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Post pics, gifs or stories of gay incest (bonus if it’s dad and son)
>Be me 16 medium built guy
>spy on 20yr old brother in the shower all the time cause theres this crack between the door and the door frame.
>get the nerve to ask him one day how often he jacks off and whats normal
>he says he does it at least once a day and there is no normal amount
>brother asks if I want to look at porn together
>fuck yeah but try not to seem too eager
>we sit on the bottom bunk in our room its a futon bunkbed thing.
>porn is boring but hes obviously hard and has his hand down his jeans
>im diamonds for daze
>pulls his cock out its about the same as mine about 6-7 inches
>I pull mine out too, he looks at it and says he thought mine would be smaller
>jerk off fir a bit i never take my eyes off his cock and that trail from his belly button to his trimmed pubes.
>without asking or anything he grabs my dick and starts jetking it, I do the same to his. It feels warm and firm and slightly different from mine. I can feel his heartbeat.
>eventually asks if I've ever done anything with a guy
>asks if I want to try on him
>fuck yes
>I get down between his knees and the smell from his cock is intoxicating. Musky and manly and delicious.
>I'm nervous so i go slow and it drives him crazy.

>as my mouth encircles his cock head he starts groaning and his head falls back and his close.
>Its a nice feeling in my mouth. Tastes like nothing.
>I am forever in love with this feeling.
>I take it as deep as I can which is about down to his circumcision scar. Sorry uncut fags but its the truth. We're both cut.
>he starts running his fingers through my hair. The feeling is intense and dangerous like he might try to choke me on this thing.
>I start sucking, the feeling of his shaft and veins and heat slifing on my lips hot and juicy is too much for me.
>I came right then, i couldnt help it
>he didnt notice i creamed the leg of his jeans.
> I kept sucking and he held my head in place. He was never forceful just itvwas clear he wanted more than i could do
>I learned my brother is a shooter. His cum erupted out of the tip and straight down my throat. It was hot and tasted bad but god damnit i needed this
> he kinda fucked my face a bit as it was happening
> after he asked if i came and showed him where his heans were now dirty

We made it a once month minimum sort of thing. He eventually fucked my ass, sucked my dick, and let me fuck him several times. We even snuck off for a bj at his wedding. We're both grown now, hes "straight" and divorced and I'm gay and married to a man. There have been 3somes...
This is so hot
it's so fake

if you wanna read good shit go to nifty.org
File: 1511898962607s.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
are you faggots really stupid enough to believe these made up fantasy stories

No. But you're stupid enough to be that desperate to feel superior.
wtf is this mess
that is daddy mugs. There is one where he fucks a southern boy who cries and says 'daddy' a lot. Very hot.
File: HornyDad.webm (2.87 MB, 568x320)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM
File: nkx1.webm (2 MB, 640x360)
2 MB
File: 1553115477445.gif (1015 KB, 420x220)
1015 KB
1015 KB GIF
is there any explanation on why incest is so popular with gay people? just asking, i like it too
daddy issues
(i hope my english is decent enough)
>I'm a med student and going to finish university soon
>after years of hiding i finally told to my family and my relatives (who mostly live in a distant town) that i'm bisexual, receiving luckily only good responses.
>Some months later we visited them for a birthday party, and among my relatives one of my cousins (i'll call him G, 19yo, slim yet athletic, average good looking) approached me in private asking quite directly for a prostate examination
>"I think i really, really, need one".
>I, being an idiot and not thinking it could be a joke or something else, answered seriously
>"Why do you ask? Do you have problems urinating such as high frequency, pain or bleeding?"
>he, blushing, looked like going to panic
>"No, of course not, nothing like that..."
>"So, what's the matter? Usually prostate exams are indicated for way older men ahah"
>"Yeah, I guess. It's only that... i thought maybe you are good at them, being... you know..."
>in that moment i finally grasped that he wasn't asking for medical advices, but trying to ask for more he rapidly replied
>"sorry, this is so dumb, i'll explain you later"
>Almost every time my family gather we go to a shopping center nearby. The youngest often skip this tradition waiting at my cousin's home. My other cousins and sisters finally got out for a walk in town, while G and I stayed being (thoughtfully) too busy playing 1v1 videogames.
>few seconds after they left, he paused the game
>"i'm so sorry for before, it's just that... i don't know how to say it... i think i'm desperate"
>I tried to calm him down trying to understand what he was looking for
>I'll spare you all the nonsensical things that came out from that discussion, basically he is bicurious but too shy/scared to try looking for some guys to experiment with.
>Can't deny: the descriptions of his sexual doubts made me quite horny
i'm just here to jerk off to porn not read fake made up stories
>asking for a prostate examination
yeah, that never happened. shut the fuck up.

>"so, why a prostate exam?"
>"i tried to stick a finger in it but it's too painful. Do you know how to do it? Is it too much asking you to try doing it on me? Just to understand if i like it or not"
>my first instinct was to suggest him to try with some lube, but i wanted to take this opportunity
>"it's a bit strange, but i guess i can try, if you really want to"
>he went from scared to excited in few seconds and thanked me a thousand times
>we went to the farthest bathroom from the entrance, with the door opened in order to hear if our relatives would get back.
>"ok, now, excuse me, i know it's strange but i can only do this kind of things when i'm completely naked, is it a problem for you?"
>"not at all" screaming internally
>i knew he had a nice body, but his legs are more muscular than expected (he often plays football), his butt cheeks small yet solid and has a fat dick: smaller then the average, but definitely nice to watch and rock hard at the moment
>"bend over the sink, relax and tell me immediately if it hurts"
>he was shivering while i was flooding my fingers with saliva
>started to press on his butthole rhythmically
>he grabbed his dick and started to fap (too) hardly e vigorously
>my pants were exploding as well
>when i finally inserted my index finger and started getting in depth, he moaned and came on the floor almost immediately
>"I guess you enjoyed too much ahah"
>"sorry about that, sometimes it happens, i got too excited"
>"don't worry, maybe next tim-"
>"can you do it again? i promise i'll last longer"
>he ended up taking two full fingers and some thumbplay, came two other times (i tried to fap him from behind but THAT was too gay for his tastes)
>I'll spare you from some dirty details but we had to stop at a certain point.
>we spent the rest of the time waiting for the others talking about lubes, fingers, dildos and gay apps
maybe i had to stress more the fact that he is "socially awkward" (not sure if it's correct to call him that, he's a bit strange)
That’s so hot

All greentext is fake anon, it's just letters on a screen slightly tinged. All that matters is our boners are real.
or that entire story is made up
Irrelevant... It doesn't matter if its true. What matters is if you enjoy the detail and fantasy of the piece. It's just like porn, you don't believe the stories in porn and you don't believe the guy is straight or it's his first time being an expert cocksucker. It's about the fantasy and how enjoyable it could be. The idea that someone is claiming this happened to them adds to the entertainment value for many people.

around 11m30s: https://gaycock4u.com/video/elder-dalton-ordination/
Porn plots don't claim to be true stories. And convincing erotica can be hot, sure, but if it's obviously fake then it's not. Nuance is a thing.
It's popular with straight people too. Take off those blinders and ask the real question.
File: 1546766312201.webm (756 KB, 360x640)
756 KB
I used to hook up with my brother a lot when we were younger.

When I hit puberty he taught me about porn, masturbation, etc. But while we were jerking off together, it wasn't hard for him to notice I was a lot more interested in his cock than I was in the straight porn he was showed me. He ended up "letting" me play with his dick and taught me how to suck him off. It quickly became a regular thing for me to suck him whenever he was horny. After a few months he started using my ass sometimes too, though that wasn't as common.

To an outside observer (though thank god we never got caught) it probably would've seemed molesty as hell. He's 3 years older than me, and at our peak he was basically using me as a daily cumdump, while doing very little to reciprocate. But I was actually even more eager for it than he was... he always felt guilty about the whole thing.

As we got older that guilt built up, and the sex became less common. Especially once he started dating, it trailed off to only happening when he was between girlfriends. It's become pretty taboo for us to talk about it, and now that we're both grown up and on our own it only happens once in a blue moon, and even then only with a lot of booze.
and how would i know that, im not straight
pornhub does statistiscs, if you can read, you could know.
You're not and if you think you are, you're only fooling yourself.
I once hooked up with a daddy, and we decided we'd bottom together. So we made a Grindr account, and we wrote that we were an actual father/son couple, looking for someone who could dominate us both and make us submit.

The amount of people who sought us out was unreal; also unreal were the things that people made us do when we hooked-up. They always asked me to suck my "dad" off, or kiss him, or eat his ass out in front of them.
Anybody got sauce on this pic by any chance?
s a u c e
Anyone know legit incest videos?
He said he wasn't, dipshit.
why would someone even look into straight statistics if he wasnt straight
I don't think it's necessarily more popular among gay men than straight (there are constant incest threads on /b/).

That being said, I think the need for male approval plays a big role subconsciously here. Any gay man, especially in his youth is going to feel some degree of insecurity and shame for his attractions, so if he's around brothers, cousins, uncles or even fathers and find them attractive, pleasing them in a sexual manner could be a way to double down on the insecurity and feel loved, appreciated, or simply useful in some manner.

On the flipside, lots of boys are horny little shits during puberty, so if they happen to have a young brother who looks up to them it's fairly easy to to convince them to do gay shit. Some study was done that revealed younger brothers have a higher chance of identifying as gay as they come to age, and this likelihood increases as it goes down the sibling chain. I honestly think the reason for this is brother-brother incest with the eldest just looking to get off, unaware of the developmental effect it may have on his brother/brothers.
My dad's a big, chubby, hairless boi. He speaks to me in a very patronising way and still calls me honey, baby, darling, sweetie, etc. even tho I'm 18. Ever since I was born he's treated me like his girlfriend/partner. He's kind of alpha and slaps my ass , hugs me and tells me he loves me everyday. Our relationship is kind of strained because I hate the way he speaks to me and orders me around all the time like a bitch. However because he's always treated me like this, and it's sort of been planted in my brain to be a beta housewife for him since I was little, I just wanna lie on my bed, poke my ass up in the air and leave the door open so he can walk past and hopefully accept the invitation to fuck me silly. I know he wants to, and desu it used to make me uncomfortable/more contemptuous, but now that I've accepted by bi/homosexuality it's turned into a major fantasy of mine. He's never seen me naked, but just over a week ago he was having a shower and then came out of the bathroom into the room I was in nude in all his glory and just walked past me/didnt care.
it was hot as fuck, his balls are huge and his dick is thick as hell even when soft
File: gemeos19.jpg (184 KB, 1135x774)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
The only way to be sure it's legit incest is if they're identical twins, and hardcore stuff between twins is pretty rare.

There's actually more vintage twincest out there than modern stuff... I think the Peters twins are still the most recent couple who were willing to do hardcore stuff on-camera, and they've been retired/blacklisted/whatever from porn for several years now.
Are you particularly feminine? Maybe he likes that. You should get naked around him like he did, tease him a little.
Closet gays + only nearby source material for wank bank being male family members you see every day = weird fantasies.

I don't really think it's anything more than that most of the time.
There's also the Richter twins back in like 2012-2013 who did a handfull of full-anal videos together. It was hot watching them both suck the same dick together, and then gradually the dick's pulled away and they just keep making out with eachother without even hesitating.

There's also the Lautrec twins, they've never fucked, but they've awkwardly kissed eachother on the lips a few times in videos. Their discomfort about it kinda made it hotter.

There's also a pair of brazilian twins, the Mendez twins I think, who've done a video or two together a couple years back. They did a video where they jerk eachother off and cum on eachother. They also did a 3way video where they suck eachother's dick and nuts, and hot-dog eachother's asses while the other stares uncomfortably back at his brother like "uhhh dude?"
50% of my wanks are thinking about my bro
Is the other 50% you thinking about your dad?
File: 1556825908746.png (411 KB, 480x750)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
My dad has to be a fag. The fuck else is he taking these kind of pics for? Found it in his laptop, fucktard can't even empty the recycle bin. And to think this flat ass fat fuck tried to beat me up when he caught me in my bedroom with a dude at 15. Dipshit's still saying to this day I "gotta be a man" and need to find a whore to have crotch fruit with. Hope that repressed old fart chokes on a dick and dies.

So, not a story but I guess having pops nudes is damning enough to share.
Fuck him already. Just wait for him to come home in the living room naked, sitting on your feet, and your mouth open
To be fair though, in is experience being gay is something you can repress. And a result of that is you get to exist.
He shouldnt have tried to beat you though, that's not right.

Was molested by my father when I was 4-5. Sleep talk about it at my grandma's. Move back to my mom's. 10 years later never remembered it or thought about it then my best friend randomly starts jacking me off when we're playing video games when I sleep over, go with it. Now I'm bisexual with daddy issues.
File: 1551484568230.png (373 KB, 495x637)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
This and the rest of posts like this in the thread were written by incestuous father's who have a raging hard ons for their sons. Go fuck a twink and stop this bizzare projection
Nah, just regular porn and anyone I know that I can think of. Old or young, related or not. Nothing like being bored at home and suddenly getting a so-wrong-it's-right boner while thinking of your scruffy 60-year old neighbour.
All fiction depends on suspension of disbelief. A good story achieves that. In any event it shows some imagination and it contributes to the forum. You on the other hand trot out the tired Pepe image and piss on the rest of us. Good job.
Maybe he shaves his ass and was checking to see what it looked like.
I still have sex with my uncle whenever I have the opportunity, though it's not as frequently ever since I moved to uni. We've always been close, and he was (understandably) the most understanding in my family when it came to my sexuality. He is my first for almost everything, which makes him extra special. I like to think that I'm his little secret longterm gf, even when he dates actual women.
File: 1424088276104.gif (393 KB, 500x240)
393 KB
393 KB GIF
If anyone gives a shit about half brothers, mine fucked my brains out for a good chunk of years.

It was obv a pretty messed up relationship. We've never really gotten along... mostly cause he's always tried way too hard to act like some dumb stereotype of an alpha Chad bro dude.

Never lived together, but whenever we were visiting, we'd constantly alternate between picking at each other over some stupid shit or giving each other the cold shoulder. But whenever we had any privacy together, especially late at night, it was like a switch got flipped. Couldn't keep our hands off each other. It was mostly unspoken and spontaneous, we never really talked about it except while it was going down.

I was always the bitch, and a lot of the time it got rough and borderline rapey... especially if we were on each other's bad sides, it would basically turned into hatesex. But honestly, back then I had so much guilt and repression about my sexuality that I kinda needed/wanted him to "force" me into it the way he did. Pretending to resist and struggle let me feel less guilty about taking the cock that I so desperately wanted... and I think for his part it made him feel all manly and powerful, which he's always obv been insecure about.
What is this from?... I really need to know.
I'd fuck your dad ass. You can watch if you want.
I love fucking daddy ass especially if they're married with kids
Is there a stories thread for messing around with curious dads that have kids?
It feels so good to sext with my younger brother
I used to meet up with this daddy at the local abs. I met him there. After a few encounters there we exchanged emails and when I would email him his name would appear, so I googled him one day and found his Facebook account and look through his public pictures which you could see his wife and kids. He had 2 boys. Obviously I keep meeting him up and sucking him off. Finally he got comfortable to were he'd fuck me in the booths. Always safe, eventhough I'd wish he'd impregnate me like his wife, but he didnt want to :/
File: 5ghfb.jpg (185 KB, 986x1301)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
File: 8.jpg (54 KB, 500x442)
54 KB
this is my real dad, found pics of him on his computer
kik is anon131072
I wanna your dad to get me pregnant with that cock
so how did it first start
hi everyoneeeee
I've been messaging a dad on kik for a few months now; he's got a wife and two kids (college-age son and a younger daughter) but we've gotten close to meeting up. We've joked about hooking up while his family is home under the guise of IT help

No stories thread though? this doesn't seem like the thread for non incest stories
that hot, I bet he would be happy to oblige
is a pasta you retard
More please!
my dad is a bodybuilder he's so tucking hot his body is perfection my friend always tells me how hot he is and asks if I want to fuck him I always act if it's so gross but well here I am I would post a pic but my friend gets on here and I don't want him to know but anyway we never fucked he just let me do the muscle worship thing with him I touch lick and kiss nothing more and I got to beat off as he flexed for me he found out I was into him because I had saved his picks on my laptop and he used my laptop he sometimes saves memos and makes them my wallpaper and one time he did this I had accidentally left one of his picks in the regular pictures folder he was mad for a few days but then it's like he felt sorry for me and well we've only done it twice but it was so fucking good he wasn't hard btw that's my story believe it or not
you were daddy's special boy werent you
did anyone else's dad seem to turn gay when he was drunk and then completely ignored/denied any actions while he was drunk once he sobered up?
people are spending more time at home, and more time with porn. Gotta sexualize someone, right?
Um yes. But he was I don't know the word, if he was drinking I knew stuff was likely going to happen
Because this. It's fucked up and it took a while but he worked up to this kind of thing.
spent a week sharing a hotel room with my bro. lost a bet with him nd ended up being his bottom for the week.
Tell the story about you doing it with him for the first time
I think you are thinking of the Andrus twins, not the Mendez twins. Is it this scene you are thinking about?
The top in that first one is Damian Boss aka Janusz Gol (he also has a few other names). Couldn't tell you the scene
Nobody gives a shit why you're here or what you want. STFU and move on. Better yet, post some shit you do like instead of whining like a little bitch.
Same. One night of just playing around turned into a morning with a sore asshole.

I felt conflicted about it for the longest time too but I also knew I liked him drunk a whole lot more than sober, regardless of how pushy he got. He also got very mad when I came out of the closet at school. He blamed pretty much everything "I was turning into" on himself and my mother. I felt like they both turned against me to destroy each other. She blamed him drinking, which made him try to sober up, which drove me away from him permanently. You always hear of drunks being violent but my dad was always quite the opposite.
File: 1450132964428.webm (2.63 MB, 854x480)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB WEBM
That was my brother's favorite maneuver. Most of the time he acted totally straight and disinterested and pretty much avoided me. But with as little as 2 beers in him, he'd start playing up how "drunk" he was and start acting all friendly and flirty and grabby. If I didn't take the bait, he'd drink some more and get progressively more insistent/aggressive until I finally gave him what he wanted.

Afterwards, he'd continue the drunk act and pretend like he was too out of it to talk. Except (ironically) when he really was legit drunk, during which he'd be excessively cuddly/apologetic/affectionate.

But either way, the next day he'd wake up and pretend like nothing happened. Would even make frequent comments about how he "blacked out" and couldn't remember anything from the night before. I can't imagine he actually thought I was buying it, I think he was saying it more for himself.
I get absolutely rock hard while thinking of my bro. He's not even hot, it's just me being cooped up at home with repressed sexuality, getting attracted to the only male available.

I've taken his boxer briefs and wanked off with them so many times. I once videoed him shirtless and used that for wank material for months, but deleted it out of guilt.

Any time I'm masturbating and porn isn't doing it for me, all I need to do is think of him nailing me up against the wall and I will cum buckets instantly.
File: 1382290444320.gif (950 KB, 500x281)
950 KB
950 KB GIF
I caught my little brother jerking off in my bed with my used boxers once. I already suspected he had a thing for me, since I'd caught him staring now and then.

Took absolutely all of my self-control to play it cool and laugh it off. If he'd been just a little bit older, or if he'd made any effort at all to make a move on me (instead of getting super embarrassed and apologetic), I would've wound up fucking his brains out. Instead we had a long heartfelt talk where he confessed his confusion about his sexuality etc, innocently unaware that I was pitching a tent the whole time on the brink of popping his cherry lol.
Wear some slutty shit like loose shirt and shorts
I had a big bad crush on my step-brother, and used to fantasize being his bitch. That he'd come into my room, fuck the hell out of me, and let me sleep in his bed. Then I'd suck his dick in the morning, and he could off and do whatever he did.
However, I couldn't stand him otherwise, and he obviously couldn't stand me. It's a good thing I only saw him in the summers, as I lived with my mom the rest of the year.
Eventually he got some chick pregnant and was forced to marry her. And then I lost contact with that whole side of the "family" after my dad died.
nice, how old were the both of you?
you should look him up on facebook/insta and wank off to him for old times sake.
Worst post in the history of the internet
I know right lmao it's cringy as fuck and sounds too forced and scripted
Longer sauce please :(
Our situation was a little different. My parents got in a car wreck. He got a tbi and it changed his personality. He started drinking lots and his personality would change so much. They ended up separating.
He messed with my head so much, I didn't know where I stood. One day he would be supportive the next real angry and aggressive towards me. I had to learn his moods real fast.
This isn't easy to write. I don't think he had it in him to find a new partner. Easier that I was there, he seemed to hate it as much as he liked it. But he knew I was fairly willing, would keep quiet, would comply. I knew the rules. Sometimes I was really into it. Was proud of myself. Once we got over the awkward part.
I might share what happened if anyone wants. It might help me. I often fap to the memory which I'm not comfortable about. But can't change all that now. Idc if anyone gets off to this stuff. It happens, not ideal, but those involved do our best to try make sense of it and get on with our lives.
Sorry for the blog post. Needed to get it out there.
Tell us more. Venting can be cathartic. What ages were you both?
Green text the experience please.
Ok. I can share some. I really don't want to say ages though. He was early 40s. I was sexually mature. Went for about 2 years.
Not sure about greentext but I may try.
I had a friend who I really liked. Thought I was turning gay but didn't want to be. Nothing had happened between friend and i at this stage but I was real curious. So I think I brought some if that home and projected it
At home there was a tension. Some days I knew to keep clear of him. He would sometimes hit me or push me against the wall if I fucked up. Nothing I could do about it because he's way bigger than me.
Then other times real supportive like a dad on a commercial. Throw a ball around, help with homework mess my hair. Shit like that.
Because I'm curious about shit and he's my role model and things are so intense between us. It feels like we are too much in each other's pocket. And I'm the only person seeing his bad side. Sorry if rambly am trying to keep it brief. There's a real tension and looking back I know it was sexual. And that's fucked up. Didnt understand that at the time. And there were times he would cry, I hated that. Never wanted to see that. But he was always drunk doing that and I don't think he ever remembered doing it.
Sometimes when he had me up against the wall I wonder now if there was more to it. I think now he held off as long as he could until one night it snapped and something sexual finally happened. It didn't go well. And I don't think it's all that fapworthy but it was the start and things went from there.
I won't talk about pointless shit but that first night. He was real drunk. It was like a Tuesday or something we were watching tv. I had all this shit on my mind and I was real low, like depressed as fuck. Hating my life. Wanting a normal life, but here I am eating junk for dinner in the dark watching shit food in a room with a drunk angry guy. He's talking crap, ribbing me about doing well enough and it's making me angry and I just want him to shut up. Out of nowhere I break and start crying. Like a baby. Couldn't stop.
I thought I would get in trouble. Was embarrassed. But he went real soft. Said fuck and came over sat with me. He just hugged me. Said nothing. I was all curled up, face in his chest and cried. It's cringey but all this shit was coming out.
And I felt real close and comfortable. It felt good being in his arms. Like it was what I always wanted from a dad. Nothing sexual, just support instead of getting hit or thrown around.
When I stopped crying we held it there. I was happy to lie there curled up and take in his smell. I was aware we were real close and intimate. And even thought crossed my mind his dick was just there, but it wasn't about that. Felt good to have him all around me, arms surrounding me. He's telling me he's doing the best job he can.
So it's all good and he gets up to do shit and I feel strangely better. But he's still drunk as fuck stumbling a little. I just roll my eyes.
Sorry about wall of text. It's all coming out.

A bit later we are sitting all quiet on our own couches. He asks if I want a hug. I'm actually ok now and don't need it but he stands up arms out. Ok, I suppose.
I get up and we stand there hugging in the middle of the lounge. And instantly it feels great. Comfy. Rest my head on his chest and everything is good . His arms are around me and I don't want to let go. It's a different sort of hug, not like a family hug, it's real close and intense and firm.
We hold it there. For so long. Arms sometimes move but everything else is still. And then I notice shit changing. His arms are rubbing up and down my back in a weird way, and I like it. I feel like I'm in a lovers arms. I do it back to him a little
He kisses the top of my head and pulls me in so fucking close, like there's no space between us, I'm concious I'm right up against his body. I like it, I know it's wrong but im ok with it
His hands move everywhere real slow. My shoulders, along my back, down to my ass. He pulls me in. I hate to say it but I get a hardon. I know he can feel it. But he keeps holding me.
Is pushing into me and yeah, I can tell his dicks hard too. He's kind of humping my stomach. This is the point I know everything is so different. He's not the person I know anymore. Hes a grown ass man, with a boner and is rubbing himself against me. I can't take it all in. I like the smell, the feeling, the pressure of him pulling me into him. I've got no way of controlling anything I can only go by what he does. He's driving this.

And then he steps it up. I don't get it at first but he's pulling on my arms. Pushes my shoulder. He finally says 'get down'.
Oh shit. I understand. I get to my knees. Not sure what to do but nothing really changes. I'm holding him, arms around his legs and waist. He is still pushing himself into me, turn my face and can feel him rubbing on the side of my head. He has his shorts on through this. I'm ok to let it happen
It's now a point where he's is just humping my head. It's wrong and I know shouldn't happen but I like it, besides I don't think I could stop it if it wanted too.
One hand is on my shoulder and back, the other on my head keeping it in place while he grinds against me. I'm feeling this dick all up and down my cheek while holding his ass and squeezing his thighs.
And then it happens so fast I don't even have time to realize it. I can feel his actual dick on my face. The head has come out the top of his shorts. Before I can even understand it he's moving my head.
The angle is awkward because only the top and an extra inch is sticking out but he's trying to get my mouth on it. I go with it. Put my lips around what I can. Ive got his head in my mouth.
I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't even comprehend it, happens so fast my brain hasn't caught up. Hes still holding my head, his other hand goes I to his shorts and he grabs his dick. I've got my mouth around his shaft and am sucking. His fist is real high on his dick and my lips are up against his fingers.
He is so fucking powerful like everything is in his control. I finally get my head around this, it's only a few seconds in but it hits me, I'm sucking him. It's only the top, most of it is still hidden but I'm giving it to him. I want this.
And then it all changes. In an instant. He steps away, pushes me. Storms out the room. When he gets in the hallway lets out a loud FUCK and slams a door.
I'm on my knees, my dicks hard, shit my mouth still open. No idea what the fuck is going on.
Hear him throwing some stuff in his room and yelling. That's when it hits me shits real bad. We've fucked up.
I get up, put on some shoes and leave. Get on my bike and ride to a park. Can't help it, rub one out in the dark. So much regret.
Spend a few hours riding around before going home at 2am. Go to bed hating myself. But so turned on still I jerk it again before falling asleep.
I'm going to stop now because I'm drained writing that. I may come back later.
Things stayed so tense between us. I know he felt guilty, I was embarrassed. And we ignored avoided each other as much as we could. Pretended that it never happened.
It was a few weeks later before anything happened again. It was a better experience. But took a while before he was comfortable with what he was doing.
I hooked up with a 45 year old back in the spring. Took me back to his place and I found out he had a twin lesbian sister he lived with and they adopted a little girl together. Fucked his brains out and when we opened his bedroom door, we were alone. Guess we must’ve been loud lol
Have you ever considered talking to a counsellor? It could be really beneficial to you in the long run, to process all this shit.
File: 1379821451078.gif (6.31 MB, 640x480)
6.31 MB
6.31 MB GIF
Back when that happened, he was 15 and I was 20.

I know that when I was 15, I would've been more than happy to get fucked by a 20yo. But being on the older side of that equation, I just felt too skeevy about the whole situation to make a move. Especially since we have the older/younger brother dynamic on top of the age gap making it even more questionable. If he knew that I'd be amenable I'm guessing he might've tried something, but I'm still in the closet about my bi tendencies.
my partner grew up being molested by his half brother who was 5 years older than him. he says he cant remember how it started but remembers being very young and his older brother crawling into his half of the bunk bed. (eventually he admitted to me that he liked all the sex they had and that it made him feel special and really loved... but that's a different story. we've admitted to each other that we both enjoy incest after I found a nifty tab still open on his phone one day) they kept at it for well over a decade until his brother left for the military and they picked back up when he returned. my partner had come out of the closet while his older bro was away, and bro was pretty harsh on him for it, playing morally superior, and talking down to him in front of family... Not long after he came home and began acting like that a family member died and his brother was harsh at the funeral to my partner. the next day he broke down and told about allthe molestation to their mother. (both were adults now anyway) no one else believed him (or they just didnt know how to process it, idk) except the middle sister who was molested a few times too, but not nearly as much. the brother and my partner fist fought then and their mom plays clueless still to this day. my partners dad doesnt even know, cus he thinks hed kill the half brother, he apparently used to beat the bro alot as a kid cus he wasn't biologically his. the brother didnt talk to my partner again until my partner had a near death health event that left him hospitalized for a while.
my partner has said to me that he regrets it but he was hurting so much from the rejection of his older brother that he lashed out and that now he realizes that the older brother was just scared of being outed too. he tried to apologize in private at Christmas a few years ago and his brother said "hed try but didnt think he could ever forgive him.."
I told my partner if they ever work it out and get back to old ways, Im fine with a 3way
File: Unbenannt.jpg (38 KB, 1021x436)
38 KB
Do you have the source for this gif? I've only ever seen one video from this guy. Had no idea that there was more.
I want to see the full video too
Growing up I'd spent a good amount of time with my aunt's brother. She was my aunt by marriage but they'd been married before I was born so I really grew up with them. When I was 14 I finally noticed that Chuck (aunt's brother) was probably gay. His wife was super distant, never noticed them talking to each other, and Chuck was pretty flamboyant in a masculine way. Closest thing I can compare to is Robin Williams personality wise.

My cousin got married when I was 17 and everyone was partying at the reception. It was the 3rd time in my life I got drunk and probably the drunkest I had ever been (along with everyone around me). I was having a conversation with Chuck and I kept touching his arm, not even really thinking about it. He even started looking at my hand when I'd do it and we'd laugh. I told him I didn't mean to do it and he said he thought it was cute. He then said he was going to his room if I wanted to walk up with him, so I followed.

It was awkwardly quiet walking up because I had no clue what I was getting myself into, and was a total virgin. Never even kissed a guy. We got to his room and he pushed me against a wall and started kissing me, and I was so nervous I was shaking. He told me to just relax and get on the bed.

He then gives me a really long blowjob, until my nerves calmed down which took about 20 minutes. Once I stopped shaking, he went into his luggage and came back with a bottle of lube. He took his pants off, leaving his dress shirt on then positioned himself onto my cock and push himself on. He sat on it for a while until he got comfortable saying he hadn't done that in a while. Then he started riding.

It was pretty sloppy, he kept trying to kiss me which made my cock fall out but I was too out of my element to try a different position where that would work. He said we should cum soon because his wife could be back (door was bolted, but still). I came inside him but stayed hard and it took another 5 minutes of him riding while I played with his nipples for him to cum. We showered then I headed back to my hotel room.

We chatted for a bit after that on Facebook but I went to college far away from them so we never reconnected until my next cousin got married when I was 21. Although this time we fucked multiple times over the weekend and not just after the reception. Haven't talked to him since that (3 years ago).
Damn, wow

I've done counseling, but I never said who it was. Made it out to be a close family friend. I was scared it could go further plus didn't want the therapist to know who it really was.
I'm mostly ok with it. I understand how it happened. I know why I enjoyed stuff about it. It's just strange to see it written out. Don't want to put a downer on this thread. Not wanting to be a killjoy

Sure. I can tell what happened next . Just not right now. Will update when I'm free in about 12hrs
That's like going to the doctor with a broken leg and pretending it's your arm that's broken.
send your dick too! so we can compare
I’ve fucked my younger brother and two of my cousins (they’re brothers). While sleeping, I’ve played with my other younger brother and my dad.

I’m married (to a woman) and I’ve flip fucked my father in law.
How many brothers you have? Whatd you do with your dad?
I have two younger brothers (twins) that are four years younger.

While my dad was sleeping, I rubbed his dick through his boxers until he was hard and snaked it out of the fly. I was too scared to suck it. I regret that.

My parents were divorced and my dad would come visit us and we’d stay in a hotel. Occasionally, he’d be in the shower and one of my brother would hop in with him. They wouldn’t do anything but be naked, but still.
Damn dad/son and bro/bro incest turns me on way too much.


Fuck I wish I coulda had a big brother like you

what happened next?
I'm adopted, so might not count for the full 100% but still;

>adopted when I was seven years old
>Adoptive parents had a bunch of other kids (5, 6 with me included)
>Over the years got really close with one of my brothers, who was the same age as me
>We did everything together, also went to the same highschool when we got older
>We already jerked off together once in a while but never really talked about it, we just were two horny little boys
>When we were about 15, he "came out" to me.
>He wasn't really sure if it was just a phase, if he was bi, or gay, but he had a crush on a boy
>I already figured out myself I was gay, but I really hated myself for it because I just wanted to be straight
>Told him about this
>We used to hug alot before, but this time, we held eachother so firmly, and it felt so good telling someone about this stuff
>Life continues and a few months pass
>We're both out by this time, most people were pretty accepting
>When I found out about Grindr I ofcourse checked it out
>Surprise, see brother
>After a while we started acting like we were a couple just for shits and giggles
>Until this one guy from our old highschool send us a message and he wanted to hook up with us both
>I wanted it, brother wanted it, but we never did anything aside from jerking off together when we were younger
>I just told him; so let's do it first before we hook up with said guy

And that how I started having occasional sex with my brother. Continued for a couple of years with some threesomes inbetween. Then one day we arranged a foursome, and now we're both dating one of the guys from that foursome.
File: salsa verde.jpg (223 KB, 1000x1000)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: spank.jpg (54 KB, 800x571)
54 KB
File: boy sucks hung man.webm (2.78 MB, 420x320)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
File: file (3).gif (3.04 MB, 420x320)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB GIF

The twink is Austin Young, and it's from Fun-sized Boys.
That's as stupid as asking if we believe pornographic videos are real. Of course not. But we're still going to fap to it anyways.
Ignore all the other anecdotal pseudoscience posts. Incest fantasies are popular along all sexualities. If you go to /gif/ right now I am willing to bet you will find at least one mommy son incest thread.
same with my step bro. i was laready out as gay when our parents moved in together and we shared a basement. After a few months of living with another guy the sexual tension is fucking THROBBING.

I started jerking off while smelling his cumrag boxers around a year after we moved in together and nearly had a heart attack from the load I blew from the time he jerked off, went to work, and I immediately found his cumrag and ate his load
I got some good sightings of my dad bulging in white briefs growing up.

One time I saw him hard in them. He was laying sideways on the couch and I glanced at it every chance I got.

Id jerk off sniffing his worn underwear. The best faps would be me listening to him fuck outside the door while sniffing and jerking off in his underwear.
I've been having sex with my dad for years
omg story with brothers and cousins?
File: 1495580348411.gif (922 KB, 320x180)
922 KB
922 KB GIF
>got caught fooling around with one of my male friends when I was 16
>tried to deny deny deny and retreat back in the closet
>but rumor got around my extended family anyway
>one of my uncles suddenly starts showing me a lot of attention
>I'm a naive idiot so I don't realize what's up
>until he finally gets me alone and starts getting physical
>I'm intimidated, but also super fucking turned on
>end up laying naked across his lap
>whimpering while he feels up my body and fingers my ass
>he jerks me off until I cum all over myself
>afterwards, he teases my ass with his cock and almost fucks me
>but backs off when he finds out I'm an anal virgin
>so instead I suck him off until he feeds me his cum
>we have two more encounters like this before I finally talk him into popping my cherry
>continue hooking up with him for several years after that
>unfortunately, he eventually gets engaged
>we have like three different "one last time" hookups before his wedding lol
>but we do actually stop once he's married
Story time
File: 1553276013693.jpg (42 KB, 580x344)
42 KB
I mean... I just supplied story time covering our first few time, my dude. What other details are you looking for?
The times you hooked up right before he got married
File: 1431720728820.gif (865 KB, 500x250)
865 KB
865 KB GIF
My grandparents have a lakehouse that the whole family shares, and that was where me and my uncle usually hooked up. Right after he announced his engagement, he invited me out there for three-day weekend.

So we met up, and he explains that the reason for the sudden engagement was cause he accidentally knocked his gf up. And now that he's "settling down" he feels like he can't keep screwing his nephew and blah blah blah. But he's down for one last bout of fun, so we spend the next three days alternating between relaxing, fishing, drinking, and fucking as often as I can get his dick up.

So that was supposed to be the last time. But a year later he invites me out for another of weekend at the lakehouse. At this point his son has already been born, but the wedding has been delayed due to money/logistics/whatever, and he's been bitching to me over IM that his wife hasn't been putting out for like half a year. So I know what to expect when I show up... and soon enough like 5 minutes after I'm in the door he's got his tongue down my throat. He spends the next couple of days taking all his pent up sexual frustration out on me with some of the roughest/neediest sex we've ever done, but then tells me again that this has to be the last time.

The third, and actual last time (so far) was less involved... right before his wedding finally happened I went along to his bachelor party. He was very insistent on me being his designated driver... and sure enough on the way back from the party we stopped at a motel where he ended up pumping one last load up my butt. Wasn't very satisfying compared to our other "last" times, but whatever.

After that night things went quiet. Avoided each other. It was a weird period acting like it never happened

Played on my mind couldnt make sense of it. Worst was I liked it wanted to try again. I knew I enjoyed having a dick in my mouth, but it happened so quick was over so fast I couldn't appreciate it. So it felt worse, like i never got to properly experience it.

And didn't like the feelings I was having. Was horny all the time. Every day I fapped thinking of that. Created an association in my head that wasn't healthy. A month straight fapping about sucking him dry.

Knew it was going to happen again and that excited and scared me. Mostly coz it would be dangerous. That I wouldn't be able to control it and was probably gonna fuck our relationship up totally

Most days I'd get home do my thing. When he arrived I'd make myself scarce. Come out to take whatever meal he made back to my room. Sometimes ate in the lounge, watch tv together. I'd sit and get thoughts, wonder if tonight was going to be the night he would step it up.

We got over the strangeness and started doing normal stuff again. Mostly hanging out watching tv. He would drink as always and fall asleep. Id do risky shit like fap to him. Hide my dick under a cushion in case he woke up. Easily did that twice a week.

I wanted to push it, by going over and trying stuff as he slept. But too chickenshit, knew consequences would be real bad if I fucked it up.

The night it happened again we were in the lounge. I was so worked up horny edging myself, he was half snoring in his chair. So many nights I would try work up the courage to force something but always lost my nerve. Tonight decided something was going to happen. I had no idea what or how, had no plan at all. But I was aching for shit to go down, I wanted to cross a line.

He's sort of awake and I ask if he's ok. Doesn't answer just says 'right, I'm going to bed' and gets up.
He's stumbling but nearly out the door and I've almost lost my chance so I race up help him. Never done this before and it feels obvious but he puts his arm over my shoulder and I walk him down the hallway. I mean he can barely stand and is putting pressure on me so it works in my mind. Feeling his weight against me, that's intense.

Get to his room, leave the light off I help him lie down on his bed. Sit next to his waist with my hand barely touching his outer thigh. This is exciting but idk what to do. It feels forced, it isn't natural. He asks what I'm doing, I ask if it's ok I sit here for a minute. He grunts like he doesn't even know what I said and rolls on his side facing away from me

Can't tell if he's aware, I have no idea what to do next. My heart is pounding so hard I can hear it in my head. Take my hand off his thigh and rest it up on his waist. Sit in the half dark like this forever hearing him breathing sometimes snoring.

Fuck it, I'm going in for the kill

Move my hand down and rest in over his crotch. Hold it and push softly on his junk. Can't make much out over his shorts, there's just soft bulky stuff under there. I rest it there trying to gage any response from him. Move a finger now and again see if that gets things moving. I can't hear snoring, but don't think he's awake. Shits so scary and I'm expecting to get thrown across the room. Keep so still and quiet just pushing a little on his dick. Waiting for him to lose it.
And then he moves slowly, lies on his back. Keep my hand on him

He stretches out, not enough light to see his face but certain he's aware what's happening. I push against his junk and hes pushing back. Really slowly and carefully rub around outside his shorts, for the first time think I can make out outline of his dick. Concentrate on that, rub around it
Yeah, that's his dick alright. It's starting to stiften. I'm getting him hard. Fuck this is wild. It's what I wanted but now it's happening am shit scared

It's getting crowded in his shorts. Play with his dick til I think he's fully hard. It's facing down beside his leg. Is hidden by clothing but I can put my fingers around it, work around the head. It pumps a couple times. Yeah he's firm as he can get. It's busting to get out.

Still nothing said between us, I get my other hand involved. Up into his shorts leg, im touching his dick while finding the elastic of his underwear. Pull his pants up. Now its sticking out against his leg, held firm by his shorts. Ive got his cock out. Touching it, running my fingers around the head and up the shaft as far as I can go. I move a little to have some hallway light on what I'm doing. Can clearly make out the head.

He's doing nothing. Lying still letting me play with it. There's only so much I can do in this position, so pull up his shorts and try free as much dick as I can. They're too tight and I can't get much more out, is probably 4 inches in total, and a couple more still hidden.

He's not helping in anyway. I want him to get it out fully for me, but think he's not saying doing anything because easier to pretend he's asleep right now.

I can get my hand around what is sticking down and out his shorts leg. Am able to fap him properly. So just do that. He tenses up a couple times.

I'm in heaven. This is so exciting. It's exactly what I wanted to happen, he's letting me play around, explore. He's not shutting it down. I'm hard af myself but don't let mine out. Don't want to push it, plus it's great to have a different dick to handle. Love the fact he is lying on his bed in the dark letting me fap him. To me it's hot af. This is adult shit going on. Everything has changed now.

Want to lean down and let my mouth get involved. But scared. Aware last time and how angry he got. I don't want that to happen again. Want to taste it, suck it again so bad, but not worth the risk. Best I can do is lick my hand and wet his dick with it

Last one coming

Keep the handjob going. Try a couple techniques but settle on fast pumping. Have it pointing up a bit which makes it easier for me.
Can tell it's working for him. Breathing has changed and he keeps stretching his legs. Stay working it for him, seems like I'm doing it right. He feels real warm in my hand pulses a little.

Stay jerking him, happy to do this as long as I need to. Am about to change hands when I hear his breathing go short. Lets out an argh. Can detect his body tensing up. Ok, I think I'm getting somewhere.

His legs move some, and he makes a long groan. Hand hurting but can't change I've got to stay doing exactly this. Meh idc about cramp, I just want to make him cum.

He lets out some more groans. Pushes his hips up, I can sense his whole body going rigid. Thats when he lets lose. In my hand can feel his dick bucking. He makes a loud grunt. He's cuming alright. I jerk all up to his head, it's wet and sticky. Holy fuck I can't believe we are doing this together.
I pump more, its still coming. Help it all out. Run my other hand on his leg, rub my fingers where its sticky. With one hand jerking the last of his cum out I put the other up to my mouth. Suck it off my fingers. Taste his cum. Swallow what I can.

He's done. He's finished. His body gone limp and his dick is feeling softer already.

I'm hot af but I just know I have to leave. He still saying nothing, I play with him a last time. Basically trying to wipe up any cum I can find with my hand. I get up walk straight out the door saying nothing

Go into the bathroom looking at my hands. They're glistening. I get my dick out and fap, using his cum as lube. While sucking what I can off my other hand.
Shoot my load in seconds. The most intense nut of my life.

Get the usual post fap regret, but this time it's huge. Real big. I hate myself. But also happy I did it. Tomorrow we can deal with reality

Clean up quick and run to bed. Lie there awake forever smelling him on my hands.

That night was huge that he let me do that. And it all went from there. A couple nights later, he was drunk and came onto me. I didn't say no. I wanted it.
And that was it, it became a regular thing. He had strict rules about what i had to do, and wasn't allowed to do- like no talking or looking at him. He didn't touch me. But I didn't care. Was just happy to have a dick to play with. Yeah we both knew this was so wrong, but it was like we couldn't help it. It was easy to get off and no one needed to know. Just between him and me.
Might been molestey to some people but I wasn't doing anything I didn't want to do. And I instigated it lots of times.
It'll happen again. You know it. He knows it.
File: 1471207050870.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
Probably, yeah. I'm actually surprised he's lasted this long without trying anything (almost two years now).

Unfortunately, his strategy for staying out of my pants seems to be simply avoiding me... which sucks, cause he was a mentor to me in more than just in a sexual way, and I miss that relationship. But I understand why he needs to stay away, and I don't want to be a homewrecker by pushing his buttons or taking advantage of his lack of self-control.
What exactly were you guys doing after that? Blowing him regularly?
plese share
Exactly this. That became one of my chores. Had it down pat. It's going to sound strange but felt it was my way of supporting him because he worked hard and was missing out on a social life or gfs. Mostly at the end of the night in his bed, but weekend mornings before he got up, sometimes randomly around the house. Whenever he was in the mood I had a job to do.
File: 1467251713300.gif (1.59 MB, 500x278)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
Was it all just oral, or did he ever take it further and stretch out your ass?

What's your relationship with him like now?
Who’s the guy goin down?
any more details on what your first time really blowing him was like, or maybe an experience that really sticks out in your head?
File: 1.gif (2.22 MB, 320x320)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF
Not as exciting as some of the other stories in here but I'll share since it's pretty recent (happened last week)

>Be me, 18.
>Older brother (21) still lives at home while he goes to Uni.
>I'm in the closet
>When the parents aren't around he walks around in these AMAZING sweatpants, and I see his big dick sway with each step
>Easily 6 inches soft, with big balls too
>Fantasize about hiding a camera in his room so I can catch him jerking off
>Too pussy, he'd kill me if he found out I went in his room
>So I do the next best thing
>I just want to have his dick in my pocket, even if it's just a shitty video of his sweatpants bulge
>Wait until he wears those AMAZING sweatpants
>Prop my phone up behind some shit in the kitchen and leave it recording
>If he finds it, I just tell him I planned on pranking him
>Records for like 45 minutes
>Finally he goes in to the kitchen for some food
>Comes back, thank god he didn't find it
>Heart is racing, hope I got it on film
>Review the footage.
>For a SPLIT second I get an amazing view of his cock and balls through his pants
>Keep that shit on my phone at all times, have jacked off to it many times

Enjoy. I'm still working up the courage (and logistics) to hide a camera and catch him showering.
File: 2.gif (484 KB, 150x132)
484 KB
484 KB GIF

Catching him in the shower youll be caught right away. You have a better chance of catching him changing and hiding the cam in his room.

You can always set it up in his room, prank him with something. Get him all soaked in water that way he's forced to go to his room and put some dry clothes.

Have you ever jerked off with his underwear?
tell us the twins stories?
cringe as fuck
It looks massive.
booty holes and meat poles pasted all over this board and you're judging. people. in the same thread you're stroking to...

cousin and his bf in pic tagging my holes
surely you've got shirtless pics of him from summertime, right?
Not sure if this suits the thread but whatever.
Last summer i paid a visit to my older cousin who is studying abroad. While there he proposed me to go play tennis in the sport club he used to attend. After the match we went in the locker room for a shower; he undressed in front of me and, maybe to be more discreet (i don't hang in locker rooms as much as he does), i did the same facing the wall.
He then stopped talking to tell me "don't be a shy pussy ("fighettina" in italian), it's not wise to show your butt here like this ahah" while slapping his flaccid dick on my buttocks to then proceed to the shower.
I had to use the coldest water possible to avoid an erection right after that.
If only he knew about me liking dudes and if he wasn't one of the straightest people i know maybe i would have tried to do something more audacious with him.
Yeah mostly oral on demand
Can do.
Just need to be in the right headspace for it. Sometimes easy to re live, other times like now it's a bit hard to process
After that first time I fapped him a similar thing happened a couple nights later. Jerked him off in the dark in his room. Handjob onlyy. The next time was when I blew him fully. I'll come back and share that.
he does know.
slapping his dick on your butt was his way of flirting but you're too autistic to realize he was hitting on you.
instead of sucking his cock you acted like a retard.
enjoy your virginity.
When I was 16 I messed around with my uncle's boyfriend. He eventually told my uncle and my uncle broke up with him. I had to call my uncle to tell him I wasn't molested or anything and that I pursued it. Years later, I moved across the country for college and ended up a few hours away from my uncle. Uncle's boyfriend found out and started talking to me again. Things started rolling from their but by the end of college I fucked around with my uncle, his boyfriend, and their friends.
File: 20180420_210436.jpg (2.95 MB, 3024x4032)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Who is this?
little bro has me service his cock alot.
File: 20190428_070106.jpg (6.71 MB, 2660x4730)
6.71 MB
6.71 MB JPG
...you were supposed to follow him when he walked away
File: 20170907_002136.jpg (4.95 MB, 2448x3264)
4.95 MB
4.95 MB JPG
File: Not_him.jpg (145 KB, 768x1024)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>Be me, only child
>Dad and Mom divorce when I was very young, he working abroad and still supported us with money
>I lived with my mom and her family, old timey southeners
>Once I'm over the age of dirty daipers Dad offers me stay with him for the summer
>I'm really exited, I've never gone to a different country before
>Mom isn't sure at first but I throw tantrums until we convince her
>Time comes, dad arrives and after a couple days we leave
>Dad's place in London is a pretty comfy appartment, nothing too big but I was just exited about hanging out with him
>He at the time was a 37 year old, back hair all over his body, strong arms and chest and a bit of a belly beard, a very strong face with a full but very well kept beard and glasses
>I always had been completely heads over hills about my dad, between the cool stories I've had heard of him and his looks, even if I've only seen him in photos, I definetely had a crush on him, even if at that age I didn't understand it
>We hang out for a few days, since he is on vacation and we can be together most of the time
>He wasn't shy with wearing almost nothing around me "we are both men" he'd say, I was really squeamish about nudity, of course mostly because of the way my family had brought me up
>Often times he'd parade around the appartment in nothing but a wife beater and tighty whities, I however stay fully clothed
>We rough house a lot, something I assume is pretty common, but on one of this occasions after seeing I wont wear less clothes by choice he starts to pull out my shirt
>I'm still having fun and being shirtless is no big deal so I jest let it happen
>Then he goes for my shorts, this starttled me and I told him I shouldn't take them off
>He's laughing and and playing, but he knows I can't really stop him if he wanted
>Suddenly he flips over, he's on his back while I'm on top of him also face up, he's holding me with a single arm while the other one takes off my shorts

cont (maybe)
Was raped by my uncle when I was 14, and even though we've never talked about it, I'm certain my Dad knew and let it happen.

He's dead now though, so that's cool.

I don't think trying to relive that kind of trauma as a kink is healthy, but I'm not your Mum so you wank over whatever you want.
Sorry that happened to you, but not everyone's experiences with incest were traumatic, and on other cases they didn't even have an actual efperience and just like the fantasy, since this is, you know, a porn board on a degenerate site
Have you seen a counsellor, anon?
Yo can you maybe not post your made up pedophile stories? No one wants to read about a dad raping his six year old son, fuck off.
I do

Yeah I get that.


For a few years after I left home, but I don't think I felt okay about it all until my Dad died, even though it was my uncle that raped me.

From 15 to my early 20s I had a pretty strong older man kink and I was lucky I didn't come out of it with HIV.
I don't think anyone wants to read about something like this, so fuck off.
I do
File: mbyzgif.gif (2.96 MB, 540x281)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
I hooked up with a married man (He's 45/I'm 18), he asked me to wear his son's clothes and called me by his name while he fucked me

shit was so fucked up but I loved it, we're meeting again this weekend!
I'm guessing Mormonboys but names?
then seek counseling.
that’s hot af
I had similar feelings for my dad at a pretty young age. My dad had a habit of going into the woods with a bunch of drunks and partying and I had to camp with him. More often than not he would come out of his clothes in his sleep.

I've never had a sexual encounter with my dad, but I feel like I've gotten pretty close. So many stories, trying to figure out where to start...

The beginning I guess?

>Be me, gay, youngest of three.
>Dad is tall, lean, but not skinny lean. He worked out for a time and basically became a fuck'n stud.
>Mom and Dad divorced before I was 1 year old.
>Mom and Dad always kept a very friendly relationship, as my siblings and I would see our dad and his side of the family just about every weekend.
>I was very aware of my sexuality from a very early age and have been attracted to my dad for a very long time.
>Still being really young, I start stealing his underwear. He had an assortment of underwear, from white calvin klein briefs to boxers. Though, I could tell that he never wore his boxers because they never changed their folding order in his drawers.
>I knew he wore his tighty whities though because on several occasions I found them on his bedroom floor - used. However, he only owned six pairs.
>I start stealing his white briefs (I have a tighty whitie fetish so the fact that my dad wore them made me crave them and him even more).
>Over the course of about a year I steal two pairs. However, despite stealing them I noticed that he wasn't replacing them. And I could still tell that he wasn't wearing his boxers. So I chalked it up to him freeballing most of the time.
>I come to find out that the reason my mom and dad divorced is because he liked to cross dress.
>Be me, still young teenager. Mind = blown.
>Next time I go to my dad's I decide to snoop even more.
>I would always wait until he left for work in the morning. He would wake up around 3:30am or 4, and would be out of the house by 4:30.
>As soon as his car would leave the driveway I would enter his room.
>I start snooping around, but I find nothing in his drawers.
>I realized that I never looked in his closet, so I decide to look there.

>Still snooping in his closet, trying to be extra quiet so that I don't wake anyone up.
>I just about give up because I can't find anything.
>Then, in the back of the closet, under the shadow of his hanging shirts, I see a metal bucket. Like a garden pale.
>I quietly and carefully grab the bucket and pull it out.
>I don't turn on the lights in the room because I don't want to get caught. But, as a result, I can't see what's in the bucket.
>Stick my hand in the bucket and I feel fabric.
>Heart starts beating like crazy.
>I grab one of the fabric-like objects from pale and pull it out.
>Inspecting it in the dark, I can recognize the shape. It's definitely underwear.
>Dick is hard af, adrenaline is through the roof.
>I put the fabric back and take the bucket to the bathroom.
>With the light of the bathroom I'm able to see what's in it.
>Full of panties. Some more girly than others, others kind of speedo like. Thongs as well.
>I start trying them on, relishing the fact that I'm wearing my dad's panties.
>After trying on several I grab a white pantie from the bucket but I notice that there is a mark on it near the crotch area.
>Realize it's a cum stain.
>These are his USED panties.
>I can't contain myself. It's too good to be true.
>I finish jacking off and steal a few of his used panties.
>When I put the bucket back in the closet I realized that he must have a stash of clean panties somewhere if these are the dirty ones.
>I look around some more and then notice that, under a neatly folded stack of pants and sweaters, there is a rectangular wicker basket.
>I slither my hand beneath the stack into the basket to feel around inside.
>I feel MORE fabric. A lot more.
>Excited and adrenaline rushed once again, I carefully remove the stack of clothes from the top of the basket.
>I pull the basket out and it's heavy than I thought. Being even more quiet, I sneak back to the bathroom.
>Once I'm behind the door, I flip on the light and take a look.

>The basket is fucking full of panties and underwear. Though, they're clean and unused, unlike the ones that were in the bucket.
>I take out and try on some that I find sexy.
>Jack off some more.
>I grab a few that I want to keep and return the rest of them in the basket back to the closet.
>Sun's nearly coming up so I get ready for bed.
>Go to bed wearing one of my dad's white thongs with a cum stain in it.
>The rest of the underwear and panties are secretly stowed away in my luggage.

This panty and underwear stealing ritual continued for several years. (Still does, to be honest, but my dad now lives in a different state so I don't get to steal his underwear as often as I used to).

Anyway, I grew more daring as time went on which lead to some more incidents and some amazing discoveries.

However, it's late and I have work in the morning so I'm gonna jack off and go to bed. I may continue with the stories on the weekend. We'll see.
yes, please do
Please tell the story where you worshiped your dad. So fucking hot I'm cumming buckets and horny as a bitch.
What scene is this? Seen it before just can’t remember their names
My dad used to sleep naked all the time, and the doors were never properly closed so used to peak in and wank right outside his door.
After a few months of this I used to leave my bedroom door open knowing he went for a piss at least once a night, either I'd get to see him naked walking down the hallway or I'm sure he'd see me naked in bed too.
Sexiest thing was when we went on a long road trip and he had to stop to take a leak, he unzipped and started pissing right next to my sides window. I was too much of a pussy to try anything.
Caught him wanking a lot too and in the bath/shower with the door open, pretty sure he has seen me wanking over him too
is that him?
i'll contribute to this thread:

also: i suck at greentext. it seems to skip over context. anyhow:

i played with my dad a bit. he liked to drink and he'd still be pretty in the bag when he got home from the bar. and since mom didnt like his drinking he'd sleep on the couch, which happened to be right outside my bedroom. i was always a real curious, horny kid. i was 13 when it started happening.

he'd usually turn on the tv loud enough to wake me up, and one time i got up with the intention of asking him to turn it down. when i opened my bedroom door though, i saw him sprawled on his back on the couch, one arm over his eyes and just in his tighty whities.

ever have one of those moments where your heart is beating so fast that you have trouble breathing? that.

i knew i was into guys and underwear really turned me on because the only even semi male nudity i could get my hands on was the sears catalogue underwear section. so it was like something clicked into place. i was too much of a pussy to do anything about it for a few weeks. it was summer, so it happened regularly. i'd just watch him and touch myself fantasizing about him.

more if wanted.
Yep, please
you got it.


like i said, it took me a few weeks to work up the courage to do anything about it. i knew about sex generally, and knew what men and women did together, but not a lot of detail. had seen a porno mag with my best friend not long before this all started, and i knew i wanted to "be the woman" in the stuff i saw. if that makes sense. it did to a 13yo.

i was so desperate for ANY sexual outlet, that i started having thoughts about my dad. "being the woman" for him. giving him oral. being as submissive as i saw the women being in the one porn i saw.

screwed up the courage one night to make my move. was the same basic thing: on the couch, late night, passed out in just his briefs and one arm over his face on his back. because i was 13, my plan was to "casually" stroll by him a few times to see if he woke up. nevermind that it was well after midnight most times. when he didnt wake up after like, my 6th "trip to the bathroom," i went for it.

knelt real softly right next to him, listening HARD to his breathing. started rubbing his bulge real soft and slow. my own cock was so hard it actually hurt, but i ignored it. i could hardly fucking breathe. his cock felt so hot under my hand. like, temperature hot. thats what i remember most. his briefs were old and well-worn, so not real snug anymore, but they started getting tighter while i rubbed.

he shifted his hips slightly and i was so scared, i got up and silently ran to my room. i didnt try anything again for a week, certain he knew, but wasnt saying anything
Nice, and the next week?
sorry for the delay, trying to condense my thoughts.


it was all i could think about for the week. couple of opportunities later, i went for it again. this time i only did one decoy trip to the bathroom. knelt next to him and went right for rubbing his bulge. he was wearing even looser light grey briefs this time. took my time, admired it, rubbed it, and even leaned down to smell it a few times. felt like pure instinct at the time. was sweaty and a little musty, but i loved it.

his bulge got tight again and i kept at it. his bulge started lengthening towards one of his hips, and pretty soon i wasnt rubbing a bulge, i was rubbing the length of his dick in his briefs. feeling it in my hand, grabbing it, trying to get my hand around it. i was totally in awe, was like the holy grail. he shifted his hips again, but this time i kept with it. i was so riled up that i didnt care what happened, i couldnt stop myself from touching it if i wanted to. his shifted position seemed to pull his briefs tighter on his bulge and i saw a dark spot suddenly appear near the tip.

i didnt hesitate. i put my mouth right on it. shocked the hell out of myself, but now i could taste a little saltiness and smell all of his scent. if i had touched my dick in my briefs even for a second, i woulda spazzed a load right into them, no problem.

but in a classic case of "dog catches car," i had no idea what to do next. had never seen a porn movie, and i had already exhausted the information a still frame can give a 13yo. i clumsily moved my tongue around on it and moved my lips a bit.

a hip movement and very slight throat clearing from him sent me running for my life to my room. but i stayed watching and he sure did get up, and went to the bathroom. i could hear him pissing slightly over the rush of blood in my ears. he went back to the couch naked. i was shocked.
I can't imagine this really happening. How prevalent is this sort of thing?
he got back in the same position, only this time totally naked. i watched him SO hard for a long ass time, trying to get up the courage again. but finally i left my room again and just as before, knelt next to him on the couch.

there it was right in front of me. still half hard, and seemed to be shrinking before my eyes. keeping my eyes moving back and forth from his dick to his face, i slowly put my hand on it and started to feel it again. i felt like it was on fire, it was so hot. i kept on it though and soon he was getting hard again. it started pointing away from me and i was disappointed in that because i was still interested in the wetness at the tip. fully hard it was pointing to his bellybutton, and in the light of the tv behind me, i could see the tip was shiny.

i leaned forward and balanced on my knees a bit, and put my lips on the tip. it was salty and somehow tasted just like he smelled. didnt take me but a few minutes to start swirling my tongue on the tip, enjoying the flavor

felt what i thought was his hips shifting again but ignored it, not wanting anything to keep me from realizing my fantasy. i realized to late that it wasnt his hip that moved, not really. the hand that wasnt across his face came down from over the arm rest and rested on the back of my neck and head. i froze, scared for my life. i hoped against all hope that he was somehow still asleep. i felt his hand tighten. not painfully, but definitely not limply resting there either. felt gentle pressure pushing me down and since his cockhead was already in my mouth, in it went. i opened my mouth so wide. could maybe get 1/3 of it in my mouth. heard a deep rumble in his chest when his cockhead hit the back of my throat.

the pressure on the back of my head eased up and i stupidly thought it was over. before the head came out, the pressure returned and i slid back down on it. slowly but surely i got in a slow but steady rhythm sucking 1/3 to 1/2 of his cock at max
he kept the rhythm going, sometimes with a lil hip thrust at the end. with his hand on the back of my head, i couldnt stop even if i wanted to, and i ABSOLUTELY did not want to stop. at all. i remember i wasnt able to swallow at all with my mouth open that wide and my throat got painfully dry while all my spit went on his cock.

his orgasm sort of caught me by surprise. he had been getting harder and harder as i sucked, but i didnt understand what that meant. all of a sudden his breathing came to the forefront and i realized he was almost panting.

a breathy grunt from him was all the sound he made. i felt his manhood throbbing and on one down stroke he didnt let me slide back up. he didnt force me down, just kept me in place, my mouth was all of a sudden flooded with warm saltiness. i didnt know enough to swallow, so i let it build up in my mouth. when his dick wasnt throbbing anymore, he took his hand on the back of my head and i slowly pulled my mouth off, letting his cum just sort of fall out of my mouth on the way. my chin was cold with spit and cum, and i finally was able to look up at him for the first time since i felt his hand on my head. his other arm hadnt moved. it was still covering his eyes. only difference now was his mouth was open a bit.

i dont know what i expected, but i just knelt there for a long time, breathing heavy. my mind was reeling with what had just happened. my knees and neck started hurting suddenly, so i went to bed. omw to my room, i heard a shift, and turned around hopefully, but he had just turned his over, his face to the couch.

i layed on my bed and had 3 loads fired off in about 15 minutes.
more stuff happened. hope you enjoyed
So would he watch porn while fucking your mouth/ass or was he into the feeling you were giving him? Were you ever the aggressor trying to get at his dick?
If he is a closeted gay (and not into pegging) he comes from a different time. Seeing as he is your father he chose a lie. I would feel bad for him.
It's hard to pity people who actively bully people, especially family, over the things they lie about enjoying themselves. When all of us have limited focus and compassion to offer, there are better recipients than this.
>>1897317 please post more!
Your dad's hot.
Moar!!! Great fucking story!!!

happened pretty much the same way a few more times, until about the 4th time, when he "woke up." looking back on it, im pretty sure he was awake every time, but he always left his arm draped over his face. and being a kid, i thought i was being so sneaky with my little "adventures" with dad at night.

this time he was sleeping almost sitting up, wearing some real loose green ftl briefs. i had lost my fear of it since there hadn't been anything bad that happened yet, so i was able to get my mouth on his bulge only a couple minutes after i saw him "fall asleep," while watching from my bedroom. pushed his legs apart and knelt in front of him, and started mouthing his bulge.

once he got hard it was easy to pop his bone out the side of his briefs. i was getting more comfortable with sucking it and started in on it. felt his hand on the back of my head, but i wasnt worried since it had happened every other time. i glanced up at his face as a matter of reflex and froze. his eyes were open and he was looking at me, seeming to be very much awake. i felt that pressure on the back of my head and slid down his shaft, not able to look away from his face.

spent that whole time looking up at him. he never seemed sleepy, and never said anything, but it was light enough from the tv that we could see each others faces clearly. when he was ready to cum he started getting almost an angry look on his face, breathing heavy and just said a real low, but intense "fuuuuuck." felt his cum in my mouth and had learned to swallow at this point, so i took it all down.

once he was done throbbing, he sorta pushed my face away, pulled his briefs back over his dick, and stood up. i was still on my knees looking up at him and he was standing over me, looking down at me. he gave me sorta two quick awkward pats on the side of my head, and just swung his leg over me and went down the hall to his bedroom and closed the door.
Awesome story I'm wet as fuck... what happened next??
actual incest story here.

I used to fuck my brother, he fucked me. we grew out of this. He is happily married to a woman and im gay with a boyfriend.

We have spoke about it and it was just young experimenting.

i also fucked my female cousin.

kids do shit..
this is real vid of father son doing physical together:


the guy got convicted of impersonating doctor and would give free physicals to people who couldnt afford it and would say he is recording for studies.

name is : Dean Alan Willoughby, u can search him

here is a story about him:
the dad ends up jerking off his son at the end!
it happened off and on for years. little bit later on he stopped with the pretense of falling asleep on the couch, and would just stumble into my room when he got home from drinking. id usually be waiting for him. most often he'd step up to my bed, undo his belt and jeans and take them down just enough to get his dick out.

if he was really drunk, he'd sit on the corner of my bed and make me get on the floor. i cant remember ever not loving it.
>be me in mid to late teens
>cousin is in eraly 20s
>we would play vidya couple days a week
>on day he offers me a drink ( I think it was a 4loko)
>getting really buzzed and haven't finished drink.
>cousin pulls out bong and offers me to smoke
>don't want to look lame
>after getting drunk and high he asked if I had sucked dick before I say no
The rest gets pretty hazy but from his recollection and bits I remember it went something like this
>he whips his dick out and I stare
Pt2 in a bit
>I laugh a bit and say fine
>put my tongue on it and lick it a bit
>cousin seems like to like it so i slowly start to blow him
>try to deep throat but gag a bit
>we both laugh a bit but I continue
>says he is close to finishing so fuck it
>suck faster and deeper until he pushes me off and he finishes himself off
>tells me I'm really good at it
He would offer me drinks and weed a couple more times after that and I would go along with it and I would give him a bj in return. I only got to finish him and swallow once

He told me that one day I got really messed up and ripped my pants off and boxers presenting my ass to him. He said nothing happened but I don't remember much of that. I have a few more stories
This threads so hot!

>father left
>mother met a new man
>got pregnant
>having a party with both families
>step fathers nephew gives me booze
>nobody cares
>he’s around 25 and fit as fuck
>I’m 14
>nobody notices or cares that he’s giving my lots to drink
>he’s really funny and I’m becoming sexually attracted to him
>in kitchen, lots of people chatting etc, loud music in the next room
>step fathers nephew keeps smiling and winking at me
>I’d be invisible if he wasn’t there
>standing leaning against the wall trying to hide drink behind my back with my 2 hands
>he walks over and leans on the wall with one arm, kind of cornering me
>instense staring at each other
>his hand slowly, discretely grabs my dick through my trousers
>he leans in and kisses me on the mouth
>I flipped out but didn’t resist, kept my head there and kissed him back a little
>his tongue comes out and he tries to force it into my mouth
>completely flipped out and pushed him off me
>go outside to consider wtf just happened
>after a few moments, horrified that he’d come after me
>decide maybe that would be a good thing
>convince myself that the reason I ran outside was because I wanted him to follow me and that the only reason I pushed him off me was because there were people there who would think I was gay
>wait some more
>he didn’t come outside
>go back inside
>he completely ignores me
>laughing and joking with everyone
>doesn’t even look at me
>go to bed heartbroken
>never see him again

I wish it could have happened differently, I was really upset, I cried a lot. I still am. He actually did it in a room full of my family without anyone seeing. He became my first real gay crush and I still fap furiously thinking of what could have been.
I fooled around with my cousin as a kid
and here i was enjoying the fuck out of his vids only to find out he was taking advantage of the less wealthy
most of us did, story?
How do we know this was real and not just a porn vid he did on the side outside of what's mentioned in the article?
Damn. Sauce please.
eh he mixed in his criminal videos with actual porn videos (he payed well known porn actors).

This dad-son one seemed part of the staged/faked ones. I mean the dad cums on his son...
I caught my little brother jerking off to my used underwear he’s 14 I’m 18 should I go for it? Also I don’t know if it would be weird, like maybe he just likes the smell? But not me lmao
Dude he's 14 don't be a pedo. You know how horny you are doing puberty, he's just using the nearest guy as wank bank source material.

You can totally parade around in your underwear in front of him and get off on the fact you're turning him on though. That's still weird but it doesn't hurt anybody.
I have some real pictures of my dad add me on Snapchat to see them Sc: speakevil
Post them here, pussy
I want to suck my brother's dick, but
1) Uncertain about hygiene, because he only showers once a week and sits at home 24/7, so if I ever decide to I need to catch him on Monday (he showers on Sundays) or something
2) Really scared about damaging the relationships because I currently live with parents temporarily, and if he refuses and then decides to tell everyone then I'm probably fucked

He jerks off almost every day, he thinks that he does it secretly but it's very apparent. If I ever to ever get to this point, it'll need to be during his monday fap session, when he's 100% clean and already turned on

I don't want sex or anything else, in fact I find male-male sex somewhat disgusting, but I really want to suck a dick and swallow some cum. I already eat my own cum somewhat frequently so I'm not turned off by this.

I don't know how to get to it. Maybe I should first find out what he faps to, but he's at home literally 24/7 so I can't look up on his computer anyhow. If he faps to something gay-ish then I'll definitely make a move.
And after reading many stories on this board hopefully if I ever make a move it will be possible to make it a frequent thing, not just a one time thing.
>Dude he's 14 don't be a pedo.

I should have said, I'm from Austria. Age of consent is 14 here.
Didn't realize someone liked my story, give me a sec I'll type one up here
A day or 2 after our first encounter
>See cousin again while he is playing vidya
>say hi and apologize about the fay before
>pauses game for a bit and smiles, says "Here I bought this for you" with a smile.
>hands me another of the same drink
>jokes that we should see who can drink it the fastest
>speedchugging.exe begins
>pulls out bong saying "can't have a party without this"
>don't even hesitate at this point and smoke a bit
>mfw when I rushed everything and now I am basically gone
>unzip him and pull his unit out
>basically drool at the sight of his precum
>lick precum off and savor it while jerking him off a bit
>he had definitely planned it this time
>decide to experiment by sucking and licking his head while cupping his balls
>feel a hand on the back of my head push me deeper onto his shaft
Had emo-fag hairstyle back then so I had to constantly move it out of the way
>feel the head and shaft slide in and out deeper and deeper into my throat
There was no laughing this it was pure moans from him and from me
>he pulls me off and trys to suck me off
>doesn't feel as good so I push him off and go down on him again
>try my best not to cause myself to gag as I inch closer and closer to his base
>with his hand on my head he starting faster and harder down until suddenly I hear a loud groan
>face is pulled away from his as he unloads all over himself again
>decide to go for it and shove my mouth on to the tip to suck out what I can while I fap myself
>tastes and feels funny
>because high and drunk I end up full slut mode and try to lick some off him as well but he draws the line there
>finish fapping to whole event and walk away to clean myself up
>while in bathroom decide to try my spunk for science
Mine tasted better
>After sobering up a little ask him if this will be an ongoing thing or what
>says not worry so much and to just have fun
>tell him i like doing this but don't think it can happen without me being messed up first
>say that shouldn't be a problem with a smile
>hands me another drink but says to not chug it
>watch a movie with my hand in his pants occasionally fondling and jerking him a bit
>movie ends and we say goodbye
>fap again later to the whole event
If it's legal then do it. I wish I had an older brother at that age that would have messed around with me.
Du solltest ihn um Zustimmung bitten
Don't have sex with your brother. You'll regret it later. You're only considering it now because of your age and lack of other opportunities. Find someone outside your family.
It might be legal but he's just an impressionable young kid. Be a responsible big brother and don't fuck a horny 14yo and ruin your brotherly relationship for life.
File: 1359059757392.gif (853 KB, 500x258)
853 KB
853 KB GIF
>parents got divorced
>mom got the house
>dad moved into a small 2br apt
>so when dad had custody, me and my brother had to share a bed
>so physical intimacy from sleeping together
>plus emotional intimacy from enduring family drama together
>plus raging teenage hormones
>equals exactly what you'd expect
>happened so gradually I can't point to when it "started" exactly
>at first it was just innocent cuddling
>but that led to low-key sleepy grinding and spooning
>for a while it was completely unspoken
>we both pretended like we were just unconsciously dry-humping in our sleep
>but we slowly started feeling each other up
>very shy and slow and cautious at first
>I remember being fascinated by his body, and especially his cock
>but also terrified of seeming "gay" by being too eager
>and he obv felt guilty about it as well
>so we had lines we wouldn't cross
>blowjobs were "real" sex, and therefore strictly off-limits
>but we eventually got to the point where we were regularly trading handjobs and making each other cum
>and we were also okay with frotting and "fucking" each other between the thighs
>this led to us to discovering the real gamechanger
>that was when we completely stopped wearing underwear to bed lol
>took our thigh sex (we called it "humping" or "hot-dogging") to the next level
>blew countless loads between each other's thighs
>never quite crossed the line to real fucking
>though there was a lot of "just the tip" teasing which came awfully close
>that was the peak of our faggotry though
>as we got older we both felt increasingly guilty about the whole thing
>eventually our dad upgraded to a new place where we had separate rooms
>and then my brother started getting girlfriends
>and that was pretty much the end of it aside from a few drunken jerk-off sessions
how in the hell did all of that even start between you two, anon?
moar details plox
I don't expect anyone to believe this but my brother and I discussed a genuine relationship together. It's all more anti-climactic than you'd think though.
Story please? Also any specific sexual encounters story like how it started please.
Stayed with my cousin once and I woke up to my younger cousin sucking my soft dick.

I didn't know what to do in that situation and didn't want to have a confrontation with my aunt about it or risk having him turn the tables and saying I was messing with him if things escalated. He was the baby if the family and 14 while I was 17. So I just pretended to be asleep and let him do his thing.

He was actually really good at it except he'd keep stopping to check and see if he was still safe to continue. Over an hour of him blowing me and stopping until I came all over. Started in his mouth but I blew so hard I could hear him gag, then finished on my stomach. He started jerking off while straddled over me without touching. He used the cum on my stomach to jerk and licked/sucked his fingers.

He came fast, on my dick, balls and thigh. It wasn't a big load but he did lick it off me.

I wasn't into him before that and the age difference made it weird but I made a point to sleep on the couch from that point on instead of my cousins room and I'd get head everytime.
He wants it
i wanna get abused by a pair of daddy bear twins
How do I get my brother to suck on my cock or vice versa?
13 is too young for sex. It had to damage you.
Try camping and cuddling in the same sleeping bag, assuming you are both of age
That could work except there's no where to camp at, I need to think of an idea to do at home
You wanna send pics while you think I’ll be your slave on discord 123mk#4980
Kik me aseifred you can try wrestling in loose shorts. Always worked for me
I have the biggest crush on my older brother, he's like a decade older than me. Managed to to get his dick pics from his phone while he was away from it. I sniff his used underwear after he showers, my biggest fucking turn on. I just wanna get on my knees and suck him off. If he could just fuck my brains out, but he has gf so probably not anytime soon, sadly.
File: daddys hands.gif (723 KB, 500x235)
723 KB
723 KB GIF
Huge mistake. Don't do it. It will make things weird forever after. Find another guy 10 years older somewhere else.
Forgive me for being late. Also like I said, it's all more anti-climactic than you'd think, I'm trying to think of a way to make it all sound exciting if anything.

Firstly I'm gay and he always knew that, even if I never came out to him explicitly. I just presumed he was straight.

We were both pretty liberal with regards to nudity growing up (really, still are), and for a time we both were living with our parents again: he recently left the navy after a single hitch and started working on his degree, and I had to return home for a time after a job that didn't work out. Anyway like I said, we're both liberal on nudity, he was walking naked to his room after a shower one day and caught me staring... next thing I knew I was rimming him and sucking him off. It was nice, he's a fitness freak so even if he wasn't my brother I would have been hard as a rock through it all. But I think he just sort of had a what-the-hell moment and let me go down on him.

So sex started and continued for a little while. That said I just saw the sex, glorious as it was, as basically relief and nothing more. I found new work and moved out again, and he was with mom and dad a bit longer while he finished his degree. One day he brought up the idea of a relationship, and well, his logic for that was we were pretty compatible in terms of personality, no surprise there, and also sexually.

I considered it but I was across the country so nothing was really going to happen and he wound up getting a new girlfriend, which was probably for the best. (Probably worth noting: he said he was bi to me but he clearly prefers girls in any event. To my knowledge I was his first and so far only guy.) If we were physically closer I probably would have done it, brother or not he's pretty attractive and it's not like we got along for years before as is.
Part II because comment was getting too long.

Now is as good a time as any to say this: I always topped, he explicitly wanted to be a bottom. I was his first and so far his only guy. I sometimes wonder if he liked the taboo incest aspect more than being with a guy, and if he was willing to be with a guy he just liked the idea of being a bottom after previous relationships with women, switching roles so to speak. As I said he's a fitness freak and has been his whole life so he always played a masculine role in his past.

Another reason for the potential relationship was because I wanted to help him get established after school and he could have lived with me, but that's probably also why be brought it up, given the whole living together thing, presumably with sex.

But he found a girl and again, presumably for the best. I have no idea how a serious incestuous brother-brother relationship would have worked out in practice, if people would figure it out, and so forth.

I still fap to the pictures of his ass I have from time to time though.
i honestly dont think so. our relationship is unchanged, (it's good) and it only happened a few times, despite me wanting it more.

i do now have a major thing for daddies. not that unusual i suppose these days. but otherwise pretty normal
Movie called White Bird In A Blizzard
They aren't father and son, still a good movie.
Who is the younger guy getting out of bed? What actor is he? I've never hard or seen that movie before.
File: shiloh fernandez naked.jpg (213 KB, 1280x934)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
His name is Shiloh Fernandez
He's actually in a few movies on netflix.
Little bro sent me some cock pics ..hes in the navy...yes I have had that cock in my mouth
Got more?
Also story please.
aseifred on snapchat
sorry, im not on snapchat

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