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Post your masturbation story. But not just masturbation. It should be story where:
>You been catch,
>Someone catch you,
>You jerking with someone,
You jerking but someone dosent know that,
>Jerking in weird places,
>Cumming on something weird. Things like that.
>Be me
>College freshman
>First week in dorm
>My roommate was slepping and I sit in front of computer.
> feel urge
> Start watching porn on speakers
>I didn’t even realize that my roommate wasn’ sleep and he now recording me.
>You still may find that video on internet.

Pic not related
Friend ask for link
Sauce pls of your vid, also here's my story:
> horny
> free time at that education place
> the corridors have those comfy sofas
> lay on one, it's all empty and quiet around, only teachers shouting on unruly people
> feeltheurge.webm
> shove my hands down the pants
> flippin it down under there
> up n down
> hear some doors being opened
> oh no, there are people
> remember where am i
> run to the wc
> finally tune in some porn, silently, pull down my pants and start doing it, cuz heck it it's like 30 mins
> i hear some sound
> stop doing my thing
> why am i so stupid and uncautious when i'm horny
> silently look down the stall gap on the ground
> wtf that guy just pulled up his frickin face
> both hotness and scaredness kick in
> what do i do, what do i do...
> i hear him flush the water, but he doesn't go away
> i am silently fapping
> he starts slowly walking, towards me, because my stall is near the door (yeah what a stupid layout, at least they're spacious af)
> he tries opening my stall
> yeah it's locked, but the hell idc, i'll just unlock it...
> swoop he goes in
> seen guy
> from our basketball team
> friend of a friend, kinda known
> "i didn't expect you to do this here, Anon."
> my response: "well i didn't expect you'd feel the urge to get here to me. can i suck your dick?"
> yeah, turns out he was walking to tge toilet there
> "do it Anon, but quick, i'm having a lesson."
> i sit down on the toilet and pull down his pants
> wtf that's some throbbing penis
> nah i'd be better off if i kneeled
> try slowly eating it
> choke, but be much more cautious
> he groans
> i put my hands up his belly, feel some abs
> tingles.gif
> i start stroking my dick
> he literally cums at that moment
> gotta swallow them all, but that was so much
> "okay Anon, now it's my turn"
> "don't you have a lesson?"
> "who cares."
> i stand up quickly, still trying to remember all that musky sperm
> yeah, my dick isn't as big as his was, but he said "mmm it's so tasty did you put caramel on it"
> that was weird, but he sucks so furiously
> i cum very quickly, because i'm a horny and fag
> when he's getting ready to go away, i tell him "give me your number"
> "okay, Anon. but don't tell that to anyone"
> "okay, i won't." while writing down his number
> turns out pretty much all of the school thinks of me as gay, but like i said, idc
> sit there until the lesson ends
> still mind blown (and simply blown too)
yeah, it happened last week, and tonight I'm going to his place (more like a car), just to do some bro stuff together. he's very hot, very sporty, and yeah, me being a simple twink-like guy is kinda not bad. nit bad...
that guy is so hot, is there more of him?
When I was 15 I stole my mother boyfriend underwear and use them to masturbation. Short but true

I can cum without even touching myself...so, I often masturbate on planes...just close eyes think about sex and ever so slightly squeeze my thigh to give some constriction to my hard on in my pants...I can edge like that for awhile and depending on who is sitting next to me make sure my bulging hard on is visible to them as I "sleep"....eventually let go and cum - then have to sit up to manage the cum deposit in my pants...
one day in highschool, at lunch time break, I was talking with my friend. He had an athletic body with strong thighs. That day he was wearing tight jeans, so the bulge and the thighs were quite visible. He decided to lay on the bench while texting, but then he started to open and close the legs, that made me feel even more aroused so I put my hands in my pockets and start rubbing my dick slowly so he doesn't notice. after a while I came, I felt the cum oozing out of my dick and man, I came so much that I worried it became noticeable in my pants, but no. I felt so wet afterwards.
>Me, 18, short (165 cm), cute face, look like freshmen, but with big and thick dick (18 cm).
>Goes to sauna. In my country you go there completely naked, and only sit or lie on a towel.
>When I enter there was already one guy. Big muscular daddy with even bigger cock.
>He clearly watch my cock
>I cover myself with towel to hiding my raging boner. It fails
>we sit few minutes but he leaves. He’s not the hero of that story.
>I was alone so I did the only logical thing
>Highboner: The Fappening
>But I had to stop cause someone’s coming (But not me)
>Some young looking guy with rainbow towel enters and sit next to me completely naked
>He sees my extraordinary bulge and get hard. Didn’t even try to hide it.
>Now I get extra hard and he knows that
>He grab his cock , start fapping and keep staring at me.
>I put down my towel and start fap with him
>I was so close and I start moaning
>In last moment I grab towel and cum in it
>I stand and guy lick rest of my cum from my cock. (Technically my first blowjob)
>I leave him and go to locker room to dress up and go
>That was month ago. Now I go there 2 times in week in hope I see him again and ask him to go out somewhere
Maybe not masturbation, but I had wet dream only once in my live.
>I was 13
>on summer camp
>with 5 other boys in room
>I was sleeping only in undies
>and I was sleeping on my blanket
>and there all wake up before me

Guess how was called jerker for entire camp
thanks, but I already knew this vid. This is probably a webchat amateur video and the guy (who kinda looks like troye) nver made another one
Fake until link
tell us what happened there too pls
Mods get this kiddo out of here
I used to masturbate in the woods near my house as a teen, that was fun. I'd still do it but I have a dog now so I always walk him when I go there
I got something with my mom's boyfriend too, i stole a dickpic from his phone and when i wanna cum a lot i see it while i smell his dirty underwear. Best combo ever.

That's fucking hot. A lot of my friends are hot as hell too and it's so obvious when they're hard.

There are no summer camps in my country and thats a shame. Teenage bicurious experiences while sharing room with other boys and just being boys, talking shit and hanging around in underwear it's still a fantasy for me.

Now my actual story:
>Be me 8 years ago
>Spend night at my best friend's place with our another best friend
>The three of us, single, stupid and straight*
*not me obviously but i was always good at hiding it
>I slept with my another friend. He wasn't really close to me back those days but now were are like really close. Anyway he slept shirtless.
>Early next morning, woke up seeing his naked back.
>Guy is extremelly hairy
>Get horny almost instantly
>I noticed i was able to see his butt crack. It was even more hairier and got nice bubble butt cheeks
>Challenge accepted
>Start slipping down his boxers reeeeally carefully. My heart was about to explode
>I did it almost. I achieved on getting half of his butt naked
>Now i'm fucking diamonds
>Barelly touched his hairy ass while i took my boxers almost down and started jerking right next to him
>Just watching him was turning me so fucking much
>I came a river all over my chest and near my face. I ate everything and kept staring at his butt
>He woke op like an hour later and didn't even cared about his half naked ass.
his porn name is Daniel Bishop, his chaturbate is Danielbishopxxx is I remember correctly
I have tried using chaturbate a couple of times but I kept getting banned for some reason. Anyone know why?
It's fine for a few minutes but I always get banned once I start getting an audience

True story... age 13 go to bed and start jerking it. Old captains bed breaks with loud sound of splitting wood. I end up rolling off of bed, stark naked and shooting sperm. Mom, dad and older sister rush into my bedroom to find out about the loud crashing sound. So there I am totally naked, rock hard and splattered with cum. Most embarrassing moment of my life.
Who licked it off you?
The Aristocrats
You need to be a confirmed broadcaster by sending a copy of your I.D. and such and await approval before getting naked there, precaution against underage kids, even if you would be noticeably older
Oh, then why do they let you stream at all if it's not allowed?
I do look pretty young, I did keep say I was 20 just in case and I even had my age in my name, guess it wasn't enough
I don't want to give them my id so I guess I'm not doing it then. That's a shame
When I was 12, I've jerked off while sitting in a hot tub with my friends. They didn't notice, but on the other hand I never finish
oh! it is, thanks!
>high school junior
>gay but closeted
>walk into locker room after working out
>jock standing there jerking off
>can stand there for about 5-10 seconds before door finally closes and makes noise
>he spins around, cock in hand
>average sized cock with really dark hair (he was pretty hairy all over)
>says "shit"
>walk over and grab his cock, half expecting him to hit me
>start jerking it for him
>at first he went a little soft but then got hard again
>closed his eyes and moaned a little
>blows his load on the floor
>I say "let's not tell anyone about this", grab my stuff and go.
>nods to me when we pass in hallway after that
yeah so we just jerked off together while talking about all the stuff. it was weird for me, but we came a lot, and we kissed a lot. i felt scary before seeing him, but he was trying to make me comfortable in his car. we drove to the forest, and while on the road he told me "don't be so nervous or scared or whatever Anon."
i dunno what he thinks of me, but I kinda like him, not only as a sexy person. he does a lot of interesting stuff. when i told him i want to become a pilot, he told me he'll help me in some ways financially during the studies in promise of me flying him on some plane some day. yeah, that was weird. but that charm he shows off is very warm...

My school is huge but it has only like two classes, and almost everyone who goes there is almost always 18+. It's like a school for those who failed school but on the lower age. i dunno, here they're called "youth schools".
> be me 16
> drunk, driven home, thrown out of friends car at the end of the night
> nice warm night. think I'm gonna lie here for a bit
> get comfy on the grass, rest my head against the steps leading up to the house
> hi moon! hi trees! hi cloud floating overhead!
> even the letterbox looks amazing
> shit the whole world is awesome, being drunk is fun
> you know what would make things even better right about now???
> drunken fap
> struggling to get hard but idc, shits real awesome
> ask myself why I don't do this more often
> start getting dozey
> must get up go insi.....
> yawns
> zzzzzzzzzzz

> slap to head
> bright sunlight
> huh? wait? what?
> sun is shining, cars driving down the street, can hear a lawnmower
> dad standing over me
> I look down, pants at my knees, flaccid sad af dick on full display
> 'oh fuck me, please tell me this isn't real'
> neighbours watch me running inside, trying to pull my pants up
> dad chasing me raging hard and kicking my bare ass

It's been 10 years. Still cringe over that. Dad joked about it once, I totally blanked him and kept my gaze fixed on the tv
Thats fucked up
fake and gay
You are gay
I'm gay
Wasn't fake. I think you'd be surprised how many guys would at least let a guy jerk them off when they were horny enough. They would never admit it though.
>Be me
>14 lvl
>Living in a cheap motel, cause of my junkie mother bad financial choices.
>Owner let us live here only to regularly fuck my mother
>He also have a son. Cool guy been 19 back then.
>I go to his place always when owner goes for fuck
>that day he's asking me about my relationships, and my orientation.
>"wtf you want to know that"
>Its turned out that fucker owner install hidden camera in our bathroom. And my mother knows that cause she even pose to them naked.
>and why his son ask me that questions? Cause it recorded me, jerking to gay magazine I find out in garbage.
>He say, he will delete that and that I shouldn't be naked outside shower curtains
>"That's it? You don't want me to blow you or something"
>"Oh, no. I like you and want you to now that"
>and thene he add.
>"I mean if you want..."
>"I want"
>and I wasn't need to jerk off on the toiler again.
>he was my first and only boyfriend
I stole my mom dildo, use it anally and orally, and leave it from where I took it. At age of 16 I could gave deepthroat to 8 inch dick
fuuuuuucking hell bro. This is my fetish big time, hairy asses in particular. Lucky bastard.
Os that even legal?
>high on adderal around 19 freshman year
>get super horny and just strip naked in my car on campus
>Start driving and stroking and holy shit the feeling.
>come to stop light and some guy sees me and yells
>Find a target and park
>I even take my labtop out and start jacking off to pics and on omegle
>Turn car off too and its summer and over 90
>Im like 30 mins as Im drenched in sweat.
>I then continue to use my lotion and keep getting close
>Finally someone parks near me and I quickly drive iff
>Find random suburb area and park in a area where a house is being worked on
>Its somewhat clear so I get back to work and start jacking off and just rub liotion all over
>I covered my back seat in towels
>I then see this chick an other chick in those spandex shorts and they are just talking
>I become fixated and arch over watching as I stroke and stroke to them
>The heat is bad but I cant turn the car on and they notice
>They stand for about 20 mins before I get ready.
>I insanely open my door quietly and stand up and just bust as Im watching them talk
>I go ohhhhh and they turn but don't come near me
>Ive never came that much and hard. There was a line about 8-9 feet and it was so much
>I clean up and drive off
>Be me in Middle school
>5 day school trip
>me, my crush and 3 friends sleept in one room
>I go to wash myself after my secret crush
>When I enter the room I see his boxers on the heater.
>I grab them, smell them, and put them on myself.
>whe was hunk, and I was emo anorectic fuckboi so they was muh bigger then mine.
>I also see his dick day before, and his 6.7 inch was huge comparing to my 4.7 inch.
>I start jerking while wearing them.
>And I cum in them
>Instant shame
>I wash them in sink with my small undies, and leaves both of them on the heater.
>I go out from bathroom. Next friend enter, and crush with 2 more friends was talking about girl he wants to bang.
The story how we all saw his dick

>we sit in ours bed, talking shit and watching movie on tv, way after bed time.
>then some soft porn scene happened in the movie
>we still talking and joking about sex.
>then one friend say that crush have a boner.
>he wasn't covered and slept in pj so it was clearly visible
>We probably all been hard but we also all was covered
>We were joking about him and his boner.
>He had enough, so he stand up and goes to the bathroom.
>But he stopped right before doors, turn up to us, and he show us his cock and say something like "You all dreams to have yours cocks that big. When I cum, yours mothers could drown in sperm."
>And he enter bathroom.
>we were silent
>few minutes later, he leave bathroom with his short in his hand, and say "You see, now I'm just a little bigger then you all" and put on shorts when he was in bed.
>I slept next to him so I seen everything as good as possible.
damn, why I don't have friends like this
I've got friend like this. Every time we won a match in high school he's do a helicopter with his dick

Damn comrade nice trips.

I want a friend like that who I wish would challenge me to a fight or a contest or something. Loser blows the winner. I’d pretend to lose big time.
> be me 26
> small dick but idc
> my sister's birthday party
> all of her friends respect and fear me
> go to my room pretty sure that I locked the door
> open porn cuz why not
> penis hard , still the size of a finger
> door opens and my sister's friend , 15 , goes in hiding in their game
> " sorry didn't know you were here , anon "
> sees my cock in my hands
> laughing his ass off
> he takes out his cock and starts to move his hands
> his penis hard
> holyShit.png
> almost a danny D cock
> couldn't resist so I came really haaaard
> laughs again and leaves the room
> every time he sees me he points to the tip of his finger
When I was kid, I had a friend with whom I wrestle only in underwear like in WWE.
is it just me or are all of these stories written by people who clearly don’t speak english as their first language?
Is it just me, or are most of these stories written by people who don’t speak english very well?
>married friend comes over
>complains about wife never wanting sex
>we start talking about masturbation
>he says he loves lesbian porn
>i put on my favorite
>ask if he minds if i beat off
>he says no, as long as i do it under throw blanket
>jerk off under blanket for a while
>notice he's jerking through his pocket
>I'm getting close
>i think fuck it, just let blanket slip onto the floor
>catch him looking as i spurt a big load on my shirt
>he sees me looking and quickly looks back at screen
>i go to clean up
>hear him snort and moan as he cums in his pants

I have a few stories about fapping with friends, but that one is my favorite because this guy is super alpha and icked out by other guys. I'm still amazed it even happened.
>be me
>be 8 or so
>at my best friends house, 14
>sleeping over after 4th of July
>kinda fooled around with him before but never anything serious, just kissing and stuff
>late at night and we're making out in his bed
>he asks if he could maybe touch my weiner if I touched his
>fair trade
>I pull out my tiny prepubescent prick and try to take a glance at his
>dick is kinda small, but theres sooo much hair and his balls are some of the biggest I've ever seen
>remember then barely fitting in one hand
>sit there tugging at each others cocks all night
>i remember he came at one point and I didn't really know what happened so I just kept going, feeling his bush get all slimy and wrapped around my fingers
>eventually we fall asleep
>wake up to him leading my hand to his crotch
>cool round two?
>tfw this night sparked a nearly 4 year long fling between us
>he'd date girls and tell me about them while I sniffed and kissed his musty sack after school
>one day he got a boyfriend and that was that, stopped as fast as it came
My friend once tell me that he was masturbating in his room and his much younger brother came inside. He stood for a while and say "lol your weenie has a mustache" and go away.

This two was written by Polish guy.

But to be honest half of it sound like it been written by some Slavic people
>You been catch,
>Someone catch you,
>You jerking with someone,
>You jerking but someone dosent know that,
>Jerking in weird places,
>Cumming on something weird. Things like that.

I've got a story for each and they're all bad. Here we go:

>you been caught

>be 13 year old horn dog
>recently discover masturbation from my purring cat laying in my lap
>notice it feels amazing on my cock
>strip down to undies and lay on bed
>lay cat on my bulge and rub her up and down
>she is in heat so shes loving the attention
>feeling really good pull underwear off and cum first time from rubbing cats belly against my dick
>came so hard I thought I was dying
>afterwards realize that was fucking amazing and I want to try again
>think I need the cat for this
>wait until late night, watching ninja scroll
>know sex scene is about to come up so grab cat and get under blankets
>rubbing her up and down my dick roughly
>every time her pussy hits my balls she raises her ass in the air
>my balls are soaked from the cat and Im using this cat as a fuck doll to rub my dick on
>right as Im cumming my dad burst into the room to see why I'm still awake
>scares cat so she dives off me and flies out of the room
>my thigh is bleeding from cat scratch
>I panic rolled onto my stomach as im cumming into my bed
>Dad later sits me down to explain how masturbation is normal etc etc
>Doesn't understand why the cat was under the blankets so I lie and say she wouldn't gtfo
>Someone catch you
Since the first was you been catch I'll assume you mean caught someone

>14 year old super perv
>bullied unpopular kid, only younger people like me
>playing with 5-12 year olds in apt complex
>one 12 yr old boy we will call June was the son of my druggie sisters friends
>mixed kid black and puerto rican
>keeps humping me randomly in our games
>Am asked to babysit him for a few hours a few times during the summer
>always at night when they're out slumming, more than a few times I'd sleep over because it was too late to go home
>this is one of those times
>probably about 10 pm
>playing dead or alive
>his parents are late so I tell my Dad I'm sleeping over at my older sisters (this is what she'd have me do so I could watch her friends kids all the time)
>notice June is in the bathroom
>decide to barge in on him for prank but caught him jerking off
>June is pissed threatens to snitch on me
>Imagine being labelled as a kiddie diddler beg him not to snitch
>tells me to suck his dick for him like his gf does, lol
>I dont even argue I just start sucking him
>probably 4 inches hard but way thicker than mine was at the time
>was reciting the first two lines of "take ya to the candy shop" the entire time hes fucking my face
>Eventually yells at me to stop and says he got the tickle so he's done

He toothily sucked mine once but face fucked me a couple more times before I moved.
>you jerking with someone
I have so many of these

>14 jerking with nephew who was the same age as me
>15 jerking with best friend had a very thick cock, would eventually become my fiance
>15 jerking with another friend had a very small dick but came buckets
>21 jerking with friend I made at mcdonalds lmao
>21 jerking with new young hire at Mcdonalds
>24 jerking with former high school friend/bully had a huge uncut dick and best fuck of my life
>25 jerked off with friends ex bf, we had a good thing going until I moved then we fell out

The stories are basically the same. Hung out with friends, porn got turned on we ended up jerking off that either lead to some fucking or we just kept jerking together until they got girlfriends. Only one of these guys were open, rest were "straight".
>You jerking but someone dosent know that

>Be 17 with my first (and only) boyfriend
>his super old mom and her super old friend are taking us to the beach for some work picnic
>BF and I just wanna fuck 24/7
>on the ride home we start jerking off in the backseat of his moms SUV
>both of us have beach towels covering our laps
>I cum first
>show bf my cum then eat it
>makes him nut on the spot, he grunts and his mom is asking if he is ok while he is cumming into his beach towel
>says he swallowed the wrong way

2nd story

>been getting real chummy with friends bf (from prev story when I was 25) over the summer
>we smoke weed and both enjoy the same mainstream "nerdy" hipster shows of the moment
>He starts crashing at my place if we all stay up too late getting shit faced
>starts passing out
>would jerk off in the living room while he snored on the couch
>started making it a game to see how close I could get to him before I'd wake him up
>closest I got last time was breathing hot air on his bulge and watching him get hard while I nutted on the side of my couch

After that last time I finally got him to jerk with me and then we fucked.
>Jerking in weird places,

>McDonalds managers office
>Elementary School bathroom
>vending machine area of a rest stop
>inside another mans ass (first and last time I went to a adult bookstore, never thought you could jerk your own cock inside of another human body).
cumming on something weird

>Neighbors kids
>my cat
>various foods
>my friends face (sorry mike friendly fire)
OP here. You're right. There should be "You catch someone"
when i was ~16-23, every time i was on an airplane, the constant vibration and boredom would make me rock hard, and i'd have to relieve myself in the lavatory
"Kids"? You mean there was more then that one which you babysit?
The camera hidden in the shower part definitely isn't and is quite fucked up
Be honest, ypu just wanted to blow him. If you just tell to his parents, you catch him jerking he would got grounded
When I learn what masturbation is, I crack my plush toy ass (male, human character from famous in my country, at the time, cartoon for adults) and fuck it almost every night for few months. Few time I even cum in it, and always after my penis were covered in plush. Now I'm 21 and I found that toy month ago. I tries to fuck that toy one last time but now I can't even put my whole penis in it.
Okay not masturbation but still embarrassing

>on road trip with a family friend
>we've been at each others side for a week or so and tension is building and alone time is needed
>pull in for the night and have to share a bed and sleep with backs to one another
>have wet dream wherein an older bear is just going to town on my ass
>feel the sensations of ejaculation
>wakes me up
>Ive positioned right up next to my friends back and my cummy dick in the wet underwear is poking his spine
Let me guess, Cartman?
Yeah, I had an embarrassing situation as well

Basically I beat off the night before when I was like 14 and did a poor job of cleaning myself in the dark (came on my stomach). So next morning around my family, my Mom's cousin notices some white globs on my happy trail as I raised my shirt up to scratch or something. He called me out on jerking off and not cleaning off right in front of a whole bunch of my cousins, male and female, and I just wanted to disappear from existence.
Nah I jerked off with them behind the apartments and purposely came on them. It was their first time seeing cum.

Definitely not. I was a very top focused teen. This kid was a real bully too I imagine hes in prison somewhere today.
No, that's european cartoon, unknown outside my country
this just happened recently

>be me 14
>”straight” guy my age comes over, he moved out of my neighborhood but he’s back now, always used to fap to him, he’s dreamy
>ask him whats new, check out his cool phone
>accidentally find lesbian porn
>invited him upstairs for him to check out my pc and ask why the lesbian porn was there
>turns out he sells porn to his classmates (internet is shit here) for game skins
>he also has bestiality and child porn, from a facebook messenger group
>i tell him he likes lesbo porn only bc he has small dick (intentional segue to make him show his cock)
>i ask him to compare dicks w/ me, is initially hesitant but shows after i show him mine
>takes off shorts, HUGE COCK!!! Im talking 6-7 inches for a 14 year old
>my gay instincts overcome, i try to jerk it but its so big, so i suck it
>it felt weird at first but it was the best feeling in the world
>we jerk off together while kissing, i even told him while kissing “you wanted this dont you” because hot damn I did
>he cums, i lick the cum, it tastes amazing
>i cum, we kiss, end

been dying to share this story
also haven’t seen him in 2 months, probs because he’s “straight” and guilty lmao
Can some Mods ban this kid?
fake af, people from such countries don't even have that english knowledge + story is way too fake
check this

He doesn't age well
Last summer my cousin went to bethroom for three times, i was suspicious and i saw him from peephole. He was masturbating his big Dick. I Was so horny.
why does every gay guy has to have an husky?
We're all gay
>Be me, 19 yo
>Last summer, my uncle paid me to petsit his dog, while he's being of vacations.
>also his kids should been take care by his ex-wife, but if they want's spent time in his house, he paid me extra for every day.
>And that was that day.
>When they came it was after 10, and I was in my sleep shirt and boxers (I forgot my pyjamas)
>Younger sister immediately goes to her bed, buy my cousin wants to hang out with me.
>He also wear only shirt and trunks. I asked him about that abd he said "Adults do that, right? Like you"
>I'm like a older brother for him, and I guess I'm a role model for him.
>so we sit on his bed, plays MK and talk.
>He start asking me about sexual stuff (I'm bi, and he knows my (now ex) girlfriend.
>he say, he wants me show something.
>he show me bukkake porn and ask me few thinks abou that.
>And this point we sit next each other and I seen him trying to hide his erection.
>"It's okay if you want masturbate"
>He looks a little embarrassed, but he slip off his trunks and do that.
>"Do you think girls would like my penis" he show his 13 cm
>"don't think about that yet, you'll grow and look like this" and I show my 17 cm.
>We jerks together, and he cums on his shirt, trunks and hand.
>I tell him to go throw that to washer. He goes, I end up in the meantime and he came back completely naked.
>Since he doesn't live there normally, he didn't have nothing to sleep in. And we have to sleep together cause uncle always look his room when he's not home.
>he tells me if he's going to sleep naked, I also have to do that. That's fair, rigth?
>I agreed and we go to sleep with dog laying in ours legs.
>next night his sister go back to mother house and bro wants sleepover with me.
>This time he asked me how sex feels?
>"I'll show you"
>"How to make sex toy"
>I do that from towel and latex glove.
>I split some hand lotion on my dick, and start fucking that toy.
>We change and he fucks it till he cums.
>I put my dick there again and also cum.
I'm bi
me too. Being gay is gay.

Also, is it me or is it the same non-English speaker writing most of the stories here?
>Me 15
>Group of us always used to drink at a girl friends house whenever we could
>Girls boyfriend super cute, saw in-shorts boner pic on her phone a couple times which was prime wank bank material
>One night after we're all drinking, girl and her bf go into one of the rooms with a bunch of open windows and louvres.
>Hornball perv activated
>Sneak a peek through a louvre. Shes riding his dick hard
>Don't even think, just whip it out and start jacking it
>Still a group of people upstairs who could find me at any second, but I haven't even thought about it
>Guy flips her over and sticks her legs over his shoulders, keeps plowing her
>Really dark but can kinda see his dick whenever hes pulled out
>Jerking for a good 10 minutes watching them
>Cum ultimate buckets
>Sneak away from window, currently have pants around ankles and cum all over my dick and hands, in clear view if anyone from upstairs came out
>Window upstairs open, see a friend looking around down (Surprised she didn't see me as I was right in view)
>Clean up and sneak into a bedroom to act like I was asleep the whole time
>Wanked to the thought of them fucking for a long time..
Ya man, fuck gays

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