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File: vic.jpg (11 KB, 306x204)
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When talking about the "victims of communism", why does it never occur to people that the victims may have completely deserved it? Weird how nobody under communism ever committed crimes, according to anti-communist propagandists - every single person was an innocent victim, even the human traffickers and heroin dealers.
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>Everyone who ever lived in communism is a victim of communism
This is the essence of every le victim count statement.

Let's call as much people of theirs as we can victims. Let's call all people of ours collateral damage of natural or outside forces and voila.

That's why any intelligent person needs to disregard any victim/gorillion talk immidiately.
I ask myself that same question about the jews and the holohoax
But I wasn't being sarcastic. Living in communism is literally hell and punishment on its own, if you get murdered on top of it, your conditions will actually improve.
>But I wasn't being sarcastic
I was aware that you went full ideological, yes.

>Living in communism is literally hell and punishment on its own, if you get murdered on top of it, your conditions will actually improve.
If that would be the case, communism would not be seen favourably by its present and former citizens.

Alas, objective truth cannot be reconciled with your feels.

If you disregard cold war hysteria, and hysterical spergouts of Nazi remnants, there is nothing extraordinary about Communism, for better or for worse. It's just another modern political system, better suited for some things than the others, all things said being in a subdominant position to neoliberalism in the current state of things.
The 'Victims of Communism' label is applied to political prisoners and purgees, civilians targeted and tortured by the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, those who were forced into collectives and starved to death under them and other innocents.

No one has ever claimed 'criminals' as being a component of the victims of communism - however there's a good case to be made that maybe they should be - petty thieves and the like hardly deserved the death penalty or life in the gulag they were often given.

File: GettyImages-804435102.jpg (380 KB, 960x600)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Did this thing actually exist? If so, then what happened to it?
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did they see the benis everytime they went under it?
with what fucking money lol

Your reparations
Why would you see dick, you’d just see balls and boipucci
Yep. Tick tock, Deutschland. Pay up.

File: right wing lit.jpg (1.97 MB, 4000x3549)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG

I am interested in philosophers or specific philosophical works that discuss the moral basis of egalitarianism as a school of thought in the political and social spheres. Are there any thinkers or writers that you can recommend that offer either a defense or attack against the "goodness" of equality in society?


Mary Sue of history
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Another great thread broufht to you by /his/
Take a wild guess.
You're not on /pol/ anymore anon, this is /his/, Histoire et Humanités de la France as we admirateurs anonymes de la Grande Nation call it.

File: 1513235182938.png (973 KB, 480x679)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Why was religion / philosophy linked arm and arm with science until only relatively recently?

What are modern scientists missing out on by not studying philosophy or believing in a higher power?
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You obviously haven’t, considering the stuff you claim to be logical argument and just how unfounded your opinions are.
>I passed Phil101
>I am at least 5 IQ points above a literal drooling retard
>This is seen as an accomplishment
You have got to be a joke. FFS
>unfounded your opinions
nice story
Fuckin shit, this thread is still going.

Yeah, science isn't regrowing limbs YET. We're getting pretty fuckin close though. Either way, how does that take away from what I was saying before?
>muh atheistic materialism

You mean not believing in magic? How exactly is that a "faith"?

Since we're getting close to Christmas, let's get in the spirit by posting people who out of sheer generosity and kindness, lent a helping hand to their fellow man. I'll start:

>Despite his youth, Kirkland enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861, not long after war was declared, before his older brothers. He was first assigned to Company E, 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, but was later transferred to Company G of the same regiment, and was promoted to sergeant. He first saw action during the First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas), and later in the Battle of Savage's Station, Battle for Maryland Heights and Battle of Antietam, during which time many of his closest friends from Kershaw County were killed.
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File: G8 b8 m8 I r8 8.png (181 KB, 625x626)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Maximilian is my confirmation name because I liked this guy's story so much.
t. raised Catholic

Sadly no
File: Anne Frank-lifdrs_001.jpg (508 KB, 511x850)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
Unironically Tokyo Rose

>Toguri was pressured to renounce her United States citizenship by the Japanese central government under Hideki Tojo with the beginning of American involvement in the Pacific War, like a number of other Americans in Japanese territory. She refused to do so, and was subsequently declared an enemy alien and was refused a war ration card.
>Cousens had been coerced to work on radio broadcasts, and worked with assistants U.S. Army Captain Wallace Ince and Philippine Army Lieutenant Normando Ildefonso "Norman" Reyes. Toguri had previously risked her life smuggling food into the nearby prisoner of war camp where Cousens and Ince were held, gaining the inmates' trust. Toguri refused to broadcast anti-American propaganda, but she was assured by Major Cousens and Captain Ince that they would not write scripts having her say anything against the United States.
>She earned only 150 yen per month, or about $7, but she used some of her earnings to feed POWs, smuggling food in as she did before.[21][22] She aimed most of her comments toward her fellow Americans ("my fellow orphans"), using American slang and playing American music. At no time did Toguri call herself "Tokyo Rose" during the war, and in fact there was no evidence that any other broadcaster had done so.

This woman should've received a hero's welcome and was thrown under the bus instead

My parents nearly named me Maximilian after this guy too.

File: q index.jpg (34 KB, 515x526)
34 KB
Is it correct/incorrect to say that east Asians can't innovate in comparison to the West?

It's because of China that we have paper, gunpowder and the compass. No less PRINTING.
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This thread is hilarious
Greece is THE European country you fucking troglodyte. They literally invented the concept of Europe.
I think the big question is whether or not Asians will ever catch up to the whites.
WHOA.... IS THAT THE q INDEX?!?!?!?!
Don't shout

>muh politics of grandeur
>f-france is still a relevant world power
>we a strong independent country who don’t need no U.S.A hegemony

Was it autism?
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>muh b-bump
This t b h
Free France was just a bunch of blokes in London.
Picture related. This is the "liberation" you are talking about. This bank note was printed in the USA. The occup.. liberators wanted to force us to use this money, a money that they controlled. They also wrote our constitution. It was made in a way that would prevent France from being able to handle crisis, therefore putting them in need of strong allies. The general got us rid of the two but he still betrayed France at the end.
Before the nukes
>You can't invade us commies, we are sucking US dick and if you hurt me Daddy will come after you

After the nukes:
>Make one soldier cross the border and I swear to God I will kill us all.
Except he certainly never sucked America's dick and spat on the Anglo's face for wanting to dominate his country and that's why he's only hated by anglos and burgers while being respected everywhere else.

File: graduatiom.jpg (222 KB, 1510x1258)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
So question for /his/. How many of you are in or have gone to college for history?
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Yeah so I just come to /his/ for rampant shitposting until someone properly corrects me. Worked out OK. Some of you guys are awesome.
>tfw i hate faggots like you who post bad memes like they're facts
>genuine interest in history
>life got in the way
im sorry anon ;_;
i'd avoid distance stuff if you can. online classes are nothing like the real thing, it normally wouldn't be a problem if you just wanted to get a BA, but if you want to do a MA or PHD, that experience will really help.
>took online class once
>"class" starts at 8 am
>say hi to prof.
>go back to sleep for an hour
>wake up to make one sentence of input
>go back to sleep
>get an A for sleeping
im not saying all online classes are a joke, but i'd be wary.

Well, they aren't all nearly that un-involved, especially at tough universities. An online degree seems better than no degree, I just don't have the time to make it to work and then campus for night class.
that's fair. if you can squeeze in a couple or traditional classes you should try to if you want to go past a BA. If you get a chance, swing by, or set up a meeting with a professor with the antiquity department and ask them how important language will be in studies for an MA. if you can get a Latin or Greek major that would look really good for getting into a MA program, as that tends to be the first thing they have to teach new students.

File: 1513279178344.jpg (136 KB, 854x630)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
What are some essential works for understanding History and the Humanities?

Pic related.
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Really? Damn, I wish I was Canadian...
Are you implying this is a bad author or are you just making a juvenile joke about the name FAGan?
C(an)uck here, no you don't
in the original of that he was reading zizek
In the one I saw it was Kant.

File: gedmatch.png (37 KB, 1055x600)
37 KB
How Indo-European am I?
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where to for splendid gene pie charts?
>K# admixture analysis
>58% Villabruba
>15% ANE
>27% Basal-Rich

Feels hunter gatherer man, just wish my blood was not stained by the B*sal part.
>just wish my blood was not stained by the B*sal part
How do you think your Basal ancestors would feel if you told them that?

File: e vs m.jpg (58 KB, 500x326)
58 KB
Is meritocracy compatible with egalitarianism?

it's not[/spoiler]
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Meritocracy is possible without egalitarianism.

t. Confucius.
It's like a kid just scanned a Wikipedia article and started posting.

It's a teenager, you can tell by the black-and-white thinking.

smells of reddit

>the actual definition of something is irrelevant because it doesn't support my opinion

>A state that was hell bent on the mechanized destruction of an entire people from the face of the Earth.

What went wrong?
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No we really do hate you noguns niggers and /k/ is a pretty slow board anyways
/lgbt/ is actually full of homo/pol/acks fantasizing about wearing their Hugo Boss uniforms and mowing down Jews when they're not busy slurping semen. /k/ is pretty straight with the exception of an occassional tranny triptard whom nobody takes seriously.
File: 1507259674652.png (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
>the Germanic tribes where nomadic
African americans are 25% white. Pure black africans are dumber still
>African americans are 25% white
White Americans too. Possibly even less.

File: 3844-004-95704863.jpg (45 KB, 388x505)
45 KB
How was Russia founded, and how did it eventually evolve into the very large nation that it is now?
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Also, I'm not >>3835956 you absolute mong
That's the joke you faggot.
sorry, i fucked up my >>'s.

post income in your country's currency.
6000 what and when
Read Berdyaev, his book "The Russian Idea" was read by Putin, who then went on to force all his cabinet members to read it.

File: feel.jpg (37 KB, 680x684)
37 KB
Why do people try to apply logic to the idea of an omniscient being? If a being a truly all-powerful, they'd obviously exist outside of universal logic.
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Explain that without using the word logic.
You can drop that word from the text, the meaning would be the same.
Our awareness of the world can never exist outside of our internal logic.
Thus, it really doesn't matter to us if something is comprehensible or not. In order to aquire any idea about this something, we apply logic because it's the only thing we can do.
Does that means that trying to understand something that is outside our thought process is meaningless?
No. Its logically impossible to you.

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