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Has anyone ever seduced or convinced a straight boi to give/receive a good dicking down?
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Don't give James Charles ideas
I got some sloopy head from a femBoi it was amazing fucked him in the shower
Mostly acting straight and into pussy and all that jazz and I still would love to become a total bitch for a muscular jock
its a pretty hot fantasy desu
Best blowjobs I’ve ever had in my life was by some gay guy. Years of being married and not getting fully satisfied and me bitching about it to him led him to offering me head. I was nervous at first but dear god his mouth was amazing. I’ve never cum so hard or been so satisfied.
Same here
I had this close straight friend and occasionally when we got drunk I used to suck his cock. I also used to rim is hole like crazy. One time he fucked me. The last time that we had something sexual he wanted to suck my cock,I let him but after a few seconds he told me that he didn't like it. That was the last time that I saw him. I moved to another city and now I have a boyfriend. He got married but we don't have any connections anymore.
I seduced two older married guys. Once I figured out how lonely they both were and how neither one had had sex in a while, it was easy to jerk them off at first a couple of times, and then move onto to sucking their dicks. One begged me to fuck him really bad, but I wouldn’t do him. Both of them eventually tried sucking my dick, but neither were very good at it. I liked getting these guys off; they were safe, friendly, and they paid me well. I’m a massage therapist. I work for a large chain, but do my own house calls on the side as well. I’m straight in the World, but bi behind closed doors.
>I’m straight in the World, but bi behind closed doors

Reason 10,000 why bi’s are fucking trash and should just go away. Literally hate bisexuals. Just stick to pussy, any self respecting gay man should not want anything to do with a bifag
stfu and kys pridefag
I’m an openly gay top with a cute bf and who can score hot twink boypussy at the snap of my fingers. You are a sad bifag who will never truly be sexually satisfied with anything and who is ashamed he likes cock and only gets it while jerking off fellow closet cases for money.

Bifaga are the worst I swear.
Not all the way. I'm a top but he's never known I'm gay and he's clearly a top too.He's an ultranormalfag who had/still has a gf. We met at a bar watching baseball and that's how we first bonded. I was out at the time but afraid to tell him for some reason so I just pretended to be straight around him all the time and still do.

We started going to my place to keep drinking and play vidya. Occasionally, when we'd get really drunk, we'd jerk off next to each other. I don't even remember how it started. Eventually it evolved into jerking each other and strip wrestling and one time making out a bit. Eventually, he wanted to come on my abs and stomach a couple times and once, when we were wrestling, he started fingering me and choking me. Out of nowhere, he flipped my ass up and started pressing his dick on me and grinding without ever putting it in. I was so caught off guard I just went with it.

After that time we completely stopped doing anything sexual and haven't mentioned any of it since.
So......I've spent the last week getting comfortable with telling some friends I'm bisexual.

And, there's this guy I really like. I'm fairly certain he's bi-curious, but I've got no way of knowing for sure.

I want to fuck his brains out and suck his dick, but another part of me wants a serious relationship if it does turn out he's either gay or bi.

What do?
Just get drunk together and kiss him on a dance floor. If it doesn't work out just laugh and keep dancing.
Insert navy seal copypasta gay version
Most I ever got from a straight guy was a kiss after I jokingly told him I'd share some expensive Swiss chocolate I had with him if he kissed me. He did a simple peck on the lips and that was it. Refused to talk about it afterwards.
My flatmate at university was your stereotypical fuckboy student and one night we were sat drinking in kitchen and I put my hand on his thigh while he was mid conversation with others in the room. He glanced at me briefly and continued talking, me to then when everyone said they were leaving for the club he said he was gonna stay and finish his drink. He sucked me off before I fucked him in his single bed, and we were awoken in the morning by another flatmate asking if he'd seen me come back last night. We kept at it for the entire school year after that, and he only fucked me once. No idea whether he was still banging chicks all the while.
Yes, but only it circumstances I'm ok with. One guy want to kiss me at the end of one semester, and cuddle with me the next semester. It was annoying as fuck because he had a girlfriend, and we were all in the same graduating class at a small liberal arts college. I rejected him the first time and laughed the second time. He got mad both times, which pisses me off too because he's an ass for trying to cheat when all parties involved know each other. He was just manipulative and still got his girlfriend to be jealous of me and time he spent with me. I would make it clear I wanted to be friends, and we would say we loved each other and there was weird feelings. He would say shit like "I love you more than my girlfriend" and it w.a.s. FUCKING annoying. I'm glad I didn't accept his breadcumbs, it would have been me sucking his dick discretely on occasion. I don't do that. That's faggot-defacement.

I have been given money to fuck two straight guys that were super discrete. One was married and I had to spell it out to him that if he wanted me to tie him up while his wife wasn't home and fuck him like he was a rag-doll, he would need to give me money. So that was lucrative.
I wish I can kipnap and rape str8 men desu
Stfu trash
I ghost wrote this
I turned my straight classmate gay, knew him for 2 years during this event turns and he's well-known as a playboy among the girls (or rather tried to be one) in my class. 8/10 overall appearance but 10/10 cock (judged with no prejudice)
>invite him to my dorm room to copy him the Naruto episodes since he's into that, not an otaku though because he only exclusively watches Naruto
>actually had a folder of straight porns laying next to the Naruto folder where the guys are hot af, so I saved them for fap material
>inside the folder are where all my gay fantasy lies because my sex live is my own privacy and there's no need for me to flaunt it.
>while I wasn't looking, he copied that porn folder of mine as well as watching the Naruto episode
>then he went back to his own room on the other floor
>probably fapping to my choice of straight porn and accidentally discover that other folder full of gay porn
>the next few days, he came again to my room for a new Naruto episode and out of nowhere he asks me how ass feels like
>was like wtf that's random.png
>he snatched the mouse from my hand and open the gay folder (somehow he remembers the order of the folder sorted)
>and from the questions to answers and lastly the hands on
>suck him balls deep, complimenting I'm very good at it than his gf and ex gf
>at first he seems hesitating on anal since the idea never actually crosses his mind but then he did it anyway
>he fucked me like that's the first and the last he's balls deep in a guy's ass apparently
>I'm in full ecstasy because of the idea I'm being fucked by the real's straight deal and I know him well instead of some strangers
>imagining myself making the ahegao face and shit while the lewd slapping sound of his thigh with my ass and the bed spring and the wet fluid of his cock entering me
>he cums in my ass and the first time I let anyone ever doing me raw and it's a huge mess on my bed
>after that, he come again for more sex time until we graduated
hot story! any more details?
did he go 100% gay after that?
you two weren't dating - you were just his bareback fuck buddy?
I've just gotta make an extraordinary intervention and point out the yuuuuuge number of syntactical and grammatical errors in basically half of the posts of this thread. It's gotta be just one OP posting all of his fantasies. Thanks :3
>he wanted me to tie him up while his wife wasn't home and fuck him like he was a rag-doll, he would need to give me money. So that was lucrative.
Hard pass
>Sometimes go on night walks
>lowkey looking for some cock
>see this guy a couple times
>see him outside smoking and watch him head up to his apartment
>decide fuck it, tonight is the night
>knock on the door
>he opens the door
>he looks angry
>sheet hung up across the small entryway so I can't see inside
>say hey man, want a blowjob?
>he says Nope
>go home
I'm "staright", married, and have never done anything with another man other than a friendly hug. However, fornthe past couple years I get the urge to suck a dick. It started when my wife and I were hot and heavy I put one of her toys in my mouth to lube it up, something in me liked the feel of it in my mouth. The closest I've come to hooking up was put the grindr app on my phone and talk to a couple guys. The urge stopped and I deleted the app without any meet ups. When the urge returns I find myself here looking for motivation. I jerk off to some pics or webms, but never nut. It has been put on my bucket list that before I die I will know the feeling of a real dick in my mouth and working it until it unloads.
only real story in this thread
yea daddy talk down to me, i’m a filthy little bi slut. oh wow fuck me with your pure gay cock daddy
kinda other way around but here it goes.
>friend from middle school was gay and was feeinds on facebook.
>be like 22 drunk and high on speed. I message him and we chat. Mention he thought I was curios back in school.
>say lets hang out see where things go, Im a virgin and he says alright Ill help ya lose it.
>go to his crib and him and two toehr dudes are there. Two chicks also and both are pretty fine. One a short red head and blonde with tatoos.
>we drink, smoke and he mentions exstasy. Say you need to lose it on some x.
>get the x and pop em. After an hour we all are feeling it and they start getting wild.
>they all finally strip down and I nervously do the same.
>raging boner and we all go in his bed room.
>I lay down and one chick and one guy lays next to me.
>They say don't worry and begin rubbing ym thighs and the other chick gets some lube as the other two guys sytart making out.
>she starts jerking me and it feels amazing.
>The dude then starts stroking his cock and turns me sideways and begins playing with my asshole.
>The clean it out and say wanna do anal.
>Im horny as the other chick starts slowly licking ym cock and out of no where one of the guys ties me up.
>A little nervous but fuck it feels amazing.
>the start lifting ym legs up as they finegr my asshole.
>I pre cum a ton so Im pre cumming hard and they laugh.
>Goosebumps as I feel a throbbing pulsing feeling in ym asshole as my friend from middle school starts slowly going in.
>I start wincing and he starts kissing me and says don't worry.
>They all then take turns jerking me and playing with my pre cum
>My friend starts to wedge underneath me and compeltly inserts his cock as the chicks start really jerking me.
>They say lemme kno when you bout to bust and im like now now
>Thye pull away and say lets make this feel awesome.
>Im pulsing and hard as fuck ready too bust,
>Friend pulls out and busts on my chest and the other sideway fucks my ass for like 15 minutes
>dude finally busts in ym asshole and slaps my ass and the othr guy just straight goes right in after and goes hard as fuck. They say hey slow down as Im not saying anything but it hurts.
>feels good as fuck but tied up its weird.
>one chick starts rubbing her tits on my cock and I say ohhh
>almost bust so they say lets lube him up and the red head starts jerking me with lube and I bust so hard.
>I literally hit the walla behind the bed. Im like oh my goodness and she starts sucking as I Orgasm again.
>They untie me and we chill the rest of the night.
>End up all in the shower and I give my feind head as they watch. goes again in my mouth this time and one chick the blonde starts grinding on my cock and turns around so she can stick my cock in her pussy and I go again.
>end up leaving in the morning, feeling weird and somewhat violated.
>friend asks you ok and im like yeah.
>end up doing this every now and then but me and my friend meet up and do stuff every couple weeks
>a couple days ago on some Vyvanse we got a hotel room and went at it all night.
sigh.....foolish people can work out all kinds of bias on others.....the straight said gay is a fag...now the fag says bi is a inferior.....how can people have satisfied sex with such silly people....like fucking a brainless animal......well,there is a research in uk showing that no lady is straight, only bi or homo...some narrow minded ass brain just started bias on a big group....
Stupid American culture...gay phobia in mind...people in Spain say directly want to sex with me....
I got totally six inviting for sex or dating in several months. In the school and on streets...All young cute guys.
gay and fake
File: 15629121728721615857699.jpg (2.56 MB, 3264x2448)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
i was str8 ( i think im bi now )
one of my friend convinced me and fucked me. Once he gave his load in my mouth. i really enjoyed it. BTW its my dick below.
Anyone have other straight/gay videos to recommend?
Finding quality videos in this category is like trying to find the fucking needle in a haystack of three minute Broke Straight Boys clips.

IDK about seducing, but the best sexual experience I had with another guy was with one who's only been into women otherwise. Really cute half-Cuban guy, we'd been pretty close for a while. We swapped head and slept together once in high school. He's back in town for a month or so until he moves off to NYC and I probably never see him again. I'm working up the courage to get with him at least once before he leaves.
File: 1561879331772.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
nothing really sexual has happened but i have a 8/10 friend, tall, pale, a good guy who smells nice and has a gf. we've been roommates for over a year and as we got closer he's gotten into the habit of lifting me up and throwing me around (im smaller than him), sitting on my lap, grabbing my ass in public and alone and making gay jokes basically 24/7. he gets touchy with me when we drink and he kissed me on the mouth once in front of all of my friends. whenever i leave school for the summer he tells me that he misses me and says stuff like he wishes i were girl and another time he said he wished he was gay because he'd date me (i'm straight to all my friends but idk, maybe he knows i'm a raging fag and is messing with me). i would never come onto him because i'm pretty sure he's just joking around and he's also pretty much my best friend, normal in all other respects. i miss him. sorry this isn't that relevant to the topic though.

I let too many opportunities like this go by when I was younger. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Crawl into bed with him and cuddle him and turn your face to his so he can kiss you and it will all happen.

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