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File: Skyfather.jpg (67 KB, 600x360)
67 KB
>Earthquakes and children having painful terminal diseases isn't something one considers when creating the universe.
>But this... Heh heh
>Does put a smile on my face !

What the fuck is wrong with abrahamic religions, /his/ ?
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>taking anything coming out of the mouth of Abraham seriously
>what is sin, one of the most central tenents of Abrahamic faiths

r/atheism isn’t sending their best
>dude just believe PS fuck the Pope
Quit stealing /asp/ memes

Poor translation. He says he creates calamity, not evil.

File: 9780143108252.jpg (60 KB, 300x450)
60 KB
Just finished Storm of Steel and I loved it. What other autobiographical accounts of war should I read? I'd prefer one with as much meticulous detail as Storm of Steel.
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Read Jungers diary
File: baron de marbot book.jpg (34 KB, 319x499)
34 KB
I've read Storm of Steel too. It was a pretty good book. Check out The Exploits of Baron de Marbot I guarantee you will love it. It is beyond epic, my favorite book of all time.
This, absolutely this.

I had reas Caesar's Gallic War years ago, but generally I avoid the Romans. When I heard Landmark came out with an edition, though, I had to get it. Landmark does a fantastic job of any text they pick up. I will fault them for putting most of the essays online (seriously, this is a terrible new practice), but otherwise it is top notch.

The parts written by caesar of course give a good account of the general's perspective. As a whole, though, you get much more than that as you work through the different texts, some of which were written by lower ranking authors.

I really enjoyed the siege in Alexandria. I have made some indie games with ancient themes, and at some point I really want to try my hand at Alexandria. The proximity to the enemy and the length of the conflict, combined with the various tactics and strategies and moments of chance, just great stuff.
>The book was heavily editorialized on later publications
>therefore it was fake
Citations anon?
Storm of Steel
Diary of a Napoleonic Footsoldier
First They Killed My Father

File: 2490919.jpg (49 KB, 259x400)
49 KB
The long intro is a bit intense and dated at times but still a good primer.

Are there any other books discussing Mani's ideas and the history of the Manichaeans?
Saint Augustine.
Literally reading the wiki to this two seconds ago, what kind of magic coincidence is this, i'm already converted.
only lies
Jason BeDuhn is one historian on the subject.

Could be biased but he would have had first hand experience with according to historical accounts and was likely to have been strongly influenced by it. There's even speculation as to whether Manichaean practices or ideas were adopted by Christians afterwards because of him or to appease the desires of people who were converted from the religion during the time it had been popular in places like Gaul and elsewhere.
File: 1498687571482.png (346 KB, 380x394)
346 KB
346 KB PNG

Thanks! I need to read me some BeDuhn after hearing his talks.

From a search it looks like there's a lot of material collected in dense and expensive academic books.

Does nobody write about Manichaeism as general interest? Are the academic books worth it or are the sources so fragmented it'll be a huge chore to read?

It's sad that not one of Mani's books seems complete or easily accessible. Wicked irony when he went to great lengths to write everything down and his disciples were said to be very bookish.

I hope Egypt or Central Asia coughs up some new finds in my lifetime. You'd think there'd be some hope for new Manichaean discoveries after Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

File: book_china.jpg (586 KB, 1794x1036)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
>Lao Ai (died 238 BCE) was an imposter eunuch and official of the State of Qin during the late Warring States period. He was the lover of Queen Dowager Zhao, the mother of Qin Shi Huang, later the First Emperor of China.
>According to Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian, Lao Ai had a giant penis, being of such size as being able to be used as an axle for a wooden carriage.
is Records of the Grand Historian worth a read? Spring and Autumn annals fucing bad but this looks more herodotus
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>penis the size of a wagon axle
Do you really need someone else to answer this for you?
File: questioning.jpg (96 KB, 591x425)
96 KB
>According to Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian, Lao Ai had a giant penis, being of such size as being able to be used as an axle for a wooden carriage.
just read the romance of the three kingdoms novel like other sinoboos
If you read the three kingdoms you aren't a sinaboo, you're just a budget-tier weeaboo

sinaboos focus on pre-unification history exclusively, and Wang Mang is our patron saint
>Lao Ai
>maybe Lao Tyrone Ai

File: index.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
You have 5 seconds to tell me why you aren't practicing Stoicism in you life?

Do you not want a more fulfilling life /his/? Do you not want to take after the best emperor of Rome?
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I am, as much as I find it useful, which is as much as I find many other philosophies useful. I take what works and leave behind dogmatism
Because Rome was shit and hedonism is so much more fun
>later experience of sexual passion left me cured
What did he mean by this
that doesn't work my dude. you just end up feeling less. you can't convert one emotion to another through rationale, it only suppresses the first and cheapens both ends of the spectrum.
I'm not going to break your statement down point by point, but I do find it very strange that you outright reject the possibility that mentions of Diogenes closer to the fact may be absent from our historical record simply due to not surviving, when in the second sentence of the entry on Diogenes, Laetrius mentions the work of an author from BCs whose work didn't survive as a primary source. So according to Laertius, there were people writing about Diogenes four or five hundred years before him. Which would put Diogenes' record roughly on level with Thales for how well attested he is.

Laertius also only mentions a single source that's in dissension with the idea that Crates was Diogenes' student. You're overstating the case, as that could just as readily be a fringe theory.

As to your claim that he's become a god of the gaps, I must return this to you, as this gift is not fit for me, you may find it more to your liking, since you've been trying to disprove the existence of a generally accepted historical figure, by hiding in the gaps of our information and attempting to discredit a historian that we have little reason to doubt the credibility of.

Why are you obsessed with street-shitting?

How did the clerics in the old times justify what they did to "heretics", like for instance to the Cathars?

I mean subjectively, as Christians. What kind of mental gymnastics did they employ to excuse the brutal, inhumane torture vis-a-vis Jesus' teachings?

Is there any historical records of this, documenting their mental processes?
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Thank you for proving my point friend
sometimes it takes a shitpost to get right to the heart of the matter
>Of course this seems retarded in the age of modernism, relativism, liberalism etc.
No it doesn't.
>where it's live and let live
No it isn't.
>but back in the day it was serious business
No it's not how it is.
what about if a heresy supplants the truth through use of force and it becomes the orthodox position for christianity? now if you say that the might of the true church will always overcome heresies since god is behind them, why can the power of god not also be more effective for the true church in the art of persuasion?
>No it doesn't.
are you implying I'm going to get run out of town for believing in the wrong brand of Christianity?
>No it isn't.
when it comes to religion it sure as hell is, apart from Islam which is a different rabbit hole
>No it's not how it is.
you're extrapolating my reply to America in general rather than religion, though even then the polarization of today has nothing on even 200 years ago.

Intersectionalists are trying to get into Medieval Studies now.

>“The first is that there seems to be a bias against, or lack of interest in, sessions that are self-critical of medieval studies, or focused on the politics of the field in the present, especially relative to issues of decoloniality, globalization, and anti-racism,” the letter explains, adding that the second concern relates to an alleged “lack of transparency around the process by which ICMS programming decisions are made.”

The fuck is decoloniality and what the fuck does it have to do with Medieval Studies?
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>Yes, you pedantic fucktard. An "army" doesn't HAVE to be a state sponsored uniform wearing company of fighters, it can mean any group who take a militant approach to perpetuating their memes.
It's a Full Metal Jacket reference you fucking retard
We all make moral judgements. Some just present it in a less partisan manner than others. Ian Kershaw's Hitler biography is probably the most objective book I've seen on Hitler, and the man clearly did not approve of Nazi ideology.
File: 1527328268445.png (1.62 MB, 1024x1024)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
>it's an epic REFERENCE you numbnuts!!!
File: go on.gif (1.95 MB, 385x304)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF

File: Michigan copper 0.jpg (660 KB, 836x1735)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
The identity of the historically mysterious "sea People( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Peoples )" can perhaps be revealed by examining indisuputable evidence of a trans-atlantic, sea-faring copper cartel, recovered from the late Bronze Age (1300 BC) Uluburun shipwreck off the coast of Modern-day Turkey.

the complete study
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File: lead.png (244 KB, 1246x1078)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
do you happen to know the lead isotope profile of Michigan copper?
File: Solutrean_Atlantis_Civ.jpg (2.19 MB, 4132x3151)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
File: Solutrean_macro_2.png (836 KB, 2552x2436)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
File: Solutrean_macro_3.png (963 KB, 2608x2800)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
>/pol/x/ crossboarders discover Theosophy.png

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>the kronstadt soldiers were like ... more extreme than the bolsheviks
They were literally supplied by Capitalists, and were supporting return to pre-Bolshevik status quo.

They were regular Whites.
Read "Przedwiośnie" by Stefan Żeromski
>everything against bolshevics is white
The Duma had existed since 1905.

why the fuck didn't they just drove him over?
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That was the last of the Soviet political system. Only like a third of the politicians inside were communists.
Mao wiped out 60 million of his own people because of his autism and actively tried to destabilize the party even after he "retired" from it. Their is a reason the Chinese exiled his followers to the countryside into minimum security gulags and arrested his top supporters (including his wife) after his death.
Soros profits off the collapse of long standing countries like the Soviet Union. He made a bunch of money off Indonesia's collapse in 1998 when the government was technically fascist at the time. Doesn't matter what ideology a country is, he just wants to take over in these countries when he causes them to fall apart.
They didn’t run him over, that’s some Mandela effect shit. I’m sure they hunted him down and killed him, otherwise we would probably know who he was by now.
The world was watching. Better to get rid of him in secret.

>fights moors
>fights pagans
>fights proties
>fights turks
>fights commies

Has a country in all of History ever done more for Christendom?
40 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
historically, probably only Portugal did more, at least world wide.
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 340x345)
40 KB
Can we all agree Spain's major faults were not genociding the amerindian, but not burning all their codixes?

Aside from that making Britain catholic, and understanding economics would've been lovely.
>splashing some water and saying words the natives can't understand
File: image.jpg (289 KB, 759x635)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Not succesfully annexing the fantasy state that is Portugal and its ultramarine fanfiction; and not siding with their french brothers against Albion.

File: Prince_Felix_Yusupov.jpg (79 KB, 504x700)
79 KB
Who is your historical lookalike? I'm a spitting image of Prince Felix Yusupov, the guy who killed Rasputin.
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File: _Charles (1).jpg (286 KB, 397x1324)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Not historical but I've been told several times that I look like young John Travolta. If you know anyone more ancient than that, tell me.
File: richelieu cut.jpg (1.21 MB, 2379x1523)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
I always get Genghis Khan in Google culture app, while not being a cent of Mongol at all
File: Chris Chan.gif (165 KB, 512x522)
165 KB
165 KB GIF

Why did I learn nothing whatsoever about the Byzantine Empire in school, despite the fact it was so significant and powerful? I was surprised when I left high school and realized this empire was actually a thing.
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File: DEUSVULT.jpg (226 KB, 1600x1200)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>photoshop them out
we need a version of the ken-sama copypasta for byzantium
File: meximedius sama.png (166 KB, 1298x316)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Heh, its not like you don't do it anyways.
I assume you don't know this one.
Specifically about how the its collapse and fall sparked the start of exploration and the renaissance
that's pretty much what I was thinking of

File: randomness.png (61 KB, 500x250)
61 KB
Does randomness exist?
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A major part of quantum theory, called the Heisenberg Uncertainly Principle, says it's impossible to know both the momentum and position of a single particle (i.e. the velocity that a particle can reach depending on its mass, with heavy particles that move fast having large momentum because it will take them a large or prolonged force to get up to speed and then again to stop them) at the same time. So in quantum mechanics nothing can be certain, and we can only describe things in terms of probabilities.

Just to give a practical example, if we think about the tiniest car possible (e.g. the nanocars, made of atoms, that are being developed in the nanotechnology sector), and we know the position of the car, we cannot know its momentum – whether it’s going fast or slow and vice versa. Nothing can be certain according to Quantum Physics. We can only predict how probable an event is to happen (like how many probabilities are there for six to come out when we throw dice). It was this uncertainty that Einstein disagreed with. In his opinion, every event and the physical properties of each individual particle can, and must be measured with high precision. Quantum physics does not allow for that; it tells you how probable it is for a system of particles to behave in a certain way but it will never tell you how each individual particle belonging to that system will behave. Einstein could not accept this level of randomness and uncertainty in nature and the universe and he expressed his opinion in the sentence “God does not play dice”. He wholly rejected quantum physics as a concept.

If you want a more in-depth look, here's Stephen Hawking on god playing dice.
Randomness is a concept that humans came up with to describe that which he can't predict. All contingent beings, that is to say, everything that exists in the observable universe, is subject to causal law. In other words, shit doesn't just happen. Something has to cause a given thing to happen. Apply this rule everywhere, even at the most microscopic of levels, and you are forced to conclude that the events of the universe are not only pre-determined, but hypothetically predictable by an all knowing being. That, friends, is the theory of determinism. Prove it wrong
File: 1519575745937.jpg (71 KB, 720x469)
71 KB
>Prove it wrong

I can't because you're right.
>Randomness is a concept that humans came up with to describe that which he can't predict.
No randomness describes that which can't be accurately measured before the result, it can still be predicted.

Does anyone know or at least have an estimate for the crime rate of the Soviet Union in the 60s-80s or so? How were common crimes like petty theft treated? Were drugs and drug trafficking common in the Soviet Union? Was there even a drug scene in the USSR? Discuss
61 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You mean it chronicly looking like a rundown town?
I'm not an apologist for the USSR but crime rates generally are a joke to try and compare. Every country has different laws on what each specific crime entails and ways of recording them.

You can only really compare the homicide rate between each country and even that can get tricky.
>In an opinion poll by VTsIOM in 2007 the majority of Russians chose to live during the Brezhnev era rather than any other period of 20th century Soviet history.

it really was comfy
>and you fucking know it clearly that life in the USSR wasn't nearly as safe, comfortable or carefree

do Americans actually believe this? lmfao.
I've seen that picture before. She was a hooker.

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