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File: Moshe_Dayan_cropped.jpg (17 KB, 220x290)
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Most based leaders in your nation's history.

>Moshe Dayan

It's hard to think of anyone since Napoleon who utterly annihilated similarly, or often superiorly armed foes with giant numerical advantages in as many campaigns.
In the thumbnail I literally thought that was just Punished Putin
File: maurice of orange.jpg (245 KB, 1100x1483)
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if only Oldenbarnevelt had listened
>defeating superiorly armed foes with a giant numerical advantage

The Austrians and Prussians had better trained armies (in theory), and numerical advantages over and over. Look up the Italian campaign, Napoopan faced larger, entrenched armies again and again and kept winning.

I think the story when his troops begin to route and he rallies them by charging alone over a bridge like Alexander, into enemy fire, happens then.

As for Israel, the early victories are pretty impressive. You have a shit ton of fugees with no common language trying to ressurect a 2200 year dead language to communicate, which is lulz already.

Most people think the US supported Israel from day one. Not true though, the Soviets actually thought they had an in with Israel due to the high numbers of Polish and Russian Jews who had contacts in Israel and the socialist leanings of the early kibbutz and leadership there. So Israel's arms in 1948 came from the Soviet dominated Czechs, mostly Kar98ks, which is what they had in surplus. They also sold Israel their planes, leading to Jews fighting with swastika emblazed rifles and planes with swastikas blotted out on them.

The wins then, in '56, and 67 were pretty unexpected. The '73 come back was big too. After that, it's mostly irregular warfare and Israel's star fades.
I heard that in Israel, Napoleon is considered like the most competent man ever.
is it true?
Is this bait?
Shows you how shit arabs are at war

Does it?

That is the big question. Are they that shit, or is America and the Jews that OP?

France lost to Arabs in Alrgeria at the same time Israel stomped them.
France also stomped their shit militarily, as per the death ratio show, they just pulled out for political reasons
Arabs have been losers for centuries now, getting their shit fucked up by every western nations
No other leader triggers the anal annihilation of his enemy’s descendants like ole honest Abe
>goes from the Gilded Age to the greatest equality the US ever saw while ending the Depression and destroying two rival great powers entirely

Nothing personal friends...
File: images (10).jpg (4 KB, 197x256)
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Filfthy orangist scum
Nigga, all your leaders are based
probably Casimir the great, he's one of few leaders we had who had rare trait of having genuine vision and plan for future, he has set a stage for a plan that took few decades after his death to unfold by fixing economy, reunifying country, building shitload of castles and building positive relations with every nation that could be potential ally in conflict with teutonic order.
The only minus is that despite being a chad all of his kids were daughters so he was last Piast to rule the country effectively ending 400 year old dynasty.
File: 4975033732_bfb069202c_o.jpg (322 KB, 1030x827)
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Waddup I'm Villa I'm 30 and I never fucking learned how to read.
So based he refused the presidency.
Nice, Moshe Dayan is good, based Ariel Sharon also saved the country too, don't forget.
*teleports behind you*
I thought it was just a Putin/MGS5 meme
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the chadest chads in world history

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