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These fine folks are never talked about here
Faggots who kept challenging rightful German ownership of the Baltic
Also known as Based Rus. The fact that Muscovites claim its legacy is a sick joke.
Rus's territory was mostly in Moscow/Russia and most of the inhabitants were Russian.
>Rus's territory was mostly in Moscow
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting
>this is what russians are thought

Also, here's the same map from the russian wiki page. Is objective history, comrade. Quality of russian discipline of history is without equals in the world.
File: Rus-1015-1113.png (211 KB, 2193x2686)
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By every logic Russia is the successor

>title of grand prince is first in Novgorod(russia)
>title is moved to Kiev(ukraine, inhabited by by russians with stockholm syndrome toward poland( also known as ukrainians))
>after mongols destroy everytihng and kiev is conquered by lithuianians and poles, title moves to vladimir
>then moves to moscow
>moscow unites all free rus principalities
>thus united Russia is born

how is russia not allowed to claim it's legacy again? ukrainians don't even refer to themselves as russians for fucks sake, it would be like cubans claiming to be the true legacy of the spanish empire
Wew lad.

Based Rus was a beautiful example of medieval feudalism with a skandi-slavic-urgic-orthodox flare. Muscovy an example of asian despotism and sucking mongol dick. Everything that makes Rus based is absent in the Vassal Despotate of Muscovy. It was never certain that Muscovy would be the one to reunite the lands of Based Rus. That it was them in the end, took a lot of dicksucking, backstabbing, prostating, bastardising and betrayal. Muscovy is the worst and it's a cruel joke that they audacity to claim the legacy Based Rus while they did was kill it and wear its skin like a coat. Absolutely disgusting.

Grand Duchy of Lithuania is literally a more legitimate successor and heir to Based Rus than the mongol buttbuddies of Muscovy.
your personal opinion on whether Russia is good or bad is irrelevant

and slapping meaningless labels like "le asian" and "le mongol" are not helping your case
Dima, I'm not commenting on your precious contemporary Russia here. Please try to understand.

I'm saying that compared to Based Rus, Muscovy is a rather run-of-the-mill eastern despotate with out any of the character and traits of the former. And mongol dicksucking is relevant since that's how they got their yarlokk. Motherfucking Lithuania was closer to the spirit and essence of Based Rus than the Mongol vassal despotate of Muscovy.

>using reddit meymeys
>implying that I used them instead
How shit can you literally be?
>le spirit
>le eastern
>le asian
>le mongol

your meaningless labels are meaningless
>le le le
>concepts being meaningless
Are you like a retarded person?
they're not concepts, they're trigger words, they don't mean anything

what is "easter/asian despotate"? was the roman empire an asian despotate? was bourbon france an asain despotate? was the swedish empire an asian despotate? was the macedonian empire an asian despotate?

imbecile can't debate without trigger words
Look, nigger, there's already a context here for those concepts, which you seem to ignore for some reason. And using them is completely valid and justified. And easily understood by anyone with a passing familiarity with based rus and muscovy.
Either way, Rus is Russia, same people, same language, same dynasty, same religion, it's an unbroken continuity, you can cry about it all you want
Yeah, about as unbroken as Rome to HRE.
The le based le rus that you jerk off to so much are the EXACT same people who ruled muscovy, you do realize that right?

They spoke the SAME language, they were the SAME dynasty, the SAME religion, SAME identity, the only thing that changed is the center of power, from novgorod, to kiev to moscow

Lithuania has some claims to Rus i don't deny that, most of their nobility was Russian and Orthodox, but the dynasty was new and catholic, if anything they would be to Rus what HRE was to Rome
now I want an alternate history scenario of GDL actually uniting and ruling all teh slavs
>the only thing that changed is the center of power
That's an over-simplification at best and a gross revision of history at worst.

You are saying it as if it was an inevitable and even a natural process, this 'centre of power changing' to Moscow. While Muscovy did eventually manage that, it was at the price of everything previously RUS. They didn't work through the established system to rise to prominence. Rather they worked through a foreign power and enforced an alien system upon their subjugated lands. Muscovy was the one to kill Rus, not to restore it, and sewed the butchered corpse into a despotic abomination.

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