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File: IMG_20190508_130421_231.jpg (2.64 MB, 2637x3296)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
So, lately I've been feeling atracted to draw soft, ambiguous faces, like if I were getting some kind of "Araki's Syndrome" (jojo's autor, he changed from drawing big muscular guys to slim model-like characters) since like 80% of my drawing are morbid stuff, demons and things.
This is my third attemp on drawing with a softer artstyle and maybe slightly carttonish artstyle.
So... what do you guys think? Is it good? Bad? Or I'm just turning gay?
I think it's good. Then again, I've always thought softer things are more appealing to look at, especially when they're beautiful women.

You do what style feels right for you, that's mostly what this hobby is about.
Looks good and I bet it will look amazing if you paint it, maybe in a wall.
I think that

/ic/ is where you want to be
the shading under her chin makes her look like she has a beard since you use the same lines to illustrate her eyebrows
Yup, I couldn't erase that haha
Thanks, I didn't know that when I posted

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