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File: 1507809787130-bant.gif (1.58 MB, 400x300)
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1.58 MB GIF
>Protestantism is the worst
has there ever been a worse lie?
Protestantism itself
<---- /pol/
t.Proddy convert edgelord
Scientology. I mean, it's like sanctifying Star Wars. New Age shit in a world of falsifiablility is also pretty bad.Jew Death Cult (including proddies) is pretty high up there though.

File: VSejBGEs.jpg (55 KB, 512x512)
55 KB
So, what is the big fuss with this guy?
he cant pull off the bald look and everyone wants him to stop shaving his head

File: IMG_0379.jpg (622 KB, 1200x1458)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
>"Power to parliament! Down with the monarchy!"
>"oh by the way I'm putting myself in charge of the country, giving myself absolute power and my son will succeed me after I die but it's totally not like a monarchy."
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Genghis khan killed most of persia and central asia when he rolled in. They were muslim
That's only because Charles I got murdered
>one man one vote apart from servants because servants might be bribed into voting but drunkards won't be
If they didn't argue about the instrument of government and the army didn't mutiny he might not have needed o seize power, also Droghadah wasn't a massacre as they didn't surrender
>Down with monarchy

Guess how I know you are just a shitposter
He didn't want absolute power, he wanted a stable executive.

He tried over and over to implement a form of parliament that worked but the corruption of parliament was too strong.

He also had little control over the army which either demanded his intervention or free elections.

He knew he could never hold free elections because royalists would get back in power.

Ultimately he assumed supreme executive power in a direct contradiction of everything he had fought for.

By the time he died I don't think he gave a shit who succeeded him.
File: gregorythegreat.jpg (108 KB, 363x454)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>the pretensions of the bishop of new rome to the title of "ecumenical patriarch" are absolutely inexcusable

>the very idea of a universal bishop over all christians is likely a sign of the coming of the antichrist

>btw i am the greatest authority in christendom, the emperor and all bishops owe fealty to me

File: adolf.jpg (56 KB, 620x414)
56 KB
what would the world be like if this man never existed?

would germany still have been expansionist?
would fascism be a viable economic policy?
would europe still have replacement migration in the modern age?
would china be under japanese occupation?
would america have its military intervention habit?
would the cultural bolshevism of weimar germany spread elsewhere?
would slave morality be a significant part of european culture?
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>would fascism be a viable economic policy?
Possibly, if Mussolini didn't sperg out too much
File: 1505885050376.jpg (124 KB, 1920x795)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>would the cultural bolshevism of weimar germany spread elsewhere?
No such thing.
>would slave morality be a significant part of european culture?
No such thing.
I imagine a lot more Jews would be alive at least.
Then define "Cultural Bolshevism."
Things I don't like

File: IMG_7976.jpg (99 KB, 599x320)
99 KB
I just started reading Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors.

Written by Dan Jones.

It seems to show the knights in a positive light for once and goes through the initial founding and fall. Can't recommend it enough lads
>It seems to show the knights in a positive light for once
Who needs that? Hospitallers are the superior knight order.
>le island doctors
File: 1506333907065.jpg (840 KB, 1906x2000)
840 KB
840 KB JPG
Both were frog scums
Teutonics are the superior knight order
>the order which massacred Catholics and exacerbated the schism by genocidng orthodox is the LE BASED ORDER XDDD
Think of how much better the world would be if they acted as vassals to Poland from the beginning
>the least catholic order
>Better than the rest


File: Hippo.jpg (71 KB, 605x456)
71 KB
>Africa didn't have any animals that could be domestica.....
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Horses have very similar behaviours actually. When a mare gets pregnant she makes sure to have sex with all the stallions in her herd. If she doesn't then any of the horses she didn't fuck will kick the baby to death after it's born.
animals like zebras meet all the criteria, plus animals don't start out docile. Modern cattle are the descendants of aurochs which were very much wild and dangerous
Basically horses and wolves and such have a set pack structure which makes them much easier to domineer, unlike most African animals (other than possibly the lion, but >taking lions)
>inb4 b-but they move in packs
They move in packs for protection often, but they don't have a real social structure other than parental and child bonds.
Also all this aside with hippos in particular hippos are fucking demons jesus christ
Zebras are super stressful and aggressive, much more so than wild horses.
I think you are just under the impression that a zebra is a painted horse, when its a much stronger and much more murderous thing.
This is hilarious if true.

File: Mayapan_Panorama.jpg (152 KB, 1278x322)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
So I like many I guess just heard that nativeamericans had no writting, no steel, no gunpowder. And assumed they were just inferior people to the spanish, the english etc who conquered them. But then as I grew up I began to understand that the writting and steel and gunpowder were no creations of these conquerors but came from other people in asia and they had just learned it from them. If America had not been isolated it would have been a powerhouse of the world. am I wrong ?
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When I hear this I'm always tempted to say that strychnine and plutonium are also natural.
File: IMG_0636.jpg (75 KB, 600x346)
75 KB
How so? Bantu developed iron working independently. There is evidence of independently developed metal-working, art and trade in Niger delta that goes back many centuries. There is also nok culture which goes back to as early as 1000BC. Igbos even had their own indigenous ideographic writing system (Nsibidi). In Eastern Africa, you have Aksum and pre-Aksumite cultural development as well. I don't understand the meme of africa-bashing. Many groups in Subsaharan Africa accomplished a respectable amount given the location and isolation from Eurasian influence that others benefited from; reaching the levels on par with many isolated eurasian peoples. And when they did start absorbing influence, you see subsequent developments like you would with any other group such as Swahili culture in the South-East, Aksum in the Horn, and the various kingdoms around the Sahel.

No. Not being racists but whether or not they would have a closer proximity to other cultures or more access to important resources doesn't mean that they would develop any faster or different. africans have had plenty of resources and such but simply never used them or bothered to innovate anything even after other cultures started colonizing Africa. Nothing particularly wrong or inferior about that they simply just stuck to what worked and never gave a shit about changing anything.
File: 1502538311018.jpg (85 KB, 680x680)
85 KB
My fucking eyes
Actually Amerindians had a higher development rate compared to europeans.

Really makes you think.
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Cecil Rhodes did nothing wrong
Are you denying Rhodes was a bit of a prick? Beacause he really was a bit of a prick, both of them are pricks, i don't see why we can't both condemn them for being pricks.

Also, nobody learns about Cecil Rhodes in school you fucking weirdo, battle of hastings is your lot unless you choose to study history.
anglos states are morally infallible
No. The accepted figure is 5-6 million.

Just what the FUCK is the good supposed to be, anyways?
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Never saw this interpretation of the term "Selfishness" in literature, and no one with whom I spoke used it before. Are you one of those who speak on their own private language?
No discussion of Plato's Idea of The Good at all

Just some fucking 16 year old who just discovered nihilism rambling like a retard, bravo /his/
>being selfish means winning a zero sum game
The good is the aesthetic, that is, the pursuit of beauty and sublimity in all areas of life constitutes the good life. Cuteboys, sonatas, poetry, artistic authenticity etc. have the highest good flow though them. Nietzsche and to a lesser extent Goethe found the morality of "the cross" vulgar, it was an aesthetic judgement, and all morality is simply a decision on whether something is morally "repugnant", or "sick", "vile", un-aesthetic or ugly. Take Milton's satan as the apotheosis of this, he becomes less-beautiful as the poem progresses as his wickedness deepens, until he is literally reduced to a reptile. Keats also groped towards this idea.
What is the good? The objects of appreciation? Or the appreciation of the aesthetic? Because the former would mean the good would differ from person to person while the later would imply there's a principle that gives origin to the appreciation of the aesthetic and in that case, woulndt the principle rather than the action be the good?

File: 1507237133894.png (48 KB, 800x729)
48 KB
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>Nazi germany was pushing it's ideology in every sector.
So does China...the state is pretty all encompassing over there.
>very nationalist
>capitalist economy with heavy government involvement
Just call it state capitalism
not much more militarization than any other relevant power, not nearly as much as the U.S.
Not really, I don't think China's government is seriously Marxist anymore. They're Nationalists and will further whatever policy they think is in the interests of China. They're adopting environmentalism because it benefits China's interests in the long term. They're liberalizing the market to benefit Chinese economic domination of other countries and to spur internal development. There's no ideology in China right now except China Will Be #1 Again.

Marxism calls for the abolition of states, China won't be abolishing itself any time soon.
These retarded wojaks are disturbing as fuck.
File: scintillating.png (28 KB, 226x202)
28 KB

File: The_Parthenon_in_Athens.jpg (339 KB, 1144x804)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
The GREEKS created civilization, the first that placed value on knowledge. They made the Library of ALEXANDRIA to hold this Knowledge. Meanwhile, the JEWS made a religion that focuses all attention on one G*d, and that hates progress. The JEWS took over GREEK'S successor ROME, and made it burn the Library. A second library was set up but a Jewish CHRISTIANITY-INFLUENCED Pope burned that as well, then took over GREECE to PREVENT it from expanding the Human consciousness. Next, ISLAM placed chains on the GREEK after Rome fell due to a combined effort on the part of ANTI-JEW PAGANS of NORTH EUROPE. The OTTOMANS PREVENTED GREECE from ever doing any good! This continued on until the modern era, where Europe had attempted to Restart Greek civilization by reading the FEW REMNANTS OF ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE. The GREEKS at this point were already neutered, but JUST as they were recovering in contemporary times the Christian EUROPEAN UNION swept it up and helped create the IMF to hound GREECE until the end of time. In conclusion, The JEWS kept Greece in chains once they got too advanced by using silly MONOTHEISTIC RELIGION. We lost out on 2000 years of progress had the GREEKS not been swindled by the JEW.
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Calm down Tyrone it was just a shed for Zeus
Sparta: literally the saviours of western civilization.
>implying sparta gave a shit about anyone but sparta
File: 5_32336001_crop2_x1024.jpg (574 KB, 1024x1024)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>romans destroyed the library of Alexandria

I'm glad you like old movies but this is bullshit

For these are the end of days!
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You grabbed my hand
And we fell into it
Like a daydream
Or a fever
Pale riders of no tommorow.
The cars on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
For they walk in the flesh! Words spoken by your savior when he confessed your sins.

File: 20171019_131929.jpg (1.89 MB, 2560x1440)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Hello there, I am one of the mods on this board and an reaching out to you all to decide what needs done. How can we make the experience better for you? Discuss
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>(((They))) try to convince you that Germany could never win either world war
>(((They))) promote anti-German sentiment in general.
But i do this. And i'm a Pinochet loving, commie hating, son of a bitch.
I think Christianity and Islam deserve separate generals.
Or an Abrahamic general and a far eastern/other religion general.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I didn't even read that you're a mod.
Also nice digits.
why do you redditors want a leftist safespace?

My best prayer for Christians is to !submitting! to god ,!while! asking him to make you mentally give all your belongs to him, or a poor angel. to be in the position of a poor person, for blessed who are poor for theirs is the kingdom of God. and make it !!everlasting promise!!, and to forgiveness of all your sin that you will ever !!commit in your entire existence!! , whenever you or I, preach the gospel ,also as a promise. For example, do onto other what you would have then do unto you./// what is your bast prayer? and also a site about the law of god.>https://www.gospeloutreach.net/613laws.html
Thank you for your concern for my spiritiual welfare.

But I cannot understand your strange use of the "!" and your fractured syntax. Is English not your first language, brother?

14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>what is socialism in one country
Stalin literally used this to gain popularity over Trotsky, who wanted to spread gommunism everywhere by force
Theoretically speaking, I don't think the Bolsheviks would have considered it necessary to "conquer" the entire world and spread Bolshevism by force, since Marx envisioned such revolutionary developments as being inevitable. However, when it became clear that anticipated revolution in the West would not surface in 1917-1918, the Bolsheviks honed expansive ambitions, accentuated by the incursion into Poland in 1920. Only with the ascension of Stalin to political preponderance did Russia restrain its plans. The Bolshevik goal of Marxist-Leninist conquest was relinquished for two main reasons: First, tactical maneuvering, for Stalin used it to challenge Trotsky's internationalist slogan whilst simultaneously stirring nationalist sentiment. Secondly, it was an attempt to improve the Soviet Union's image abroad, and to establish closer diplomatic ties with foreign powers. Arguably, it could be asserted that, had Hitler not invaded in 1941, Stalin would have steamrolled central and eastern Europe and imported Bolshevism into the conquered lands, although, if such a hypothetical scenario is to be taken seriously, then the motives for it would have been geopolitical opportunism rather than a dogmatic yearning to fulfill Marx's goal of a world-wide, communist revolution.

No. They didn't want to conquer anything, in the sense of becoming rulers of it. They wanted to topple all governments, but only so "the people" could rule themselves.

Of course, they were delusional and ended up inevitably creating oppressive oppressive regimes if their own, but that wasn't the PLAN.
I like how they change the definition of imperialism to exclude themselves.
Only the second one is true.

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