That's a cool painting OP, name of the artist or links to any more of those types of works?
have a time magazine from 1987 signed by Bono

When did people start becoming so close to their dogs? I'm not talking about when dogs became domesticated, but rather when they became man's best friend, and people began to get all lovey dovey with dogs instead of just treating them like useful tools.
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Tyrone what are you trying to say about the alt right? All I see are a bunch of furfags
no fuck off

this is a shit quality thread just like this "LOLOLOLOLOL HISTORY DEGREE IS USELESS!!111" bullshit

If you seek for a quality thread, look here :) >>4508245
Around the early 20th century is when dog worship began in the West. Gotta have those furry surrogate babies. City folks are retarded.

When the British organisation for the humane treatment of animals got dog-fighting outlawed in the late 19'th century (or maybe early 20'th, can't remember)

This was the first time that cruelty to animals transcended from being creepy, harsh of bad to being downright illegal.
Which marked a huge cultural shift in the western world that looked at humans at the top of the pack and animals as disposable tools
Your logic is retarded.

File: Lenin.jpg (132 KB, 1200x1869)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
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A piece of shit u mean ?
is his quote about if like 25% of people survived he would be satisfied true?
he had good hmm how shall i say....BACKING!
>avoided crisis
By dying and leaving Stalin to clean up the mess
Lenin redistributed all the wealth and left the people without government
The ensuing degenerate anarchy almost tore Russia apart
Stalin’s and all following governments were extremely strict and puritanical because it was the only way to make the thing work

He was about as good a leader as Bob Marley
This, he was sent by the Germans as a bomb for Russian politics and Lenin exceeded their expectations so incredibly that the Russia he helped create ended up having half of Germany as a vassal state.

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