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/hm/ - Handsome Men

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What are some interesting story based / tension based pornos?

I recently saw pic related, a series of old films by Bob Mizer


the first scene in particular was fun. two rowdy school boys messing with their teachers. it got REALLY silly and really ridiculous which killed the tension but it was better than most pornos.

'men.com' has a lot of really interesting scenarios but there is no tension. they just open with a hot premise than drop it 30 seconds in and the guys just start fucking without any real build up. especially in the 'tricked a straight guy ones' they just realize they're fucking a guy and just say 'well it was good so...' and they keep going.

anyone have links to pornos (or even non-sex but erotic gay scenes) that are more about slow builds and tense interactions? I checked out more of bob mizers stuff but its mostly storyless guys just wrestling in their underwear.
File: Bob Mizer - Smackdown.jpg (919 KB, 1080x5130)
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I enjoy funny hijinx but i think my favorite kind of story has to be straight guys who are dealing with homo urges if anyone has any.

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