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>Claims to be Jewish messiah, breaks many Jewish social norms, says doing so is a holy act
>Half of Judaism supports claim
>Travels to Constantinople in 1666
>Sultan gives him choice of death or conversion
>A gorillion Jews disillusioned, many say it is part of his plan to convert Muslims
>Is exiled, dies 1676
>Sabbatian satanic sex cults start popping up, mostly in Turkey, do away with 10 commandments, any form of decency
>Said cults are the beginning of nefarious secret societies hell-bent on world domination
Enter Jacob Frank
>Born 1726, claims to be reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi
>Gains enormous following for his cult
>Promotes crossing every line, breaking every social norm and taboo
>Thinks when whole world is wicked and evil, God will have to intervene and the Jewish messiah will appear
>Frankists initiate and promote French Revolution

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Christian Hindus ect doesn't matter. They are all goyim and they are all set for extermination in the eyes of the Jew.
They expect him to live the perfect life and follow all their rules, every day, down to the letter.
File: Master Plan.jpg (46 KB, 786x450)
46 KB
They expect him to BTFO the goyim and make Israel supreme. This is 100% real not mememing.
Anon this topic is gonna get buried but I know a lot about it, ama.
yeah the whole reason the yids didn't accept Christ was because he wasn't a conqueror like Joshua. Joshua would be their ideal version of the Messiah. If he btfo'ed the Romans the Kykes would have hailed him as the Messiah but instead he preached forgiveness and love and was thought a blasphemer

During the early 18th century, Persia was ruled by Nader Shah AKA Napoleon of Persia.
During this era, Persia was fully equipped with musketeers, heavy musketeers and cannon divisions. I've read many times that Persia was the most powerful country in the 18th century (Even surpassing Britain). Is this true? Because it is hard to believe.
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>In 1737 the Dutch East India Company opened a trading post in Bushehr
Even a declining Netherlands wiped feet there
>European countries before the 17th century were shitholes
Compared to where?
Will Persia rise again? I’ve heard they are currently in a strong position in the Middle East but in today’s age it’s harder to expand your sphere of influence
The strongest Asian state in the 18th Century was either Qing China
or Romanov Russia.

The Mughals recently collapsed, the Marathas failed (or didn't want to) unite India, while Safavid Persia fell into warring dynasties.
They're all bluster right now. They're actually in real deep shit.

Why were Slavs always so irrelevant?
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>best composers
Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Schumann Mendelssohn, Wagner. I might as well include Mozart, Schubert, Haydn and Strauss since they are also Germanic but there's no need since there are plenty of great German-born composers. Beethoven alone btfo any Russian composer.
None of what you posted ever happened. Read up more or stop speaking for good.
Genetics aren't your strong suit.
>Why were Slavs always so irrelevant?

File: john_green.jpg (23 KB, 474x291)
23 KB
>Dark Ages didn't exist because Arabs were transcribing Greek literature
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Many of the people currently dying were born in an anomalous historical phenomenon you may have heard of called the "baby boom." Their generation is larger than those before and after it, so it is not at all surprising that we would have more deaths than births right now.
yes, your claims are laugh worthy
I'm not denying your experience but it seems like for every one of you there are ten middle aged guys who fucked around in their youth and then settled into a perfectly normal family life and look back on it all as good fun.
Why would the arabs need to transcribe greek literature to advance to a "golden age" no other culture had expirienced at the time if they were already used and known of by the Byzantines who are contemporary to the arabs? Wouldn't this mean the arab golden age was more of a classical / late antiquity cultural adoption AFTER they took over Byzantine Levant and Sassanid Persia?
>know the truth
>love /his/ enough to share it
>read Jordan Peterson cite research in how creativity and academic excellence correlation is ZERO
>and how most academic grad students simply copy their advisors
>oh shit I have a mission and the university can’t be trusted
>share on /his/
>get called shitposter
Feels numb.

File: josef_stalin_0.jpg (813 KB, 2124x1328)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
In The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn describes how, during an 11 minute standing ovation for one of Stalin's speeches in the Soviet Union, the first person to stop clapping was arrested and imprisoned for 10 years. Is there any truth to this story?
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Stalin hated clappers. You can see in a video where he visibly gets pissed off when people start clapping.

>things could be even worse
>That's not how rumours work, anon.
It worked for the holohoax.

That faggot dragged his friend, wife and some no name to trial just so he could escape the fucking front, I'd doubt even if he said 2+2=4.
Not to mention he was a fucking snitch.

Shalamov is a bit more respectable and his works are actually closer to truth (though still have factual errors, like the "last fight of pugachev")
There is a rumour that it's thanks to him the riot at Ekibastuz camp by "forest brothers" was curbed before it could begin.
>Stalin hated clappers. You can see in a video where he visibly gets pissed off when people start clapping.

Is that why Americans clap so much?

This thread is dedicated to the discussion of miscegenation.

How was miscegenation viewed in the past by ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc...?

How do you personally view miscegenation from a philosophical perspective?

Can you post propaganda posters about miscegenation?
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You were destructed the last time you posted this shit :
Because Nordics and Afrocentrist always try to steal the achievements of others
File: 1532290730335.jpg (546 KB, 1793x2048)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
Different people at different times saw it differently.

It seems that for 19th-20th century Americans, miscegenation was synonymous of communism.

One could ask himself, why do Americans associate the common ownership of the means of production in a classless society, with two people from different racial background fucking/marrying?

It's very strange, and the logic doesn't seem to follow.

Why was miscegenation considered to be communist for those Americans? How did they arrive to this conclusion?
ask pol
Thats simple. Miscegenation meant the breakdown of traditional values such as a strong pure bloodline similar to how the communists, at least initially, threw all tradition out the window. That or Americans subconsciously connected the dots to Kykes pushing racemixing in the 60s to Kykes at the head of the Soviet Union. I think it's both.

File: file.png (349 KB, 371x520)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Dearest Josephine,
pls respond
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wasn't it after egypt though that he started having medals struck in his honor and then she realizd what a good thing she had?
the year bone a part became a true Chad
Leave her Napoleon, you deserve much better than that roastie coal burner.
Napoleon's love life is like the ultimate redemption story of beta cuck to alpha chad; starts off madly and childishly in love with a woman he barely knows but thinks is his soulmate, she cheats on him and laughs at him and mocks him behind his back, he finds out and gets pissed off and threatens to divorce her and throws all her shit out onto the street, she starts weeping and begs him to forgive her, and he does..... and then proceeds to have like two dozen mistresses in the span of only a few years, and she was full knowledge of it and can do nothing about it.

Based Nap.
actually alpha as fuck

File: 1532055661832.jpg (859 KB, 2560x1440)
859 KB
859 KB JPG
how true is the claim that 80-85% of the soviet unions first government was jewish? I've been seeing this claim a lot and besides putin saying it i can't find much on it.
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Jews were not over-represented in the Soviet government. Balts, on the other hand...
but wheres the proof? I don't have any political view of this in the current world i just wanna know if its true or not but there isn't much proof i can find myself.
>how true is the claim that 80-85% of the soviet unions first government was jewish?
Soviet Union was created in december 1922. So let's take a look at it's central comittee

>16 people, 1 Jew = 6%
>28 people 7 Jews = 26%

So your claim is about 8-33% True.
File: 1524772053380.png (200 KB, 391x600)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
>people actually believe this
They don´t even think about it anymore. They just slap together shit they don´t like like angry children, disregarding any incoherence (Like that the biggest feat of OSF was supporting anti-communist dissent).

OK, you're not allowed to build nukes

Unless you already have nukes

And of course this gives you huge incentive to develop nukes, as we're literally admitting we won't be able to take them off you once you have them.

But the treaty will work if you just promise not to build them.

Even though it's clearly in your interest to do so.

File: 463.jpg (267 KB, 800x560)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
how can "big strong country" american be so bad at fighting the wars?
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giant ass tunnel system is probably one. bombing and napalm does nothing, won't be able to find them without running into constant traps and guerrillas, great use of home field advantage.

you wouldn't see the more prideful armies digging like fucking moles (especially with risk of cave-in if you don't do it properly) so it would take people by surprise.
Command economies do not work very well.
They almost didn’t win without us there either. Took several major offensives and they were considering giving up.
had a pretty good run in the 50s
though for the same reason America had a good run then
File: image.jpg (130 KB, 480x360)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I mean, are we even surprised?

File: vietnam-soldiers-1.jpg (45 KB, 500x404)
45 KB
They got bored.
Public backlash, inability to achieve strategic goals given the tactical limitations they chose to work under
Because pic related

File: images (1).jpg (11 KB, 169x298)
11 KB
What are some examples of absolute lads in histoty? Any drunken bets gone wrong, any gone right? Any events happen because a couple of mates thought it would be funny? Lay it on me.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Charles XII once got a bear so drunk on Spanish wine that it fell out of a window
Tsar Peter would keep visiting diplomats hammered all day, then took them to do random shit like chop down trees or go sailing (regardless of weather)
he was also an amateur dentist who insisted on pulling people's teeth for fun
calling this man an absolute lad is hilarious to me
File: redditonhis.png (520 KB, 2640x1472)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
haha he was le madlad!
He also created a club of him and his mates where they dressed up as Catholic bishops and the Pope and ran around town getting drunk, doing stupid shit and making fun of the Church. He started it in his twenties but actively participated in it well into his forties and fifties.

File: nazi flag.jpg (193 KB, 908x552)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
what did they think of france/the french?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Germans are the original furries. They cant help it, its literally their culture.
File: reigtc36yj511.jpg (215 KB, 1280x851)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Fucking based.
There were strong bitter attitudes because of ww1, losing Alsace-Lorraine, Imposing the Treaty of Versailles and the Ruhr Occupation, as for the French people I don't believe they were considered racially inferior and I think were actually held in reasonably high esteem.

This guy is so fucking underrated
Basically the guy Hitler sent to salvage whatever was the latest catastrophe that appeared in the front (Kursk, Leningrad, Bagration, Ukraine, Normandy) and all he got for his troubles was certain death so he chose to go out on his own terms like a true army commander.
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>go back to /lgbt/ you colossal faggot
>calling me a sodomite
>The millions of people who suffered under Nazism maybe?
Like I said, who gives a shit?
I guess we can't talk about Konev, Zhukov, Chuikov because they were generals for a communist state where millions of people also suffered because pathetic >muh feelsies faggots like you get offended
>Manstein was one of the worst for cultivating that "clean Wehrmacht" nonsense in addition to his actions during WWII.
Barely anyone had clean hands on the eastern front. The savagery of the war that was fought didn't allow them such luxuries, as for example occurred in the Western Front or in North Africa.
>And if Market Garden had been successful, Germany would've fallen within four months and the Red Army would've gotten to Auschwitz far earlier, saving countless lives.
Unlikely since the Allies still have supply problems because lol no harbor and Germans have enough strength left to push them back or at least stall enough for winter.
Russians on the other hand are too busy mopping up in Ukraine, Romania and Balkans to do anything in Poland because of supply problems.
Anne Frank's still dead, sorry
No such thing.
t. ghost of stalin
File: 1525331476104.png (345 KB, 1000x1000)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Don't taint christ-chan with that despicable image you trash human being

File: dino.png (17 KB, 746x600)
17 KB
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File: sloth.jpg (136 KB, 750x722)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
*smells bad*
Don't insult my bae
*digests a leaf and farts*
*snabs you*

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