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File: LSI2c4L.png (572 KB, 2550x3300)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Send some gondolas, or spurdo Spurdo Spärde, that is all.
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File: Gondola.png (713 KB, 2418x2094)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
First time posting here, this look good?
File: gondala.png (59 KB, 436x438)
59 KB
File: tegaki.png (179 KB, 500x700)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
:DDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:> D:> :D>
File: tegaki.png (2 KB, 200x200)
2 KB
Looks nice as how it is.

File: plater.png (68 KB, 210x250)
68 KB
Hey this is round two, been almost a full year since I last done this so Im doing it again because I need a reason to not rot in my room.
I check thread once a day, and can only post on weekeneds, ONLY FINISHED REQUESTS LINKD TO OP. I will do my best to make sure i look for everyone.

What is Allowed, ONLY READABLE SKETCHES, If it has too many open spots or undefined portions I might not touch it
Monster girls, Some anime, Girls from Games, lewds nsfw r34 Humans, Only furrys from games, Pokemon and sfw

No gay stuff, No hyper cocks, No Futa, No Traps, No out there fetishes, no shit or piss,
Chubby is ok but Overly fat No.

Hope to have a ok time again, got a bit heated but still some nice people last time
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File: Rio Morales 1.jpg (149 KB, 2078x1682)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Requesting coloring with this for reference

Does Legoman let people color his stuff?

Also sorry for lack of updates, but taxes are raping me atm and taking all my time this week
Yeah, I've seen a few things of his colored by other people.
File: FB_IMG_1555472021119.jpg (20 KB, 512x669)
20 KB
This is from a Game I play Called Monster Super League. Her name is Cottontaiks. This is her Variant form.
File: Cao Cao.png (298 KB, 1024x1024)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Requesting is drawing of Cao Cao colored

Here is the color ref: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dynastywarriors/images/0/0c/Cao_Cao_15th_Anniversary_Artwork_%28DWEKD%29.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160810203401

File: 001.png (224 KB, 800x800)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Post what happens next
New image every day
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File: 033.png (197 KB, 800x800)
197 KB
197 KB PNG

Ffs don't let the thread die young! Bumperoo!
Bumping with nothing is nothing, anon
File: 034.png (334 KB, 800x800)
334 KB
334 KB PNG

enjoy this thing i made
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yeah i know, i just decided that some color would be nice (blue is my fav color desu), if anyone wants to use these characters in edits they can change the color, but personally i didnt, whoops
why did you draw it your not supposed to draw memes such and unique snowflake
very funny I laughed.
why are they facing away from each other?
they are in the mental scene, just not in the panels

Alright /i/diots, make this fungus into a cute hug-able anime girl.
I know you'll me me proud, now discuss.
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File: candida.png (202 KB, 600x800)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Some Mexianon made this which is an interesting concept I'll be it needs some refining.
File: Candida auris.jpg (581 KB, 900x900)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
Get AWAY from me, tiny evil girl! AAAAGH!
(This is a good Candida-tan.)
File: candida.png (566 KB, 1142x2189)
566 KB
566 KB PNG

File: Yoshohq.png (5 KB, 800x800)
5 KB
draw our baby boy
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File: tegaki.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
there he is
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB

File: 1se.jpg (500 KB, 2961x4187)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
hi guys lets try a game manga
you can draw if you quick a panel and make story
line and the one who came after complete the story
>>note before draw
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File: Project Capture (7).jpg (347 KB, 800x1280)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Sorry for using two but i had to make this badass...
File: qzdqzfazf.jpg (749 KB, 1239x1771)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
Will maybe post tomorrow
File: they fucking found out.jpg (413 KB, 1239x1771)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Can't fool the titty monsz0r
File: qzdzqfzq.jpg (497 KB, 748x1063)
497 KB
497 KB JPG

File: lknj.png (7 KB, 374x362)
7 KB
I'll Draw your OCs in MSpaint...i you want
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File: 242342342423424234234.png (22 KB, 805x470)
22 KB
the way i draw is kind of shite but here, draw this funny little man
File deleted.
him? he’s a galaxy boi
nice backwards left hand you latte-sipping vegan-dieting fuck
File: Yami.png (82 KB, 387x834)
82 KB
Can someone draw this fox dealing cards for this lvl 100 bird

File: 7- Pensativo.png (15 KB, 1000x800)
15 KB
My pixel art is good? And how i can upgrade my art?
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I happen to enjoy porcupines, myself, but he hasn't posteD any.
The shading is rather bland.

It's a really stiff animation.
>pixel art
are you okay anon
I think what that Anon means by "stiff" is the fact that the girl maintains a rigid position, instead of swaying a little more. Her collar literally stays in the same place, despite the movements of her head and torso, and half of the animation looks like it was flipped horizontally anyway to cut corners; human movements are more fluid than that, especially when dancing, which if the filename is any indication, this image is meant to convey.

My personal opinion? I think it's cute and you should keep up the good work.
>how i can upgrade my art?
make him white

File: r52ltshr7a221.png (786 KB, 800x1200)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
In this thread, we come up with our own Flavor of the Month waifus that weeaboos will absolutely eat up.
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like this?
File: neetpire.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
looks like some tumblrfag shit
very nice

File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
the fastest moving thread on /i/!
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once emplemon said my art was good
Run while you still can
the only nice people exist in this thread
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
File: tegaki.png (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
i was bored

File: imperitive.png (38 KB, 2000x404)
38 KB
I love sanics so allow us to generate some more.
I didn't know Chris Chan used this site.
File: tegaki.png (48 KB, 400x400)
48 KB

File: IMG_20190410_151849_955.jpg (3.19 MB, 3120x3900)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
How do I know if I've reached my style?
If you're satisfied?
no such thing. If you feel like you've did you're just staggering. You can never stop improving.
You don't "reach" a style

You just keep on changing
File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
just keep drawing

File: evolution.png (143 KB, 750x3000)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
>post your art from today
>post your art from last year
>post your art from the year before (you may continue to add progression)
bonus points for anyone who can keep it in one image
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based PE teacher poster's legacy still lives on
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
File: improv_s.png (3.27 MB, 1760x4511)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG
Based, OP. Here's mine.
Nice job flipp you wonderful person
lol what improvement

File: 20190.png (183 KB, 1000x1000)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
hi, welcome to my thread!
20 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Your art is great!
Why would you purposefully handicap yourself when you could just torrent an application that is flat out superior, you sandbagging dilettante.
Your art is nice, would be cool to see you try doing an animated work.
File: 20190402e.png (335 KB, 737x1000)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
sorry for the lack of posts guys, stuff happened

thanks, i've tried animating stuff before, it should be on my blogspot somewhere. i will try it again for sure
What board are you on right now?

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