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How does no one talk about how learning to draw fashion and croquis is one of the best ways to grasp basic anatomy?
/beg/ here, this sounds ridiculous to me, how am I supposed to learn what's under the clothes by drawing the clothes?
I like fashion illustration but I can't draw to begin with.
You start by drawing the croquis, or the maniquin. By doing that and learning how fabric makes lines and folds when placed on the body helps you learn both anatomy and how to draw fabric as a whole
I don't completely agree with OP, but I do want to say this. Drawing clothes is very important, and male students in particular often overlook this and place too much emphasis on anatomy. If you're looking to get into design or animation, then 90% of the time you are drawing clothed characters. 90% of character design is the outfit.

Speaking broadly, a lot of women already have an interest in fashion, and that's why they're becoming a stronger force in many design fields. This may come as a shock to /co/ regulars who complain about women in animation, but they're there because they have the appropriate skill set. So cultivate an interest in fashion if you don't already have one.
Because /ic/ is NGMI
Where are some good ways to get schooled on drawing fashion?
Fabric folds towards areas of tension. You might get some correlations like how the back of shirts might tend to fold like how the lats are inserted but relying on folds to help learn anatomy might actually misinform you.
Youtube is a great area to start. A lot of thots who go into fashion design knowing nothing about art and anatomy leave with a really good sense of it. I recommend Zoe Hong.
I dont rely on one aspect to teach me, I combine them. i.e, you draw a pose with some basic lines to 1. learn where your fabric is gonna lie on your body and 2. approximate height and width of your body. After you do that then you draw your fabric over it, using your lines and your body's pose as a guide. Im not saying to completely skip studying musculature in the nude and such, but for someone learning to draw with minimal experience, I honestly think fashion is one of the best ways to learn.

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