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Arms belong to a family and has an aristocratic connotation.
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What began the use of Seals as opposed to Arms?

Here in the UK, cities have Arms not Seals.
no titles of nobility
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Because seals and arms are totally different things?

Seals go on documents. Arms are identifiers?
Probably because cities in the UK were directly chartered by the nobility.
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So you're saying that the nature of the USA as a Republic meant that Arms couldn't be used as identifiers as there was no monarchy and there was a rejection of nobility.

Cool, I understand now.

Did the UK have nobility running particular cities in the past? Is that why they have Arms?
Nobles gave privileges and exemptions from certain duties on towns and cities. In return for these exemptions and privileges, they pay the noble cash taxes and trade goods. In the UK, city charters were historically granted directly from the Crown.
They are using arms as a seal. They are not the same thing? Seals can be arms, arms are not seals and seals are not arms.

You understand the difference, yeah? Someone can use their coat of arms as the seal they put on documents, but why would America create a coat of arms, to use on their seal, why not simply make a seal? Whose arms would they use?
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Because USA is such a peace loving and empathetically altruistic Nation.
USA Wouldn't hurt a fly......
I'm just getting confused because I'm an ordered sort of person and I don't like the free for all nature of this stuff.

I'm probably getting confused because each state has its own flag and seal whereas each city in the uk has a flag and arms.

I get what you're saying but I would like it if things were a little more clearer.

I still don't know if you're meant to call it 'Arms' or 'Coat of Arms'. The rules surrounding Heraldry are quite sketchy or maybe that's because I haven't studied it enough.
Jesus man. This is a seal press. This is what presses >>2538791 onto a letter. You can seal a letter WITH YOUR COAT OF ARMS.

Seriously, how do you not understand the difference? The seal represents actual authenticity, arms represent identity. Seals and arms are not the same thing, one is a lot more important than the other, that being Seals.
I understand the difference, friend.

My original question was why America chose to use Flags and Seals as their main method of identification.

You seem to be trying to make me look like an idiot.
The US doesn't have any Monarchy or has it ever so there is no coat of arms to use.So as a republic it uses seals. Monarchy will uses there coat of arms as seals.
republican seal=seal
coast of arms=seal
coast of arms ≠ republican seal
They're both symbols and the difference between them is ultimately arbitrary in their effect. But arms are conferred by a monarch onto a noble or institution, who associates it with their territories. Seals and flags in general are not conferred by the power of the monarch.
Holy shit, then you are an idiot.
>why did America do this arbitrary thing
That is what you are asking. Ask yourself this, without answering "because x did", why should they use coat of arms?

You are very confused.

>has its own flag and seal whereas each city in the uk has a flag and arms.

You just there said the UK doesn't use seals, they fucking do, they put their coat of arms on their seals.

The seal is literally a piece of wax with an imprint only the person imprinting it owns. It's got nothing NOTHING to do with flags, coat of arms, nothin. A seal is a fucking seal. It can be anything, it can be a fucking X.
>why America chose to use Flags and Seals as their main method of identification.
because there a republic, not a monarchy.
I guess they can uses what ever they want like banners made of sticks and yak fear but the cutler doesn't follow that.
The design in the seal is the coat of arms
The coat of arms is used by itself by the United States government, on letterheads, license plates, as an element of numerous other departmental seals of the United States government, and perhaps most noticeably on the cover of United States passports.

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