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/hm/ - Handsome Men

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File: IMG_5611.jpg (611 KB, 1280x1707)
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611 KB JPG
Post all nudes and non nudes you have of him
File: 1559840125617.png (120 KB, 399x400)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
a real shame, he does have a great body but the lack of foreskin is a turn off
"durrrrrr i want dirty dick cheese in my foreskin"
retard foreskins are gross
You clearly have never experienced a dick with foreskin, or if you have, then the guy was disgusting. Nobody gets fucking smegma unless they just leave their dicks alone and don't wash themselves for weeks.
Foreskin is the best. Only misguided cut guys not knowing what they're missing bitch and moan about foreskin. Cut is fine but honestly, foreskin is the best.
Cut dicks are just more beautiful. Sorry.
Cut dicks literally make my skin crawl. They all looked like they've been attacked with a butchers knife
how retarded do you have to be to think that looks cut?? holy smokes when i thought /hm/ couldn't get any worse
LEGIt HeS NOT EVEN CIRCUMCISED LMAO. you can see the foreskin. whoever osted that must be a cutcel who doesnt know shit
File: IMG_20190314_122139.jpg (50 KB, 451x800)
50 KB
File: IMG_20190416_071507.jpg (66 KB, 631x1013)
66 KB
He's fucking weird, but hot enough for me to have some stuff of him saved.
What? Cut dicks are all full of scars with a dry keratinized glans. I don't know why some idiots see foreskin as a birth defect. Foreskin has existed for millions of years and it's there for a reason.
Well enjoy your cheesy bubblegum. A lot of us like the cut.
Dickcheese is a lie your parents tell you, like the Boogeyman, so they can mutilate you and you'll agree with them.
If you are a normal human being and take showers you'll never have dickcheese.

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