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im so shit, what am I even doing with my life. I will never make it
Shut the fuck up and go back to work.
no, let me sulk anon
if you post yours i'll post mine
im still shit
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If you fail enough, you'll eventually succeed. That is a fact.
i've never succeeded, how can i trust you/
you can be comforted that you'll never be as bad as me.
You got it backwards bro
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I'm not successful yet in art, not nearly at the level I'd like to be, but mate, have I progressed in around a year. I can't prove to you how shitty I was when I started out 14 months or so from now because I deleted everything several time in fits of frustration, but when I started I literally couldn't draw two straight lines in a row or do a fucking box in perspective, now I'm just beginning to understand anatomy and how shit works. Pic related is how far I am now. I know it's just muh anime portrait (my anatomy is laughable and I'm too insecure to post it here kek), but it's one of the things I made that I think don't look like complete shit. I need to work on everything, line weight, colors, shapes,... But it's not utter shit.

That's nothing to be proud of, I know, I'll be proud once I make good art. But I know I've progressed, and it feels good. I don't know the level you're at anon, but I wish for you to get the same feel sometime. And for that you need to fail a lot. Even a shitter like me knows that because I'm starting to succeed in what I set out to do, because I fucked up enough and learned from my mistakes. It's alright to be shit. It's not to stay shit.
Gotta be bad before you git gud. At least you’re not a Dunning Kruger
Not necessarily, you can keep banging your head against the same wall, it's all about how you approach things.
File: nevergiveup.png (109 KB, 768x408)
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Think about small improvements, 1% at the time. For some people thinking about far future and "making it" is just too intimidating to deal with.
Think about now, if you are shit, own it, and try to do just a tiny bit better next time.
Im shit as well, gave up on art few years ago now im back to it, and yeah every single thing i draw right now causes mental anguish as i see how shit it is, but im not gonna let myself drop it just because of that.
Just be stronger than this Anon, i don't know how good or bad you are, you don't need to post your work, im not gonna tell you that you are going to make it, i just believe in you, try believing in yourself too.
>tl:dr Just draw
i'm barely a week in and i wanna die, the end goal is sooo far away, fucking fundies in my way pisses me off i don't wanna wait i need to get somewhere fast but i know that's not how progress works, i am like this with everything in my life i never want to put in the proper effort because i get demotivated.

music and art suffer most here, i could draw/play to improve but i give up at the first sign of struggle to go back to the easy shit i know and not even trying the hard shit.

in this aspect I've been stuck at beginner level at something i should at least be intermediate by now (art is still fresh but i'm after a one year break from it)

i'm gonna grind it out for years and i want to be able to show off my work to people and be proud that i made it possible with my hands.

it also because of my scrub level means that even mid tier not shit art is quite a distance away from me.....

bros please we have to keep pushing. i know i will, i have littler spare time but it all adds up so ill do that.

godspeed to anyone who feels like I do and keeps going! love y'all!
yo give me feels id love to see more work from you cuz inspiration
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>>3758562 nah c'mon man don't think like that
>tfw been painting and drawing for a year and a half and just got accepted to a massive art fair where they only choose 130 people in LA

Well lads I might've made it, going to school and working hards really helped me. Still have to get picked up by an art gallery of course.

Most artists, me included, are more than likely to ngmi. That doesn't stop me from practicing every day.

Back to the fundies and Loomis with you or keep being a faggot. Your choice.
Dint give up! Sulking and self pity feels good because its familiar to you. Keep working and step out of your comfort zone.
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