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Whats better /i/ncels

Graphic Tablet or a Drawing pad
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
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I draw with an optical mouse.
I have no idea, but a friend of mine recommanded a drawing pad for me. probably a good choice to start with
better tools doesn't equal better art senpai

on that note, i like drawing pads because i can see what i'm doing (big hands)
Graphics Tablets are usually better if you're used to traditional drawing.
either is fine just don't be another idiot who overspends way too much on a fancy expensive tablet just because you think it'll automatically make you an art god
or do, it's pretty funny when it happens lol
If not a graphic tablet, a regular tablet running android plus a stylus will work too

Alternatively an iPad works too. but I don't know anything about apps regarding them

You can buy pressure-sensitive bluetooth styluses on amazon otherwise any el cheapo stylus or your finger will do

I've found that Medibang paint and autodesk sketbook are good android drawing apps once you're used to them
i've been thinking about getting a graphics tablet. i have an old drawing pad that does just the bare minimum. It gets the job done, but i've wanting something a little nicer.
None of it matters if you don't have the skills to actually draw.
I bought a cheap Drawing pad. Dont know how to draw but i want to learn using SAI so i hope the pad is better.
A couple of iPad art programs are procreate and clip studio

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