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File: Diogenes.jpg (28 KB, 500x413)
28 KB
Tell me about Diogenes, why is he so cynical
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The designation of "dog-like" started as an insult from the skeptics. The cynics embraced it and made turned it into their own thing.

Much like the words "baroque" and "nigger".
makes a cool tattoo
File: 4Chan Circa 300 BC.jpg (96 KB, 542x485)
96 KB
God bless Paint
The way he chose to live his life was a symptom of his philosophy, not the cause.
Because he was a big fan of Diogenes? Did you even read up on the encounter?
>Hey bro I am a huge fan and literally the strongest dude in the world, is there anything I can do for you?
>Ya get out of my sunlight.

File: 913487542.png (21 KB, 751x104)
21 KB
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File: Smug Fat Kid.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Ah yes, that magical Nordic spiritual connection I've heard so much about
/pol/ falling for a literally mentally-ill murderer that burned down churches and lives on welfare really showcases how far unrestrained autism can go
Not to mention state sponsored single motherhood and the destruction of the family
Most people don't like Varg over there, sweetie.
Varg also frequently mocks the alt-right.
he's correct. gauls were superior when it came to one on one hand to hand combat

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Are vietnamese the good guys of history?
>BTFOs USA and secures it's indenpendence
>overthrows genocidal governement in cambodia and BTFOs USA again
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We haven’t sold anything military to the Vietnamese though...
Quality response, really made me think.

It's kinda understandable honestly, the han chinese are like the borg except they can actually use their dicks on occasion.
File: 442.gif (19 KB, 500x418)
19 KB
We literally call our relationship with Vietnam "The Comprehensive Partnership" you dumb fuck
Is this bait?
It will be soon, Vietnam is seeking US help against China, funny really.

File: Japan_1000.jpg (248 KB, 880x880)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Why did Japan take such a different approach between their colonial policies in Taiwan and Korea? Nowadays there seems much less anger against Japan in Taiwan than in Korea, and this seems to be because Taiwan was treated much more benevolently under Japanese imperial rule than Korea was.
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If you think the president, especially Trump, has any final say in us going to war you’re retarded.
Taiwanese politics are such a fucking joke and we can’t ever get anything done.
so you're saying chinks act like retards and thus nobody would try to copy their culture. glad you agree
Which is just a Hokkien dialect from Fujian, there's nothing especially "Taiwanese" about it, that would be like Singaporeans referring to Hokkien as "Xinjiapoyu" and insisting you must speak it to be a Singaporean.
File: 霧社事件.jpg (64 KB, 736x449)
64 KB
>this seems to be because Taiwan was treated much more benevolently under Japanese imperial rule than Korea
No. For examples:
3. subtpg.tpg.gov.tw

Separatists SJW whiteleft often whine about KMT 228, but Japs did countless far worse shits and they seem to be fine with it. I guess SJW are all the same around the world.

For answer your question, that's mainly because: 1. The rising of Anti-Chinese separatism; 2. this >>434225

Can you guys give me a rundown on all side's claims for Israel? Not looking for who you think deserves it but what each side claims. Pls try to be unbiased.
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Israelis were pushing for it since the end of Pompeis campaign.
The movement didnt gain much traction with jews for the most part but there was a pattern of "jews get persecuted in a country and it gets popular among the jews in that country sort of thing"
In WW1 and WW2 a lot of jewish refugees
Started going back for more or less obvious reasons. This lead to two things occuring.
1)the muslims there werent too happy about an increasing jewish presence
2)the zionist leadership felt it could exert greater pressure to establish a sovereign jewish state.

Any how, they eventually did. Jews began a militant style terror war against both the muslims and the british authosities whom they deemed too reluctant to be useful.
Eventually they pushed the muslims back to certain heavily urbanized areas and managed to get themselves recognized by the British and by extention the UN.

On the muslim side of things. They conquered the place way back in 700 A.D or so. They've been there ever since.

That's basically the whole euchrism.

Two sides have legitimate backstories from a "modern moral" standpoint in that multiple generations have been reared on both sides and thus have a right to the land.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nice pasta fag
That's still objectively not true.
I can't wait to hear all about how the Chinese takeover of the Pacific coastline was completely justified in a few decades.
File: yasser arafat.jpg (266 KB, 768x1024)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

Yes, it is in fact objectively true. The vast majority of Jews look like Europeans because they’re descended from European converts to Judaism during the Roman Diaspora.

The true Semitic natives of Palestine and the genetic descendants of the Hebrews look like pic related, as they’re the ones who never left.

File: 51GT94P25QL._SX425_.jpg (27 KB, 425x262)
27 KB
>"Wow, what a glorious victory, never have so many to so few, we shall fight on the beaches, it was their finest hour!!!"
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At the end of the day, it sort of boils down to who is marching who's Highland division through who's conquered city.
And it wasn't even the first time they did it
During the Napoleonic Wars, they dunkirked twice from the Netherlands (1795 and 1799) and once from Spain (the great "victory" of Corunna in 1809)
File: Dunkirk prequel.png (129 KB, 329x481)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Why are Brits such gods of warfare?
How can continentals even compete?
They can’t. The rest of the world literally has a Britain-caused inferiority complex.
What is it with autistic idiots from /int/ being unable to understand why a nation might celebrate an action or an event that isn't necessarily a victory?

I'm not even a Brit before someone levels that accusation, I just find it bizarre that it appears to be a genuine problem and not just shitposting that anything other than a crushing victory (preferably with a singular mastermind they can imagine themselves as) is beyond their ken.

Dunkirk for example, plainly apparent to anyone without cognitive problems, is celebrated as a successful evacuation and for the role of the little ships, symbolising civilian bravery, effort, and solidarity with the military struggle.

what the fuck is happening
How many references to Dlanod Pmurt are there in there?

Is there a way to unify different ethical systems into one theory or reduce them to each other?
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Cool, there's interest. There's also interest in astrology, it does not follow that there should be.

Also, it's funny that you left out medieval thought, as it's superior to all the traditions you listed. Anyway, ancient greco-roman thought has dominated the academy since its inception. It's time to move on.

You keep saying "Good is subjective" when I literally said
>...'good' or 'bad'. I mean, granted, those are subjective...
I think I get the point.

Key factor: Positive and Negative. I used different words for a reason. The connotation here is that they are factually, clearly positive. If a decision will lead to death, it is clearly negative. Unless that is the goal (i.e. suicide). Hence why 'positive' and 'negative' may be used interchangeably this case.

Now, I won't play the game where I try to act superior to you. I haven't read Parfit. So, I will concede here.

> "unless that's the goal"

Yeah, so positive and negative aren't objective either, they depend on an agents intention?

If so, then these are just conditionals.

The same could be said about good and bad, so this little semantic turn really doesn't help you at all.

I'm not trying to act superior, it's just the "DAE ethics besides consequentialism is like subjective bro" argument is lazy and false. Parfit is a massively important 20th century philosopher, you should check him out if you have time. Reasons and Persons is really great.
If you take them in a broad sense, sure.
>Your duty is to try to achieve the best consequences possible and the best way to do this is by cultivating virtue
lrn2quote, fgt

File: p01grff7-.jpg (245 KB, 1920x1080)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Villainous hero, or heroic villain?
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>an interesting and impressive figure to most.
t. commie
>They were next in line to become Czars
You can make a case for Alexei being next in line, but the boy was a hemophiliac and would've probably died before reaching adulthood.
t. tard

How is he not interesting or impressive?

In what historical societies was it socially acceptable for men to kiss as friends?
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Yes, it is a total fiction.
File: fraternal_kiss.jpg (63 KB, 620x420)
63 KB

File: arabic-slave-trade.jpg (58 KB, 480x320)
58 KB
If race was invented in the 1800s. Why were white enslaving blacks in the 1600s. Why were Arabs enslaving blacks in the 800s?
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You're in so much denial about your interests, or mine, that it's rather saddening.
The slang terms for blacks in Arabic have been Kaffir and Abeed (literally 'heathen' and 'slave') for centuries, Arabs most definitely look down at nigs as being inferior and borderline subhuman
Wikiislam has as much intellectual honesty as creationist propaganda sites.
>How come Columbus reached south America before North America if north is closer to Europe?

He didn't, he first made landfall in the Bahamas, just off the coast of North America.
>reading comprehension

What did Spartan soldiers actually look like?
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pic-related is an Athenian tomb-stone relief from 350-330 B.C., and the bottom figure is believed to be a Spartan due to his abnormally short sword (which they were noted for using) and pilos.
That is indeed the orthodoxy, but the orthodoxy is pretty much completely discredited outside of pop history
Spartan inheritance laws dictated that women inherited all of the wealth when her husband died.
This sounds pretty normal to a 21st century person, but Sparta isn't a 'normal' society. It's a society where there were very few male citizens and these male citizens were always in a state of war and paranoia.
The nature of Spartan society meant that male citizens were dying a lot and most of the country's wealth ended up in the hands of a few elite women. Spartan women held an unprecedented and disproportionate amount of financial power that would make Wall street bankers cry foul and demand regulations.
With this kind of power, Spartan women would decide how elections went by buying out politicians who promised to not change inheritance laws.

Major cuckolds indeed.
>Major cuckolds indeed.
It was to the point where Aristotle called them a "Gynocracy", a place ruled by women and intrigue. He was not being nice about it, either.

Although he may have been a little butthurt about losing the Peloponnesian war
Like that but with looser assholes

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 258x195)
7 KB
Beware! Evil tricks threaten us; if the German people and kingdom should one day decay, under a false, foreign rule, soon no prince would understand his people; and foreign mists with foreign vanities they would plant in our German land; what is German and true none would know, if it did not live in the honour of German masters. Therefore I say to you: honour your German masters, then you will conjure up good spirits! And if you favour their endeavours, even if the Holy Roman Empire should dissolve in mist, for us there would yet remain holy German Art!

Hmmm so is this another case of German "we wuzzery" that I have expected from Germans these days?

File: Pyramids.jpg (90 KB, 800x570)
90 KB
who actually built them? how come there are no writings inside?
how come when al mamun opened them for the first time they were empty?
am i to believe that they were built and then never used?
how come they are aligned to true north? why is there so little evidence supotting the present thesis? discus !
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File: map-of-ancient-egypt.png (73 KB, 709x1187)
73 KB
Why the fuck would egyptians build roads when their entire fucking realm follows the Nile river?
Why the drain (?) Up the middle?
The ancients had their own version of the suez canal you massive fucking brainlet. Learn something before you talk shit.
File: luxor.jpg (167 KB, 728x409)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
File: clubt5b.jpg (54 KB, 550x481)
54 KB

File: cat.png (236 KB, 368x469)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Will reading philosophy make my depression more bearable?
no it will just depress you further
Depends on the lense you view life from after becoming well versed in whatever branch you choose.
>Nihilism believes that existence is a incidental folly of nature. Though entirely without purpose it should be enjoyed to the fullest while your duration amongst the living.
>Buddhist and taoist thought on the matter is similar, regarding all substance as having null intrinsic value placed within them except what the observer places upon it. Though they regard observable nature as deriving meaning from the lack therein.
>Stoics are yet paralleled to this by making advantage from what others may regard as misfortunate hardship and deriving spiritual growth from it. Much like clay becoming tempered in a kiln.
>Cynics seek out the hardship for that exact purpose.
>Epicurians avoid hardship, seeing to it that life is only pleasant and lived denying acknowledgement of the evil's that might befall them
The list goes on and on. It's all on how you choose to seize life. Will you grab it by it's tail to be dragged along or turned upon and bit, or do you hold it by it's throat to direct it in the manner you see fit to live?

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