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File: this fuckin thing.jpg (160 KB, 666x444)
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160 KB JPG
I hate drawing digitally
There's no fucking friction
brushes and pens and shit are confusing
they're never the right sizes, they're always too small or too big
they never look clean no matter what hardness or softness I put them at
I have no idea what settings to fuck with to make them look any good
Coloring is hard as fucking hell, I have no idea how the fuck you blend shit or anything
Like with colored pencils I can just fucking press harder or mix shit super easy not with digital no that'd be too simple

How the fuck do you make digital drawing bearable
do it like a shit ton and you'll get used to it. usually your pencil work will still be better but it gets more bearable as you go on. also there are some pen nibs that sorta emulate the paper texture so there's a little bit of friction.

also a lot of brush settings come down to either asking other people what they use or just doing a shitload of experimenting. also even with the same settings, brushes look different based on which program you use. personally i think photoshop brushes suck, but sai has really clean lines.
I suggest work on your hand-eye coordination for about a month. That's how I progressed.
Lmao have you got pen sensitivity working for you? If not, it's a game changer.
I do
I actually preferred digital over traditional for the longest time so I may be able to help you.

Alright, what's your gear? What tablet and software do you use?
intuos pro and sai
it’s all about getting used to it my dude, you can also get custom pens
I used to draw on paper, after a week I got used to it.
When it comes to the friction point, there are felt nibs that you can get that add texture or you can do what some people do and get a piece of paper from your sketchbook and tape it on to your tablet, so it adds that feeling back.

What do you mean brushes are never the right size? A lot of your anguish comes from not knowing your software. Start using it daily and make an effort to learn the software.
how do you make drawing bearable in the first place?
riddle me that
I use a Cintiq .
I cant Stand Pads.
I still Draw a lot of my best, on quality pen and ink.
But I am Comfortable on my Tablet.
I some times even prefer it.

Takes a little adjustment period and using the right software.

I use BlackInk off Steam.
But that is for my Art Style.
I Mainly Only Use Ink Pens.
Fountain pens in daily life and on Digital.
File: (312).png (15 KB, 880x902)
15 KB

Does anybody know how this artist is getting such smooth and thick lines with only 0.5 brush size? Whenever I try to use anything below brush size 1 I get skinny skippy lines like in pic regardless of what canvas size or resolution I use.
You just get used to it by doing it a lot, Anon. When I first bought my tablet like 4 years ago, I tried using it and thought I made a huge mistake purchasing it because it didn't seem like I was capable of using it at all, but by doing it more and more I just got used to how it worked.
So basically, the same way you make most things bearable: doing it a lot. Get off 4chan and go practice your art.
I don't speak chink and i don't use clip studio so this is just a guess, but i'm pretty sure it's all basic pen pressure shit. Set a certain size, make it so you have to press harder for thicker lines. There you go, not rocket science.

Fiddle with your max brush size and your tablets pressure sensitivity.
You're using the wrong program.
>dude didn't even need to rotate the canvas

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