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/his/ => /x/
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I'll start:
Ancient "Aryans" expanded from the Lake Baikal 20k BC to the rest of the world. The branch that stood in the steppe, domesticated horses, and expanded through whole asia. The branch that migrated north-east arrived to america and settled there till they got extinguished and assimilated everywhere except in some reducts (see chachapoyans).

The branch that migrated to south east asia stablished in Japan, their remains are that tribe who's name I don't remember, and the result is also in Japanese blood.

The branch that migrated into europe became the IE, splitting (before they even entred europe, while they were in the steppe, probably even in lake baikal) into the Nordics (or germanics) and Celts.

Ancient aryans were a super tribe that traveled throguh the whole world spreading their culture (cttle herding) and symbols (the swastika).

Tocharians invented budhism and spreaded it throguh asia.
Celts were hinuists and Budhists to some degree.

Tocharians are related to the IE that wrote the Vedas (they have their own texts).

Mongolian Empire was the peak of Asian civilization.
>Jews=Illuminati; and they are totally responsible for everything bad today/in history.

>"The Evil Jew" in general

>The "Buddha of light"-guy

>Young earth/hinduist Creationism

>Africa was only mudd hutts

And the good old

With hinduist creationism I mean poeple like Micheal Cremo who say that homo sapiens was a thing for millions of years, because there are bones which are "too deep burried to make any sense. Better get my Parana lol".
That Tibet
I guess this is the right thread to ask. Can someone explain the “Native americans had a higher civilization potential” meme to me?
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The Illuminati control the world and it's a good thing.
What's special about this symbol? Is it because it looks good?
Its the sun, every sees the sun, knows how important it is, and can draw squiggles/lines
So the Nostratic hypothesis pretty much?
It's mainly just one guy trying to spread a narrative

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