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File: kn1.jpg (936 KB, 1145x1176)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
>be HS senior
>be only semi-out, but adopt an androgynous, emo-like style, wearing eyeliner and nail polish
>be only one left hanging around in the changing room after sports one day
>4 guys from school walk past the half-open door
>one of them calls me "faggot"
>reply by shouting out something about fucking their mothers (don't remember if it involved me or them doing the deed).
>they stop in their tracks
>3 of them come in, telling the 4th to keep watch at the door
>two grab hold of me, one on each side
>think 3rd one (pic related) is going to beat me up
>is probably his original intention, but then has another idea
>"Turn him round"
>then tells them to bend me over and put my hands down onto the bench
>gags me with a towel (knotting it tight behind my head) and pulls down my pants
>takes my hand cream from the bench and smears some on his dick
>one of his friends calls him gross, the other laughs
>"hold him now"
>he shoves my legs apart with his shoes and starts pushing in
>slaps my back
>"Hold still. and don't clench your asshole, faggot. Don't act like this is your first assfuck."
>his dick pushes past my sphincter
>"That's better. Good girl"
>desperately shake my head, but have to endure the rape, which goes on for a while
>"I'm cumming...Yes, babe!"
>he shoots his load inside my ass
>seems to go on for ages, almost like he's having 2 orgasms in succession
>finally says "Done" and pulls out
>pats my ass
>"You were not bad, sweetie - not bad at all"
>takes out some dollar bills and drops them at my feet
>"Here, buy yourself some new nail polish on me"
>the other two laugh
>be afraid they're going to fuck me as well, but they let go off me
>leaving, he says I'll probably want to go and wash my ass now
>take off the gag and start sobbing with humiliation & anger
>but later my masochistic streak starts taking over
>become sexually obsessed with him, and repeatedly jerk off to the rape
>always stare at him when I saw him in the halls, or in the class we have together
>his friends (not the ones involved in the rape) notice, and it becomes a running joke among them that I have a "crush" on him (calling me "your admirer", teasing him about going to prom with me)
>he seems half amused, half bemused by it
>be alone in the toilets with him a few months later
>take urinal right next to his
>when he's finished pissing, he goes into a stall (leaving the door open), sits down and takes out his dick again
>just look at him
>he says "Well? What are you waiting for?"
>hate myself for doing so, but go in, close door behind us, kneel down & start sucking his dick
>after a while he takes off his shirt, then tells me to take my pants off and ride him to orgasm
>but before I sit down on his dick he makes me take off one of my socks and put it over my own dick as a "shield"
>lower myself slowly onto his cock, and move tentatively on it at first, then ride it harder and harder, giving it my all
>he just sits there with a wry half-smile, letting me service him
>as I ride him I don't exactly kiss him, but put my closed lips up against his closed lips
>also suck on his fingers
>cum in my sock as he cums in my ass
>he brushes my hands off his neck/shoulders and gets up
>says "Man, you're such a slut" as he does up his belt and leaves
>some time later approach him and ask if he wants a repeat of what we did in the toilet
>he just snorts, then shakes his head smirking
>me a 16-year old virgin
>seeing an 18-year old on the sly since I'm still in the closet
>had a crush on him before it got serious, but after it got serious realize he's an asshole
>torn between not wanting to let him go and can't standing him
>finally decide it's over
>meet him at my place while my parents are at work to tell him face-to-face since I'm not the "text-and-ghost" type
>tell him it's not working out but I do like him (I lied)
>we're hugging, he's rubbing my back
>says to me he's sorry he never got to fuck me
>like an idiot I say "me too" (not #metoo, not yet)
>he pushed me backwards and we land on the couch, him on top
>kissing me. kind of letting him but not enjoying it
>starts undoing my pants but tell him I have to go
>he says "not yet"
>I say "yeah, i have to go"
>he grabs me by the throat and says "not yet"
>pulls me off the couch, face down and pulls my pants to my ankles
>try to scramble away but before I can he's got his pants down and is on top of me
>says "no one dumps me"
>hear him spit and feel his cock at my asshole
>says "after this you'll never want to leave
>jams his cock into my ass
>searing pain
>begging for him to stop
>he says "fuck you. you'll never want to leave me now"
>pounds my ass. i'm still trying to get away but he's got a fistful of my hair and alternately pushes my face into the rug or pulls it back so I'm looking at the ceiling
>a couple of well places punches to the side of my head takes the fight out of me
>just slams my ass until he cums
>he gets up, pulls his pants up and walks out
>I'm laying on the floor, cum and blood oozing out of my ass
>feel my eye throbbing
>finally get up when my head stops spinning
>grab a bag of ice and hold it to my head while I take a shower to clean up
>explain to my parents I got jumped
>never see the guy again
Wait a second i recognize this pic, are you the same anon who posted about being the bottom for a group of nerdy looking guys who turned out to be super aggressive dominant tops? Did you just save the pic he used or the same guy?
No, that wasn't me, and the pic in my post is the guy in my story. I don't think I've seen the other post you mean. I did post my story here before though, so maybe that's where you recognize the pic from, and got it mixed up with the other post.
I’m being serious here how tiny are you if this was your bully ? And then fuck buddy ?
These are more "rape stories" than "hate fuck stories".

I definitely also remember this picture from the post about the three nerdy guys
>be 23
>stumble on guy who used to bully me in middle school/early high school on Grindr
>he messages me "long time no see. wanna fuck?"
>write back "who tops who?"
>"whoever's stronger lol"
>*definitely* don't want to bottom for him, but would love to fuck the shit out of him
>have been working out for 3 years, so think I can take him on easily
>agree to it
>he comes round to my place
>we strip off to our underwear
>gulp when he takes off his shirt - he's more ripped than I thought
>we start wrestling on my bed, and I soon realize he's stronger than me
>shit shit shit
>why did I get myself into this
>he grins at me
>"that's it - the harder you fight me, the more I'm going to enjoy your asshole later on"
>finally he turns me over on my belly and pins me down under him
>"got you"
>he pulls down our underpants
>say "fuck no" in what must be a rather pathetic voice
>he laughs
>"fuck *yes*, pussy"
>he spits into his hand
>"get ready for your top, bitch"
>he goes on verbally degrading me as he fucks me

(pic related)
Spitting into his hand was the true horror. I keep hoping someone from HS/ MS worth fucking will show up on grindr. The best I got was this ex friend that's not my type due to being overweight and a bitchy fem.
>Ex is kinky and always bitches about me being too tame
>One day chilling and i see that fat ass staring at me as he is making some coffee
>push him on the counter
>Little faggot is one weight class over me but doesn't put up a fight
>Dad once teased me that i shouldn't fight him as he pinned me down on the couch in my living room
>Tie his hands as he "resisted"
>Play with his cock
>Decided i should skip the foreplay
>Fuck him on the counter
>Kept slapping his ass and making remarks
>Grab his blonde hair and use his face to wipe the counter
>Continue grabbing his hair and slapping his ass around as i came inside him
>Untie him
>He throws a tantrum throws me on bed and proceeds to suck the soul out of my cock
>Next time he makes coffee he is leaned forward and his pants are a bit low
He was a constant tease
Here's a shirtless pic of him btw (only later added to his profile)
Looks like a giant midget... Huge forehead, disproportionate arms and legs and torso... Definitely a giant midget...
>about a month ago, 21
>post night out, very drunk and horny
>hop on grindr and find a guy who turns out to be dominant, exactly what im looking for and have exp w
> i say i prob wont use a safe word, for him to give me all he has
> he arrives, 6ft or taller, shaved head, beard, muscular bull beer belly type, hairy
>he sits on my bed and i kneel infront of him in some panties he brought
>starts spitting on me till my face is practically drenched and hes making me beg him to throat fuck me
>says ill need to take 5 slaps
> he counts down the seconds from 3, but slaps me at 1, i fall to the side (drunk and hard slap)
> does this 5 times alternating side of my face and when he slaps me in the countdown
>finally gets his cock out
>between 5-7inch but what i remember most is how thick it was, never had a cock that thick
>he lets me suck it at my own pace as hes occasionally hitting my arm, talking about giving me bruises
> at some point hes taken off my panties and is telling me to keep my hard cock hidden between my legs
>"if i see it youll be worse off"
>scared/horny but whatever
>makes me 'finger' my 'pussy', so im rubbing my pubes, kinda am laughing in my own head as this is happening but still kinda hot
>starts throat fucking me the best ive been, at one point im lying on my bed and he is lying on top of me with his cock in my mouth, plowing into my throat
>oh shit drunk
>vomit alcohol over his cock and legs
>"filthy slut said you could handle it?" slaps me
>lies down and lets me smell/ lick his armpits
>starts choking me pushing me up, my room is the loft so the ceiling is slanted, my head pressed against it
>start sucking his balls, says he going to beat me a bit after he cums
>he cums, i swallow it all
> he walks out, mustve not been horny enough anymore

>texts me a few days later asking for pictures of my bruises,none had came in
>says he will try cutting me next time. Welp. was gonna meet again but not having a guy w a knife, tho he clarified 'only scratches'
File: ZYaslOg.jpg (531 KB, 925x1184)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
Do you mean this pic?
Damn, you got a copy of that story?
>shit that did NOT happen
is this what gay people do? Is it always so aggressive and perverted with you faggots?
lol has the face of a typical bully
that's clearly a tranny larp
don't confuse gays with them
File: gangbang.jpg (186 KB, 1016x289)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Oh yeah it was this one. Mistook the guy on the top right for the OP pic.
Yeah, they're a similar type.
Ewww.. i would have passed.. you coulda done better.
frankly that's the whole point
>Step brother seems to hate me for being gay
>Slams me into walls, punches/kicks me and calls me faggot constantly when he knows we're alone
>Never really tell anyone since I don't wanna cause trouble
>Also be really attracted to him
>He's 6'2 black hair half Albanian and half Hispanic, dad bod type from drinking but still an athletic guy
>Steal his underwear stained with cum, find filled condoms from his trash when he fucks his girlfriend
>Jack off constantly to the thought of him fucking me
>Parents leave for a week and we generally stay away from each other the first day
>Second day I wake up, make breakfast and he comes in pissed off for some reason
>Tells me to make him a plate and like a faggot I do
>He just stares at me still pissed and I start heading to my room
>I hear footsteps coming to my door as he slams it open
>"You been stealing my underwear you gross fag"
>I try to stammer that I haven't but he starts hitting me
>As he does I start getting hard and he knocks my dick a couple times
>He holds me down and starts mounting my chest and I notice he's hard too
>I don't even ask I just start pulling down his track pants and start sucking
>8in thick cock uncut leaking precum on my lips big balls hanging down
>He pins my shoulders down and starts mouth fucking me. I try to deep throat but my teeth start accidentally scraping him
>He slaps me, "open wider fag" "you like that faggot"
>his balls slapping my chin as he literally opens my throat up with just his cock
>I keep choking and spitting up, tears streaming down as I furiously jack off
>Think I black out a couple times from lack of oxygen but don't care
>He starts face fucking me faster and faster as he grunts cum starts pulsing into my throat
>I try to swallow but end up choking semi vomiting up the cum
>I see the disgust in his face as he climbs off me with saying a word and I hear him shower
>I cum as I continue to swallow whatever cum I can find on my chin and chest

Unfortunately he never used me after that but surprisingly he wasn't as mean to me after. Must have thought I would told but I still remember that day and think of it when I jerk.
>me 19 living with 24 yr old bf
>i'm the top, he's my bottom
>bf hangs out with friends but never wants me to come with
>his friends are his ex boyfriends
>ask but bf says "no"
>get a week off of work so buy an ounce of weed
>get blazed for 2 days straight before i say "i know you're letting your ex's hit it"
>day 3 wake up early and make smothies
>his has a lot of psyllium husk for reasons
>day 4 get a throbbing erection while we're smoking
>pin him on his back
>spit in my hand then on his hole
>slowly work in and he loves it
>an hour later pin him down again and breed his hole again
>later in the day take his hole over kitchen counter
>"it's still sore"
>"don't care i'm horny and that ass looks bubbly"
>breed him
>a couple of hours later pin him while cuddling
>he's saying "nooooooo"
>still push in
>fuck and breed him
>he cums while i fucked him
>next day repeat
>get his hole exposed by forcing him into position
>rape his shitter for the next 3 days
>every time he struggles
>like real struggle
>but pin him on his back and lean in with bicep around the back of his neck
>he takes it
>go back to work
>next day off he invites me to hang out with friends
>they weren't actually fucking
>just getting high (weed)
>they share with me
>get home and find out i created a monster
>he drains my dick daily
>multiple times
>start cheating on him
>breed a lot of holes
>he keeps riding my dick
>sometimes need to cum right after i breed him
>go directly back in
>now he is kissing me and sucking my lips and asking for it harder
>marijuana makes him horny
>get suspicious but dont care anymore
>jerk off to thinking about my bf getting gang bred
>he doesnt let me waste a load ever
>broke up a year later

pic related

1:02:00 This Pricks Up My Ears
More plssssss
Most /hm/ greentexts have to be fake, or else incestuous molestation is extremely common. Of course, that's at least as meaningful a reflection.
someone needs to tell him that no amount of muscle can change the fact that hes a pig ugly dickhead midget
hot as fuck
The consensual (or semi-consensual) stories are one thing, but if >>1851964 turns you on, you're fucked in the head
Yeah it was actually really tragic and sad to read. I hope OP gets help and is able to heal from that.
I’m so sorry
So u just constantly fucked in the moment without getting shit all over ur dick? Please clarify
He mentioned psyllium husk and fiber smoothies. When you eat alot of fiber (specially psyllium husk) your poop comes out more firm, so it leaves little or nothing behind to get on your dick. Or since he clearly likes it up the butt alot he could be doing a enema after every shit he takes
I wish I could meet you. I would like to have you as a friend
I think you ment:

i need more
>he had sex with me without my consent
this isn't hate fucking, you were raped my dude.
Oh no, I realize that - "hate fuck" just refers to the 2nd time, the first time is just the backstory to the hate fuck
File: greentext1.jpg (173 KB, 971x650)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
wtf is the point of greentext if I still have to read a goddam 30 page book to get thru a post

File: p1.jpg (247 KB, 650x653)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>roommate of a friend of mine
>condescending prick
>when my friend tells me he's bi, I tell her it's a shame he's such a jerk, as he's kind of cute
>party at their flat a few weeks later
>we're standing in his bedroom, just the two of us, both slightly drunk, and arguing about something (nothing personal, politics or art)
>suddenly he locks the door
>"I'm tired of you talking, let's put your mouth to better use"
>he pulls down his trousers and sits down on the bed
>after only a short hesitation, I drop to my knees in front of him and start servicing him
>"Yeah. Suck me, bitch"
>he smells pleasantly musky
>he orders me to play with his balls
>he grabs the back of my head and cums in my mouth
>"Eat it, bitch! Eat my load!"
>when I've swallowed everything, he takes off his shoes and socks and tells me to suck on his toes as I jerk myself off
>he starts jerking off too, and after I've cum, he makes me take his second load in my face
>we both clean up with wet wipes and rejoin the party as if nothing had happened
File: p2.jpg (150 KB, 487x650)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
He looks like a little bitch I would’ve made him ride my cock. Did he at least have a nice prick
Yeah, it was pretty nice.
I had been raped two times if that matters.
>think my bf new I was cheating on him
>we meet up and had sex
>he fucked me so hard and wouldn't slow down or stop when I begged him too.
>he cum on my ass and back.
> I went to shower and when I'd finished he'd gone and took all my money out my wallet.
> never seen him again
Can we hear those stories?
you must of been a freak and deserved to get bullied if you were turned on by rape

fuckin loser
My friend got raped two times. Strange thing is that we do hardcore rape roleplay and he loves to be degraded and abused.
reliving the experience in a way you can control what's happening helps with trauma
He was into it before the rapes though.

Loves to be hurt too.
What the fuck.
>be me, 18, new into this whole gay dating so I didn't knkw better
>meet this relatively well off 30 year old bear

>fast forward to the sex (rape)
>I am on his bed and it is my first time
>i an on my stomach, barely lubed and he shoves it in all the way through no preparation
>i scream from the top of my lungs
>he doesn't stop, keeps thrusting
>in those moments I just want to die, the pain is compared to being hit by a train in your asshole
>it hurts so bad I can't even cry, I shout at him to stop
>he grabs onto me tighter and stops for 1-2 mininuted
>the whole ordeal took like 15 minutes, pure agony where I scream in the pillow being afraid the neighbors would hear me
>cums inside of me (condom on)
>he gets off me, throws the condom on the floor and leaves to smoke a cigarette (I am sure it had shit and blood on it)
>I am finally not in pure agony, I take a blanket and cover myself
>he comes back, spoons me while I am being silent
>I still remember the pain to this day

Second story :
>I am at his house, exams are over so I decide to get drunk
>he pulls out a bottle of wine
>i decide to drink 2 glasses like it was water.
>Think to myself "I won't get raped since I need to shit and I'll be getting drunk, right?"
>fast forward an hour later I am completely wasted (had I been drinking more than I know of? had he roofied me?"
>go to bed and I black out
>I wake up, I am on my stomach, I don't know what he did to me to wake me up (clearly not something light) but I woke up to him cumming on my ass hole then wiping my buttcheeks and ass hole with a wet cold towel (was it wet to wipe off the shit in case he raped me?)
>blacks out once more
>I wake up, puking everywhere, him comforting me, changing the sheets
>I go to the bathroom, I can barely walk so I think I crawled my way there
>wake up, I feel so sick, I have to throw the sheets into the washing machine
>the stench of puke infused sheets and wine on the living room's table make me want to puke my guts out
>he messages me that it was such a wonderful night
>I'm like, in my mind, wtf I feel so sick and hungover, I passed out and stained your new bed and you"re telling me this?

He was an abusive alcoholic asshole. Later on I caught him in bed with an escort who was bragging he doesn't use the condom. He even said that we should stop using the condoms because we are official and exclusive to one another.

It took me 3 years to realize I was raped. It is not fun nor something that I want to happen to anybody. Lots of fags are into rape but remember that there is a difference between rape and "rape"(as in the roleplay).
I have trust issues and I kind of fuck up my relationships due to severe trust issues. I have improved, I am getting better but every I wait years for a decent guy to come along and be very picky I let those issues ruin it all. Either that or they cheat or abuse me. I gave up on the gay dating. Love doesn't exist in the gay community, at least not where I'm from.
I had a few relationships after where I was either beaten, cheated on with a tranny or simply psychologically abused.
I am 22 and I learned so much from this. Matured me the fuck up.

He messages me from time to time wanting to have a coffee with him. I kindly refuse. Last time he was in denial about him being the asshole by cheating but this time he admitted he hurt me so badly. A 18 year old and his stupid ardent love, crushed and betrayed. It leaves scars.
I still regret not "using him for his money" or "using his money, leeching him", but I am not one to do that.
>Ex and I break up after 6 years of cheating on me, abuse, general toxicity.
>Takes everything we own including my dog.
>Calls me a month later asking to hook up.
>Agree, based on the terms that I get to do whatever I want. As payback for years of lifeless one-sided vanilla sex.

>Meet at a park at like 3am, totally alone.
>Tries to top me, and immediately drop kick him into the muddy ground.
>Take off belt and literally expelled years of bottled up hate on his ass.
>His parents never spanked him so he is TOO into it.
>Tries to get off his knees because "it's muddy"
>Grab him by the back of his head and push it into the ground, and tell him to "shut the fuck up"
>pound his ass to completion
>Immediately pull out my jizzy cock and take a huge piss all over him.

>Pull up my pants, do not "tend to his needs". Get in my car, and sail out of that nightmare of a life.

That was the last time I saw him, and it was the most hateful and animalistic sex I have ever had to this day. I don't want to be there again, but god it was fucking boner inducing.
you let THAT guy rape you? lmao
Your wrong. Love completely exists
this is the reason why people get murdered
No, everyone wishes to have the perfect guy and you're lucky enough you might have it, tho most of the times you end up with psychos (specially horny straight males who get turned on by humiliating fags). We know men get involved with anything that will suck their dicks.
This photo's been getting posted along with various stories like this for literal years, and the guy in the pic is always the agressor. OP posts the picture of himself along with these greentexts to fulfil some kind of dominance fetish.
I want horny straight men to use me...
This thread alone has been up for so long it feels like years, and the guy in the pic like an old hatred that has festered into belated longing for its return.
File: 1517675074981.jpg (144 KB, 693x700)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>exposing my ass to the cool air

There comes a point at which deadpan poetic license is so dead that the only impression that registers is the sub-vocalized sound.
File: mu.jpg (259 KB, 459x746)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
This Arab guy in my class used to taunt me for being gay. During a school trip, rooming was re-arranged as punishment because he and his friends had been discovered smoking, so me and him ended up in a 2 bed room.

I woke up at night when the bedside light was turned on, to find him kneeling over me, pants pulled down, his hard cock almost poking me in the face. He pushed my head up and said gruffly "Open up and blow me!". I obediently set to work and sucked him to completion, while he called me names. When he'd made sure I'd followed his order to swallow, he pulled his pants up and went back to his bed.

He repeated this the next two nights. Then on the last night he fucked me in the ass, but that one was more like a straight-out rape.
File: mu3.jpg (308 KB, 750x512)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
File: 1530027020447.jpg (137 KB, 1200x1180)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

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