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I go to a fashion school and i’m taking an accessories course but having an issue
This fucking world famous art school never taught me how to render fabrics/leathers
I’m trying to make shoes with black patent leather and velvet but don’t know what the fuck i’m doing
I’m using photoshop to make it easier but it looks cheap
Do you guys know of any good books that teach good fabric rendering
Or websites/videos i haven’t found any good ones
Please help i hate this school
Really? do material studies
you want to draw patent leather and velvet? do multiple studies of both and learn how they react to light
or if you don't want to add anything to your visual library just find a reference that's similar to whatever youre drawing and copy it
sounds like you need to learn basic drawing and how to think more than anything
"oh what does black patent leather look like? why does it look like that? what environment and lighting is there in these photos I'm looking at? okay now that I know how it reacts under various conditions, what sort of environment am I drawing it in?" etc etc etc

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