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Can anyone recommend any books or good web articles on the War of the Pacific? Really interested in this but I've not found a ton on it. I can read a bit of Spanish, so Spanish sources are fair game too.
Why can´t they find another name for this war? There was nothing pacific about it
There’s a miniseries called the pacific that follows three marines who all wrote about their experiences during the war. You could watch that and read their books, didn’t really look into it more than that
Pretty sure that’s about World War 2, anon.
It involved only countries who were on the pacific coast of Latin America, and led to Chile’s capture of Bolivia’s enrire coastline. Plus Chile fought the Peruvians mostly at sea.
*south america, not Latin

Fun fact: Bolivia is so butthurt about losing the coast that they still keep a regular navy with naval uniforms and shit and each year they celebrate the Day of the Sea during which they parade with cardboard and rubber ships.

Pic related.
>Chile fought the Peruvians mostly at sea.
No, they occupied their capital
War for birdshit wasn't appropriate for the memorial placks.
Holy shit, BTFO
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never ever
Good thread OP

Apparently Pinochet wanted to give Bolivia a narrow corridor to the sea, but couldn't do so himself because the peace treaty required a consent of Peru. Peru wanted to keep a border with Chile, so they cockblocked Bolivia.
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>mfw even they allys cuck them from the sea
Why would he do that? It seems like an unusual choice for a dictator.
he was pretty cool dude , wanted to make peace whit the niggers
also less peruvians
From what I know he wrote a thesis about how Bolivia was a geopolitically hopeless nation and should be split among Chile, Peru and Argentina.
That corridor to the sea thing is true but I´m not sure it was Pinochet idea.
Not him, but there was extensive naval campaigning necessary to make that happen. You didn't really have railroads and the road networks were woefully underdeveloped in that part of the world; and a lot of the connecting territory was mountainous, desert, or mountainous desert. Almost all movement and resupply of Chilean forces was done by sea.
Then these stupid spics, these fucking ceviche eaters and wannabe Prussian nazis, should have called it something else. They should be trapped in a copper mine for the rest of eternity
well these fucking yanks should not tried to glorificate the useless front of the WW2 at given it a fancy name when it was already picked by based chilenas
"Andean Tragedy" by Sater is a good read on the topic. There is also a book on the War of the Pacific that Osprey Publishing put out as well that's pretty decent called "Armies of the War of the Pacific 1879–83" by Gabriele Esposito.

Hope that helps.
Thanks anon.

It was Pinochet, at least according to CIA documents recently released by the Trump administration.

Bolivia is fucked on many levels by its unfortunate location. Even Paraguay is in better position, because it has access to the Atlantic via the Paraguay river which is navigable all the way to Asuncion.
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Bolivia has access to the atlantic by the same route Paraguay has. It even has concessions in chilean ports on the pacific. Their claim is just to have some national cause.

The problem is, rivers are far less easy to navigate in mountainous Bolivia.
here are spanish works on the war OP
But what did Chile go to annex so huge swathes of territory? To be fair, that's much considering that the war erupted over taxation dispute.
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short story of how the war started
>ok lads , look , i am chile and i want to put some mines in your lands
>k , said the niggers
>now , lets put some taxes and sing so we dont have troubles in the future
>k , said the niggers
>mother nature fucks off and makes bolivia shake
>"what do we do now to fix the nation?"
>tax 2 more cents or something to the chileans
>be chilean
>be comfy menwhile the british do shit in your country
>be comfy when you dont care of your living conditions [spoiler]tough they did , there is a book and movie about the whole thing[/spoiler]
>be comfy when bolivia taxes you more-
>more taxes
>[Pissed in spic prussian]
>pay 2 cents to every fucker who enlist
>rape the bolivians once
>they...they gave up
>man surely nothing else will-
>bolivia had a secret alliance whit peru
>better prepare those boats
>argentina wants to rape you to
>"ok look you big white nose , i will give you the patagonia , but fuck off"
>mother fucker , i will make sure to take revenge [spoiler]see the malvinas war[/spoiler]
>start raping peruvians
>use our migthy na-
>they sunk one of my tiny boats
>procede to rape them even more , take one of they boats
>feels good man
>procede to rape them more and more
>fuck all they shit up
>fuck the capital and the people there
>wars ends whit more land and less poverty , as poor people died
>tfw fixing your country couldnt been more fun than this
and that my friend , is the pacific war
File: BoliviaChile.jpg (127 KB, 1440x954)
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127 KB JPG

They gonna hit you back, you know?
lel. So butthurt

I actually pity them. They live in horrible place which just has to impede their development.
>Be chilean captain of a glorified boat with cannons
>It's so crappy that your superior ship is an outdated and slow af piece of shit
>Peruvians attack the city you were guarding
>Oh shit fucking ironclads
>Instead of panicking, your superior decides to fight to the bitter end
>Oh shit Prat, you bald nigger, what are you doing?
>He gets his shit pushed in while a second ironclad chases you
>Manage to trick it into shallow waters
>The dumbasses get stuck in some rocks at an angle that leaves their deck as cannon fodder
>Prat is dead, but now there's only one ironclad to worry about thanks to that fuckup
When the Covadonga out fucking skilled the Independencia so humilliatingly, Peru should have just realized they werent going to win. Based Condell.

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