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Draw Width Height
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File: 0000.png (140 KB, 960x540)
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140 KB PNG
Posting drawings, need some constructive criticism (anatomy, proportions, perspective, gesture)
*comment about /ic/ here*
cute boy but you should probably go to >>>/ic/ they're kinda experts in that stuff, this is just the doodle board
People are saying to go to /ic/, and technically that's the proper board for critique (it's in the name after all), but they hate anything that looks like anime, and they're gonna rip you apart.

As far as I can see, you're definitely more talented than I am, and everything looks fine to me, but still keep practicing and looking at references wherever you can. Sorry I can't be more help.
Hey, don't lump us all together with the d/ic/ks.

>>575541 is pretty good. You seem to have all the fundamentals down.
Left drawing might have a minor issue with the proportions though.
In a standing upright pose, the arms wrists should be able to reach down to the top of the femur (bone of the upper leg), though the wrist of your character only reach the pelvis.
It could be that I am seeing things wrong since I'm not sure if the characters pelvis starts where his pants are or where his bandages are with his pants pulled up just enough to his his genitals.
Anyway, this means the torso is too tall. just try to shorten the distance between pelvis and ribcage and that should fix the proportions, I think.
File: 0001.png (200 KB, 540x960)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
thanks, yeah i think you're right. the arms are too short.
I have mental markers as to where things go, but when it comes to putting them in foreshortened poses, the proportions tend to go awry.

These are the mental markers that I use when drawing anatomy, feel free to add some more.
Is it just me, or are those thighs too long? I'm no expert on anatomy.

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