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File: 1541024246340.jpg (723 KB, 1200x797)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
Whats your most positive experiences when it comes to hookups?

Did you score someone you knew? Or maybe found a hot guy online? Tell us your best and hottest experiences

Bonus points for pics
Last week I met a guy on grindr, had him over, he came in me, the fuck was great.

Afterwords he went and looked at my bookshelves, liked what he saw, and asked me on a date!
>Fist time on grinder
>find a 5/10 mexican dude
>chat it up and message back and forth
>decide to meet and fuck.
>meet at jack in the box and drive out to bush
>im hard the whole ride over.
>He reaches over and squeeses my dick
>Almost cum in pants holy shit
>Hold back
>Pull up to the bush and we walk into a grove
>We get in and under the trees and he tells me to take off my pants.
>Im as hard as ever leeking precum.
>He smiles as he takes my uncut cock into his mouth
>He knows what hes doing running his tounge under my skin and on my head and glands.
>Moan and feel my balls swell like never before
>He stopps and pulls out a condom.
>He puts it on my dick with his mouth and he bends over.
>I try to start to fuck him but loose my boner.
>He goes back to sucking.
>Cum harder than i ever have his mouth . He runs his tounge all over my glands before and after I came.
Hooking up with an ex, we sloppily kissed while I gave him a hj and eventually we started spitting all over me. He made me suck him off then busted on my face/chest.
>looking on craigslist
>see ad from older guy in his 50's
>gives stats but what do I know? tall, short, thin, heavy?
>agree to meet him for coffee
>I get there, order coffee
>he walks in
>shit... a bit overweight, kind of an effeminate face
>not an asshole so don't bolt
>we sit and talk. he seems to be a nice guy
>after about 10 minutes he suggests we finish our coffee at him place 5 minutes away
>I kind of hesitate but he insists
>OK. maybe I get my cock sucked, maybe suck his. NBD.
>follow him to his place
>sit on couch finishing coffee and he asks if he can kiss me
>I really like kissing, it gets me hard, so why not
>he's a really good kisser. surprises me
>asks if I'd like to go into the bedroom
>we go in and strip down while making out
>yeah, he's a little overweight but that cock!
>like Bailey Jay's cock... a little hear and then a thick shaft. I fucking love it
>go down on him, switch to 69, back to making out while we stroke each other's cocks
>he tells me he wants to fuck me
>I ask if he has condoms and he says yes
>not only puts on a condom but also a leather cock ring
>tells me to bend over the side of the bed
>feel his finger start lubing me up
>second later feel his cock head pop into my ass
>slowly pushes his thick shaft in
>feel it spreading my hold every centimeter it goes in
>after letting me get used to it he tarts fucking me
>he lasts about 5 minutes before he cums
>cock ring keeps him hard so he keeps going
>between the beating my prostate is taking and friction on the bed I cum with the force of a thousand suns
>we sit around talking for another hour
fuck buddies fora couple of years until I move
> Hooked up with a friend a few years ago
> He's a bit older, I'm 30s he's 50s
> Always hit on me but I didn't really care
> Peek in shower when we travel together, offer to wash back
> We jerked off in the shower once and swapped BJs another time
> He's got a sad little dick, maybe 4 inches hard, but he tries
> Both married now; harder to hook up so I decided to give him a real try
> Last time we traveled together we really went at
> I took some toys, a dong with balls and mid-size plug
> After shower I came out in only shorts with an obvious boner. He didn't know about toys yet
> Told him we could have some fun after his shower
> He came out naked and excited LOL
> Found me stretched out in hotel chair with the dildo hanging out
> I sucked him while he kept toying me
> We went at it about 3 hours, bareback 'cause known partners
> Still used a lot of condoms on the toys
> Haven't done any travel lately, but planning something this spring
>meet guy on Grindr
>he’s in IT, nerdy, thin, tall
>I’m taller but chubby
>agree to mutual bjs
>he says he likes to be rough
>I’m down
>he’s hotter in person
>cock looks bigger than selfies too
>he starts roughly fucking my throat
>slapping my face every now and then
>I’m hard as diamonds
>he cums down my throat
>he gets down on his knees (we’re on a couch btw)
>starts sucking me
>best bj I’ve ever had, tongue action, deepthroat, even somehow using his teeth in a way that hurts but also feels great
>as I’m about to cum he starts choking me
>proper technique, not cutting off air
>cum buckets
>he keeps sucking, and choking and slapping
>makes me cum twice more in less than an hour
>I’m a sweaty moaning mess by the time he’s done
File: IMG_7438.png (393 KB, 640x1136)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
>on grindr
>decent early 20s black guy looking for head
>solid bbc
>8/10 would suck
>he can host
>drive to his house, greets me outside
>go into weird basement that I can't fully stand up in
>he grabs a folding chair to sit down on
>takes off shorts and sits down
>semi looked delicious af just hanging there
>I start working his shaft up and down until he's diamonds
>start playing with his balls a little
>instead he grabs my head and forces me down on his cock
>submissive mode activated.jpg
>get in a solid rhythm, I can tell he's getting close
>he starts thrusting his hips into my face\
>growls at me that he's gonna cum (first time I've heard him speak)
>pick up the pace even more and swallow liuke a good boy
>like 6 decent thick shots
>he falls back in the chair and just groans in pleasure
>just staring at that glistening bbc
>both get up and we walk outside
>he smacks my ass when I turn to leave
>8/10 would blow again
Gonna skip the greentext, I'm on my phone.
I met a guy last night online, I'm 25 and hes 49 with a nice 7in, and I wanted to bottom for the first time. I went over last night, and as the uber pulls up I notice his house is in a really nice neighborhood on the river. He met me at the door, we took our pants off, and took me into the kitchen to get a drink. I then notice his house is really large and kind of instantly feel even more attracted to the guy, like he does really well for himself, idk how. I told him I was ready and he led me to the bedroom and he laid down on the bed.

I knelt down between his knees and started to suck him off. He starts to get really hard and more verbal telling me how good I'm doing for my first time. He starts thrusting in my mouth a little bit and it turned me on so much I spread my legs a bit and knelt lower and started working it harder. After about 5 minutes he tells me I'm doing too good and he needs a break, and he gets up and gets behind me to start breaking me in with his fingers. He must have gotten excited because this only lasts a couple seconds before he says hes just going to tease my ass with his dick.

Instead of teasing it, he cant resist and slowly starts to slide in, which is just as great a feeling as I had imagined.
>be older
>be on silverdaddies since I typically like guys my age (younger is nice but they have more energy than me)
>get hit up by a younger guy
>on HRT for 6 years
>says he likes to be submissive and used roughly
>sends a picture neck down. nice B-cups and really long nipples
>tells me he isn't passable but tries with make-up, nice clothes
>what do I have to lose
>arrange to meet him
>get there and he opens the door
>I'd say a 4/10 woman face but a 8/10 woman body
>nice wig, blouse, skirt, pantyhose, make-up
>we talk for a couple of minutes and then he suggests we take it in the bedroom
>get in there and he opens his blouse and lowers his bra
>nipples are almost 2" long
>he tells me he likes to have his nipples played with roughly
>start pinching them and he gets turned on big time
>ramming his tongue down my throat and moaning
>I'm really trying to hurt his nipples but he loves it
>tells me to strip down and lay on the bed
>he gets between my legs and starts sucking my cock
>meanwhile he reaches up, takes my hand and places it on his nipple
>don't have to tell me twice
>the more I abuse his nipples the harder he goes down on me
>deep throat, sucking my balls. my crotch is soaked
>flip him on his back and start sucking his nipples
>literally biting them and he just keeps saying "yes. yes"
>crawl up so my cock is at his mouth
>take one hand and hold his hands above his head
>other hand reaches behind me and twists his nipple as hard as I can
>start face fucking him mercilessly
>cum in about two minutes
>flop back on the bed
>he asks if he can jerk off and I say yes
>jerks off next to me and cums
>next time I see him I fuck him
GTFO with this tranny shit
File: RIPCL.jpg (8 KB, 222x252)
8 KB
>on craigslist
>see massage ad for a "hung masseur"
>6'4" 9.5" and thick
>he hosts
>i drive to his place, 420 right before heading in
>super horny at this point
>he invites me into his place, where he has a room set up for the massage
>tells me to undress while he goes to take a leak
>i get undress and lie face down on the massage table
>he comes back in and i hear him slip his briefs off
>proceeds to give me an amazing massage in the nude while casually letting his giant cock graze against me from time to time
>i flip over and his cock eventually gets to my eye level
>i grab it. fucking huge. hes moaning now
>i pull it closer to my face, licking the head and sucking it into my mouth
>worship it like this for a few minutes until he asks me if i want to try another position
>he guides me off the table and onto my knees where i worship it until he cums in my mouth never letting him out the entire time
>ive seen him a few times
File: IMG_3379.jpg (346 KB, 1536x2048)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Hooked up with my friend's dad recently. He's married and all. I felt so horrible but im a horny kid so i didnt really gave a fuck. We still sext and i blow him in his van now and then.

Somehow the second part of this story didnt post a couple days ago but tldr he fucked me for about 10 min and came in my ass, now he wants me to come over regularly and wont stop telling me how great I was.

I feel kind of flattered honestly, it's a weird feeling I wasnt expecting. I thought it would a one time thing, or maybe a couple times but no strings attached but this guy wants to be full on fwb and hes buying me stuff when he hears me mention what I like, and talks like he just wants me to keep coming over until I move away in about 6 months.
File: 0lnSryq.jpg (497 KB, 1944x2592)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Go for it anon. I wish I could have an arrangement like that. have a nice sexy daddy come fill me up when I need. Enjoy his dick while you can.

Pic unrelated, just bumping the thread.
I'm going over to his place tonight, hes going to fuck my ass again when I get there and then we're gonna Netflix and chill
no fuckin way, he's a beast! if i were u, i'd probably whore myself out for him every chance i get, would even pay him to give me his cum

don't judge, married dads with a band on their fingers get me off quicker than anything else.


I'm about to head over wish me luck. If anyone's interested I'll talk about it when I get back.

Bumping for more stories

Just got done. I blew him for a few minutes and then he fucked me doggy and HOLY SHIT he went so deep and hard at the end I've never felt anything like that. It hurt more this time but my dick started leaking like crazy, and he started pulling me back on to it as he fucked me. Jesus that was intense but I feel so good now its crazy.

My ass is still twitching like wtf is this guy doing to me. Pretty sure I just had my first dry orgasm as he pounded me.
good for you anon

He started slapping my ass last night too while he was fucking me. Hard as diamonds, didnt expect that either.
>on grindr
>me 17yr old solid twink, bottom
>see older guy 47-54yrs
>chat say hey whatsup
>quite handsome dude, bald, not too skinny, no beard, nice tan going
>he comes to pick me up
>drive to the inner city (I live in the suburbs)
>dude drives like a polo or some shit but lives in an apartment right in the middle of Stockholm
>go up to his place
>chatting and what not in the couch
>I lay down with my head on his legs as he is sitting down
>can feel his dick trough the pants hitting my head, its hard
>Turn around start teasing him over his shorts and start kissing
>OK kisser but not good
>take out his dick and its fucking huge
>tease it and keep kissing, moving over to the bed
>never had such a big dick in my mouth
>standing over me mouthfucking me passionately, can barely brethe and its only the tip
>touching his body and chest while he has dick in my mouth
>he says hes about to cum
>"cum in my mouth"
>this dude let of a swimming pool in my mouth, was so surprised couldn't swallow it all
>gets me towels, clean up, chat for a bit and get ride back home

Never met him again. Saw him a couple of times on grindr and said hey but nothing more.

Overall rating it was a 8/10 experience.
>Not really attracted to guys but want to give it a try
>Match with a guy on tinder and tell him whats up
>Hes pretty cool about it and tells me he likes being dominant but we only go as far as I want
>When he texts me he's on his way I get a little nervous but also excited and starting getting rock hard
>When he gets to my place we chat a few minutes then takes off his pants revealing a slightly below average but rock hard cock and tells me to start jacking it
>I grabbed it and was surprised that it was much harder than I get and also that I didn't feel weird about jacking off another guy
>After a minute tells me to start sucking and I do as I'm told
>I remember how girls have told me they don't like sucking cock but as I start sucking I enjoy it more every time he slides back in my mouth
>After what didn't feel like long enough he tells me it's my turn and complements me on the size of my dick as I take off my pants
>Blush a little at the complement and think that must what girls like when I tell them how pretty they are
>He starts sucking me but it doesn't feel as good as when I was sucking him so we go back to me blowing him
>Says I'm too big to fuck him but if I'm ok with it he wants to fuck my ass and I agree
>He starts fucking me slowly at first but harder as I tell him it's ok
>Feels pretty good but don't like it as much as I did sucking his cock so after around 15 minutes he washes off the condom tastes and lets me suck his cock again
>He sees that I'm really into it and starts properly fucking my face
>Says hes going to cum and pulls out but something in me says that after all that work I'll be damned if I don't get to taste his cum and keep sucking.
>He cums in my mouth and just keeps squirting and it's amazing feel like I've been missing out for years
>After that he finished me but all I can think about is sucking his cock
>We chat a little more then he leaves and I still can't stop thinking about sucking cock

And now I'm addicted to sucking cock

Does he live in Toronto? I hooked up with a guy who looked very similar when I was visiting family in Canada
>craigslist gone
>get on doublelist
>barren wasteland (it was new)
>one guy is sort of close
>says he's a daddy type looking for a guy to suck his cock
>I'm down for this
>head over to his place. hard to find and knock at the wrong door. woman answers. "Is this the place the guy wants a blow job?" (just kidding)
>find his place
>walk in
>looks sketchy. messy, inflatable mattress in the livingroom. almost looks like he's squatting
>he asks if I'm ready and I say yes
>he sits on a chair and opens his pants
>average length cock but he has a freakishly large mushroom head
>it feels great in my mouth
>start blowing him
>he's giving instructions and is very verbal
>"you like that cock?"
>"I want you to be my personal cocksucker"
>half sucking, half getting my face fucked with his cockhead hitting the back of my throat
>he stiffens, holds my head still and unloads into my mouth
>pretty decent load
>holds me still with his cock in my mouth then tells me to gently suck his cock
>his cock softens a little and still feels great in my mouth
>he tells me he wants to cum again
>I've never had a guy cum twice when I was with him but why not
>suck his cock hard again
>get a rhythm going and he's telling me what a good cocksucker I am
>groans and unloads his second load in my mouth

went back to see him two more times and he came twice every time
File: white men be like.gif (2.71 MB, 600x343)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB GIF
>On grindr
>get messaged by a couple, they need a third to breed the slutty bottom
>I usually don't go bareback but they really insisted
>Get there after a quick shower
>Dark af, german shepherd lockedi n the kitchen
>Latino twink brings me to the bedroom, he can hardly speak english
>Black hair, around my size, deliciously tanned, slim
>Undress in the bedroom, notice that he has a big cock because he has like, 4 elastic bands around his balls, making them look like oversized grapefruits
>Bottom comes out of the bathroom
>Holy shit
>White, crewcut, 2 meters tall, muscled like a greek god, tats, dick and balls like a balloon with bands as well (wtf?)
>Instantly get on his knees, sucking like a vacuum cleaner
>Gets on all four, moans like a bitch begging to be filled to the brim with juice

>Keeps asking his friend/man if he can receive my milk like a good slut
>start fucking that tight asshole, feels like heaven
>Pound like a madman
>After a while, flip him up, present his asshole to Spictwink and start to DP him
>He takes it like a champ and begs for more
>Take turns fuckign him, spitroasting this muscle bottom
>Pin him against the wall and fuck him hard
>His asshole is a mess
>Can't hold it anymore and unload liters of cum in his butt
>His friend starts fucking him, pushing my cum up his colon
>He sucks me, begging for another release in his mouth, but my dick hurts and I have to go

All in all, a fine experience, but the spictwink browsing grindr for the next hookup while I was finishing inside his bf was awkward desu. Might not go there again if he keeps getting bred by everyone, I thought it was a one-time thing for them but it might not be.
Throwing out sniffies.com is awesome and more people need to be aware of it
> can barely brethe [sic]
> can still speak tho
Let it be known that this is untrue in addition to being homosexual.
What a waste.

I will admit...I have had a few hook ups...most were pretty standard and "vanilla"...post ad, vet replies, pick one, he comes over, I suck him off, he leaves- that is probably 80%. Some of them became repeats and long term buddies and we explored more.

The best were the few double teams I have had. I used to work downtown in big city and would check out CL during the day...and on 2 separate occasions met up with 2 guys not far from work. One was in their hotel room...the other was in an empty dentists office....they fucked me for a good hour on the floor of the lobby before putting me a dentist chair and blowing their loads on my face from both sides...walking back to work with a tickle in my ass and a spring in my step- "How was lunch?" my coworker would ask...."delicious"

I guarantee you they were on meth lol
File: D006A1WVsAAgodf.jpg large.jpg (460 KB, 1536x2048)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>met up with an older man for a 'kink-session'
>we had agreed he would restrain me, and proceed to tickle and edge me, as well as "surprise me"
>we meet at his place, he proceeds to place a latex mask on me and restrain me on my back on a platform, using a bunch of equipment I'd only ever seen in pornos
>he inserts a prostate stimulator into me, and once he's done prepping, I am literally unable to move any part of my body (even my hands are gloved, so I can't move my fingers)
>he proceeds to edge me for some time, lulling me into a hypnotic-like state; he also caresses my thighs, plays with my nipples, and whispers degrading stuff into my ear
>after a while, he begins with the tickling, going after every part of my body: armpits, neck, belly, crotch, ass, thighs, feet
>can't move even an inch, and the restraints prevent me from being able to even squirm; it feels like torture, but also makes me extremely aroused
>he begins alternating between tickling and edging, messing my mind up as I go from extreme pleasure to helpless torment
>he changes again, sitting his musky ass on my face, and begins to tickle me AND edge me at the same time
>it feels like it goes on forever, I legit feel like I'm losing my mind
>I actually piss myself from the tickling, and begin crying, but he doesn't let up
>he finally stops the tickling, and begins edging me once more, so that I feel like I'm hypnotized
>he does it for what feels like a very long time, until he brings me a mind-blowing orgasm that makes me strain at the restraints, all the while I can smell his sweaty ass
>post-orgasm regret kicks in, I want out of the restraints, I want to take my nose off of his hole
>he just stays there for a few minutes, until I feel a warm wetness on my chest
>he's urinated on me
>he stands up, and walks away; he comes back a few minutes later, and puts a funnel in my mouth
>he gives me water to drink
>he begins round 2

It was one of the hottest experiences of my life.
File: IMG_20180921_153318.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
On phone so no green.

Me an old boss have a bit of a thing. Hooked up previously etc.

Oneday I had an appointment I needed to attend. Ask him if he will drive me.
He says yeah no problem..
Takes me to my appointment an waits intl the car park for me.
Drives me back home an he gets out of the car he car.
(okay I'm thinking I guess this is repayment)
I unlock the house an invite him in.
He walks straight out the back an gets a beer from my beer fridge.
Come an sits back inside.
I go out side an smoke a few bongs. Inside were watching TV an he starts to text me.
Saying how hard he is. How much precum he's leaking etc.
I tell him to tell me what to do.
He texts me back saying bend over the Coffee tabe so I can fuck you.
Alright I reply.
I get up. Go have another smoke. Sneak into my room an apply a bit of lube.
Back to the lounge room an drop my shorts an bend over the table.
He gets up. Crouches behind me an slides right on in.
Starts fucking away.
I grab my phone an get him to take a pic of him in me.
I then grab some tape that was on the he table an put my hands behind my back.
He understands an tapes my hands up.
Starts getting rougher an rougher.
Ends up with me on my knees his arms wrapped around my elbows an him smashing the shit out of me.
Eventually he slows down an I feel for the first time a load entering me.
I fall to my face with my ass in the air while he gets up.
I assume he's having a break an im waiting for round two.
Instead he exits the house to not return lol.
I get up an break the tape an go clean up.
Get a text saying that was amazing but the amout od regret I felt I had to leave.

Last time he fucked me..

Pic related is me before my hands were restrained.
Yeah... I might go get tested if I were you...
That was hot
>be college junior
>hooked up with a few guys on campus over the years
>meet most of them on craigslist
>get an answer from a twinky asian guy
>meet him in the chemistry building
>adorable nerdy boy with longer scruffy hair
>go to the second floor handicap restroom
>lose the pants and start stroking each other and kissing
>he gets on his knees while trailing his hands down my body
>starts sucking me off
>after a while we trade and I blow him
>small to average cock
>eventually we sit down next to each other
>both stroke and cum
>leave without getting his number
>second semester junior year
>looking for hookups on CList again
>get a reply from that same asian twink
>meet in the same spot and go to the handicap restroom
>he starts kissing my neck and telling me how he missed my body
>my dick is diamonds
>start stroking each other as we kiss
>he goes down on my again
>giving an amazing blowjob
>working the head with his tongue
>my dominant side takes over
>grab his head and start facefucking him
>he's holding onto my legs and moaning slightly
>feel the pressure building up in my balls
>pull my dick out and blast a huge load all over his face
>totally unexpected
>he is really surprised but takes it well
>stroke him while he cleans off a bit
>make out and get him to cum
>leave and still don't get his number

Biggest regret of my life. I should still be blowing loads on him to this day.
sharing my favorite experience happened with me 2 years back
i was 26, indian pure bottom guy with fit body and slim, hairless face & figure with all curves.
i went to UK on 1 year work visa
i was very curious if i can meet any nice top residing there
was using planetromeo, grindr and a local Fabguys app
Uploaded semi nude and nude body pics on Fabguys and planetromeo...
Was chatting with couple of guys in first week but all were just doing timepass...
Got frustrated and too hungry...
Met with one scottish guy of age 32 on Fabguys...
exchanged pics and likes... he was bit heavy for me but thick and 7" cock... his profile review by other bottoms suggesting he drills like pro & can take brains out... lets see..
He is into merchant navy so he loves all kind of bottoms...
i was still curious if he is real or another timepasser...
I had place all time (except office time)..so he was ready to drive in on a friday night...
he drove in from countryside (almost 20-30 kms...no big deal i guess)
he came and sat on couch and starts discussing while drinking coffee...
we exchanged few kisses...he was superb kisser...
i was wearing a small nose-ring which he liked a lot...kissed me many times due to that..
he undressed me and kept only jockstrap on me... i love being on jockstrap where top guy cannot see my penis but can see the butts...
i undressed him while giving him kisses...and weighing the bulge... too heavy...
when i see the tool...sparkles in eyes... too hot and horny...typical caucasian style...heavy n thick...
i was down on knees sucking it...sucked every bit of it with my worm tounge...
almost after 15-20 mins of sucking, it was almost iron rod and hot...
meanwhile he was spitting on my boypussy and fingering a lot...and kissing in between...touching everywhere on my body...stretching my hole... chewing my nipples...spanking on my butts...
then he easily lifted me in his hands and kept on bed on my back... i gave him condom and lube to apply....which he used seriously for next 30 mins...
i was in pain and happiness both when he inserted his dick's head... i was moaning like girl...
he pushed again and again with more lube and finally after 2-3 minutes he was totally in..and my hole was completely opened that day...
first few minutes he was surveying every inch of my hole..:)
and then he increased speed gradually by keeping me motionless and helpless....
my legs were in the air for 10 minutes and he was drilling in speedily...
whever he wanted to breathe in for getting more effectiveness, he was kissing me heavily....
then he pulled out the rod and asked me in doggy position.... he slide it in again and started fucking me rapidly...in couple of minutes i was fully covered under his body on the bed.... he was kissing me on cheeks, lips and neck and drilling me....
after almost 30 mins of drilling, he whispered that he is cumming....he removed dick out and thrown condom on the floor and in few seconds of hand shaking he cum all over my boy-pussy...it was fully stretched and red...we both were sweating and cumming and kissing same time....
He offered me to come his home as he was living alone.... i thought he was just saying casually...but he insisted for the same night...which i couldnot deny.... after some dinner, he drove me to his place for weekend fun which has just started...
i will continue sharing experiences if you like this...
Go on
File: 20171130_023522.jpg (2.07 MB, 4128x3096)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Pic related...
got any more pics?
What's the best site/app for quick no strings hookups?
what country do you live in? most likely grindr

I had some surprising luck on Doublelist but it could have just been a fluke
only if your taking them of me.

Aus cock only.
>junior year of college
>go to my first gay bar cuz fuck it, turned 21 recently
>really nervous, didn't want anyone to recognize me since I'm in a fraternity and had a girlfriend at the time
>sit at the bar, bunch of old creepers come up to me but i brush them off
>finally a young looking guy comes and sits next to me, but I keep staring ahead and pretend like I don't see him
>he says hey, I turn and look at the guy
>9/10, short brown hair, green eyes, looked to be pretty fit, jawline that could cut glass
>we chat for a bit, then puts his hand on my leg and asks if I wanna go to his place
>we get up, he's taller than me thank god
>to my surprise he led me to the door by grabbing my ass and pulling me along
>he drives me to his place but keeps his hand on my thigh the whole way there.
>we get there, he hands me an athletic jockstrap, tells me to strip and put it on
>he leaves the room and I do as I'm told
>it's a bit small on me, my junk was pushed pretty hard against the towel like fabric
>i waited for him to come back standing at an angle to the door so I could show off my torso and jock bulge
>he comes back in an identical jock, but his package looks bigger
>he's perfectly lean, exactly my type
>we stand and admire each others bodies for a while
>he walks over to me, grabs my neck and pulls me in for a kiss
>phenomenal kisser, I could feel us both getting harder by the second
>he sneaks his free hand around me, smacks my ass and starts cupping it
>guess I'm bottom for the night
>he pulls me in closer, I can feel our junk pressing together and it's awesome
>I sneak my hand in between our stomachs and grab his pouch
>jesus his junk is heavy
>he lets go of my ass and pushes my shoulders down
>I go down on my knees and I'm eye level with his pouch
>I push my face into his junk, it smells awesome
>I lick the fabric in between my mouth and his cock for a while before he takes his junk out of the pouch
>his cock falls out and slaps me on the cheek and he chuckles a little
>I stare at his cock, it’s a lot bigger than I thought
>I’m pretty proud of what I’m packing but his must be around nine inches and plenty thick
>I look up at him and he’s grinning down at me
>”nice ain’t it?” he says
>I don’t reply but start sucking his cock
>he plays with my hair as I struggle to take his cock in my mouth
>”I love blonde fratty cock sluts” he said while I gag on his monster
>after a while he picks me back up
>he stares at my face, ruffles my hair a bit and smears the precum & cock slime dripping from my mouth around my face
>he tells me to turn around and I do
>he slaps my ass again, this time a little harder, and walks over to the bed
>I follow him and when I get there he grabs my wrist and pulls me down on top of him
>we make out for a while, slapping my ass, grabbing my hair while I fondle his cock and balls
>he pulls off his jockstrap and tells me to take mine off
>he takes a condom off his nightstand and tells me to put it on him while he gets out the lube.
>this is gonna hurt for sure
>I roll the condom on and he flips me on my back, my cock bouncing off my stomach
>he grabs my balls and holds them up by my cock as he lubes up my hole
>he tugs on my cock for a bit before he takes my legs and holds them up with his arms
>he plunges his cock in my hole but before I can scream he leans forward and kisses me
>he starts going pretty rough and I start stroking my cock, moaning into his mouth
>he lets go of one of my legs and wraps his hand around my head and into my hair
>he takes his mouth off mine and whispers “I love your hair” and dives his tongue back into my mouth
>his cock is giant and I can feel it destroying my insides but it feels so good I could care less
>pretty soon his tongue in my mouth and cock holstered in my hole sends me over the edge
>I cum all over his and my stomachs and I scream into his mouth in pleasure while he slows down his rhythmic thrusting
>once I finish shooting he slowly takes his cock out of me, takes the condom off, and tosses it on my face
>he gets up while I lay there breathing heavily and squats over my face
>he face fucks me for a while but I can barely take it; there are tears streaming out of my eyes and pre-cum and saliva overflowing out of my mouth and onto my cheeks
>he takes his cock out and shoots all over my face, this dude cums a lot for context
>takes a while before he stops shooting, leaving my face soaked and my hair matted
>he gets down and kisses my neck gently for a while
>we get cleaned up and exchange numbers, since then we’ve hooked up once every few weeks
>can’t stop thinking about his cock
>probably the best sex i've ever had, I have tons more stories with him
please share more and if you can find us a pic of him or similar
Dude looks like this guy but hair is a little longer and no freckles, not gonna post an actual pic of him for privacy reasons. Wanna hear about when we flip fucked or something else?
dude, don‘t ask, do it
Enjoy it! Especially if he knows you're leaving in a few months. Everyone's aware of the situation and making a choice to have some fun.
Story #2
>get a text from this guy on a nice day, he wants to go walk on this path by the river in my city
>say sure, took off my boxers and pulled on a jockstrap in case he wants to do something after
>meet up by the river and walk around, make small talk and flirt
>after a while he asked if I wanna go back to his place and smoke a few bowls
>I say yes, we head back to his place and smoke up outside
>thank god for weed man
>we head in and I go lay on his bed while he puts on planet earth
>he jumped onto the bed and threw his arm around me
>we cuddle for an hour or so, took off our shirts, feels really nice
>I turned over, laid my head on his warm chest and listened to him breath
>after a while I snaked my hand across his abs and down his sweatpants
>I played around with his junk while his cock got harder and his breathing got faster
>I started to kiss his chest and run my tongue over his pecs (he has a REALLY nice chest fyi)
>he took his other hand and ran it through my hair, everything feels like pure bliss at this point thanks to the weed
>I moved up to his shoulder and started licking basically anything I could while I slowly jerked him off under his sweatpants
>he said hold on and pushed me off his body
>we both got out of the bed and he threw the covers back
>he got back in, grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the bed
>I threw the covers over us and he turned my face towards him
>he stared at my face for a few seconds and then leaned in and gently kissed me
>I moved my hand up to cup his face and start ed making out with him
>we rolled around under the covers making out for a while until he rolled over to take his pants off
>I watched his cock spring out and my mouth watered
>he turned back to me, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down
>he took a look at my jock and smiled
>he grabbed my cock through the fabric, leaned in and whispered "I wanna try this out"
>shivers ran down my body and I swear to god if he held onto my cock for another second I would’ve busted.
>he pushed me over and straddled my waist, grinding his junk against mine
>he leaned back and I stared at his body in all of its glory with his balls splayed out on my stomach
>I ran my hands over his abs and around to play with his ass while he leaned down again to kiss me
>we continued making out and grinding our bodies together
>after a while of this he rolled off of me and pulled my jockstrap off
>he spread my legs and took my cock in his mouth
>feels amazing
>his mouth felt wet and he was surprisingly good at sucking cock
>after a while he stopped and my wet cock fell against my stomach
>he gets up and turned around on all fours so his cock and balls were dangling in front of my face
>he took my cock back in his mouth and I leaned up to lick his low-hangers
>I took each one of them in my mouth and played around with them, much to his pleasure as I could feel my cock vibrate with his moans
>after a while I dropped from his balls and started to suck his dick
>I gagged whenever I pushed far with his balls resting on my nose but I did it anyway
>I could taste his precum dribbling down my throat and it tasted amazing
>he dropped my cock from his mouth and leaned over to his nightstand while I continued to choke on his thick meat
>I felt him roll a condom over my cock as I nuzzled his junk
>I could tell he was getting close so he pulled his cock away from my face
>”you’re a little cock lover huh?” he asked as he got up from the bed and grabbed the lube
>I said for you I am as he smiled and lubed up his whole
>”it’s okay, I am too” he smirked
>he lathered up my cock with lube and mounted me
>he grabbed my cock I could feel the tip resting against his hole
>he slowly lowered his body and speared himself on my cock
>his face winced and he let out a high-pitched moan as my cock went deeper in his hole
>it was weird to see him in a vulnerable position like this but god his hole was tight and it felt amazing
>he bounced up and down on my cock, moaning loudly every time he went down
>I reached down and jerked him off while he rode me
>I swung my hips up to meet him on every bounce, his face wincing every time I went deep
>he continued for a while, panting and moaning with every thrust
>he must’ve sensed that I was getting very close because he pulled himself off and collapsed backwards
>we sat there breathing heavily for a few seconds before he got back up and grabbed another condom
>he grabbed my legs and twisted them, flipped me over on my stomach
>he lubed up my hole, laid on top of me, and whispered into my ear: “my turn”
>shivers ran down my body again and cupped the other side of my face as he guided his cock into me with his free hand
>he pounded me for a few minutes and had to wrap his hand around my mouth when my moans got too loud
>when he decided I’ve had enough he pulled out, flipped me over, and pulled off both of our condoms
>he started jerking himself off over me and I stroked my cock with him
>we both busted nearly at the same time, covering me with a mix of our cum
>he cleaned me up with a towel and then cleaned himself up while I lay there panting on the bed
>cuddled for a few more hours watching TV, then went out to smoke another bowl and go to sleep
Eent to an orgy, got there early and only host and one other dude there. Host turns out to be a real creep and druggie, and I got uncomfortable and left. I was disappointed coz other dude there was seriously hot af. I dunno how to explain it -- he was decent lookin for sure, and masc too, but more than that he exuded this real primal energy that turned me on so much.

Next day he somehow manages to find my faceless profile on Grindr -- says he added me night before (I was 0 meters away etc). Turns out he's Turkish and has atrocious English. He invites me over to his hotel that night.

I go over and he opens the door half naked. His smile makes me weak in the knees. 0/3
He invites me in. We sit and chat for a bit, then move to his bed and make out. He's starting to get aggressive and takes control, and I'm laying there basically being a fucking starfish while this dude kisses, licks and sucks me all over.

I'm normally a top, but that night I gave in and let him fuck me. It was both scary and honestly such a turn on seeing how horny he was... Like his primal animal instincts had kicked in, and he was driven purely by this innate need to fuck. Seriously, I honestly think if I tried to leave he would have pinned me down and raped me.

Also, initially I insisted he wear a condom but there was a point there I felt him pull out, rip off the condom and then shove his dick back inside me -- I was so horny I didn't stop him.

He fucked me in a few different positions, but eventually blew his load while hugging and fucking me from behind. Genuinely the first and only time I've been such a passive bottom. 1/3
File: 20190318_044926.jpg (757 KB, 1080x2220)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
After he blew his load in me, we lay there for a bit chatting. Turns out he's got a family, comes from a very conservative family, he was only in the city for two weeks and was 'curious' to try gay sex.

At one point we lay there and he went thru his Grindr looking for his next hook up, it was kinda weird laying there next to him helping him pick out another dude.

Eventually he fell asleep and I couldn't help but snap some pics. Pic related, that's him. Photos don't do him justice. Also, he smelled so fucking good -- he had this body odour that still makes me hard thinking about it. 2/3
He deleted his Grindr profile shortly after and I never heard from him again. I started getting paranoid tho, wondering if he deliberately infected me with an STD since he pulled condom off after I insisted he wear it. Got tested and thankfully came back clean. This was over a year ago.

I did not learn my lesson tho, I'm always very good with using protection since Im not on PReP... But I was in NYC recently and flip fucked with another dude raw fml. Anyway, story for another day. 3/3
I tried signing up a few times but every time I follow the registration link they say they're not accepting new members :/
> counting from 0
Found the computer scientist.
How much time passed vetween fucking and your test? If it was shortly after the fact it would not be a bad idea to get tested again, specially for HIV
Just met a 9/10 cute twink on Grindr,seems to be intrested
Yea man getting tested again soon. Wish me luck.
File: 20190320_081801.jpg (637 KB, 2896x2896)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
Met this guy on grindr recently. Definitely the hottest cock I've ever sucked and taken. I'm hoping we can meet again
Bro he's got a hot body and dick! Any chance of face pics? And let's hear some deets.
>be me 19 years old, curious
>move towns after high school
>decide to download gay app
>find guy .2 miles away
> like 11:00 at night
>smoking weed super horny
>swap pics
>asks if i want to come suck him up
>I said sure thing
>walk literally 2 blocks over
>knock at door
>answers butt naked
>7" and thick
>house is literally empty
>takes me too a room with just a bed
>lays down and i start blowing him
>starts slowly fucking my face
>suck him for 5 mins
>asks if i ever done anal
>said no
>he leaves the room and comes back with lube and condoms
>lays me on my stomach
>fingers me a little
>then puts his meat in my ass slowly
>takes it easy for a little
>then starts pounding me hard as fuck
>puts me on my back and fucks me for probably 10 mins
>fucks me for atleast 40 more mins
>puts me in doggy position
>asks if i want his load
>i said yes (super horny)
>no Lie he fucked me doggy for at least 30 mins just pounding my virgin ass
>breeds me like no tomorrow i can feel it filling me up
>pulls out
>cum all over my legs
>wipes me off
>fucked me probably 5 more times then i moved.
>never bottomed since then and its been 5 years
>be me 20 years old, virgin and want to try
>contact a guy on a craiglist site like
>Him 39, married with children
>meet him in a parking lot and go in his car
>He is totally my type, really tall, bearded
>Park in a place where we can't be seen
>Ask what I want and he tell me what he wants
>We agree with meeting another day at the hotel to fuck
>Ask me if I want to suck his dick now
>I say Yes
>I begin to put my hand in his pant and caress his dick already rock hard
>He kiss me and take off his pant
>I take his dick in my mouth
>Cockhead really soft, and I love the taste of his precum
>I begin to play with his dick with my tongue
> He loves it
>Tell me he is clean if I want to swallow
>He lowers his seat and begin to fuck my mouth
>He tells me that I give him so much pleasure
>I love it
>He cums in my mouth, I swallow
>He tells me that it was really great and he really want to fuck me the next time
>Met him one week after and he fucked me really hard and cummed inside me, that was so great
>met him for severals weeks after until I found my boyfriend
You and me both. Did the same thing this week...
Damn. Got pics of him?
>looking, looking, looking for the right opportunity
>no luck
>see an ad from a guy working in the city near by where I work
>says he can't host but can do a car date
>arrange to meet him at a corner nearby
>we meet and chat
>fairly compatible. I lean towards bottom, he's a top
>he says he's parked in an nearby garage and asks if I want to go up to his car
>nervous about getting caught but say OK
>we go up the elevator to the 5-6th floor of the parking garage
>place is packed. no open spaces
>walk over to his SUV. tinted windows
>we climb inside the back seat
>he tells me to suck his cock and opens his pants
>6-7 inches long, not real thick
>suck his cock and really like it
>after 15 minutes of working his cock and balls he tells me to take my clothes off
>I oblige
>he puts on a condom, covers it with lube
>he has me get on his lap facing him
>do it and lower myself on his cock
>slowly every inch goes inside me
>we make out as I get used to having his cock in my ass
>he tells me to start riding it
>awkward at first but finally get the rhythm
>bouncing up and down on his cock
>moaning as card drive by looking for a space and people walk back to their cars
>takes about 5 minutes before he groans loudly and cums
>take a minute before he comes down from his orgasm high
>tells me to take the condom off and clean his cock so his wife doesn't suspect anything
>do it until he's satisfied
>we pull ourselves together and leave
>once a week for months we go to his car and I let him fuck me
>sometimes I ride him, sometimes I bend over the back seat, sometimes he puts the seats down and he prone bones me.
>never bottomed since then and its been 5 years

No wonder after getting pounded for 80 minutes that first time.
Started talking to a guy on KIK and we seem to have hit it off. I'm just hung like an average guy (just under six inches) and he is perpetually fantasizing about huge monster cock. He's never had a real big one but seems determined. Still, we talk a lot. The odd/hot part is we have started exchanging emails. I recognize his name and I'm pretty certain he knows who I am. We used to hang out at the same bar and saw each other and talked regularly. Doesn't bother me. I've mentioned that I think we know each other and I even sent him a pic. He seems to be coming around to the idea of he and I playing together and keeping an eye out for some long/fat dick to ream his hole. Nothing has happened yet with this but really hoping. I've always wanted to "accidently" hook up with someone that I knew. He's really nervous and cautious so it's frustrating.
I play bass and suck dick on the downlow
what are you waiting for, your turn to invite someone over and answer the door naked
File: 12046457.gif (997 KB, 480x352)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
>Be 22 Uni Student
>Download & Browse Grindr
>Bottom before with a few lads prior
>Talk to Older Top
>We click and start chatting
>Arrange to meet for coffee before sex
>Chemistry still there
>We dicuss kinks and what we like to do
>Says he is quite dominant
>I like this and agree to go back to his place
>Get inside his house, he snaps
>Gets really aggressive and throws me about
>Mixed feelings
>Forces me down and gets his cock out
>Tells me to suck it
>Horny but confused I suck for a bit and tell him to stop
>He apologises, explains he got "carried away"
>I decide to stay and we have a drink
>Drink too much and he offers for me to stay the night
> I agree and sleep in the spare room
> Wake up next day hungover
> Once I am awake he rushes me out of his flat
> Walks me to main entrance of flats and lets me out. Says he'll message me.
> Notice something is different
> Check my ass, it smells like cum, feels a bit sore too.

I am 100% sure this guy fucked me in my sleep or came on my ass and shoved his cock in for a bit will I was passed out/asleep. I tried contacting him but he ghosted me.

Its hot but not at the same time. Confuses the shit out of me and I what I am into and how far I'll go. Lesson learnt.
Be me /26, 5’1” 130#s hispanic

I was on 24hr guard shift, i had gotten fucked last on CL and was amazing, got the really bad cravings
*Signs up @Adam4Adam

Not to long later, a guy got a hold of me, he asked if I was interested in a threesome with a BBC (he said he was 9”), well, I said yes but never taken something that big, I waited until 10pm when it was dark, so I escaped from work, i met the guys in the older guy’s appartment, and we started, took my pants off and only left my shirt on, I started sucking the BBC guy while rhe other one started eating my ass, he put vaseline on it, and pounded me with all of what he got, he was only 5” like me lol, so eventually he cums, and then the bbc stands up, throws me on the couch, tells me to put my chest down and ass up, he puts more vaseline and started slowly, it hurt but not too bad, once he was inside, he showed no mercy on my ass he started going fast and deep, i could hear the claps everytime he went inside and it felt so fucking good that I started moaning uncontrollably and started calling him daddy and all sorts of names asking him not to stop and grabbing his ass pulling him towards me, the other guy took some pictures and told me “that’s what you needed!, a big black cock in your ass! Didn’t ya?” So that made it, I came, couple of minutes later he came inside me, I cleaned up, left and i have not had the chance to meet again
>be older, vers guy
>have profile on silverdaddies
>get contacted by younger guy
>says he's coming to town and looking for company at his hotel
>says he's a bottom twink-type, just wants to take care of a daddy
>willing to do some light bondage, be submissive, crossdress
>like I said, I'm vers but guess I have to be more dominant top in this case
>agree to meet
>night comes and he texts me his hotel room number
>go up and knock on his door
>greets me wearing a cute outfit. spaghetti-string top, skirt, heels, make-up
>make out with him as soon as I walk in the door
>open my pants and tell him to get on his knees
>"yes sir"
>starts sucking my cock
>not bad
>after about 15 minutes I tell him to kneel in front of the chair in the room
>pull out some rope and blindfold and tell him to put his hands behind his back
>tie his hands and put the blindfold over his eyes
>sit in chair and lower his mouth to my cock
>let him do his thing
>really enthusiastic. tries to deepthroat me, gags, lots of drool
>every now and then I stop him, make out with him then push him back down on my cock
>lift my legs and let him take care of my balls and he also rims me
>I'm ready and I lean over and whisper "I'm going to fuck you now"
>he just nods
>have him lean forward over the chair while I grab a condom and lube
>also put a cock ring on to help me stay hard
>get behind him, lube him up and slowly push in
>he whimpers
>push all the way in
>start fucking him
>piston in and out of his ass while he moans
>takes me about 5 minutes before I cum
>cock ring keeps me hard so I just keep fucking him
>pull all the way out and then slam back in
>meanwhile he's sucking on my fingers like they are mini-cocks
>fuck him while I reach around and start stroking his cock
>I must have fucked him for another 20 minutes before he finally blew his load in my hand
>stop fucking him and let him clean my hand off
>tell him to stay there while I get dressed
>about to leave and take another look at him
>fuck it. drop my pants, kneel behind him and slide my cock in raw
>feels nice
>know I won't cum again but enjoy the feeling of his tight ass around my bare cock
>few minutes later I get up, pull myself together and untie him
>tell him thanks and leave him still bent over the chair
>check my ass
>it smells like cum

How did you manage to work this out?
My ass felt super sweaty so I checked it with my hand. I know the smell of cum pretty fucking well so when I checked I knew what it was. Still don't know if he fucked me properly or just came on my ass and shoved it in for a few thrusts :/
story time
how do you find a guy on kik?
Uhm.. get tested,
I did around the time it happened. I came back clean which was a relief but I was still worried until I got the results.
So hot!
I had never heard of it until this post. Looks cool though
These sex stories are the best I have ever heard, did anything become of this, anon? And more?
>Im 16
met an older guy on craiglist
he wanted a guy to suck him off while he watch the world series
after the first game he invited me back for the rest of the world series
and I just kept sucking his dick
so now we're married
Baseball will do that to guys
I can’t greentext but ,
I used to always hook up with my cousin , we were both underage and it was so hot . I would slobber myself all over his big and warm cock as our little brothers were in the room next to us and his family was home . He didn’t really fuck me much but when he did , he fucked me like if there was no tomorrow( with everyone in the house too) I miss hooking up with him and if he’s reading this, let’s hook up again I miss sucking your cock
My cousin and I did this, too. I doubt you’re him, but damn I miss it, too!
I want to lose my anal virginity, but I'm scared. Someone convince me to meet with a guy on Grindr
You could also try sniffies or local cruising spots, like mentioned in the thread. But before meeting anyone do you know how to prepare? Bring condoms and clean yourself (including douching), but that's after the neutral meeting, a place where you and another guy (or more, there's always room for more) could meet (a park, a café, etc). And at the neutral meet you discuss what you want to do and/or you can bug out if you don't like him and then block him. Good luck dude!
>I play bass and suck dick.
But you repeat yourself.
My most recent hookup:

>Apparently ignored him on grindr 10 months ago when he first came to area
>He hits me up again and we chat
>Sends me dick pics
>looks decently sized, not small at all, but not pics. He's also not over 6ft. so I'm not expecting anything much
>we plan to meet
>I put his number into google and WHOA man, he's low key famous for a bunch of tv spots and winning a competition
>He comes over, we have a beer
>I go down and HOLY SHIT
>Biggest dick I have yet to receive. no joke. I thought he was lying when he said his dick size based on pics, but NOPE
>It hits the back of my intestines, he cums inside (both on PrEP)
>comes over next day, and just has me suck him off. I never do this, because its sexist against...bottoms? but it was fucking hot
>Comes over next day, has me wear a ''unform'' directs me what to do, has me gagging on his dick, puts me on the bed and just goes to town
>Lateral thrusts, really making sure I am feeling it on all sides of my ass
>Pushes deep, I can barely take it, he makes me tell him I like it, I want it
>Blows a load in me
He's super enthusiastic about sharing std test results, and is hyper clean.

owo hope yall getting good dick
I'm waiting to tell him to put one of those decals on rearview mirrors: "Objects in image are larger than they appear" I don't get how his dick pics translate to that behemoth
>been looking around
>put ad on craigslist saying I'm just an average guy looking for another average guy
>guy responds and says he's just an average guy
>wants to make sure I'm average because he says he's average too
>arrange to meet
>head to his bedroom, lay on the bed stilled clothed and start making out
>he opens my pants and pulls my average cock out and starts blowing me
>go back to making out and I put my hand into his sweat pants to play with his cock
>WTF? He's got a long cock. maybe 8 inches
>pull it out and play with it
>he goes back down on me, blows me
>I tell him I'm going to cum and he keeps going so I blow my load in his mouth
>must have misunderstood me because he runs to the bathroom to spit it out and wash his mouth out
>tells me he lost interest after that
Sounds like a straight guy experimenting
Maybe. But he didn't have any issue kissing me, and we made out a lot.
Fair warning for you forever alone queens that there is cheating involved. Also needlessly long because I suck at editing.

>8 years ago be masc twink mulatto bottom, product of WM/BF
>Have A4A profile not really for hooking up so much as perving and pic exchange
>have white bf and like to share pics n vids of us fucking
>he knows about it and approves
>have my taste for white guys in my bio
>notice same profile of derpy looking jew boy keeps viewing my profile
>check him out, one available pic and three locked
>In his Bio he says he is top only likes White bottoms only
>next day he he messages me because he saw me viewing his profile
>tell him I've noticed he has been watching mine too but remind him I am not his preference
>starts sweet talking me telling me how attractive I am and what a nice ass I have
>let him know I have a bf and that like my profile says I'm not here for hook ups
>he unlocks his pictures to show a decently girthy cock
>I have a thing for thick dicks so we keep exchanging pics and talking
>claims to be a 31 year old bisexual virgin living with his parents because times are hard
>keeps wanting to hang out, movies, dinner etc
>tell him I don't like meeting people and hate social places
>mentions that he downloaded the super grindy korean mmo I'd been playing for a decade but cant get off the starting island
>says I should come over and help him get off the island and if I'm uncomfortable I can leave
>really desperate for my bodies for our guild because Im a big fucking loser so I actually agree
>Go over a few days later on my day off, Richy Rich part of town
>Damn near lives in a mansion
>Not sure I have the right house so Im sitting in my piece of shit chevy blazer covered in dirt in front of this house I clearly do not live in
>he comes out and asks me wtf im doing and to get in here before someone sees me
>first thing I notice is he is a bit heavier than he let on, maybe 20 lbs heavier as he has the tiny beginnings of a visible gut
>also much taller than his bio said, my bf is 6'2" and this guy was like 6'5"
>still has that goofy looking face, big nose and beady dark blue eyes
>Go inside up the stairs past a bunch of family photos (big ass family), him with his very attractive sister, him with his nephew and niece, pictures of his parents
>only remember because he went out of his way to tell me who these people were
>go into his room its baby blue and looks like it belongs to a grade schooler
>spend the hour getting him off the island and he wants to take a break
>this sets off alarm bells in my head, if he can't handle an hour he will never reach level cap and be useful
>he turns on his tv for "ambience" and tells me to sit on the bed and talk
>immediately starts asking about my racial backround again (he insisted I must be part latino), why I like white guys, if I like raceplay
>answer everything awkwardly and notice he is squeezing his dick through his basketball shorts
>looks like he has a can stuffed in his pants, cant pull my eyes away
>ask me if I'd like to see his manhood
>the word manhood hanging on his lips made me diamonds
>figured I'd see it and then not go any further, sure
>he drops his shorts and I see what would looked like a chode because of how absurdly thick he was
>he was damn near as thick as he was long, I'd assume just shy under 7, it was truly terrifying
>the head was smaller than the shaft which told me that his cock was made to do some damage
>told him he was way thicker than his pictures let on
>he said he was normal man sized and asked me to show him mine
>mine was a bit longer, my dick is about 7.2 at full staff but I kid you not it would have taken at least 3 of my dicks to equal his girth
>he chuckled and then told me it was nice
>that must have set something off in me because all I wanted from that moment on was for him to bend me over and destroy my ass with that monstrous prick
>he told me we should jerk off together since I cant fuck and I agreed
>he grabs a folding chair from the other room and I remove my pants completely
>when he sees me bare assed he ask me to bend over the bed and replicate one of the pictures I'd sent earlier
>I climb on the bed, arch my back, lower my face into the blanket and spread my legs open on the edge of it
>hear him sigh loudly and start jerking his cock furiously
>he gets down on his knees and puts his face right in front of my ass so I can feel the heat of his panting
>ask me if I like having my ass eaten
>tell him only by my boyfriend and he ask if he could just taste it for a few seconds
>the panting really has me worked up and my balls are starting to hurt from pressure so I agree to a few seconds
>he straight up slams his face into my ass and starts twirling his tongue like crazy
>felt like I was getting eaten out by the lead of KISS
>Im a pretty tight guy but he actually worked his tongue inside of me, no small feat
>he progressively got more aggressive with his tongue work, foregoing jerking his cock to use both hands and spread my cheeks open to the point of pain
>Im moaning loudly now, it's probably been 5 minutes and this is the best I'd ever been eaten out when he stops and stands up behind me
>he starts slapping his cock against my hole and then lightly thrusting
>I'm so lubed up from his spit that the head starts to go in when the very last of my senses return to me and I make him stop
>tell him we need to just jerk off and then I will head home
>he gives me this cocky look and starts stroking his cock slowly again asking me if I'm sure I want to stop here
>I tell him definitely need to stop that we've gone too far as is
>as I say it a massive glob of precum leaks from his cock and I lean in to suck the rest off his tip
>after I clean it off he pulls back and tells me alright to come on over and jerk with him, sounding a little disappointed
>when I stand up though he tells me to clean up that glob of pre that he dribbled on the ground
>I stood there for a moment, dick pointing to the heavens and ass throbbing to be filled and shamefully got down on my hands and knees and licked it up off the carpet
>when I stood up and looked at him he looked dumbfounded and pointed to the towel on the nightstand and laughed
>I sat down in the folding chair beside him as he put on some generic straight porn
>I was jerking myself but my ass was really throbbing so while he was watching the screen I casually opened my legs and started fingering myself
>before long it was clear neither of us were interested in the video as I was watching him leak precum all over himself and he was watching me, legs stretched wide going to town on my ass
>he turned his chair, pulled my hand away from my ass to his cock while my one finger was roughly replaced by two meaty ones tearing me open
>I gasped in pain but kept stroking him as our foreheads met and we panted in each others faces
>"You like me hurting your pussy like that BOY" he said, enunciation on the boy so I knew he meant that shit
>that turned me on more and I sighed with a yes
>he stood up and shoved his leaky cock in my face and I opened as wide as I could to give him a toothy blowjob as he told me how right my nasty black lips looked around his cock
>wasnt enjoying this though as it felt to god like I was trying to deepthroat a can of peas
>Fortunately he wasnt enjoying it that much either as he pulled me up from the chair and directed me briskly over to lay on my back across the bed
>He opened my legs and started jabbing his fat cock into my balls asking me why I had suck a small dick and how he thought niggers were supposed to be big
>I tensed up at the word and he noticed but instead of backing off he leaned in, slapping his meaty manhood roughly against my own
>"you got a problem with being called a nigger you stupid faggot?" he asked as I lay on his bed, legs spread open with balls throbbing, asshole throbbing, in a completely submissive state as he looms over me
>stronger than me
>tell him I belong to him because I think this is what he wants to hear and all I want is that behemoth cock in me, consequences be damned
>"youre damn right pussyboi" he says and spits in my face
>he leans over and grabs a bottle of lube and I realize he intends to fuck me raw
>I start to protest and he tells me he just wants to feel me first since he is a virgin then he will put one on
>in my lust this makes sense to me and with no further protest he starts forcing his manhood inside of me
>the head popped in fairly easy but once that was opened it started to hurt badly
>he started a tempo, one thrust, two thrust, and on the third thrust he'd try to force it inside of me
>*one thrust*
>"your fucking"
>*two thrust*
>Entry successful boys
>I now understand what people mean when they say a pain in the ass
>I feel like I just got stabbed in the shitter, it both burns AND stings, there is no pleasure to be had
>Instinctively try to push him off, get him out of me
>this pot bellied 6'5" jew is fucking overpowering me and has me pinned down, balls deep in my guts with a cock that in that moment felt like I was in labor giving birth
>he sounds like he is crying as he is gasping on top of me
>his cock is so huge in me I can feel every pulse and throb he makes
>starts mumbling how good this feels and how he has never gone balls deep
>tears are rolling down my face but my ass is going numb and the pressure on my prostate is making me want to cum even though the arousal factor is gone
>he looks into my eyes and starts telling me how beautiful I am as he slowly grinds himself into me, barely pulling out to slowly push himself all the way back in
>I feel something popping inside of me everytime he goes balls deep and am flooded with a weird warmth, I am convinced I have internal bleeding
>none the less the pain is starting to feel good, not gone like when you get fucked your first time and it turns to pleasure
>the pain was there but it felt good especially next to the warmth
>"you're the prettiest nigger boy I've ever seen" he says working his fingers into my mouth and simulating fucking my throat
>"your ass feels so fucking tight"
>and then he started to get even creepier
>"you were born to take white cock just like your mother"
>"I bet your daddy taught you how to take white dick didnt he faggot"
>he pulls out, turns me over as I have literally no strength having been pinned with my legs up on his shoulders, and rams his cock back inside me making me yelp
>this clearly pleased him as he used his knees to open my legs more and started power thrusting harder into me
>"I want to share you with my family nigger boy" he said as he continued making me his bitch in every sense of the word
>"Im going to keep you right here in this room and we're going to force feed you cum for te rest of your life, would you like that fag boy?"
>I groaned a yes and he collapsed on top of me, and whispered in my ear
>"you're going to suck me *thrust*, my dad *thrust*, my cousins *thrust*, and even *harder thrust*, my little *HARDER thrust*, nephews cock for the rest of your life arent you?"
>when I didnt reply he hit my in the back of the head "WELL NIGGER?"
>"YES" I replied, his thrust had welled up a baloon of pleasure inside of me that was just about to break and in that moment had his family been there I would have choked myself to death on their cocks if he told me to
>"THEN SAY IT BOY" he said grabbing my hair and pulling my head up
>when I started to obey he roughly rammed two fingers down my throat again and told me just pretend Im choking on 'his families cocks'
>his other arm wrapped roughly around my throat as I gagged and sent me over the edge
>I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life and shortly behind me I felt this man unload what must have been the biggest load of HIS life into my ass
>after an eternity of me gagging as his cock throbbed inside of me he removed his fingers allowing me to breath properly
>I turned my head and asked him to let me up
>he grumbled and stood but it took a minute for me to get my legs back
>Having came the numbness started wearing off rather quickly and I really needed to make a break out of this psychos house
>he laid on the bed and when I managed to stood up he grabbed my arm
>"Not yet, sorry I was rough it just felt so good"
>I lied telling him I was fine and that I'd had rougher
>he pulled me into the bed and asked me to just lay with him, then I can go
>I must have looked scared but I still obeyed crawling into his arms
>he held me and squeezed my ass calling me his little nigger boy as he pasively stroked his semi hard cock
>he started kissing me and out of fear I kissed back which only served to make him hard again
>he kept jerking and squeezing me tighter telling me how he wished he'd met me sooner
>how beautiful I was as he slipped a finger back into my gaped throbbing asshole
>how my pussy was the best thing he ever had
>and then he said "I love you" as he came for a second time all over his pot belly
>I asked if he was good and he said yeah so I hopped up and leaped into my clothing
>before I got my shoes back on he told me one more thing
>"Clean me up BOY"
And there you have it. After giving him a proper lick down I was free to leave. It took over a month for my ass to heal, I had to do sitz bathes multiple times a day and enjoy a high fiber diet which resulted in me losing 12 lbs because I didn't want to have to shit. I know it sounds a lot like I was raped, but even the fear made the experience enjoyable. Dude ended up writing a big apology giving me all kinds of excuses, swearing he wasn't lying about being a virgin, and that he hopes we can hang out together again. Once I read the message he deleted his profile. He ended up remaking it a few months later though, and when I messaged him he told me he was just horny and desperate that day and he really wasn't interested in a non-white bottom. What's fucked up about it is that the piece of shit ended up working for the back where my BF and I got the loan to buy our house. I can't be 100% sure but the picture on his desk with a pretty wife and children, the wife looks like how I remember his "sister" looking in the picture. I think this sick fuck not only was actually married with children but that we fucked in his son's bed. I ended up confessing what happened to my boyfriend shortly before we got approved, leaving out that the douchebag works at the bank. Still fap to the memory and secretly long to have it happen again.
So are you guys actually fucking bareback his much or are you guys just joking?

I’m honestly not surprised at all that HIV rates are rising, you people really don’t think abut anything you do. It takes SECONDS to put on a condom.
Nobody should be trying to contract HIV but its not nearly as big a deal today as people make it out to be. I get it, before it was the equivalent of getting leprosy but those days are gone. It doesn't even impede your lifespan anymore with medicine. Honestly within the next 10-15 years I'd be amazed if the virus wasn't curable. The gay community needs to be more concerned with the lack of monogamy, family building, and party culture that has taken over.
Bruh that's like 110% rape. Even did the whole Stockholm syndrome-like "I'm sorry, let's be friends" thing.

Still pretty hot story. Still got pictures of your body or his cock for reference?
File: 20yrold.jpg (38 KB, 352x358)
38 KB
I guess I like being raped then. This was taken a few months before if I remember correctly. I used to have screenshots of his dick but theyre lost in the abyss of my hard drive so I'll find a reference pic.
File: omgifoundit.gif (102 KB, 757x489)
102 KB
102 KB GIF
Holy shit I found the screenshots in my big dick folder. Like I said, the pictures did not do him justice, a side view would have given away it's true nature.
Bro thanks for sharing, legit hot af experience. Low key wished something similar would happen to me. And yes that cock looks fat af! Curious to know what he looks like -- u wouldnt have happened to still have pics?
I do but I'm not going to post his picture on 4chan and potentially ruin his life and his families lives.
id have to rape an ass like that too
I hate myself
>those days are gone
1 million people died of hiv/aids in 2016
>I'm not going to ruin the life of a rapist who has weird fetishes revolving around his family and specifically his under-aged son.
I want you to consider who else he's raped, and who else he will rape because you let him go.
Which was 3 years ago now, and I'd like to see that statistic without Africa included.
Where abouts? What state?
Yeah but I enjoyed it, so it's fine by me.
On mobile and am newscrub so sorry no greentext.
Be me
18 y/o twink bottom
Only had sex one other time with my then boyfriend.
On grindr scoping scene
Meet outgoing man 35ish
Bear, Hairy but rather hot
Share pics and he says he wants to meet
After a while agree and tell him I want to do public

Later that night he meets me at a park near my house
Find bridge i told him about and go under the overpass.
Pulls out his dick.
Below average length, cut but hard as diamonds
Submissive mode activated.
"Tell me what you want"
Suck me off he says.
Do as Im told like a good boy.
He moans loud as Im sucking him off
After a while he says he wants to fuck me.
Pull out condom as I stand against the wall.
He pushes me up to the wall and starts eating my ass.
Feels so good I moan louder than I have before.
He stands up and pulls out lube
Starts fingering my ass
'i go absolutly crazy'
Dont touch myself as he is working wonders on my ass.
Dick in my ass.png
No warning. Didnt need one.
Starts fucking my ass like crazy.
Hurt because been a while but starys feelimg amazing really fast.
Tell him I want to swallow his load.
Keeps fucking me and cums into condom.
Feel his got load in my ass through the condom.
So much cum i thought the condom broke.
Didnt tho.
Really wish he came in my mouth with how much cum there was but allz good.
He smiles and leaves. I cloth myself and lie there with my asshole twitching for more.
Smoke a joint and leave.
Never seen him since.
>november last year
>home alone
>2 AM cant sleep with a hard on
>open Scruff lf a mature bear
>starts talking to this 45 y/o thick bear
>exactly the way I like
>invite him over
>he gets here, pretty chill dude
>we chat drinking some beer and smoking a blunt
>1 hour goes by Im high and horny as fuck
>literally out of nowhere just rip my fat cock out
>he stares at it and dives straight into
>sucks me for 5 minutes
>take him to the badroom
>we 69 for like 15 minutes
>my dick is pulsating and dripping precum
>he sucks my asshole
>ask him to fuck his ass
>he gets all on four, I lube my dick and his ass and just stab his ass with my dick
>he take it like a champ 20 minutes of nonstop cock giving all the way to the balls
>cum inside his ass
>he goes to wipe his as and clean it in the bathroom
>got few more beers from the freezer
>smoke a cig
>he notices my cock still hard
>ask me if im down to suck him till he cum while he smokes the cig
>sure why the fuck not
>go mad in his dick
>he cum in like 3 minutes
>ask me If I cam still fuck him more
>just turn him over and start sticking my dick inside his ass again
>15 more minutes of nonstop assclapping
>he gets clean, kiss goodbye and went his way

Loved that guy. Would love to go out with him and fuck him again, shame his from another state.
effing hot

Eat the load out of the condom
Ill share a story of blowing a guy in a public grocery store bathroom stall
>worked near a grocery store
>would get dropped off before work, carpooled with a friend
>sometimes arrive hours before I need to be in work, get horny often
>have browsed Grindr often before But not in the area my work was in
>grocery store was often busy during the day, knew I could find a local Grindr user
>lucky break, he’s shopping in the store
>agree to meet in the handicap stall. I just want to blow him
>around 4pm, store is bustling. Was one of those healthfood stores that also sold beer. Also had a nifty restaurant attached
>all the time I wasn’t talking to the person over Grindr I’m waiting in the stall. Pretending to shit
>hear door open, 3 knocks on door.
>I walk over and undo the lock, letting him in quickly. He’s wearing a yellow shirt, cargo shorts. Mid 30s latino bear (I was 19 at the time)
>immediately drop to my knees, know I have to make this quick. My hands stroking his cock through his shorts
>undo the button and reach into his boxers, wrapping my hand around his dick
>was warm and sweaty, knew it was going to taste salty. But I enjoy that
>begin to stroke his cock a small I bury my mouth into his sweaty balls. The aroma made me forget where I was for a moment
>his cock begin soon to grow, I start sucking on the tip as I stroke it. Shortly it’s fully erect at around 7” length. Thick as an Italian sausage
>begin to deepthroat his cock. I had sucked atleast 10 different cocks by this point in my life so I’m pretty skilled. Call me a faggot
>stroking and sucking hard, his hands are in my hair and his stifled moans are filling the bathroom
>he holds my head in place and I feel his balls writhe on my chin. He lets out a few loud grunts as his warm salty seed begins to slide down my throat
>he finished and I give a courtesy clean with my mouse, savoring every taste. He gives me a nod and leaves the stall
>Hear somebody else walk in as he leaves. Quickly locked the stall and sat down with my raging boner in hand.
>give it a few strokes and catch myself for a moment before deciding to get up
>tuck my erection away and open the stall door
>taste of semen and the smell of sweaty cock still in my mouth
>look up and see my dad washing his hands, he happened to be shopping at the time
>lock eyes with him in the mirror
>”hi anon, what are you doing here?”
>(I just swallowed the load of a total stranger) “just killing time before work.”
>fast forward a few months. Living closer to the town I worked in, but out in the mountains.
>My roommates would often go camping for the entire weekend so I had a lot of time by myself to do shit
>bored one afternoon and browsing Grindr again, have been talking to and playing with a few daddies when I have the time
>sitting in my room with my 9” suction dildo in my ass.
>woke up early to enema, shower, etc. knew I was going to be a faggot that day
>talking to a daddy I sucked in the parking lot of the before mentioned grocery store
>clean cut guy, early 40s. Thick 8.5” cock. One of the few I’ve had trouble deepthroating (and I’ve deep throated a 10” bbc before)
>he was free thst evening, with the place to himself. Lived about 10 minutes from me
>been horny all day and knew if I didn’t get a real cock I’d end up jerking off all night
>give him my address, which I hadn’t done for anyone’s before. Can see his distance on grindr decrease as he travels
>I’m getting nervous, second guessing. But determined to satisfy him
>wearing only woman’s leggings from Walmart, a buttplug in my ass, and pink elastic panties a 9 year old would probably wear. Also a tight T-shirt
>his headlights turn into the driveway and I leave the house
>get into his car and greet him with a nervous smile, never been hornier
>we engage in small talk, he mentions something about size and I mention the size of his cock
>8pm in the fall, driving on country back roads. I position myself in my seat slightly and put his hand in his lap
>can feel his hard bulge through his track pants, grip it firmly as I let out a moan
>continue to stroke hi so cock, telling him how badly I want it. Being a good fsggot slut for him
>I half strip and stroking my cook as I stroke his, but he tells me to stop as we pull into his development

>pull into his driveway, nice looking suburban house
>adjust my clothes better and follow him to the doorstep
>he lets me in and closes the door behind me, locking it
>he had a big dog thst now nesrly knocked me over. Was kind of awkward later on as he was just staring at us
>go into his kitchen and get some water, continue idle chat. He offers me some alcohol so I take a decent shot of vodka to calm my nerves
>am awkwardly actnig flirty, shortly after talking for a bit he tells me to follow him
>I obey and do so, following him to his bedroom. Pretty sparse room. Just a dresser and a king sized bed with comforters
>he dims the lights and tells me to get onto the bed
>again I obey, as I should and crawl onto it on my hands and knees, I do a 180 and he’s standnig at the edge of the bed
>he looks down at me looking as if he’s waiting, I get the hint and pull down his track pants, his cock springing up
>(writing this I forget how much I missed his dick desu) I cup hid balls in my hand and let his cock rest on my wrist
>kneading them softly I begin to kiss his cock, and pubic area. Licking his balls when I am able
>he moans and thrusts forward spreading precum across my cheek, I take his dick in my hand and begin to stroke it slowly as I lick his balls
>he takes off his shirt, and grabs my Hair pulling me up to him, giving me a deep kiss before taking my nipple in his mouth
>I didn’t mention before but I have very very sensitive nipples, to the point where it’s torture when they’re played with
>I moan loudly and try to push away, so he tell someone me to play with his nipples. Not really my kind of thing but what position am I in to defy anyone right now
>lick and nibble on his nipple as he pulls my cock out of the leggings. Stroking our cocks together with his one hand
>pushes me onto my back and takes my leggings and panties off in one go, my legs raised in the air revealing the pink buttplug in my ass
>he pushes it deeper and pulls it out, teasing and fucking my ass with the plug. Still covered in lube and anal juices from the toying I did in the morning
>pushing it in he pulls it out quickly and my ass makes a ‘pop’ sound, it’s sore but I know what’s he wants
>grabbing a bottle of lube he covers his fingers and begins to tease my asshole while he puts n a condom
>I pull my legs closer to my chest as he kisses my asshole with his cock, prodding it repeatedly as my hole slowly begins to open up more
>the tip of his cock enters my ass and I feel all my muscles relax, it’s been too long since I had a real cock
>this allows him to bury himself deeper, until he’s laying on top of me with his arms behind my head. Grinding his cock against my prostate
>admittedly was painful because of the curvature and girth of his cock, but he ignored my small whimpers and continued to grind until I felt precum leaking out of my limp cock pooling between our naked skin
>he pushes himself up and begins to thrust harder, never felt more like a rag doll in my life
>full hard thrusts smashingly into my ass, hitting my prostate each time
>everytime I try to adjust to ease the pain he pushes me down harder and picks up the pace
>this continues for a good 10-15 minutes, slowing down and speeding up in intervals
>my ass is on fire and my stomach is covered in precum, I have ejaculated from my ass being pounded about 3 times now
>his pacing speeds up rapidly and he begins to moan loudly, I’m making a mixture of sounds containing grunts, moans, “daddy”, squeals, and more
>pulls his cock out and rips me off the bed onto the floor by my hips
>he pulls the condom off and start some furiously stroking his cock, pushing my head into the edge of the bed the entire time
>mouth agape like my ass and tongue out he’s slapping his dick against my tongue before erupting
>multiple streams of hot fresh cum blast into my mouth and over my face/glasses.
>he’s holding himself up against the edge of the bed, using my face to support his cook and thtighs
>the entire time he’s cooling down I’m licking his balls and cock and fingering my ass
>ended up cuddling naked in bed for an hour, was kind of chill and relaxing, sucked his cock one last night then he drove me home
On Sunday April 7 I bottomed for the first time. I was anally penetrated by a man taller and heavier than me in Doggystyle and prone and against the wall. Neither of us came first because I couldn't get hard and also because I felt very strange especially coming as a bi but heavily straight leaning top that was only with cisgirls and MTF before.

On that day I had Grindr installed because I was looking for a clean person to help me with my curiosity of bottoming. I hit up a person 2 miles away and he told me was checking out in 2 hours. We exchanged photos and after 20 minutes I was at his hotel room.

I get to the room and knock and the door opens and in front of me is a 5'10 160 lb black man in his mid thirties with an 8 inch erection. I walk in and we talk while he's sparking up a blunt. He offers me some but I declined since I had a bottle of poppers instead.

We talk more and he mentions anything I don't feel comfortable with to let him know and he would stop. Don't lie either because he wants it to feel good. I tell him more about my curiosity with anal play and how it started with being rimmed by a girl so I bought a massager to try to get my p orgasm.

He tells me that his wife did the same thing to him and bought a strapon since he really enjoys it also. He asked if I wanted to play with him and her together and I said I would consider it.

I unclothe and get on the bed while he oils me up complimenting how cute I am and how his wife will love to play with me. After a few minutes of that and I'm relaxed enough he uses a condom and slides in but too fast for my now unvirgin butt. I jump off the bed and holding my hole for a while and he apologized saying I wasn't relaxed enough he kisses my back and goes slow until he is in all the way and this time it doesn't hurt.

This continues for a while including us in the shower and him kissing me on the lips and me sucking him. I still feel strange about it since it felt like I had to pee.
Here's how I figured out I'm bisexual

>Be me, just graduated from Community College
>twink friend comes back to visit
>Never repressed my urges or anything, I just never gave my gay side any though
>Hung out with my friend from high school
>I get incredibly hard seeing him
> Full on femboy
>Blonde hair, green eyes, round and firm butt, probably weighs no more than 130lbs
>He asks me to go to NYC and bar hop with him on my birthday
>Dont want to but I owe him for a favor he did back in high school
>At a gay bar
>I'm sipping on some drinks while hes about 4 or 5 shots in
>He gets into an argument with a guy. Maybe his ex or something, idk he never told me
>Tells me he wants to leave
>Doesnt want to go back to CT where we live
>I buy us a hotel room nearby and we go
>He and I talk for a bit
>He starts to cuddle me
>I start thinking some really nasty thoughts
>Tells me he's always thought I was cute but he wishes I wasnt straight
>I tell him "You know... You might convert me just yet."
>He kisses me
>Lips tasted like alcohol and felt like heaven
>We kiss and he feels me up
>Takes off my pants and he looks me in the eyes before sucking me off
>"Oh man... that's so fucking hot"
>Gets up and sits on my face
>Eat him out
>Apparently he cleaned out and didnt eat in preparation for some action
>I ask him if he has condoms and he just gave me lube
>"Please anon, I want it bareback"
>I oblige and I lube him up and I fuck his ass
>Cutest means to this day
>Grab his hair, kissed his neck, gripped his hips, jerking him off, all while slamming my absolute magnum dong into him
>I cum twice in his ass
>We cuddle and fall asleep around 3 AM
>He goes back to school after the summer

I kinda miss him. Hes the only guy I ever actually saw myself being in a relationship with.
>talk to this guy on grindr while i'm dating a girl
>me and girl agreed we were breaking up when I went back to college so was just seeing what i could pull
>hes super hung, 8 in and thick af
>we wants to fuck me but I won't cheat on her even if we're gonna break up (we were still fucking and doing bf/gf stuff LDR just sucks)
>go back to college, break things off
>fast forward 8 months
>see guy on grindr, shoot him a message
>he works where I live now
>ask him if he wants to fuck me
>hell yeah
>meet him around 11 PM in a deserted parking lot near where he works
>wearing maroon VS panties because I was trying out sissy stuff
>have a medium plug in
>he gets in my car, i start rubbing his cock
>he starts getting a chub as he rubs my cock (i was a bit too nervous to get hard)
>he pulls his cock out
>shits still pretty big when mostly soft
>start going down on him, I can feel his cock grow in my mouth
>we exit the car and go behind a bush in this parking lot in the middle of a city
>I lean forward and pull my jeans down so he can see my panties
>gets him excited
>he rubs my ass a bit and pulls the panties down
>sees I have a plug in "are you trying to make me horny?"
>he pulls it out, puts a condom on, and lubes me up
>goes in slow, I feel him start to push my insides around
>i say okay go for it
>starts fucking my brains out right in the middle of downtown, dripping precum (i love anal but don't get hard from it its the weirdest shit, any advice btw?)
>slapping my ass, says hes about to cum
>cums in the condom but still inside me, i love feeling him shudder
>he has to drive home, still lives 1.5 hrs away
>i drive back to my apartment still wet with lube between my asscheeks
>bust a fat nut when I get home
i have a few other good and not so good stories if anyone wants to hear, also advice on the no boner thing would be great
Any cropped photos or eyes blurred out? I have a fetish for fembois
update, just fucked the same guy in the same place 15 min ago
I don't know how this is going to go down with you guys but what the hell.

I'm 23, was always a little bicurious but never acted on it. Even when it was offered to me on a plate. Settled down with a gf at 19, been with her all this time. All's good there. Occasionally jerk it to bi stuff or browse hm, but keep that shit under wraps.

Last month had to do a two week training thing for work. Flown to head office on Sunday afternoon. Checked into apartment, which I was sharing with another guy. Met him, got some beers, Chinese, talked and watched TV. Normal shit.
In the morning everyone met in the lobby and we got in the van to work.

There was something going on between me and this guy. I tried to ignore it, but wasn't able to. Real good to talk to, no dramas, just chilled and laid back. After work would look forward to getting back to the hotel, using the gym, getting dinner and hanging out watching TV with a couple drinks.

On the Wednesday night everything changed. We were using the kitchen, I had my back to him and there wasn't much room he bumped into me but stayed there. His waist was side on against my ass. Felt like an electric shock and I didn't move. Just pretended it was no big deal, he kept up against me and then his hands went on my waist.

He hugged me from behind, put his face against the back of my neck and just breathed on it. Fuck it felt amazing. We held it for I dunno how long 30 seconds?

But I pulled away and said I couldn't be doing any of that. He was totally cool and you know, there was no problem. We acted like it didn't happen and no one freaked out. Kept on making dinner.

Sorry this is taking longer to write than I expected. I could give you the tldr version which is we hooked up. But I feel I need to get this out because it's still so fresh in my mind and I have to tell someone. It's killing me that I have a secret. Will post more
So we did dinner and we're eating it on the couch feet up in front of the TV. I just kept thinking how he had touched me and how good that felt. And how fucking comfortable just hanging with him was. Yep I was thinking of my gf but that wasn't helping because I knew if I was home I'd be listening to her moan about her work.

We had a couple extra beers, it was getting late about 10pm. I got the courage to ask him why he hugged me. He said it seemed right at the time. Told him I wasn't weirded out by it, but it was completely new experience for me and I felt some guilt because of my gf. He said, not to worry he would stay clear of me, didn't want to make me uncomfortable.

He is married but i asked him if he was gay. He said something about labels don't help and people are just people or some shit like that. Made perfect sense at the time.

I started shaking a little bit and voice we t a bit stupid and croaky but I got up the courage. Took a while to say it but asked him if he could hold me. He gave me a real sweet smile, didn't say anything but I knew he was down.

I moved over and put my head on his chest. He put his arms around me and we just stayed there like that for ages. Listened to his heart beating, he did stuff like put his hand up and down my arm, could feel him breathing in my hair, just softly kissing the top of my head.

I was getting horny but was also fighting it. This was real nerve racking for me though. I got up and turned the lights off and went back to him. Sat down and started kissing his neck. Real soft though. We kissed each other on the lips a bit, but that was weird for me. That was strange.
Put my head back on his chest and got real hamdsy with him. Felt his stomach and thighs, brushed against his dick a couple times real quick. He was in shorts could tell it was hard.

This felt real good. Just felt so warm and right. I sat up and we proper kissed. So strange, I wanted to try it, stubble and taste of beer. Not what Im used to

I pulled back from the kiss. Put my hand onto his crotch. Messed around a bit, he realised what I was trying to do. Together we got his dick out of his shorts leg.

Just over 6", uncut, fairly thick. I fapped him. Stayed sitting next to him, looking down at what I was doing, then I'd kiss him while still jerking him.

Felt hot af for me. Didn't think about consequence, just wanted to run with this, see where it went. He was totally into it, sprawled himself out, feet up on the coffee table.
Felt him tense up a bit and he writhed around some. I kept at it, didn't change my pace. Decided I wanted to keep going- to make him cum.
Got real heated between us, just stared at each other, faces real close, fapping him like crazy. Would kiss a but, I'd suck on his neck, then go back to looking into our eyes breathing on each other faces.

He closed his eyes put his head back. Got real tensed up. Started moaning twitching a little.
His hard on bucked and then felt cum on my hand. Them some more. I couldn't really see anything, too dark, but was crazy cool to get my hand sticky.

He started coming down. Breathing heavy. Both of us laughed. I smeared his jizz all over his dick and slowly fapped him as he started going soft.

We kissed again while I did this. Then he pushed my hand away saying he was getting sensitive. I got up to the bathroom, cleaned it off my hand. Threw him a towel to today himself up.

We didn't really talk, I just told him best if I go to bed. That I was cool with what happened just need to be alone now. He was like -whatever dude, it's all good here.

Last one coming
Excuse long posts. Didn't mean to write a novel.

So I have a shower. I'm not horny or anything. No boner which I thought was odd. Run to my room, he's in his room, door closed.

I leave mine open, jump into bed naked and get on my phone. Honest to god I browse hm and b and consider posting about what just happened.

Hear him walking around out there. Sounds like he's loading dishwasher. Then a knock at the door he stands there. Says he's got some water for me, wants to make sure that 'we' are good. He's wearing new shorts but has same navy wife beater on. Fucking muscly.

Tell him yep. Didn't expect that to happen, wasn't planned, but I'm gonna own it, I enjoyed it and won't get weird on him. We talk a bit more about it and it's getting awkward. Like he's trying to step it up but this time he doesn't have the guts.

He finally comes out with it, asks if I need some relief. He didn't say that word exactly, I can't remember but it was something corny like that.

I say I might do but I don't know how comfortable I am. That this is all new for me and I need to go real slow. He tells me to turn bedside light off and put my phone away. He turns the room light off.

He pulls the sheet out at my feet. Starts kissing and sucking on my toes. instantly I'm good with this. I just relax and am cool for this to happen.
He works his way up. Doesn't make any noise, just kisses his way up my legs. Is positioned in between them, I open them up to give him room.

He spends an age on my thighs, gets so close to my junk. Feel him lick my balls, teases them. Then starts on the base of my dick. Just sucking and kissing on the bottom of my shaft. Lots of saliva going.

I let him do what he wants, I don't try force anything. But I'm crazy horny. I just want him to put me in his mouth. He's doing everything but that. I'm so worked up I could easily cum. A couple times I even pull away from him so I don't blow.

Shit last one incoming. I promise this is it.

He keeps teasing licking down into my taint which really throws me because my gf has never done that. Again I have to pull away because it's too intense. He follows me sucking on my balls. So sensitive makes my leg kick. I start laughing cause it tickles so much.

Have my hands covering my dick, can not see him but I can tell he's on his elbows. I decide enoughs enough, gotta stop messing around. Time to get into hardcore shit. He needs to suck my dick. I point it up towards him

Feel his lips go on the tip and hold it there. Tongue licks the head. Then wetness all around the head and going down my shaft. Cock in mouth. He holds it there and sucks.
Slowly brings his mouth back up, then down again. This is where it hits me that I'm being unfaithful to my gf. I'm too horny to feel bad. If anything it makes me want to do this all the more.

He keeps doing that same rhythm. Sucking me at the same speed. Gives me amazing head.
Again no noises from him. I think he wants me to pretend it's a girl doing this. Idc anymore. I'm enjoying this too much.
He's sloppy, it's all slimy and he keeps going that same pace. Really getting me worked up.

Im trying to hold on. I want to make the most of this. But I can't hold it anymore. Balls are working up. He's still doing amazing shit with that mouth. That's it, I'm gonna cum.

Give him a courtesy 'faaaark I'm cumming' just before I blow. He stays on me, keeps the same rhythm. Bend my knees up as I offloaded in his mouth. He takes it, doesn't skip a beat.
I'm shaking and shudderimg, he keeps right on task. Stays attached and swallowing.

And then its done. I lie there like I've been hit by a truck. He keeps me in his mouth , softly working me as I come down.

Deep breathing from me, I'm fucked. I'm really tired, emotionally exhausted too. He stays down there a bit longer, until I'm fully soft feels like I'm being cleaned.

He scootches back down the bed. Says quietly 'good night, see you in the morning'. Walks out the room

If anyone bothered to read all of that it was really just for my benefit. I wanted to relive that.

The next day everything was sweet. It was so cool, just got ready for work. Acted like nothing happened.

That night when we got back, was our last night together for the week before flying home. We went at it again, slept in the same bed.
I felt so comfortable guys. It felt so right.

We went home to our partners that Friday. On Sunday night we were back at the apartment ready for the last week of training.

The moment we got in the room and closed the door behind us we were all over each other. I sucked dick for the very first time, dropped to my knees while he was leaning against the front door.

All that week at work we were fine, just acted like to normal guys. But alone in that apartment, we we're so into each other. It's been the hottest experiences of my life.

That was three weeks ago. I haven't had any contact with him. I don't know what to do. I'm back at home with my gf, we fuck, but I feel bad because I'm thinking of him. I realise I've got some working out to do, if this was just a one off or if I want to explore that further.

Anyway I'll fuck off, I'll posted way more than I expected. Let someone else have a turn.
File: C-PAlm2V0AEtbfr.jpg (14 KB, 297x204)
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Please post more experiences you've had with this guy anon
Aww shucks. That is cute
So, I (gay,19y/o) always had an intense crush on my best friend (str8,24y/o), he knew I liked him and would always tease me. One night were watching porn and well, one thing led to another and I gave him a blowjob and when we finished he said "I always assumed that fags could give good blowjobs, so what happened to you?"

We laughed and played Melee all night
Hawt. If anything happens further, please share.
did you post this on reddit?
Nope, I posted it yesterday on /b/
oh thats right. i have been into reading stories while i jerk off haha. your story was hotter than watching a butt bleached bottom pretending he's being pushed to his limit by a random horsecock.
File: 20190414_104908.jpg (776 KB, 1256x1198)
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776 KB JPG
Posted this in a thread on /b/
I'm surprised to see people respond to my first time
When I read about people's experiences I like real hardcore stuff, my first hook up with another man was vanilla as fuck. I suppose it might be sort of hot, but for me it was awkward and nervous, not explicit either

Can post what happened the next night though if anyone is interested

Thurs was going to be our last night in the hotel, Fri would fly home after work. Woke up thurs morning instantly remembered this guy and I fooled around.

We were both real cool with each other. It was like every other morning, getting toast, shaving, quickly getting ready for the van to collect us
Nothing was said about last night other than he said 'i bet you slept well' with a laugh. So even though I felt awkward I knew it was cool

After work the boss took all us guys out to dinner to celebrate getting through the week. I sat at the opposite end of the table and did my best to act normal and casual around all these random guys. All the time though feeling weird wondering how they would think if they knew I hooked up with this dude.

We don't talk, but I like watching him. Hes a bit drunk, and his personality is real extroverted, he's telling jokes, life of the party kind of stuff. Shits attractive

End of the night driven to the hotel. A bunch go straight to the bar. Me and my room mate are sharing the lift with others.
I'm nervous because I can feel an energy with him, like sex is gonna happen. He hasn't paid any attention to me tonight, which I don't mind but I feel like a teenager out of my depth wondering what he's gonna want from me.

Walk in the room. I go to the fridge grab us both a beer, straight away he says 'i need to talk to you about last night something I want to tell you'

He steps up to me grabs me. arms around and starts kissing me. Real forceful. Pushes me against the bench, grinding his crotch into me.

Like kissing a brewery. But I don't mind. Im instantly hard
Getting squished up against kitchen bench, feel his dick pushing against mine. Trying to keep up with his tongue. And hands going everywhere. It feels almost like a fight. Just nothing like I've ever had with a woman. That's always soft and smells sweet and I'm in charge. This is like I have to work hard to keep up with this guy.

Coz he's half drunk and I'm still sober it makes a weird dynamic. He's saying some real hot things that I doubt he would normally tell me. Just like how he wanted me all day, that he thinks I'm hot, wants to suck my dick. Never ever heard that from a man, but I like it.

He's practically fucking me through our clothes, I can't move I have to take it. I'm so fucking hard. Really surprised how much I'm enjoying kissing him

He pulls him face back, hands real tight on my shoulders, dry humps my crotch real slow and deliberate. We just stare at each other.

His hands go down, unbuckles my belt. He gets on his knees. Fumbling hard down there. While Im helping him pull my trousers down to my knees I feel his mouth on my dick. Fuck yes.

Look down watch the show. He is eager. Don't want to diss my gf, but no comparison. Plus she would never blow after a long day until I've showered. He dgaf. It's like he really wants this. I get in on it, hold his head, start fucking his face. Seems to spur him on.

He looks up at me. Doesn't seem weird watching my cock going in and out of his mouth. The views great.

He drags me to the couch. Turns the light off Sits me down still pants on. Gets on his knees between my legs. He unzips, I see his dick again. Cool.
Then he says to me. 'im going to make you cum'. And with that, he's back on my dick. Starts off real slow, mostly bj, but some fapping too. All the while he's jerking himself as well. Undressing as we go. Eventually end up both naked. Couple times he gets close and rubs his dick against mine. Frots us. There's more kissing too.

Mostly though he's on his knees sucking dick. It's just wild and im loving it.

Tell him I'm close to coming. He sits up, jerks me. Fast. Yep this is good. This is gonna work.
Puts his dick against my balls, then just under. Kinda dangerously close to my butt. That has me nervous, but I'm also real ready to blow, it's adding to the whole thing.

His head is 'resting' on my hole. He's fapping me hard while jerking himself too. Applies some pressure on my ass. Feel him pushing, right up against me. There's no way I think he can get in anyway and I don't want him to either. Not ready to have a dick in my ass.

Makes me so nervous, he's working hard on my dick, pushing against my ass. it's gone too far. Trying to tell him im coming but I can't speak. Blow my load all over my stomach. I push against him, feeling his dick nearly in me is hot. Realise he's cumming now. Holy fuck that's weird. Hes jizzing on my hole. Stands up blows the rest over me.

Collapses, lying on my stomach. Ok he mustn't mind having cum on him. I feel tired wet sweaty used. Strange feeling having another guys cum all over me

Hold it like this in the dark for ages. Just breathing. Then he says, lets shower

What he had just done to me was full on, but there was something cozy about walking into the shower with another naked dude. Soaping each other up and softly kissing

Best bit was lying down in the tub, just looking up at him as he scrubbed up.

We went to my bed that night. No more fooling around. Well just kissing and hands in different places. Just fell asleep holding each other, legs intertwined.

Felt perfect and normal.

That's it for now. Thanks guys
Me 23 latino pretty average to skinny build, am horny as hell. Go on craigslist, filter out weirdos and find a 50 ish white dad type guy home during the day. Give him my number texts me I go to his place, he's waiting at his front portch. I say hey how are you and says wow you look cute tell him thanks, he asks me in. Inside I take my shirt off he comes up behind me and hugs me from behind, slowly moves his hands down and grabs my dick from outside my pants. He starts kissing my neck, I grope his ass then turn to pull his zipper down. His cock comes out nice 7 ish girthy uncut. Instantly got hotter. I sit down on his couch and take his cock into my mouth and start sucking slowly while looking at him. He tells me to go to his bedroom. He puts a condom on and lube in my ass bends me over and fucks me on his bed. He starts pounding away while precum drips from my cock. He reaches around and jacks me off a bit, not needed though since I was stiff as a rock. I tell him to lay down on the bed, I get on him and start riding him, it felt so good, he tells me he's cumming and I go faster. He cums then I cum on his chest.
I clean up and take off havent talked to him since, wish I could though but been really busy.
Which would y'all rather hear
My first time with a trans dude?
Or my circle jerk at a festival?
First time with a trans dude!

Honestly might as well tell both
That was hot as fuck.
Thank you anon
>be me, married with 2 kids
>start having fantasies about sucking cock
>watching gay porn more often than straight porn
>think about anyone I know that might be gay
>remember a high school teacher I had
>always seemed fruity
>hit him up on fb
>was a cool teacher so it wasn’t suspicious when I asked to catch up
>met at a bar, had a few drinks
>couldn’t muster up the courage to ask him if he was gay
>later that night, getting horny
>message him, ask him if he’s gay
>tell him I’m curious
>convo kinda dies out
>a year later
>I moved about a thousand miles away with wife and kids
>he hits me up, says he’s in town
>I pick him up from his motel room
>go eat
>bring him back, he invites me inside
>he sits on his bed, I sit on the chair
>we end up talking about it
>I can’t tell if he’s really down for anything
>I’m getting hard thinking about how close I am to doing it
>can’t take it any more
>stand up, have a half-chub
>he chuckles
>grabs my hand and guides me to the bed
>lays me down
>starts rubbing my cock, over pants
>my eyes are closed, thinking about how hot this is
>pulls my cock out
>big man hands feel amazing
>my eyes still closed, he grabs my hand and guides it to his exposed throbbing monster dick
>start exploring it
>finally look at it, very aesthetically pleasing
>getting so hot watching me touch him as he touches me
>he repositionshis body and starts sucking me off
>his cock is right in my face
>watch a drop of pre cum squeeze out of his urethra
>lick it off
>slowly drag my tongue up and down his shaft
>slowly slip my mouth over his tip
>felt as amazing as I thought
>go deeper and deeper
>I think maybe it feels like I’m taking more than I really am
>tip of my nose touches his balls
>I’m deepthroating him
>can feel him flex his cock in my throat
>didn’t know I didn’t have a gag reflex
>bob my head back and forth
>want to feel as much of his cock in my mouth as possible
>pull it out to admire it again
>he cums all over himself just as he leaves my mouth
>watch him as he goes turbo mode on my cock
>he still comes to ‘visit’ from time to time
>will let him take my ass one of these days
Sounds comfy as fuck your one lucky fag
I was kind of coerced the first time I had sex but it probably shaped who I was sexually with men.
>be 19, bisexual entire life but nervous and shy so never hooked up.
>when urges for men came I would troll craigslist to find men to talk and sex with.
>chat with a guy for a few weeks.
>get really horned up one day and he sends me cock and body pics.
>resist at first but as I look at them throughout the day I get even more horned up and relent.
>ask him if he wants to hang out and fool around nothing too crazy.
>He agrees and that night at midnight picks me up from my street and drives us to a park.
>walk to secluded spot and he immediately pulls me in and starts making out with me.
>start getting really horned up, he unbuttons my pants and grabs my ass.
>get curoius and do the same grabbing his cock.
>feels super softs and can't really let go of it.
>he pulls my clothes off and forces me to my hands and knees.
>starts rimming me, freaking out internally but feels good so I don't stop him.
>starts shoves his lubed up finger into me.
>freaking out more but it doesn't hurt and kind of feels good so I don't stop him.
>stops occasionally to add more lube and fingers.
>after a while he stops so I figure he is done.
>Start to get back up but he pushes me down and I feel something pushing against my hole.
>Feel imediately huge pressure and my body giving way letting out a load drawn out grunt and I feel his waist push against my ass.
>he puts his other hand on my shoulder and holds me there and I realize he just shoved himself inside of me.
>freaking out even more but at this point I am frozen in place, in pain, and he is pushing down on me so I don't resist.
>he tells me to relax so I don't get hurt.
>hurts a lot at first but as he pulls out and starts doing shallow thrusts start to feel a sensation building inside of me.
>after some time he stops and tells me to stop pushing back into him or I will get hurt. Apparently I started matching his thrusts without realizing it.
>hold myself still and he continues fucking me and at this point I am beginning to moan pretty loudly, I am rock hard, and it starts to feel somewhat good.
>couldn't hold back and start pushing back into him again.
>He takes this as a hint as he pulls out, grabs my clothes he pulled off and tells me to follow him.
>at this point he is still fully clothes with just his cock outside of his pants and I am naked.
>He leads me into the middle of a baseball outfield and while pitch dark anyone looking over their backyard fence hard enough could clearly see us.
>he tells me to get back onto my hands and knees and for what ever reason I do.
>he grabs more lube and shoves himself back into me.
>no longer gentle, he picks up the pace the longer we go.
>conflicted because it hurts but I am rock hard and I kind of like the feeling of him moving inside of my ass.
>reaches the point where his waist begins smacking into my ass.
>I am a moaning mess at this point, he begins spanking me, talking dirty to me, telling me how I must be a natural bottom to be taking his cock so well.
>When he gets close to cumming he pushes all the way into me and stops, pulls me up, and makes me make out with him before pushing me back down and continuing.
>When he finally had enough he reaches under and starts stroking my cock. I blow my load into the grass in seconds.
>After cumming all the good feelings I had from being fucked left and I am left with a painful feeling as he continues pushing his cock into me.
>after a few final hard thrusts he cums, collapsing on top of me and pushing me into my cum covered grass.
>continues whispering in my ear how much of a good bottom I was.
>finally pulls out of me and allows me to stand up.
>my stomach is covered in cum and grass, hands and knees covered in dirt.
>I finally get a look at his cock and he wasn't wearing a condom so he came inside of me.
>I get dressed having nothing to clean myself off with.
>he was my ride so I get into the car with him, he is talking to me like nothing happened and I am going along with it.
>pulls up to where he picked me up from and makes me make out with him for a few minutes before telling me he had a good time and we should do this again.
>the entire time I feel his cum and lube smearing all over my asshole.
>finally get out and go take a shower. Replaying the images in my head that happened and ended up masturbating to it again that night.
>after cumming hit with immense shame and regret over what I did.

This cycle would repeat itself multiple times over the next couple months after this incident. I would get super horned up by the thought of it, masturbate like crazy, at this point i even started getting more into anal play during masturbation than I did before, I would cum and then get hit with the shame again. During this entire time he is trying to text me as I gave him my phone number but I completely ignored him and he gave up. Took me a few months before I started trolling craigslist again but after that it became really hard to resist hooking up with guys. After a year of this happening I finally couldn't resist and specifically made a post looking for a regular fuck bud. I start talking to a random guy for a week and seems interesting so ask for pics. Surprise surprise its the same exact guy and for what ever reason I got even more horned up by him and I ended up picking him. We hooked up a few more times and he was just as dominant and I ended up loving the sex with him. He even offered to let me do some activities a top would do but when I tried I ended up getting turned off by it. Because of him I pretty much only really enjoy bottoming for men, at least outside of long term relationships. Unfortunately he fell in love with me and I wasn't looking for a relationship so I ended it with him. Ironically enough when I was 27 I was looking for a relationship and trolling grindr and this guy pops up again but that time he was just looking for sex.
>meet cute boy on tinder
>6'1, twinky but not too skinny, short black hair, decent muscle definition, perfect top for smol twink me
>meet up at a park near my dorm at night because my roommate was still in the room
>smoke some weed, just cuddle and talk on a bench for a little while
>start caressing each other, eventually reach his dick
>feel this monster straining his underwear and pants
>pull his pants down, thick cock flops out
>easily the biggest I've ever seen (later measured it to be ~9")
>know I don't have a gag reflex from years of testing with bananas and dildos, so I just start going to town deepthroating it
>can only get ~8.5ish in my throat before something physically stops it from going deeper
>throat him for literally 30 minutes out in a park because apparently big dicked guys taking forever to cum isn't just a meme
>have to stop because someone walked really close to us
>text my roommate to gtfo of the room for an hour or two
>go back to the room, put on some dim lights
>we get on the bed and he starts fingering me
>fuck i'm not ready for this i didn't even clean out or anything
>he knows I'm a virgin and scared as fuck so he takes his fingers out, gets on top of me, and pins me
>starts teasing my rock hard dick with his ass
>eventually I'm practically begging to fuck him while he still has my arms pinned
>he puts some lube on my dick, slides it in
>holy shit people are hot on the inside
>get the rhythm of it, really loud clapping sounds that I'm sure anyone in the hallway can hear
>his huge dick bouncing on my tummy
>after a lot of pounding, grinding, and teasing I eventually nut in him
>with me still inside him he jacks off for like 45 seconds and cums on me
>we both shower, he spends the night, then leaves the next day
>plan to have him spend the night again the next day
>night comes around, roommate gone being a norman again
>we put on The Office on my laptop
>just cuddle for a while being nice and comfy
>butt pressed against him, his hand on my tummy
>slowly his hand starts playing with my waistband
>grind against him
>we both slowly get more vigorous
>laptop falls off the side of the bed because of our motion but I don't care at this point
>we quickly get undressed and as I go to suck him off he pushes me back down onto my side in a spooning position
>hear the familiar "pop" of a lube bottle opening
>"hey wait I didn't prepare for thdmsklfnsd"
>sentence cut short by two cold fingers massaging my insides
>"I don't crae," he replies
>my boner is now throbbing
>after some teasing he takes the fingers out
>very shortly after that something MUCH thicker and warmer starts stretching me out
>bite pillow, get ready for the pain everyone always talks about
>hey wait this only hurts a little bit, and it feels pretty decent
>softly moaning and panting into the pillow since having 6" of dick in me is a weird feeling
>asks if I'm okay, I nod in response
>holds me still and slowly presses the rest in
>hits something that IMMEDIATELY makes me feel like I sort of have to pee, whole body gets overtaken by this quick warm wave of pleasure, pretty much yell "fuckkkkk" into the pillow
>he chuckles and starts to move in and out, in and out
>I'm moaning like a bitch in between panting "fuck"
>he turns me onto my stomach so I'm laying flat and starts pounding more
>literally have to try not to cum from it, since I know if I do I'll become too tight to continue and also cuz prostate orgasms are a really weird feeling
>feel his huge balls slap against mine as well as the back of my thighs
>practically drooling onto the pillow my face is buried in at this point
>turns me onto my back, puts my legs up on his shoulders, grinds into me
>I'm still moaning like a bitch but covering my face now because I'm embarrassed
>he laughs again
>rotate between these positions for like an hour
>he doesn't end up cumming since bigdick.exe makes it difficult
>I don't cum either but I don't mind
>end with us spooning and his dick massaging my insides
>take a shower where he bullies me like always
>get out, get into bed, roommate comes in immediately after lol
>go to sleep
Met with a bj buddy at his mansion.
>All the previous times he just sucked me off
>arrive and there's 2 other guys there
>while I get nude they are eating each other's ass
>my friend sucks me while they take turns fucking him raw
>they both cum inside him
>I finish and cum on the bed
I'm a mid 20s slim guy. They were all 40s daddy types. First foursome and first time I saw bareback.
>be in my early 20's
>been seeing an older daddy type
>gives massages, plays with my ass
>he has ED so never fucks me but uses dildos and vibrators on my ass
>always enjoy it
>one day he says I should meet a couple of his friends down the street
>married gay couple in their 30's
>both a bear-types
>agree to go down there with him
>sit around talking and drinking
>my friend is pretty open about what we do and how much I enjoy ass play
>few more drinks and my friend says "why don't you show Tom how much you like your ass played with?"
>Tom invites me into the bedroom, massages me, plays with my ass
>before long I'm begging Tom to fuck me
>average cock (surprised for such a bear type) slides into my ass and he fucks me until he cums
>asks if he can send his husband in and I say yes
>husband comes in and I immediately start sucking his cock
>he's much bigger. I'd say 7x6 with a nice cock ring
>get him to cum in my mouth quickly
>he stays hard, we make out and he fucks me
>cums a second time
>he shows me the shower, I wash up and join them in the living room
>my friend says "have fun?"
>I did and joined them a few more times
more please
sadly i dont have more :( after that he ended up getting a bf and i got over the appeal of casual sex pretty quickly
>be early 20's
>given 2 bj's before but both guys came on my face
>meet guy on cl, older, 7in cut, lots of precum
>go to his house, talk for a few minutes, tells me to get on my knees
>pulls his shorts down, grabs my head and pushes my face into his crotch
>rubbing my face in his crotch he says "smell it" and i'm instantly turned on beyond belief
>his dick is getting hard, pull it out and start licking his balls and shaft until hes hard
>start sucking, he's aggressive, controlling my head with my hands telling me what to do
>keeps squeezing precum into my nostrils, think it's strange at the time but dont stop him
>eventually he tenses up and cums in my mouth
>i feel it pulse and then hit the roof my mouth and back of my throat and then i start to taste it
>tastes warm and salty and kind of gross, he asks "you okay"
>i go to spit as he asks but instead answer him and i swallow it all on accident instead
>i go home and even though I showered, all I could smell all night and the next day was his precum
>got in touch with him again a month later and started blowing him regularly
>he always expected me to swallow even though it was accident the first time
>he got a couple of friends involved later on too and that was pretty fun
File: 1359121921532.jpg (471 KB, 1536x2048)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
>Be early last summer, 25yr
>Horny as FUCK, browsing Grindr hourly
>Find a guy on lunch break, looking to get a bj
>A bit more thinner than i'd like, but fuck it
>I'm so horny i invite him over in my garage
>He literally stayr 15mins, the time for a bj, then goes away
>His cock is the perfect lenght to not give me gag issues (i have a very sensitive gag reflex)
>Tells me constantly how i'm making him horny and hard, some dirty talk
>I grab his ass and it's so firm
>After not so long he cums right over my nose, slightly below my eyes
>And he just erupts cum, not like a spray, but gently oozing all over my face
>One of the best feelings of my sex life, feeling the sperm on the face dripping like a full blown whore
>All this happened in 15 minutes, quite literally
>Felt even more like a cum pig prostitute

Still my best experience to this day.
Haha, you're totally a fag if you don't kiss his dick dude! Love that logic but also please continue
I looove the one time I had multiple men cumming on my face at once I just kept licking my lips and came in the mouth of the dude blowing me
hot story from /b/

>be 16
>never think of guys in a sexual way...except for this one friend
>long, blonde hair, no body fat, soft facial features. He's hot
>staying over at my house one night
>smoking weed, watching tv
>parents don't lock Playboy Channel. Put it on
>out of the corner of my eye I notice his boner. I have one too
>take a leap of faith and start to rub mine outside of my pants
>he notices, does the same
>after a couple minutes can't take it anymore
>pull my dick out and start jacking off
>scared that he's going to freak out and tell everybody what a homo I am
>he doesn't. He takes his out too. Starts stroking it
>we're on opposite ends of a couch that I had in my room
>sneaking glances at him while we both jack off
>about to cum. Sneak another glance at him. He's already looking at me. Our eyes lock
>we both cum
>we clean up, don't say anything about it, carry on with our night as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred
>few hours later, not high anymore, Playboy Channel back on
>this time we're sitting right next to each other
>dicks out again
>another leap of faith
>reach over and start stroking him
>he immediately does the same to me
>feels so good. lean my head back and close my eyes
>then I feel his long hair draped across my lap
>open my eyes to watch him take my cock in his mouth
>holy fucking shit
>I tell him that I want his in my mouth too
>we reposition
>I'm so focused on how good my dick feels inside his mouth that I don't notice his start to twitch
>he fills my mouth with his cum. Seconds later I return the favor
>we both swallow
>kiss each other for several minutes
>fall asleep totally naked, spooning
>we were inseparable after that
>around our other friends we acted like regular bros
>by ourselves we were totally gay
>continued on like this for another couple years, until his family moved

>same friend
>soon after our first experience he kinda assumed the submissive role. He was the girl
>parents go out of town one weekend
>"anon, your friend can stay over, but that's it"
>fuck yeah!
>He comes over and we start drinking some alcohol that my parents have around the house
>get a little buzzed
>"Anon I have something to show you"
>He disappears into bathroom for what seemed like forever
>Comes out wearing a top and a short skirt that he "borrowed" from his sister
>He even had fucking lipstick on
>He looked fucking good, and I think he knew it
>He comes over, straddles me, and starts to kiss me
>I reach up under his skirt. His balls, ass, legs, everything is shaved smooth
>Fucking diamonds
>He whispers in my ear "I want you to fuck me"
>I lube up my cock and his asshole
>Slide my hard dick between his smooth, hairless ass cheeks
>After a couple minutes I push the head against his asshole
>He pushes back
>Put my hands on his hips and push a little harder
>His whole body tenses up on initial penetration
>Slowly relaxes. Push in a little more. Tense and relax
>Pretty soon I'm all the way inside him
>I just let it sit inside him and throb for a minute
>Then I slowly start to fuck him
>After a few minutes we switch to missionary
>Stroking his cock while I fuck his ass
>About to cum
>As I cum inside him he cums all over his own stomach
>we kissed and laid there naked together knowing that we had the place to ourselves and could do as we pleased
>spent the entire weekend with him as my girl

Kinda funny looking back at it but it was gay as hell but no one seemed to care. This story is as true as I can remember it.

>"why hasn't (8) done any dare?"
>rock hard thinking about it but know (8) likes to experiment. He had a little dick still and liked to get sucked off. He wouldn't admit it to the older kids but he'd get involved if he "had to."
>(17) agreed and said that he didn't even know if (8) was a boy
>"nuh uh I am"
>"prove it then show us your dick"
> (17) "uh wow are you sure you're not a girl? You don't have a dick!" Pointing to how small it was. "I think if you are a boy then you need to show us what boys do to girls."
>(14)(14) were both standing there with 1 still having his pants down and the other had his hands in his pants.
>(11) who was a chubby skinny Filipino kid said he didn't really like this since he liked girls.
>(17) said that (11) should shut up since he was being a pussy and said that (8) needed to show what we did to pussies.
>I stepped in and said "I wasn't a pussy, I'll take a dare."
>(17) then told me to help him out and grabbed (11) and pantsed him.
>I went over and wasn't sure what to do but (17) was able to pull down (11) pants to see a huge uncircumsized dick.
>"wow you actually have a dick but you're still a pussy."
> (17) said (11) needed to get on all fours or he would tell his parents that he was a fag. (11) didn't really know what to do so he went along with it and pushed his ass up in the air. His dick was actually the biggest most confused bone I ever saw for a Filipino kid.
>(8) walked over behind (11) and started dry jumping (11) on his ass to prove he wasn't a girl.
>Everyone else up to this point was still kind of giggling and even 11 who was embarrassed seemed to like it. (8) even spit on his asshole to see if he could get it in but since he was a kid still he had trouble pushing.
>At the same time (17) pulled his dick out and said that (11) had to suck his dick while this was going on. So (8) was humping (11) and (17) started to get his dick sucked.

>(11) seemed to really be into it but was constantly looking around in case no one was would walk in on everyone.
>(17) said (11) needed to grab my dick also or else so (11) followed with it
>I look over at (14)&(14) both of them pulled out their dicks and were jacking off too.
>(17 said he wanted to get (14) and (14) involved so he asked them to come over.
>He told them both to help out.
>the one who had his shirt up ended up getting jacked off by (11) I'll call him (14a). (14b) decided to lick (11)'s dick. I guess he wanted more of it?
>(8) was vigorously grinding (11) until a little bit of precum came out and said he was done.
>(17) uh boys dont quit, they go the whole way.
>(17) He looked at me and said it was my turn to be a man and pointed at (8).

(17) ended up being a loser who got drunk and beat his girlfriend in high school but he really knew how to use the rest of us. He really liked me because I never talked back and just kind of did what I was told to do. Explains a lot about me now.

fake as fuck but still hot
>>(11) who was a chubby skinny Filipino kid

How can you be skinny and chubby at the same time?
I didn't know how else to describe it. He looked fat but he was actually skinny. Like he had a chubby face and ass but everything else was pretty skinny.
Totally hot and super cute!
repost the first one if you can cuz it was deleted
Grindr hookups, still allowed
Finally got to have one of my fantasies acted out.

> Be me, this week
> Taking road trip to visit family for a month or two
> Decided to drive to do tourist stuff through some states
> Two days in, stopping for the night at hotel
> Decide to put out DL ad for somebody to come by
> Wanted an "Anonymous" thing
> Just an unlocked door with my head in the pillow, ass up
> Hop in the shower to clean up
> Few responses after I got out, only one really panned out
> Told guy hotel location and room and around time to come by
> Fast forward 30 minutes or so
> Assume position and wait
> Hear door open and some footsteps over to me
> Guy starts rubbing on my ass while with his hands, then his cock
> Hotdogs me for a few minutes, getting hard with each thrust
> FeelsGoodMan
> Eventually spits and slides it into me
> Evertyime he thrusted, I felt his gut touching me so he was def a bigger dude even though I couldn't see him
> Didn't last too long for fucking but felt nice the entire time
> Pulls out and cums on my cheeks back
> He gets his things and leaves

Love the idea of no-interaction anonymous fucking. Would love to do again
Food you tell him no condoms was ok?
Did you make any rules.
What if he came inside?
File: heynow.png (333 KB, 308x472)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
>be me mid 30s, place CL ad. Hooked up with a few guys, sucked all, some sucked me, but have not been fucked yet.
>Guy in late 50s answers ad, wants to give me massage, then fuck me. Next town over
>Have been playing with dildos forever do know what to expect. I'm 5'4", he is 6'3" and is turned on by short guys
>Drive at speed to his place, shake hands, small talk. Go to his bedroom right away.
>He's on 3rd floor, all windows are open. This makes me nervous, but I scan around, and can't see into anyone else's house, and truth be told the idea is starting to turn me on about being seen.
>He's very tall, ginger, Looks kind of like Charles Dance
>There are towels on the bed, and a bottle of oil in one of those things you squirt ketchup out of at a restaurant.
>Takes off his robe, he's not fat but not quite in shape. his bulge in his goofy turqouise underwear is telling me he may have undershot the estimate when he said he was 6.5" (He knew I had not yet been fucked)
>Tells me to take off my clothes and lay on bed . I comply. He tells me I'm hot, and I can feel myself blush. I lay face down on his bed.
>He straddles me, sitting on my waist. I'm already pinned down and immobile due to size difference
>His hands rubbing my back, he's telling me how cute I am all the while
>They feel good on me, and I'm not shy about telling/showing him so. He's not really massaging, just touching and rubbing
>he gets off the bed, and has me lay closer to the edge. He goes for his oil/lube
>starts pouring some on my back, shoulders to waist, up and down in a line a few times on my back
>Leans into me, he's wearing goofy looking turquoise underwear. I reach out my hand to touch his bulge. He gently grabs my wrist and says "Not yet." His cock is inches from my lips, half erect maybe
>his hands are running over the backside of my body.
>rubbing all over. My shoulders, my back, my butt, legs and even my feet.
>apparently my foot fetish works both ways. I am squirming as he rubs them. He lingers on them a bit, and proceeds to rub the rest of me.
>10-15 minutes of this, and I am breathing heavy. Eventually he starts rubbing in between my butt cheeks, index finger begins rubbing the outside of my hole.
>I want to make it known I want him inside me, so I'm propping up my ass to encourage him to finger me.
>I'd drank a gallon of water that morning, spent time with my dildo and cleaned myself out best I could. I wanted this big time.
>He finally begins to finger me. I reach over and pull down his briefs. His cock is definitely bigger than 6.5" Closer to 7.5, thick, and red pubes.
>vow to never make fun of gingers again
>I pull his want next to my face, and begin to lick his semi. It doesn't stay soft for long. He stands at attention almost immediately. Tells me to rotate around, now I'm still on my stomach, but face near the edge of the bed.
>his cock now hard, he leans forward, continuing to rub my oily body, but now he's slowly fucking my mouth.
>He's serving me and using me at the same time, and it's amazing. I taste a drop of precum, and stop letting him fuck my mouth, opting to lick his balls.
>He's talking dirty talk, calling me boy. I'm moaning.
>He climbs into bed with me, laying on his back. Orders me to climb on top of him. I obey.
>69 position, I am gagging trying to get all of his cock in my mouth.
>Spreads my cheeks. I gasp wondering if he's going to...
>Opens my hole and rams his tongue in me. I have fantasized about this for years, and he's probing my ass with his tongue. fucking heaven.
>He's licking me, fingering and spanking me. Telling me I was a good boy cleaning for him.
>I can't take it any more. I ask him how he wants me.
>"Get on your knees."
>Fuck yeah getting it doggy.
>I tell him I am his. I want him inside me.
>Can't fucking believe I'm talking like this
>I get on all fours, he gets up, forcefully grabbing me by the hips bringing me to the edge of his bed.
>my hole is already wet so he lubes his cock
>grabbing one cheek and his cock, he begins to enter me.
>have reservations-we had talked and i had no reason to think he was clean but we never brought up condoms.
>My fantasy was always bareback, I knew it was a stupid risk, but I opt to let him. I want his cock in me, and now.
>I cannot fucking believe how good it feels. He is going in deeper very slowly but always deeper.
>remember everything I read, and do my best to relax, breathe push out to open up.
>It doesn't take long. maybe 20 seconds. I can feel hi waist against my ass cheeks. He's all the way inside me.
>This guy is twice my size, and pretty big cock
>He is balls deep inside me, he's still while I adjust to him.
>Again amazed at how soon that happens, maybe a minute. I'm full of a strange man's cock. Years of fantasizing come to an end and I cannot believe I waited so long.
>I begin to slide myself forward, he takes the hint, and grabs my hips, hands still roaming my oily body.
>He begins to fuck me, slowly at first. He's asking me how it feels.
>I tell him I am amazed at how little it hurts.
>He begins fucking me a bit faster, all the way in, all the way out to the head. grabbing my ass, running his hands all over me. I'm moaning and I'm grunting. I occasionally play with myself but not much because I don't wanna come.
>I'm looking behind me, he has a shit eating grin. He's telling me how tight i am and how good I feel.
>A minute passes, and so does any pain. Now it just feels good. Better than I thought possible. I am saying crazy shit I never thought I would. Like I'm his, do whatever you want to me, use me, shit like that.
>Starts fucking me harder. I can feel his balls slapping against mine. It's divine.
>he is having his way with me, and I'm begging for more.
>decides he wants me on my back.
>Slowly pulls out, and basically picks me up(I'm 150 lbs), and tosses me on my back.
>I spread my legs, looking him in the eye.
>reaches again for his lube and walks back to me.
>I nudge to the edge of the bed, draping my legs over him, offering my hole.
>rubs his cock again with oil. I'm relieved to see no shit on his dick
>he grabs my hips, and I raise them up to meet his cock.
>I'm grabbing my cheeks, and spreading for him.
>now of course his cock slips right in me.
>His hands grab my shoulders as he plunges into me.
>Says "I can't believe I can get in you all the way!"
>Say I'm surprised as you are.
>He knows he's not hurting me, and can see my face, so he presses his wait into me and is fucking me hard and deep.
>I don't know how long he fucked me like this. But he was not a too-fast cummer.
>But time passes and he announces he's gonna come.
>Pulls out of me and starts jerking off. A minute elapses, and he thinks he was wrong and not gonna come.
>but he's not completely hard. Jumps back on top of me, and forces his cock into my mouth.
>I suck it like he has the antidote.
>I just let a guy make me go ass to mouth.
>Cannot believe what a fucking whore I am. How sub I can be.
>He's holding my ears, and face fucking me. I am gagging
>some time passes. and he stands back up, and yanks my hips, and rams into me.
>he is telling me I'm his boy now, and I'm agreeing.
>fucking calling him daddy now. wtf.
>my ass goes numb he's suckling it so hard.
>My feet up in the air, windows open, I'm rubbing his nipples with my soles. the sensation is electric.
>I'm not touching my cock because I want that total bitch experience.
>He is moaning. Wants to know where I want him to come.
>I tell him to come in my face
>Really? can I come in your face.
>"Yes, daddy."
>Fucks me a few more minutes, then groans loudly, removes himself from me
>Instinctually slide half of myself off bed to get next to his cock
>Jerking off, he shoots ropes all over my face, moaning and calling me boy and shit.
>I wasn't the only one that got fantasies taken care of today
>He brings me close to him, hugging and telling me I'm a good boy.
>I am bathed in come with a huge guy pinning me down hugging me.
>we lay on the bed cuddling a bit, his come running and getting cold down my face and neck
>he tells me he wants me to come over tomorrow.
>said If I feel up to it, that was my first time.
>Tells me "You're coming over, 9AM tomorrow boy."
>"Yes daddy."
And damn it, I did go over the next day.
Continue cum bitch what did you do the next day show cum hole
>Wake up the next morning, check email with my coffee
>See new one from him.
>Feel so slutty from the day before, instantly hard. He wants me again. Email him back that I'm ready and eager.
>I'm an early riser(4AM), so finish my coffee, take a shit or 2, shower and clean myself out.
>Plenty of time so drinking lots of water.
>8AM asks if I can be there by 9
>"Yes daddy"
>Arrive at his house, he takes me by the hand and marches me upstairs.
>He fucked me yesterday, and knows how into it I was. He's rougher, more assured.
>He strips right down. I drop to my knees and suck him.
>He loves how I do it. I take my time, running my tongue up and down his shaft, taking him all the way in.
>Loves it when I gag. Lets me suck him a few minutes, and motions me to stand.
>He takes my clothes off, roughly. I'm diamonds
>Commands me to get on all fours, and I obey.
>gets his oil bottle, and sticks the tip in my ass. He's squeezing it, and it's making fart noises like an almost empty ketchup bottle. I giggle.
>Can feel the oil shooting into me, some dripping onto my balls.
>Today had none of the slow pace of yesterday. I was an object and loving it. He inserts a finger into me, pulling it in and out, and wiggling it a bit to loosen me up.
>Moaning like a bitch.
>Drops lube onto bed, and climbs up behind me.
>Put my face in pillow and spread my hole for him.
>Starts to slide that glorious cock into me, same slow steady pace as yesterday.
>Slowly back my ass in to meet him.
>He stays still, letting me adjust. It doesn't take long at all, today.
>Begin moving my ass forward to the head, and backing into him
>"Yeah, boy, fuck that cock," he orders.
>I am happy to obey
>Build up a little speed. Pain is gone, only pleasure.
>He's rubbing and grabbing my ass all the while
>I'm really getting into it now, keeping him in me deep moving my hips side to side as well. I want him to last.
>He's telling me how good my pussy feels. Kind of roll my eyes at this, but go with it
>I fuck him like this for about 10 minutes or so, and he tells me he wants me on my back again.
>I have not touched my cock, but now I'm rock hard, and dripping precum.
>He licks it off the head of my cock, and swallows it
>He climbs on top of me, and I spread my legs.
>He reaches for the lube, I tell him I don't need any more.
>He slides back into me. I am writhing like a chick in a cheap porn.
>He's on his knees, my legs wrapped around his waist.
>Tell him how good his balls feel against my ass.
>I didn't come yesterday, but today I am going to.
>Start stroking myself while he fucks me
>Holy fuck, just as good as I fantasized.
>We are both saying cheap porn lines now, he's telling my how tight my pussy is, me telling him how good his cock feels in me.
>He's fucking me harder, I am stroking all the while.
>Few more minutes pass
>"Daddy, I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come all over myself.
>"That's OK, boy, do it."
>I shoot. And i shoot, and I shoot. I never heard myself moan like that. it feels fucking amazing. My head is thrashing around, and I am writhing like an angry snake.
>He is still. I assume he assumes I'm done.
>"You don't have to stop daddy."
>I already came. Thank you.
>"Wait, you came inside of me?"
>"Yeah, you were just so fucking hot I couldn't help it."
>At first I am fucking furious, but what the hell. I took the chance, and never said not to.
>He stays inside me, balls deep
>We're both unable to move from the pleasure.
>I am covered in my own come, and filled with someone elses'
>I am a fucking whore in this moment.
>he goes soft inside of me, and pulls out.
>get dressed, go home
What are the chances of getting anything if you let a guy rawdog you and pull out
Literally what it looked like :)
My last hookup involved the guy(whos a doctor) feeling my throat and finding a bump on my thyroid... And since then(friday morning) iv been doing all the mental gymnastics of how to best sort my shit out so when i die i'm not too embarrassed(throwing out a huge duffle bag of sex toys, clearing my hard drives of gay porn, maybe messaging the few former regulars i had to atleast give them a heads up on why i wont be around should they try to reconnect)

I dunno if its gonna be super serious, but i'm kinda fearing the worst as thyroid cancer is what killed my mother a few years ago and it all started with a small bump that was hardly visible.

The worst past is i just locked in most of my savings into guaranteed investments for 1 year. So if i go before they mature, i wont be able to give them to who i want to(I dont really want them to go to my family)

I realize this isnt at all what /hm/ wants to read, but i gots-ta vent somewhere...
I'm really sorry to hear that. I know its probably not much consolation, but you can write a will that leaves any financial instruments you want to whoever you want. You should talk to an estate lawyer. He can get you a will written out, and you can retain his services so that you can keep him in the loop about your health status and if you die he can step in to enact your will and prevent family from getting it.

Definitely write a will if you don't want it to go to your family because IT WILL.

A lawyer is best, but honestly you can make a legal will if you have at least 2 witnesses and get it notarized (which any bank or notary public can do). Then give copies to tons of folks so your parents can't destroy them.

If you live longer than you think, you can always update it and be sure to write "This will supersedes the one written XX/XX/XX.

But ANYTHING is better than nothing if you want to legally block your family from your stuff.
Be me, 24
match with american dude traveling to my city at 10PM
exchange some quick messages then get to snapchat
he tells me he's at the airport and he'll leave in the early morning
I have guests at my place so I can't host
Ask him for a picture of his cock, he's HUGE and THICK
I'm confused, excited, it would be my first cock to suck
decide to meet at airport
Dude is impressive, big, muscular, great lips
bring him near some bushes
get down on my knees, ask him to film me
he gets excited, cock is diamonds
start beating his cock on my cheek and blow him until he creampies my mouth
i get up, he blows me
wish him good luck

after three years i still look at those pictures and fap

Can't you just go to a doctor and get it checked out? You could get an ultrasound to find out if it is cystic or solid, and a fine needle aspirate or core biopsy to see if it is cancerous.

I hope you don't live in the USA, the only first-world nation that doesn't have universal health care.

>dat file name
I'm going on Monday to a critical Care clinic. If I went right away I'd be waiting for at least 6 hours and the tests he suggested me to get(that the doctor would almost definitely also suggest) would take a few hours.

I'm currently just living life as normal, and being hyper aware of the extra mass on my throat.

The thing is, worst case scenario it's super aggressive cancer and I'm fucked, but best case scenario it's still something that's going to cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in medication each month... So regardless my life's seriously fucked. And I was kind not enjoying it up to this point either, so there's a pretty good chance I'll be having an "accident" once this is all settled and there's no attention on me.
Well share those pics!
Damn bro. So sorry.
I have nfi who you are, I'll never meet you. But today I'm thinking of you. I'd totally give you a hug man. Anything to let you know as shitty as your situation is, there's at least one random out there that is hoping for the best for you.
Hold on. You don't even know it's cancer yet. See what the tests show and take it from there.
When you're faced with something like this and you have a family history of it(my mom died of thyroid cancer) you kinda latch onto it, even if its unlikely.

Anyway, i went to the clinic and the nurse scheduled 1 blood test that i got that same day, and a sonogram upon results from the blood test, which should happen later in the week. She said she didnt know what it was, but was a lot more blasse about it compared to the doctor i met on the hookup... The doctor had 10+ years of medical experience and 3 doctorates with specialization in surgery seemed much more worried so i'm thinking i just ran into that situation where the person who controls the purse strings who has no emotional connection with you is less likely to green light stuff that might be in your best interest, to save cash. His recommendation was 4 blood tests and 2 scans ASAP.

Anyway, I'm kinda fucked regardless. Best case scenario i get to live with a benign cyst on my throat that feels very uncomfortable. Worst case, its cancer and i get surgery and deal with medication for the rest of my life(which could be a few months). Intermediate? Not cancer, but still requires surgery and i require meds to make up for an underperforming thyroid that would fuck up my hormonal balance.

Thanks, that counts for something.
Be me- 37, petite little manlet w/a babyface

I had a fun experience last week. stayed at a hotel near the airport to catch a flight back home the next day. bored and horny as hell. Its friday & the huge hotel is filled with families of peewee hockey players...some hot dads for sure. I offer my services on grndr and find a dad who needs a BJ. He stops my room- says he has a about 20 minutes- I get on my knees and pull his sweats down and begin to work...he had a nice cock- fairly thick with a fat head with just the perfect amount of manmusk that drove me wild...we alternated between me loving and nursing on that cock to him forcefully fucking my face with- pulling it out spanking my face and lips with it- all the while calling me delicious names. after about 15 mins he shoots all over my face...I clean him up with my mouth as best I can for a few minutes savoring the moment- he pulls up his sweats says thanks and jets.

surprisingly-I get a text early next morning saying his family is gone for a bit and he wants to come fuck me. I say sure. I get up, clean up, grab lube, a condom- crack the door and climb back into bed. I take the time to lube up a little and play with myself- by the time he shows up I am pretty damn hot/ bothered. He stands next to the bed. I starting sucking. He grabs the lube and starts to finger me as well...after about 5 minutes I pretty much cant take it any more and roll on my stomach and offer my ass- he slips off his clothes, puts on the condom and mounts me. I ease him in. we go slowly at first...then he lets loose. proceeds to fuck me with vigor. he pretty much just pinned me down&fucked the shit of me for 20 mins. no other positions-just him on top- sometimes fast, sometimes slow but always firm/deep. became very verbal toward the end and really finished hard...he lay on top me for a moment then got up- took the condom off dripped it on my face as I lay there stunned. he leaves...and I lay there for some time savoring that encounter.
I have a story from when I was in high school. Would anyone care to read it?
Posted an add on Craigslist while visiting Ruidoso NM. I had been curious about hooking up with a guy. A cowboy replies to my add, we start exchanging pics. I send him my room number and hotel info. He shows up about 45 minutes later wearing wranglers, boots and a leather jacket.

The guy ended up being a few years older than me, was thin built and had a sunburned tone to his skin. He comes in and right away starts commenting on my tan brown skin. He was Anglo and I am Hispanic. I start feeling his package and could tell it was big! Next thing I know we are both fully naked, feeling each others body. I este no time on going down on him. Eve thought he talked, dresses and looked like he worked at a ranch, he was clean and very well taken care of. I had tried some bi stuff before but this was really uncharted territory for me. This guy was about 8 inches rock hard! I spent the next 20 plus minutes sucking him off and playing with his balls. Guy started bucking his legs so we moved to the bed.

By now I was convinced that I wanted every inch of his cock inside of me. We started kissing, bitting his neck. Playing with his ear with my tongue would make his loose control. I would go down on him again and come up and present my smaller cock to him a he started sucking me as well! I was beyond excited !! I had asked him to bring condoms and lube which he did. I told him I needed him to loosen my ass by eating it and playing with it for a while.

He waisted no time! He would move from my ass to my cock with his tongue caressing every part of my ball, dick and ass. Next thing I knew he had his finder inside me, making sure I had plenty of lube. He put on a condom and slowly started inserting his rod in my, this older guy was so rock hard and I was enjoying every inch! He slowly rammed his rod missionary style. My dick was dripping wet. He did this for about 10 minutes before swapping doggy style. This is when I could really feel his nice cock push my stomach.
Guy started getting tired, but I wasn’t ready to stop. I asked him to lay down on the bed and I rode him for about 15 minutes. He was sold on my kisses and was begging me to kiss him. I would kiss him and softly bite his lip. He came and came some more, guy was such a heavy cummer.... not to mention loud! I got off him, he proceeded to suck me off and asked me to cum on his chest. Afterwards he sucked me off some more, we laid in bed and spoke for a few minutes.

This guy was the best hook up I had. I was a little sore the next day but with really good memories.

I watched him leave the hotel and get in to his F250, never to see him again.
Just hooked up off sniffies lol
Yeah post it
>>On grindr
>>28 yo Hairy bear 2 miles away, just tested that month
>>messaged him full spread of nudes but no face pics
>> sends back a beautiful thick uncut dick pic and asks to see my face
>>never sent face pics on grindr, decided it was worth a shot.
>>He's into me
>>Chatting about all the kinky fantasies i have
>>He gets impatient and says something like "since this is never gonna happen i'm going to bed, good luck"
>>pressures on, tell him i'll come blow him right now
>>he sends his location and asks if im coming
>>Ride my bike to be discreet because i dont want my car parked in the area
>>Bike by his apartment building
>>heart is racing, dick is hard
>>pass by and bike a few blocks away and tell him im almost there
>>5mins go by, text him im really nervous and ask if he'll meet me in the alley behind his place
>> i see him in the alley and walk up
>>briefly chit chat while we walk up to his room
>>He sits on the couch and i sit next to him
>>He starts to ask me about myself
>>This is feeling like a date not me coming here to blow him
>>I ask him if it's cool if we get to it so i wont be so nervous anymore
>>he grabs me and starts kissing me
>>not into kissing dudes but holy shit am i rock hard
>>grabbing his cock through his pants
>>start to pull his pants down but he stops me and starts to undress me instead
>>fully naked on my knees and i pull his shorts down
>>his cock is about 6.5" and thick like a beer can, perfect uncut cock, smells good, Im drooling at this point
>>start to lick his cock, get my tongue under his foreskin really trying to get him off
>>start blowing him, trying to take him deeper and deeper into my throat
>>suggests we move to his bed
>>At this point im so horny i'd be up for anything he does (ive never been fucked)
>>im laying on his bed and he gets ontop of me starts kissing me again
>>i start to stroke our cocks together
>>he stops and grabs my hips and pulls my ass to his cock
to be continued

>>at this point im so hard i nearly came, if he had lubed up i wouldn't have tried to stop him
>>I had to stop myself from begging him to fuck me
>>he starts to play with my nipples lick my neck
>>I never thought i'd be into anything but sucking dick, but i was completely ready to be his bitch
>>he starts to blow me (i said i didnt want to be blown over grindr) but i couldnt stop him it felt so good and i wanted to be his bitch
>>I ask him to throat fuck me, his eyes light up and i spin over and hang my head off the bed
>>he puts his cock in my mouth and starts to slowly fuck my face, im pushing back to get him down my throat
>> he's moaning and starts fucking the back of my throat, i cant breathe but im so fucking turned on
>>start jerking off until i have to tap out to breathe
>>he sits down on the bed and i get inbetween his legs and start blowing him again, telling him to give me any pointers or things he wants me to do
>>I find my groove and hes about to cum i feel his cock twitching and he lets out a big moan and cums
>>lets me spit it in his shirt and asks if i wanna be finished off
>>decline and tell him i came to please him
>>feel pretty awkward after and say im gonna leave if thats cool.
>>Go home, get back on grindr and start texting him about how horny i still am and how much fun that was
>> i told him when he grabbed my hips and put his cock on my hole i wish he woulda just pushed it in
to be continued

>>He said he wasnt sure if i was into the aggressive dom stuff he was doing and told me next time he'd fuck me
>>Sends more nudes back and forth and discussing all the kinky shit id want him to do to me
>>tells me he likes to just fuck a couple fwb and asks for my number like an idiot i didnt give it to him
>>tell him he can find me on grindr and anytime he wants he can have his way with me
>>haven't seen him on grindr but one time since and sadly he was on his way to work and couldn't meet up
>> i check grindr regularly for him now and cant wait to meet back up with him and let him do anything he wants
How long before you hookup should you do an enema
this was a wild fucking ride of a greentext someone archive this shit 10/10
>it’s not that bad today
it is actually still pretty bad today considering it’s not cured, moderately resistant strains are becoming more widespread, and rates are spiking again

get on prep if you want to bareback, other wise wrap it up
>Which was 3 years ago now, and I'd like to see that statistic without Africa included.

right it’s just three years ago, things have clearly changed

and who fucking cares about Africa? not like there are actual human beings over there, they don’t count
If it’s any consolation, cancer treatments have gotten dramatically better over the past ten years and survival statistics are a little out of date. Cancer is less and less a death sentence every passing day.

Speaking from experience. Four women in my family had breastcancer and won, two women had lung cancer and passed, and three of my cousins have had testicular cancer and beat it within months. We’re confident it’s genetic, but since we already suspect it we are all looking out for it and it’s saved a few lives by catching it early.

If you have a high genetic risk factor, you should go to your doctor and ask about testing options to find out for sure. Don’t trust companies like 23andMe tho. Maybe even check in with your mother’s oncologist and get her file for reference, which can be incredibly helpful and point you in the right direction if it’s ever a concern now or in the future, and if you suspect a genetic origin.

All that said most of the time, cancer is not inherited. The cases where it runs in families happens often enough to matter, but not enough to be seriously worried unless the same cancer has occurred twice in the family- and even then it’s not as likely as common environmental factors.

Be level-headed about it and soberly assess the real risk, be skeptical of what you’re reading online, get as much family info as you can, and find a doctor you trust. That’s all you have to do to greatly improve your chances of beating cancer if it ever happens.
Is his name Sam by any chance?
>first semester in college, dorming
>receive a message from an old spanish guy
>I wanted someone my age, taller, and bigger but too horny to care. Like 5-6" 37
>say yes. Bloke lives five mins away
>I haven't practiced enough and advised him to take it slow first
>eats me out for a good couple of mins
>played n sucked with my nipples. Yuss. We also made out for a few
>Folding deck chair. He starts going slow then ramps it up. Poppers used. Jungle Juice. Bareback since we're both clean
>Love the feeling of being sub. Chokes me at one point. 10 points
>kisses my neck, start to quease and moan slightly louder throughout the escapade.
>Small break. He then drags me to the edge of the bed. He's standing, my butt is hanging off and he grabs both my arms and starts pounding away.
>moaning and enjoying the loud claps, moans, and his filling the room.
>he climaxes into my sore hole. I feel his throbbing cock pulsating so I grab him closer to me.
>We both make out some more, cuddle and then sleep for the night bc it got late
>met him a total of 6 times through the semester until I got into a relationship. Later sizzled.

Fun times. I'm currently working out and going to military, but once I come back, I'm gonna whore my twinky latino ass every chance I can get uwu
I'm a tourist from Germany in the united states, so you'll have to forgive some of my grammar mistakes but I have to tell this story since just by remembering it I get hard again and again.
I'm in Virginia at the moment, I'm traveling by myself. This weekend I decided to explore some parts of the Appalachian Trail. I took my backpack, my tent and decided to do a 10-mile hiking. Everything was great, the landscape and the camping site were fantastic. After setting up my tent I decided to go to a near lake and river in order to take a quick bath. This lake was quite close to the trail. I took off my pants and my shirt and jumped into the cold water. When I got out of the lake I decided to stay in the sunlight for a little bit just wearing my underwear, in order for it to get dry. I had a snack and a guy who was doing a big chunk of the trail (he told me he had begun a couple of weeks ago) passed near me. He asked me something about my camping site (where, how, what, etc) and after I answered all of his questions I noticed that he was making some effort in order to keep the conversation going. He was handsome. with a nice beard and muscle body. White guy on his mid-thirties with blue eyes. I look similar but he definitely had a better body build than I do. I'm more on the skinny side. We continued the conversation. We talked about a bunch of stuff and by then I was already considering the idea of making a move on him....
I felt very attracted to him but I didn't know if he was gay. He looked very masculine to me. He mentioned something about he wanting to check out the camping site and maybe using the showers. I told him that I just had been bathing on the lake and that it was the reason I was just wearing my undies. He said he thought I was sunbathing. He hesitated about getting into the lake, and at the end, he decided to go check the camping site facilities. I got frustrated by the idea of not seeing him again. I picked up all my stuff and went to the camping site hoping to see him again, and I did. He was walking back to the trail when I approached and start the conversation again. After a few seconds, I grew a pair and asked him where he was staying for the night that day. He smiled. told me that he planned to set his tent a few miles up to the north. "well, maybe we can hang tonight" I said with a casual voice. He asked me if I wanted to set my tent with him, a few miles from the camping site and I agreed. He was too hot for me to say no. I picked up my tent and we walked for about 40 minutes. the weather was very humid, so we both were very sweaty when we finally decided to stop walking. He never took a shower on the camping site, nor jumped into the lake, so I was able to notice his smell all the time. It was a manly smell. Sweat, mud, and smoke. We lighted a fire and started to talk again. Conversations about women and previous dates. We had some food and after all that walking and exercise I started to feel pretty relaxed. I think he did too. we laughed and keep talking. After a while I found the courage to ask him when had been the last time he got off. "about 20 days" he said, We moved to another topic and then I mentioned casually that I was bisexual and he seemed to be pretty cool about it. I think by now he knew where I was going. he tool of his shirt complaining about the humid day and I did the same. It was about to be the sunset.
We were half naked and swaty, and keep that way untill it was dark. His tent was very small, just for one person, and mine was for 4 person, so I asked him if he wanted to come to mine, and we could leave all our stuff on his tent. He agreed. we layed down, I started to touch his chest and abs, I dont think he was down to kiss so I didnt try for that time. he wasnt touching me so I assumed he only wanted to get serviced, and I was more than happy to do it. i sucked and suckes his sweaty and smelly cock. he smelled like a real man to me. he fucked my mouth really hard, he was moaning very hard, and I was trying not to gag. for one second I thought he wanted to kiss me but he only forced me to lay on my stomach and he jumped on top of my back with his arms across my neck. His breathing was right at the back of my ears, he was pulling off my hais it was painfull but hot. I am not really a bottom but I would have never said anything for hom to stop when I notices he was trying to get my pants off. I just layed there. I tried to turn around and lay on my back so I could see his face but he forced me to stay the way I was...
Long story short. He use some spit to put on my ass and put his decent size penis inside of me. I was almost crying on pain but also screaming out of pleasure. it lasts for a while. Maybe 25 minutes. and he came inside of me. We went to the river to rinse off our bodies afterwards. then we went to sleep and the next morning everything was very serious. he just talked about the basic stuff and we said goodbye.
This isn’t really a “hookup story” but more of how a bunch of stuff led to a regular hookup. I don’t feel like greentexting so don’t yell at me. Pic related (his ass after a fuck session)

So when I was 15, I met a boy who was a few months younger than me because he started riding my bus. We became good friends. A few months later I invited him over the first time and we just hung for a few hours until we went home.

So after a few months of hanging out, he was over one night and we got horny so we jerked off together but under blankets so neither of us saw anything. This happened a few more times until eventually we started jerking in front of each other, then jerking each other, then sucking each other off. I wanted to do more but he put it off until last Summer when we were 18 and we came close to sex because we were drunk and at a party.

Finally last October it happened. My parents were out of town for the weekend so he came over on Friday night and we hung out for a few hours driving around looking for shit to do, got some food, etc. Then we went back to my place and upstairs to my room. He laid down and I gave him a massage (I give him massages on the regular), after that I jerked him a little bit and sucked his dick until he was about to cum, and I pulled away. Then I put him on all fours and fucked him for like 20 mins. I spit on his hole and fingered him, then I pushed in, slow at first, but we found a rhythm and I picked it up. I flipped him onto his back and put his legs on my shoulders and fucked him while I stared into his eyes and watched him drift between pleasure and reality until I pulled out and came on his dick and stomach, then I sucked his dick until he was close again and pulled away and we watched his dick shoot hands free like a volcano. (We laughed for like a solid hour).

That was both of our first times, and now it’s a regular thing. We’re both 19 now and still close friends. Hope you guys liked my story
File: 75826104-75826861_3008.png (379 KB, 600x800)
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Anyone have any 'anonymous' hookup stories?
It's my kink/fantasy to be bent over my chair/couch just waiting for somebody to walk in and use my ass. No words or exchange
This happened a few months ago. I'm not usually the type to cruise at gyms or anything. I take my lifting seriously. I'm not huge, but I'm decently built. Anyway, this was a leg day, so I'm in the squat rack pumping out my sets when I notice this black guy watching me. This isn't that unusual. Guys will sometimes watch me to compare to their form. I do the same thing, sometimes, or when I see someone doing an exercise I've never seen before. Anyway, this goes on for about the ten minutes it takes for me to do all my squats. As I'm pulling the weights off of the bar, he comes up to me and asks for some tips on form. I show him some stuff and think nothing of it. I get through the rest of my workout and head into the lockers to show and change, right? And who else is there but the guy I talked to earlier. Let's call him M, I guess. Anyway, the shower stalls are private, but I see his face through a little crack in his curtain. I hop in the shower, rinse off, put on my towel and head back to the lockers. There's a wide mirror set beside some of the lockers that I like to use to check my progress for a little before I change. Out of the corner of my eye I see M heading my way. I notice that he doesn't have his towel around his waist; he dried off and then threw it over his shoulder. Not that unusual, especially when the gym is empty like it is. And he's sporting a massive dick. Like, it's soft, and longer and thicker than most I've seen. He kind of eyes me in a way that I recognize. It's that gay, "I want to fuck you but you'll only know if you're also gay" look. I haven't given off any tells, yet, because like I said, I'm not usually the type to cruise. But...fuck it. I decide to take off my towel, too.


Something I should note before I go on. I'm a built guy, and I'm kind of hairy. People usually expect me to be a top, but...you know how some guys are growers, and some guys are showers? Well, I'm neither. My dick's like two inches soft, three inches hard. I don't really give a shit, I love taking dick so it doesn't matter. I pull off my towel, through it over my shoulder, and slowly turn back to get to my locker, while also sort of facing him. And I see him look at my big muscle butt, then my dick, and he kinda smirks.

I won't bore you with any more details about how we met, but hours later we're back at his place and I'm getting railed. His dick is huge. At one point, I'm kind of riding him with my back towards him, but he's doing the thrusting, and in front of us is this mirror. And I'm having a hard time getting the last couple of inches of his dick in me. He's probably like 9" long and 6" around, but the last few inches are even thicker. I look in the mirror and something just clicks, you know? I'm rock hard and his dick is literally three times as big as mine. His balls are bigger than my dick. And that's when I manage to get those last few inches in. Feeling my little dick bounce around while my hairy butthole is getting stretched by this big fucking dick. God damn. There's really something special about it.
>be me
>horny high school student, been curious for a year
>decide to try meeting a guy online
>chat with cute 27yo top on kik for awhile
>really wants to meet up but never free at the same time
>get a day off from school
>he’s house sitting and can host that day
>this is it
>take a train across town to him
>nervous the whole ride, knees shaky getting off
>he picks me up at the station and drives me to the house
>we smoke and chat at first then he shows me test papers and I clean out
>he knows it’s my first time so he gives me a dragon dildo to “warm up” with
>suck his cock while he teases and toys my ass
>get impatient and ask him to fuck me
>he keeps refusing until eventually I’m pleading for it in a slutty feminine voice
>puts me on all fours and gets behind me
>it’s finally happening
>he puts a condom on and lubes me up
>slides a finger in first, it goes easily and I moan
>feel him press his cock on my hole and push
>hurts A LOT when it starts to go in and I make him stop
>condoms too dry, add lube but still no luck
>he says to wait
>removes condom and gets slick with lube without a word but I don’t mind
>when he pushes again he slides in easily
>hurts but also most intense pleasure ever
>starts slowly but roughly fucking me
>whimper loudly every time he bottoms out
>speeds up until he’s pounding me full speed and squeezing my neck with both hands
>I moan and scream and cry loud enough for the neighbors to hear
>he puts me in an arm bar and shoves my face into the bed
>the angle makes him hit the sweet spot on every thrust and I cum harder than I ever have and tense up
>feeling this makes him cum at the same time
>his grip tightens until he’s literally choking me while he drops his load
>let’s go and pulls out
>I lay there trying to process everything that happened

Went for another round and I rode the train home with his cum leaking out. Talked to him more, and we found out a neighbor definitely heard us, oops :p
What a great story! Also I've lived in Virginia my entire life and I love the Appalachian trail.
Africa accounts for the majority of the world's AIDS population. Remove Africa from that AIDS statistic and I'm sure the numbers drop significantly.
Saying 1 million people died of AIDS 3 years ago doesn't really say anything other than that someone is fear mongering.
More of a question:

I'm a bi-curious guy, and I signed up for Grindr. I made my profile etc (I've already gotten a dick pick..) but Im not sure how I should reach out to people on there.

Also what are tribes?
>Be me
>32, 5' 7" slender-fit manlet who looks like a late teen or early 20s skate dude cutie. Still mistaken for underage despite arrogantly prodigious diction. Rare neoteny + fortunate background, lazy yet fastidious, reflective aesthete used to goodlife, never worked hard at anything but collecting music.
>Meet super-nice black guy, 24, 6'1", fit, sensous, gentle, good-natured, considerate, employed professional, etc.
>Get together regularly for a while, cucksucking, me face-fucking him, cuddling, banter, never an awkward moment. He was only moderately effeminate, mostly mellow, and I loved his body, worshiped it with my tongue, our kisses long, lingering, quietly intoxicating, with hands on one another's cocks, sleepily high, serenely compatible in temperament and sexual aptitude despite the contrast in physique. Soul twins. Differ only in intellect, me a borderline polymath, ferociously curious, him a regular guy, but a good listener, innately wise but maybe too easily amused, not given to rhapsodic flights or bizarre art or recondite science.
>July. We are taking a walk together in the afternoon sun, warming ourselves up before. We're both wearing fairly clingy somewhat tight T-shirts, not what we usually do, but now for the sheer queerness of the occasion, sweating a little, on and off looking at one another feelingly, more than content with what we see, soon to get our horns on, in the mutually kind wildness of which civility is a dim shadow.
dude what the hell
Hey, I'm visiting in Virginia right now.
What lake did you stay next to?

I have fucked several guys who were flaccid, asked one and he said the pleasure was in the ass and his dick had nothing to do with it

I can't have anal unless I'm hard

Guess people are just different
>be me 33
>be earlier today
>message 18 yo and trade dick pics
>invites me over
>kiss and mutual jo
>his dick is short but thick
>giving him head
>hart to fit and deep throat
>he cums i swallow
>i leave and suggest he fuck my ass soon
very poetic, my dude
This is clearly a copypasta this is the 2nd time I’ve read this story and it’s worded exactly the same as the first time over a month ago. Gosh, fags on /hm/ are pathetic
A few weeks ago I gave head to a really thick black guy in the bathroom on my college department's floor. He was big even when he was soft, and got hard in my mouth. Came without letting me know.
I <3 black guys lol
It goes like this:

>Hello, how are you
>I'm well, and you?
>Doing great, what are you looking for?
>Blah blah blah
>Me too! Or I'm actually looking for blah blah blah
*Both parties find a mutual agreement or end conversation*

If it continues
*Trade pics*
>Wow, nice parts
>Your parts are also nice
*Schedule a time and place to meet*

Then you either get flaked or you meet up. If they try to push back or come up with an excuse from meeting, they're going to flake on you so just cut it there.

Pics may come at any time in the conversation. Some guys will just send you pics and a location for you to fuck, no conversation required.
I’m thinking about checking out a bathhouse in the next city over but I haven’t done much with guys before, is there anything I should expect before I show up?
>meet guy I've hooked up with several times before
>He is 5'8, French, Dark Complexion, Dark Hair, and Hair almost everywhere. Actually turned him down a few times because sometimes I don't care for hairy.
>Usually leave the door open and wait nude on the bed but we chill on the sofa once he arrives
>My legs over his lap as he slowly works his way down to my feet as we slow talk
>Playing with my ankles he moves his hand under my sock which he takes off and continues to rub all over my foot as we make casual conversation
>He lays down against by body so that he can see on my phone what I am talking about
>Kisses me within about 10 seconds of laying down which we do for a while as he rubs my cock outside of my shorts
>We take it to the bed room where we undress and I begin to suck him after kissing all the way to the bedroom
>After 10 minutes he tells me to stop because he wants to fuck me and my mouth is doing too good of a job
>He lays me on my back, lifts my feet just over his shoulders and starts fucking me
>He fucks me for 20/30 minutes then cums in the condom
>I think I came quickly after him but sometimes I would just jerk off once he had left

Same guy actually messaged me a few months ago since my Grindr was blocked and and I wasn't able to message him to hookup but I've been in a long distance relationship since January
Thanks for sharing!
Me, 14
Kinda feminine, long hair
Travel to the place I used to live in, far in the countryside during summer time
Reunite with childhood friends and best friend Max
Decide to have a sleepover, we'll both sleep in my sisters bedroom (I used to sleep on the couch back when we were living there)
No parents home, Max smuggles beer and weed into the bedroom
We drink and eventually decide to masturbate watching porn, each of us in is own sleeping bag
Max rolls a joint and starts to smoke it
Passes me the thing (naked, in my sleeping bag) and for the first time, I smoked pot
Anxious at first, I was calmed by Max's words and more beer
We laugh and joked about how the situation was awkward
Max says we should play truth or dare, because we have a lot to catch up since I moved
Decides to play along, choose dare
He dares me to wear my sisters underwear
From within my sleeping bag I put my boxers on and moved towards my sisters wardrobe
After showing him most of my sister's underwear, Max finally decided that the little black thong made me the most sexy
Wtf is going on
Max rolled another joint as he tells me to get a matching bra
Tell him it's my turn
I feel blood rushing to my head and dare him to pick clothes for me
He dressed me up, tight jeans (desu I never though my ass looked so nice), pink bra, white top, with the black thong strings showing
mfw I look like a girl, a fucking slut (at that point, I also started fantasising having sex with my sister, what a fucking degenerate she was or having such sexy clothes
The rest of the game was pretty obvious, he truthed while I dared
He dared me to tie my hair and wear make up (who doesn't like a green eyed brunette is what I though when I saw myself in the mirror)
The being a princess dream ends when you hear your voice, s girly as I was I wasn't a girl
But I sure looked like one
3rd joint being rolled, I'm losing my mind (I'm all dolled up, watching my childhood friend, son of a farmer, muscular, sexy...)
Max is still naked in his sleeping bag
We smoke the joint and continue the game
Since he always truths I ask him if he would kiss a girl like me
He takes my head with one hand and my waist with the other and pulls me towards him
I'm kissing my childhood best friend dressed in my sisters clothes and wearing her make up, whaaaaat
He dares me to strip
I do, but I keep the bra and thong (I fucking had the shape of a girl back then)
I dare him to let me suck his cock
Max pulls the sleeping bag away and reveals his cock
My dick was a joke compared to his
His cock hypnotised me
Huge, beautiful, perfect in everyway
His foreskin, the feel of it in my hand
So big compared to mine
First I licked the head (actually tastes better than pussy)
Kissed it (Holy shit it's big)
I'm sucking a cock right now
Scared to death, don't want to choke to death on cum
Tells me he will warn me
I love cock
Undresses me
Feel his skin
Play with his cock and balls
Tells me to beg to get fucked
I do
I sit over him, his big hand is playing with our cocks
To be honest, I don't really remember what happened after that
Too much beer and too much weed
We kissed
His big cock filled my ass
Then I realized I had a dick up my bum
Shower time
Playing with his cock is amazing
Washing his muscular body
We got back into my sisters bedroom
We're way beyond watching porn together
He tells me to dress up again
I put on skimpy bikini, pink bottom, orange top
I feel so fucking great
He kisses me all over until I went back down
I kissed his cock a few times before I let him fuck me
It felt so good
His big, perfect cock in my ass
Fucking me

I woke up
Kissed his body
Went down to his cock
Licked it and kissed it

We showered together as a joke for the previous night
I played with his cock again
He fucks me one last time in the shower

I stole the black thong from my sister
Every time I put it on it reminds me of that night

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