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File: 1549274073897.png (471 KB, 810x900)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
last thread: >>567355
Post and talk about your original characters!
Please be polite and courteous to other posters!
And I cannot stress this enough:
>Please Ignore/Hide all shitposters!

This thread's theme and prompt is: "Honey, you've got a big storm coming."
Let's get drawing, Oekaki!
File: eqweeqeqewqdwdq.png (308 KB, 1201x721)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Storm? Reminds me when i caused meteor storms in Risk of Rain, great game.
File: sketch-1552369265254.png (128 KB, 960x1920)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Picture in progress, don't want to bootybustle too many bums so it will not be posted here when finished.

There's enough chapped ass without the lolicon police
Delete this
That has nothing to do with the thread, mods delete, did not read the op, my fault
great start you guys
absolutely fantastic
File: sketch-1552370389241.png (802 KB, 1747x1080)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
There's a winter storm brewing
File: quit_yellin_im_nappin.png (348 KB, 751x628)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
thunderbolt and lightning very very frightening me
Fuck. Not trying to make this a pity-party, but how the hell do you get out of artists block? It's been almost a month since I've made anything.
put pen to paper and get something done
ain't nothin to it but to do it, chief
Scribble like hell so you can feel like you're at least doing something, then actually do something.
ain't no way out but forwards my friend. Enduring is the easy way.

put yourself in more situations that allow you to do nothing else than draw / remove distracting alternatives to drawing, and you'll draw more.
Trace something, if if you can't make your own, and you've run out of options. Use another's art as a baseboard.
Thanks guys. You're awesome!
File: sankhara.png (91 KB, 1438x1438)
91 KB
I had an idea. Not sure if I executed it just right, but it was an idea I had to act upon immediately. Sorry if I don't have as much to talk about as I usually do.
I tried to make one of the first official members of the "George Avi" team, and what better way to do that than give the evil old man another evil old man?


Sankhara is the physical embodiment of the goal that John Barbedeas wanted to meet in his ending years; a demon who could put a stop to time for as long as possible. While John couldn't even begin to put a halt to his funeral, he was certain of his immortality as the demon he became when deity blood made contact with his corpse. No longer did karma send malice in his direction.
From that day on, he was Sankhara; a hellbeast that gains thrills from terrifying people with his one dream.

>In the first (passive) sense, saṅkhāra refers to conditioned phenomena generally but specifically to all mental "dispositions". These are called 'volitional formations' both because they are formed as a result of volition and because they are causes for the arising of future volitional actions. English translations for saṅkhāra in the first sense of the word include 'conditioned things,' 'determinations,' 'fabrications' and 'formations' (or, particularly when referring to mental processes, 'volitional formations').
Should have expected this response. I think I should flesh this out far more and retcon a few things tomorrow.
File: mallus and rebus.png (15 KB, 569x483)
15 KB
2/3 new characters I came up with.
Alright so this is what I got
>Sankhara is a large entity, so multiple lost souls are required to control it.
>All of these souls are confused as to who they are and all share the same brain (retconning the John Barbedeas backstory)
>Redesign will have more mouthes. Far more mouthes.
Sounds uninteresting, show rather than tell
I won't have access to a computer for the next six hours, bear with me.
The ideas are already shaping up good in my head, though.
File: unknown.png (100 KB, 244x563)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
I've already posted her before on two or three request threads, but I haven't actually said anything about her so I might as well do it now.
Her name's Agnetha of Lazuli and she used to live in a mansion with her older brother and parents, but a fire left them orphaned at a young age. Her brother started heavily drinking as a coping mechanism while she joined a military order in an attempt to give her life meaning outside of caring for her now-inept brother. Eventually she managed to get him to sign up for the same order as she did so they could work together and even though she tries her best to keep calm she still worries a lot about him. Her family used to own pegasi, so even though she's usually seen riding a horse when in combat she can and often dreams of riding a pegasus again. The scarf she wears is a memento from her parents and the frills on her skirt were added to contrast with her overall standard equipment. I sort of wish I hadn't based her design so heavily off of the existing ones in Fire Emblem, but I'm not sure if I really want to redesign her from the ground up since I sorta like her as she is, even if she's a little bland.
i don't really know the context of this but it sounds like it could be interesting? i'm just kinda lost on how to interpret what you just wrote without any prior knowledge of your universe so i can't really give my fair opinion on it
she looks like a dollar store pegasus knight
nothing very exciting or interesting about her design at all
it's like a generic anime JRPG protagonist from the 1980's, but without the soul
yeah i tried making her more interesting by mixing bits and pieces of designs from all across the series (armor is a cross between jugdral and tellius, the gloves and scarf are from the whitewings, etc) but she ended up looking, well, generic and i don't know what to do to fix her right now
To be honest i think the issue is entirely on the head, at first glance i thought it was link.
why would you think it's link? his hair is a different color and he barely ever takes his hat off. i know my style's not perfect and i'm not good at drawing faces, but i think the major issue is that i just can't come up with an interesting design, not that it looks like link or anything lol
I'm not any of these other Anons, but in my opinion it's hard to do something faithful to older Fire Emblem that isn't bland; less a fault of anyone's style and more a fault of the aesthetic itself.
I think that's one reason why the protags have colored hair, it helps them stand out from one another due to high similarities in how their armor looks; and yeah, it's Fire Emblem so if you're not a Thief or some kind of caster, you need armor.
I like your pic, she looks like she fits right in the FE universe, at least, the one that I favor. I also find it refreshing to see someone do an FE-faithful character that isn't a titty-monster slut.
I don't think you're right about this at all. Units in FE always stood out, even in the classic games. Making a character that doesn't stand out isn't something to be praised for. Being bland isn't being faithful because they're not as bland as you think, and you'd only think that if you've got no eye for character design or if you think all characters in 90's anime style look the same.
File: tegaki.png (297 KB, 500x500)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Hello my lads I have redesigned Sankhara and now he is my absolute favorite deity ever
uh 2
File: tegaki.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
Okay since you won't provide anything constructive I'll just leave this here
File: unknown.png (302 KB, 806x584)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
do you think i could get away with giving her a more interesting color palette or should i just scrap her design and start all over?
i don't think the older FE designs are bland, it's just that the ingame portraits show very little of the design as a whole. the old trading card game from the early 2000s with all the characters from archanea and jugdral is a literal treasure trove of cool and unique designs
excuse the shitty recoloring btw, i fucked up the layers and i was too lazy to fix them. the middle palette is actually from an idea i had to theme my pegasus trio after pumpkins (Abóbora, Cabotia and Moranga respectively) so if i go with that one i might change her backstory and name to accommodate that and reuse those for another character
I think you oughta recolor a few parts here and there so that the armor isn't so monochromatic.
File: bicolor.png (529 KB, 1584x650)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
like this
much better
I'd say maybe give her hair accessories or something or make her face more distinct because she really looks like... a blank canvas no matter what you dye the armor
please learn about color theory as well and what colors work and what don't
File: unknown.png (59 KB, 215x439)
59 KB
well, i tried redesigning her with less referencing existing designs in hopes of it having more soul, but i couldn't make up my mind on how close i should stick to the classic pegasus knight outfit and whether i should go for something more realistic or over the top 90's and it just sort of ended up looking like i puked on it. i'm honestly considering just commissioning someone to design all my characters because this is really activating my autism
holy shit those look so much better than the ones i had in mind, ty so much anon! i honestly like both of your examples as-is so i might end up using either of them (if you don't mind of course)
Wouldn't have gave the idea away if I minded.
>less armor
I still think you can make it float if you work on more complex expressions and poses to give the character more essence, instead or resorting to weird/retarded looking clothes like most fighting games do with their female characters.
she's not supposed to be very emotive and i don't want to or see a reason to make her look dumb for the sake of garnering attention when there's plenty of good-looking and unique female character designs in fire emblem with normal clothing
I like mundane characters not in the sense of uninteresting, but in the concept of that a character does not need to be the god of the thousand dimensions, the half demon invincible chosen one of the twin soul prophecy or any crap like that to be noticeable, and of course it doesnt need to wear lame/provocative outfits and wield an oversized weapon with a super crazy second function.

Maybe you should stick to what you like most and develop it or go deeper in personality, what it can do and what it can't.
File: ashe.png (834 KB, 1600x2000)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
my angry hero! shes a wip so here the rough ver.!
File: Surge Knight Again.png (230 KB, 700x850)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
I'll admit, I was a bit surprised to see Claire as the OP image, but given the thread's stated theme, I guess it's appropriate.
Since I am loathe to post without a drawing, here's Surge Knight with a very slightly updated design.
When I saw your original design, I immediately thought of Marth.
The altered design has a nice asymmetry with the one sleeve, but the Christmas stocking boots are silly. You should probably avoid leaning too hard on any one particular already-established design to avoid your character looking like a ripoff. I would suggest maybe looking at armor from other series for inspiration, or at historical armor and just sort of mix and match until you can find something you can work with. Then you can play around with engravings, borders, or even just more pieces of armor to really make your own character.
Probably don't get someone else to design your character. I feel like at that point, you've given up on it really being strictly your own, although that may just be me.
Do post your final design when you've finished polishing.
Your character reminds me of one of my own, who I may post later if that isn't some sort of Mongolian basket weaving board faux pas.
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
Yeah... at this point, I think I do need and say something about the design itself now.
Don't design immediately. You'll be in a rush to think of what goes where and how to do this and that, which will fuck the design up. Hell, it took two days to do >>570887 and I still wound up having to do a big overhaul with a far better result.
Treat your characters like wine, not like bananas.
File: message.png (39 KB, 692x610)
39 KB
One thing i recommend out of unexperience is doing several edits and such stuff until you realize what feature makes your character to stand out and be recognizable.

Another comic.
File: unknown.png (75 KB, 217x495)
75 KB
I really appreciate the advice I got, but I can't stand to look at or even think about her as a character anymore. It always ends up like this; I make up an OC and then I inexplicably begin to hate them and then try salvaging them by using existing characters that I like as a crutch, but that just makes me hate them even more. It's been like this for years and every time I try to get over it I just can't, I literally get headaches from how menial everything gets and yet I keep doing it again and again, running in circles, hoping that this setting, or character or plot might be the one that saves me from this creative hell and yet none of them do. I can't even talk to my online friends about this anymore because my of my autism so the only thing I have left is to lay my once beloveds to rot in the muddy wasteland of an inuit seal clubbing chatroom.
File: miles test.jpg (297 KB, 999x619)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
I feel this. I feel this so hard. Sometimes, the loathing prevents me from getting anything done for extended periods of time. It's a curse that many creators face; loathing and judging their works, changing, evolving them, or even outright scrapping them.
I won't pretend to know exactly how you feel, but know that I understand a little bit. Being aware of your faults is a good first step, you are in a much better place than those who think they can do no wrong.

Take my image for example; I am better than how I started (granted, that was over 2 decades ago & I haven't improved much), but I can still point out at least 10 things wrong with this image. As slow as it is, as much as it looks like you aren't making progress, you still should try. Don't force yourself, but try when you feel like it; whether it's design aspects or a subtle change in style. I want to see more from you, as little as that may mean from an Anonymous.
File: sickashicrop.png (124 KB, 983x765)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
The only thing stopping me right now is my fucking wrist. Again.

Ha, haha...
As for the character himself, and yes, he is supposed to be upside down (this picture was going to feature a monster on the other end, but I got burnt out halfway through)...

Nothing special, an OC I recently made based on facets I had as a kid & wish I had as a kid; no real setting to fit into or anything like that, just one amongst a slew of cringy self-inserts I've come up with over the years.

I was gonna do another Ionia, but half of me couldn't be satisfied with how my attempts were coming out, and the other half of me was thinking you guys might get tired of seeing just her all the time.
Wrist pain is another real struggle. Hope you get well soon.
maybe quit jackin off so much delta
But I'm not left-handed.
how the fk do people get wrist pains? Like I get that from writing a big ass essay, how do you do it in drawing? Do people really draw that frequently?
It can happen from frequent mouse use in general. It never became this big an issue until I started on tablets, though.
>I was gonna do another Ionia, but... the other half of me was thinking you guys might get tired of seeing just her all the time.
I would never get tired so long as you promise not to draw her clothes.

Waifu thirstiness aside, you're guaranteed to be welcome here if you actually have something of value to say about your characters. If not, well, even the smell of swamp ass would be a bigger waft of fresh air than anything El Prohibido Un stuffs in here, so you have nothing to lose.
Draw with your shoulder
File: sickashi.png (85 KB, 1086x1404)
85 KB
Did you know it was both Osana and Ikashi's birthday 13 days ago? I hate my own incompetent memory sometimes.
You can tell by the filename that I actively sought out for good nicknames for this specific interpretation of Ikashi, some of which being...
>Rainy Day Ikashi
>Guilty Ikashi
and my earliest, most stretched out one...
>Ikashi Wa Yurushite Inai (Ikashi the Unforgiving)
While Sickashi isn't exactly "sick", you'll see why I chose the name soon enough.

> - - - - - - <

Yoshima Ikashi suffered a huge loss right before the events of Dying Skies took place. Her sister, Yoshima Osana, died for the second and final time on November 16th, 2024.

Ever since then, Ikashi began blaming everything on herself. When Osana's blade transferred itself to Ikashi, it transferred memories as well; because of it, she began warping herself into thinking that every single hostile act Osana has done has been a result of her contrasting innocent nature. To top this off, Ikashi is now the only living Yoshima family member she knows now.
When Ikashi sought vengeance against George Avi, she was instead hallucinated and briefly lost her own control to Shizu, a short, hunched-back creep with mind controlling abilities. After she was knocked unconscious and rescued by Hei-Ran and co, Ikashi regained herself and immediately realized that she's too weak to do anything alone. Sick of living, she almost brought the courage to kill herself until she suddenly broke into heavy tears.

Against her own will, she now has to live with everything she has done and failed to do for eternity.
How do you feel about "Shikashi," which is used as a conjunction like "but" or "however," which could be in line with her past actions being contradictory to her feelings; with "shi" additionally reflecting to the amount of death she has been exposed to, but also functioning as wordplay on "shiitake" (albeit that's a stretch too, as she doesn't actually look like a shiitake, but I love puns and wordplay).

She seems to have a particularly tragic backstory, but her depressed/sickly appearance seems all the more to reinforce that.

I'll admit, I've made mushroom-themed characters before, but I never thought to make an assassin/ninja type. I like the idea.
File: tegaki.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
I really don't know, I like it more when I have to explain it as "she's sick of living" instead of what you just said. It's also really close to saying "Shitashi", and I really don't want to make second best girl into a potty pun.
>I'll admit, I've made mushroom-themed characters before, but I never thought to make an assassin/ninja type. I like the idea.
lol I only did it for this
File: anami.png (510 KB, 1127x1812)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
ah here ya go
File: lurker encounter.jpg (444 KB, 828x842)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
A little perspective practice. I wasn't going to post this at first due to its flaws, but just in case I do improve I want a proper benchmark for where I started. Yeah, all this time and just now I'm starting to dabble in perspective, if that's any indication of how slow my progression is.
Anyway, about the pic itself!
So, as stated before, this kid is an idealized inner child, so I figured his world should reflect aspects of what I enjoyed in my childhood.
The brick blocks are reminiscent of Mario, but the overall ruin motif is inspired by Wario Land, which featured dilapidated ruins with vines and blocks and such.
The kid hiding by the block reflects how I would always analyze a boss's patterns and careful playstyle when fighting unfamiliar enemies in games.
The monster itself (the lurker) is just your typical big brute sub boss, a denizen of this ruin to either work around or triumph over.
Looks like she really has her mushroom head in the mushroom clouds.
File: 1552702854836.gif (1.04 MB, 320x240)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
File: tegaki.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
Love her.
File: storm.png (405 KB, 1020x733)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Big storm coming.
AAAA thanks so much shes part of a coming of age story with two more other characters! ones a goblin girl who's just happy to help and rich boy who's bored and wants to see the world! I'll post em later!
File: newrt2.png (690 KB, 1239x1859)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
This is Nyl, he is the offspring of a shapeshifting demon and an human. He grew up in a home made specifically to house half human children (there are lots of them due to the abundance of interspecies sex).
He works as a novice bodyguard for a shaddy figure in a world full of monsters and dangerous people. His body is extremely flexible and unstable, even if he cant shapeshifting into spescific animals/creatures, he can morp into many different Shapes and change his appearance.
Despite that his strange abilities may weird out some people, Nyl is a gentle, quiet, polite person.
He has a big, sharp horn growing on the top of his head and lets himself get throwed up by others like a spear.
(There are more things but I want to keep it short)
How can something be so adorable yet creepy at the same time? This looks like professional work, too.
Simone Morin here’s a no-good hoodlum who decided to shape up after her time in the slammer. She feels a lot of guilt over the stuff she’s done, and finds it difficult to express her feelings. Despite this, she wants to do right by her grandparents and the kid they took in (technically her aunt by adoption, but Simone treats her like a little sister). She can use magic in the form of non-elemental forces (like gravity and the like). While she’d not a skilled mage, the type of magic she uses meshes well with her brute strength, making her a force to be reckoned with if one were to get on her bad side.

I really, REALLY like this guy, holy moly. That’s seriously impressive, Anon.
File: memories.jpg (434 KB, 893x778)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Dr. Marcellus, Hazel Salem, & their newborn son; the picture of happiness.
The good doctor was at the height of his career, & best of all, he successfully helped the woman he loved deliver their boy. He was set for fortune, for love, for life.

Some of you may recognize the good doctor, & you might be surprised to know that I've also posted "Hazel" before. Now, you probably know where this is going.

It was all a lie.

Soon after the birth of the boy, the doctor fell ill with a creeping disease. It wasn't until long after Hazel absconded with the baby that he found her DNA all over the disease.
His trusted assistant Quill helped nurse him over the next few years to fight the illness, work on a cure, & gather other interns to gain intel on where Hazel disappeared to.
Along the way, he learned the capricious catgirl was a notorious criminal, & possibly one of the most dangerous assassins in the city. Her aim in having the child was only for the doctor's genetics; she knew one or both of his knack for energy control/intelligence would pass on, & she was confident enough that her own traits of flexibility/physical strength would be present, by proxy of her being a catgirl. She planned to raise the child to be the ultimate crime lord.
However, the doctor's interns & Hazel's own forces have struggled in a figurative tug of war to secure the boy, & have recently lost him.
As part catman, he is more than able to survive off of stray mice in the shadowy alleyways, & his inherent "Heart Scan" allowing him to determine intentions of people by reading their surface feelings; the side effect of this power means he reads both interns & lackies as hostile, despite both of them being concerned with his safety.

It will take either parent finding him & coaxing him themselves to earn his trust, & with Marcellus back on his feet, he fights Hazel at every turn as he desperately tries to prevent her insidious plans.
I like her design, as well as your choice of colors! It's also really nice to see the "punk with a heart of gold" used for a female character, too.
I assume you're doing a modern fantasy type setting for her, but how far flung is it in terms of supernatural stuff?
Daaaamn this is on another level.

On a side note, this is pretty much what i suggested that guy to do with his OC, many actions, sides, with and without clothes/gear, thats pretty cool.
Magic is pretty much it. The way it’s set-up, it’s like a muscle that links man and nature: Some people are predisposed to be better at it, and some have to work harder to be better. And even then some people can learn certain forms of magic more easily than others. What factors cause that are still unknown, though. But generally, if one puts in effort to learn a form of magic they’re more suited for, they’ll get results. For magic one isn’t suited for, however, it may take years of dedicated study to produce any results, so you don’t really see too many people capable of using more than one type of magic. Some people just don’t even bother with learning magic alltogether for various reasons.
As for what types of magic there are, it’s all based on manipulating the forces of nature. You have your standard elements (water, fire, wind, earth, etc) as well as other aspects of nature (like Simone’s forces, for one, and a villain in the works whose magic invovles nutrient cycling). Lastly, there’s certain, SUPER rare forms of magic that can’t really be explained by nature, and they’re pretty much luck of the draw (only one or two exist in-universe, and their powers are ludicrous like spontaneous creation from nothing). Magic is still something being studied in-universe, so actually putting time into trying to perform those rare forms of magic is basically impossible. There are still a few kinks to work out with the magic system but that’s the gist of what I have at the moment.

Additionally, while it is kinda modern fantasy, the time period is technologically similar to the 60s, or 70s, maybe even the 80s. Point is you’d have things like cars, but nothing quite so convenient as smartphones.
Everything about this is awesome.

>still some kinks to work out
You seem pretty far along, but it is definitely hard to make a system that's consistent, especially when explaining it solely through character actions and maybe some dialogue.
I say, keep up the good work!
so my boy dr. marcellus got feline aids?
Ha, I actually didn't make that connection. You could say that, but it's also something that she whipped up from secret experimentation, so it's not like going out and fooling around with a random catgirl will make you sick.
>second best girl
So who's the first?
File: waifu bin.png (27 KB, 780x377)
27 KB
That's nice of you to ask.
I judged each female by their relationship histories, overall appeal, and whether or not they cater to a specific fetish.
>Przybetta Torkaza
Canonically a virgin, despite having a short-lived fling with Daedalus. One of my first female characters in Deity Stream and doesn't seem to be replacable at all.
(I also fucking love athletic girls)
>Ikashi, Samantha
Ikashi is most definitely a virgin (muh honor), and Samantha is uncertain because I tried to create a bigger backstory on her and it flopped.
(Short Asians and small girls in general kill me.)
>Limilla, Hei-Ran
Limilla is the cum dumpster of Alaska. It's a miracle if a relation with her lasts more than two months, though I imagine those two months would be fun.
Hei-Ran is too depressing and introverted. Would be really lazy around the house, which would make for good bonding, but not useful beyond that.
>Osana, Przybetta Torkaza Beta
Osana is a big meanie who will use my dick as sword practice.
Beta Torkaza is the opposite of the original Przybetta in many ways except two; virginity and psychotic behaviors.
>Alexa, Susan
Alexa's birthday was yesterday! On March 18th, 2019, she became 14. God damn it.
Susan already has someone to fuck with.
File: amdusias.png (3.15 MB, 1544x2016)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
beep boop
Amdusias is the 67th of the 72 spirits of Solomon, and is responsible for making the music that plays in hell.
Whenever he appears, he takes the form of a unicorn, but can change to a humanoid form if anyone asks him to.
He can make trees bend too, for some reason.
He likes trumpets, and wherever he appears, the sound of trumpets follows, always heard and seldom seen.
He's not much of a talker, keeps to himself, and usually likes to be left alone to his instruments.
He also has a terrible crush on his best friend, and is memezoned.

His favorite things are trumpets and harsh noise, and his favorite food is mp3 or flac.
File: kaiserdaedalus2019wip.png (22 KB, 500x788)
22 KB
After drawing an inhumane amount of porn this week, I decided to do an overhaul on Kaiser.
(If only I could stop being distracted by wrist pains and literally anything else, I would have probably finished this an hour ago.)
File: lizard3.png (108 KB, 866x2960)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Another one.
oh look it's the suicide squad
File: WWs2phow.jpg (963 KB, 3072x4096)
963 KB
963 KB JPG
Mushroom girl.
Surely you have more than that, do you? Unless this is meant to be one of those porn mascots like Noill's Zettabot or Gerph's Skarpne.
More like more description, or more drawings of her?
More description.
I'm still hashing that stuff out, but her name is Mai Celia and she really likes baking things because she thinks of herself as something of a cowherd for the yeast cells making the bread rise.

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