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File: GRINDR_Logo_Yellow.png (37 KB, 698x493)
37 KB
Bicurious and never been with a guy before. Been thinking about hooking up on Grindr. Got any tips or experiences from Grindr hookups?
bump, interesting thread
It's a bit like a lottery, can be really good but you can also get very disappointed
you want to fuck a guy or try dick?
State exactly what you want
Even if their profile says they're "tested" use a goddamn condom
Married guys are good for first timers since they themselves are usually discreet and try to be safer than your average gay
Don't set your standards higher than your looks. No you're not gonna get a 10 if you're a 5 unless you have drugs
Pinch your thumb so you don't gag and remember to breathe deep
If you want to bottom get a douche or a shower enema. On that note, don't freak out if you have some mess.
every guy is ugly, desperate or a catfish dont was your time
someone sounds mad lol
>Meet with a top and have really passionate, perfectly synced, cum at the same time sex
>Really loves messaging me about breeding me and heading back home to his man
>Become regular fuck buds. Dirty talk involves him talking about how hot it is to cheat on his partner
>Facebook stalk him one day and see his partner is a really fucking hot bear. More my type than he is
>A few weeks later get a message from a blank profile and eventually trade pics
>It's the partner holy shit
>Loves getting fucked, degraded, drinking piss, etc
>Hatch a plan
>Invite the partner over and have a blast fucking/breeding him, smacking his ass red, making him drink my piss and swallowing his load
>Talk a little and get to know each other, really hit it off
>When he leaves chat with original fuck bud and invite to stop by after work
>Stops by and we have rougher sex than normal with him loading me up and really loving me talking about how hot it is to send him home to his man
>Continue chatting with both of them, sometimes at the same time neither of them suspecting a thing (I think)
>Both of them really start talking about how they love having me as a side fuck. The original fuck bud calling me his "sex bf"

I hope I can convince one of them to host me at their house and have the other one walk in.
You the guy from the other bicurious thread?
why would you do that
do you want to ruin this sweet deal?
I feel like I have enough chemistry with both of them to be their mutual FWB. The only problem I see happening is the top's fantasy somewhat being ruined since his man would know about us.
I always get creepy messages from this guy at like 3am asking me if I want to be in one of his onlyfans videos. I assumed English wasn't his first language based on how horrible his grammar and spelling is until I found his pornhub account and heard him.

All of his videos look like they're done with teenage drug fiends that he found on the street. Thanks blog
>know what you want and what you're looking for
>try to be diligent but not desperate
>know when to walk away or say no
>talk first until you're completely comfortable with meeting/fucking

I've had good and bad experiences. Today though I'm pretty excited. This kid volunteered at my job last week and I didn't think he was into dudes. But I caught him checking me out once and it got me thinking "I should check out grindr". I haven't used it in a year and it's probably as long as I haven't been laid. So I hop on and under fresh faces, I see him. Apparently we both decided to re-activate our accounts at the same time. We started talking and I'm hoping it goes well.
which guy?
This blank profile sends me pics of his face and his bubble ass using thongs, looks good and not to femme, Im on my way out to work so I decline, next day he puts a profile pic and its a "girl" with tits wtf! Not sure if I want to go that way...
might be a catfishing profile
The right. He’s the uglier top talking about rape in the beginning
I have a really weird story:
>I’m on grindr
>I had one of those profiles where I just showed my body
>no face pic
>blank profile messages me
>tell me he wants me to come over to his house and fuck him while he’s blindfolded
>I actually agree
>he keeps asking if I’ve got condoms like 5 or 6 times as I’m going to his apartment block
>asks me if he can sniff my socks as I fuck him
>I agree to that too
>I walk into his home to find him in a dark room blindfolded
>his cock is inside of a black sock
>he doesn’t let me touch his cock/sock
>I struggle to get hard
>I awkwardly fuck him as he smells one of my socks
>I ask him if we can take this to a bedroom for more comfort
>he says no
>eventually start to enjoy it as I reach climax
>he seemed unimpressed
>he then removes his blindfold and becomes infatuated with me
>as I try to leave he begs me to stay longer
>grabs my hands and walks me into his bedroom
>there’s this suit laid out on his bed
>with one stroke he quickly pushes it to the floor
>begins kissing me and drags me to his bed
>he tasted like cigarettes
>after 5 minutes I leave
Just curious, do we have a craigslist alternative yet? I have grindr, but it's not so great in my area.
I went ahead and meet someone from Grindr. Here's a story.
>Be me pic related
>Twenty something attractive into pretty much all the stuff.
∆Don't pass as female, but wear lingerie because it accentuates my body∆
>Would only get physical with guys older than me though and I was very picky.
>Had been a virgin and tested and all that stuff.
>Get message from what I thought was an ad profile.
>Dad type.
>160 pounds.
>Kinda looks like Ryan Reynolds.
>says he doesn't wanna see my nudes.
>Sends nudes anyways ∆
>Eventually win him over.
>Trusts me.
>In my head, all I can think of is catfishes.
>Meet him.
>Guy from profile exactly.
>We go into his house and it's niiiice.
>After awkwardly chatting he asks me to drink with him
>I drank for shots or so of high proof vodka, even though I had a beer and some other vodka before arriving
>We chat, then he gets up to stand over me as I sit in my chair
>He's looking down on me when he comments on how pretty my eyes are (german-scotish) and that they looked almost orange.
>I squirm in my seat a little, "a lot of people say that to me desu."
>He leans in for a smooth makeout session in his kitchen.
>Me being a heavy drinker can tolerate a lot, so I'm not too uncoordinated.
>Go to his bedroom.
>Restroom inside master bedroom, clean as hell, real nice with two sinks. One bath and a separate shower.
>So there we were, undressing, I had under my clothes previous pic related.
>He seems extremely aroused by me due to the Insta boner the moment I was naked
> I casually get on my knees and suck him a little.
>Not only is he very able bodied dad Chad, he's got a dongus too.
>I wanna show off.
>Let him aggressively fuck my throat, drool dripping from my lips.
> He stands me up and moves me over to the bed.
>Fuck for a WHILE doggystyle, missionary.
>Feels amazing
Part 3 coming soon
∆Why did I split this story up so badly? There's an explanation for that∆
>On the floor getting fucked suuuuper hard.
>Pornstar level.
>Let him do it without a condom because of certain qualities.
>Dad, good job type guy.
>Tests all the time.
∆we stop and here's where things get fuzzy∆
>All the vodka has now hit me hard, I vaguely remember him getting me to sniff something.
>Apparently was something called poppers.
>Only thing I remember was a fisting session.
>Wake up in the morning still inebriated.
>In a rush because he is late for work.
>Stupidly wear his shirt and my waist by climbing into his T-shirt neck hole with my legs and then pulling it up.
>He drops me off
>Sticky, smell like his house and lube
>Tell friend about it after I woke up.
>Apparently I entered the room and got on the floor, instantly falling asleep
>Wake up, completely out of it. I'm wearing things I didn't know I had and not wearing things I was.
>Check phone, noticing how sore I am.
>Bruises and muscle soreness, not to mention my ass.
>He texted me three or four times...asking if I wanted to come over again..
Yeah! Sounds like one, I looked his 2 pics and its the same person using that gender swap filter, who knows if its a girl trying to get dick pics or a guy who likes to be one
haha wow that's fucked up, you got pics of him?
Does anyone know what gives best results for Grindr? Is it better/will you get more guys if you shave your pubes/ass? Also would it be better to completely shave the entire body or just ass/pubes? Or do you find most guys like hair?
lmao you're way overthinking this, you'll find ppl are into either, depends on who you wanna attract
Also I guess to simplify is it better on grindr to be more fem/femboyish or more masculine?
It's more what you want, as far as I have seen, femme guys are atracted more to masc ones, if I post a pic with beard most think Im a top and dom guy, if I shave I got dick pics of guys wanting to drill me hard, also there are fem guys who are into fem to and masc into masc, so think more in what you really want instead of what others search, unless you are a cum dump whore that takes anything then just say it on your profile
I think the great majority prefer masculinity, they are gays after all (men that like the same, not weirdos that you doubt their gender). Not necessarily hairless but well groomed is sexyer.
Follow you intuition and if something smells off set, then back off, like weird petitions or strange fetishes...
But they are now adding the cis gender thing on their profiles anon, they exist
It depends. Just find the guy you like and ask him. Everyone is different.
Poppers don't do that tho...

Anyways post more lewds, yours or his
He looks like a fucking ape
Never heard of pinching your thumb
That's awesome I hope you get lucky with him
What makes you think you're Bicurious ?
How ugly are you?
>My friend was telling me that he saw one of our friends from high school on Grindr, and I decided to download the app to troll him.
>I didn't have a face pic and I was saying nasty things that I didn't actually want to do.
>He was entertained by it.
>I ended up dropping all of that and I told him that we used to talk in high school. He eventually figured out who I was and he immediately got turned on by it.
>I didn't feel the same at first but then he sent me a handful of nudes.
>I texted my friend that we were meeting up.
>I get to his place, and the first person who opened the door was his dad.
>He walks me into his bedroom and it's tiny as fuck. Comparable to the size of four bathtubs.
>He turns on Netflix.
>Next thing I know, we're making out and I can taste his Colgate toothpaste.
>I suck him off and he returns the favor. I remember his hands feeling like sandpaper as he was handling me.
>I told him that I didn't need any more of that so I just gave him head for a good 10 minutes.
>He shoots, and it goes over his head. Pretty impressive.
>I zip up and leave.
>A week later he sends me a nude while I was in class. I ghost him.
>A year later he becomes really popular on Tumblr and IG.
>Still not really turned on by him, but a little envious at how many hot guys he's hooked up with via IG.
>be me, 21
>message older guy on grinder, tell him hes hot
>skip to where I'm in his bedroom
>suck my first cock
>sounds dumb, but i didnt realize how much of a mouthful cock is. filled my entire mouth. it was meh.
>puts it in my butt, also feels meh. it was hot, dont get me wrong, but it didn't feel as amazing as these threads always make it out to be

do i just. not have a prostate? it felt very similar to pooping
While getting fucked in the ass did it ever feel like something was being built up in your penis? Like you're about to cum or have to take a big piss?
>. it was meh.
According to /d/, mood is half the experience.
>guy messages me nonstop all day
>decide to meet up with him
>show up at his hotel room door and he says his partner is coming back soon
>leave and he blocks me
>make a second catfish account and he still says he’s horny and wants to meet up

What the fuck? I mean I take recent photos and I don’t facetune anything if he thought I was a beast he should’ve already known
Just keep an eye out for a friend who may also be interested. Grindr and online isnt that great.
kek'd badly
I'm positive so lol
I'd seen that other one too
11/10 creepy af
would love to know if there's a follow up / any additional details
that gross twinks face killed my boner :/
>do i just not have a prostate?
I'd say the top wasn't a really good top...
>mood is half the experience
Pro tip and this goes for anywhere else, dont just say hi/hey and expect a response
WHats the guys insta?
always ask if they smoke/do drugs/PnP. Hard no from me on these
Studies show people will believe any made up bullshit if you begin the sentence with "studies show."
Hahaha This is stupid
New profile of cute muscular guy sends me a message wanting to fuck, check his profile and says he will ass rape you more than 2 hours and make you his bitch and do some gross stuff to you, he links his ig so I go check it, its a married guy with kids and he has all his familly tagged in there, go back to answer him and surprise, acount deleted, I guess some one got caught hahaha
File: daddy-bear.jpg (521 KB, 1280x1920)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
Never try to find a 'Master' on Grindr, it's usually a bad bet. FetLife or even Growlr are much better for such a thing.

>be around 21 years old
>had been fapping to a bunch of Master/slave-type of porn, even though I didn't really have much sexual experience and I was vanilla
>come across this man in my city with username 'SadKeeper', his profile info said he was into owning slaves, using boys, and sadism
>stupid me sends him a message
>we talk for a couple of days, and we agree on meeting at his place
>first thing he does upon meeting is order me to undress
>he proceeds to tie me down on all fours using a bunch of leather restraints; goes ahead and gags me

Like I said, before the meeting, all my sexual experiences had been vanilla. This guy went ahead and sounded my urethra (he inserted a catheter into me), made me drink both his and my own piss, flogged me purple, bred me several times, put me in sensory deprivation gear, subjected me to various enemas, fisted me, made me eat his dirty asshole, etc..He milked and edged me in front of people he invited over, which was humiliating as fuck. I think he subjected me to every sexual activity in the book, except for bloodplay and scat.

There was a point where I actually panicked and got desperate: I struggled against the restraints for almost half an hour, and tried to scream through the gag. The session lasted from Friday evening all the way to late Sunday evening. He simply untied me, told me I had been "initiated", and said I was welcome to become his slave whenever I wanted (I could become his houseboy, even); then he shooed me out of the house, and I had to dress in his porch. I got in my car, drove away, and had to pull into a parking lot to cry.

Legit found the experience traumatizing. Looking back on it, I know it was my fault. But the worst part is, I sometimes still get hard at the memory of it. I know the guy is still active on Grindr.

God, this. Also, don’t have a faceless, or no pic at all, or have no info and put “ask me”. This ain’t an interview, bro.

Several times I have indulged a faceless guy to talk to me and then when I asked for a pic, I wished I hadn’t shown interest. I feel like it’s a way for uggos to deceive people into interacting when they might not have had any initial interest otherwise if there had been a pic. Then I feel like an asshole when I have to gingerly back out, or ghost them.

Should be similar to meeting someone in person, you wouldn’t flirt with someone that you thought was ugly face-to-face.
>I sometimes still get hard at the memory of it.
Do it again :)
Got to meet what I thought, was a good friend there.
I'm not gay (yet) just curious and wanting to get a JO buddy so went there, guys started flooding me with messages and some were just about sex, this guy was more like a friend and we talked for weeks before meeting up.
When meeting, nervous AF, almost walked back home but got to see him in person, we talked about videogames and shit, got to his place and talked for a couple hours like friends, then he sit at my side as we watched some youtube then he started rubbing my arms and stuff until he got his hand on my bulge. My heart was racing, it was all so new. We talked a bit more and switched to porn, got hard, pulled our cocks out, I touched his for the first time, we got in bed and jacked off for a long time, like 2 hours.
We kept hooking up like that, playing videogames until we got horny and got in bed to cuddle and jack off. It was relaxing and fun.

Last time with him tho, I got crabs, that sucked badly so I haven't contacted him anymore and it seems like he moved on as he didn't text me again.
He still lurks grindr tho.

Random pic, looks a bit like me, we're both "bears"
>I feel like it’s a way for uggos to deceive people into interacting when they might not have had any initial interest otherwise if there had been a pic.

Totally this. They deserve to be unceremoniously blocked if they turn out to be uggos.

That said, in my neighbourhood there is a gorgeous bi guy who has come over many, many times for a decent blowjob/rimming, because girls don't do a good job. He says I "work magic", which is cute. His cum is the best I've ever tasted, so mild in flavour.

I mean to say he has a faceless profile and sent me a face pic in chat before he came over the first time.
He might already. I know about guys with open relationships and mutually approve of that sort of thing but they still pretend they're cheating because that's the fantasy that gets them off (and possibly their partner)... have you ever run the idea of a threesome by either of them before?
Are you fem but look masc? I've had masc sexy looking dudes show up with a really fem voice and mannerisms. It sucks because I feel rude when I change my mind but I'm 100% not into it and it wouldn't be fun for anybody.
When will grindr ban all disgusting trannies?
> married guy with high sex drive and wife on meds that takes away sex drive.
> start lurking on craigslist for about a year. sometimes contacting people but never meeting.
> finally decide to meet up with someone who I feel is not going to kill me and an wear my skin as a suit.
> drive over to his house heart pounding the whole time.
> his house sits on a main road but the drive is down an alley so little chance of someone seeing my vehicle parked out back
> at this point I say FUCK it and just go up to the door and knock.
> some old very nice gentleman opens the door and greets me.
> smoke some weed and he turns on some porn.
> never having done this before, I am not sure how this is supposed to happen.
> after what felt like and hour but was probably more like 10 min, i see him rubbing his pants.
> again I say FUCK IT and start pulling mine out.
> he instantly notices and comes over to the couch and gets on his knees and pulls me all the way out.
> I laid back high as hell and got one of the best blow jobs I have ever had in my entire life.
> I shoot my load and he takes it all in his mouth and then goes to the bathroom and comes out with a warm wet rag and cleans me off.
> I sit there for again what felt like an hour but was 2-3 min and I said.
> I am not sure how this is supposed to go now.
> he looked at me and smiled and said you can hang for a little bit or leave now. It's up to you.
> I said goodbye and left.
that was 2 years ago and I have been on grindr ever since looking for something similar but so far all I get is dudes that look like ryan gosling in their photos but say they are in to chunky married guys.. yeah right.. or and this is true. some guy wanted me to meet him behind an abandoned grocery store in the ghetto at 10 pm at night. needless to say I turned that one down. still looking for the same experience but feel I will never find it again.
Lmao this is actual rape and faggots itt are celebrating it

how do I download grindr without SO finding out since we are on family plan for Apple? all apps dowload are visible to all on the plan.
Kys cheating scum
I personally love cheating.
Get a burner phone or tablet with WiFi. You can get Grindr capable phones for like $30.
easy Mary. not everyone is as perfect as you.
1.) Hide the purchase (google it) and it makes it look like a 1st time download every time. Nobody on the family plan sees it in 'previously purchased'. 2.) Sign in under a different apple ID, download it then sign out of that apple ID and sign back into your regular one. If you want to test to make sure either method works do one or both of the steps with some stupid app like candy crush or something.
I disagree. Though my profile shows me, I'll say "hey" or "hi" and if you don't respond, I assume you're not interested. I don't like it when horny guys pester me so I try not to do it. But I am guilty of having those moments when you send your dick pic randomly and fuck who ever responds.
How else are you supposed to start a conversation?
How to not be a pussy?
I'm a decently cute twink and last year at uni I had like 5 or 6 hookups where I got head and then I flipfugged a guy a few times. Haven't had a hookup since and now I'm bored back home summer. A lot of cute people show interest but I'm always really fucking nervous and haven't actually agreed to mmet with anyone. I'm also scared of my post-nut regret. pls help
>i don't like it when horny guys pester me
>but if i'm horny i have no problem pestering others
Hey how are you is much better than a simple hi

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