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You’ve probably seen pic related if you’ve been on /vp/. Anon seems to think it looks like shit.
Is my artwork shit?
How is it shit?
How can I improve my artwork?
Be honest, /i/
OP here
>inb4 pic related is sideways lol
I don’t know why it does that
>I don’t know why it does that
When you take a photo with your phone it includes information about the orientation of the phone on the .jpg file as metadata instead of rotating the content of the files itself, so the file is rotated on the fly before being displayed on your computer so you can see the correct orientation.
When you upload a file here 4chan strips all the metadata from your file, including the orientation data, to prevent users from inadvertently disclosing personal information as some devices will include things such as GPS coordinates as metadata in the file.
When users see the file you uploaded with the metadata stripped, their browsers don't automatically correct the orientation before viewing and so they show the actual content of the file resulting in the sideways image you see
Thank you Anon. Now I feel a little bit better about the image not appearing upright.
File: ye.png (1.29 MB, 2250x1000)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
There's a dedicated board for stuff like this (>>>/ic/) just so ya know but I'll try to help out a homie the best I can.
The most fundamental issue that bugs me is that the pose seems kinda unnatural. The detailwork is fine and commendable but on a fundamentally stiff pose it doesn't shine as well.
So in my version I tried going for a stronger pose. Note how the details in the image (the leg, the curve of the torso, the character's eyes, the hand) lead the viewer through it.
My advice for posing is to have them follow a theme of some kind. In your OG thing there isn't really a direction for the eyes to go, so the limbs just kinda stick out randomly- but in my thing I tried to orient everything around the green line. Mind you, I drew in the line afterwards- I was just thinking of it while drawing. It pays to do gesture drawings on a site like quickposes to get a good intuition of where each body part should go.
I acknowledge that this is far from perfect as I'm still a scrub admittedly but hopefully you take something outta these haphazard rambles. Just helping a boyo out.

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