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Do the average fine artist who makes abstract art and installations and other stupid dumb shit, like, makes money off that?

I keep seeing threads about some random painting about dots selling for billions, but it seems is more about networking and investment and money laundering than real art.

I read such artists barelly make an average of 30k in the US in forbes, so I'm unsure if the average graduate of art doing such BS can survive off that.
Most artists have day jobs. Or trust funds. That said, there are plenty of gallery artists making a living off their work alongside teaching workshops and selling their book, although it's seldom abstract garbage and mostly sentimental pseudo-realist garbage.
it's mostly about getting by without actually working. If you have big money contacts you can make big money through landering schemes and what not.
Obviously most of it is not reported as earnings so who knows if they really make 30k on average. It's also fitting to point out that at school graduates come from a pool of mostly lazy "artsy" types so it's hard to gauge career opportunities for those who take stuff seriously.

I know a couple of people who make a decent living selling artwork to the middle market, like aw firms architecture studios spas etc
An average fine arts students usually end up doing photography or visual merchandising or barista. You need networking to score decent pay with those jobs. The others try advertising or ui/ux for slightly better pay at 2/3x the work hours, and they usually die by age 40-45 due to caffeine and/or cigarette overdose and stomach problems.

If you not rich don’t do art.
wtf my keyboard's inputs are all screwed up
> barista


No one out of my graduating class is working in a field that isn't related to art.

Where does this meme come from?

Most of them are in advertising, copywriting, restoration/general repair, collections and appraisal. There are some art directors, and a handful of self employed folks who have shown in places like Chelsea, but the vast majority have salaried jobs.

Yes, op, installation artists make money. A friend of mine did a piece where he created trash out of wood and it was moved from gallery to gallery. I think he sold it for close to 15k. If I can find a link to it I'll post it, but it was very well done. You couldn't tell the wooden trash from real litter, the Doritos bag was really cool desu.
Most of them don't.
Those who make money doing large pieces for universities, airports, and other public spaces where they put sculptures and shit on the walls.
A barista is a salaried art job too, making latte art requires skills.

Also congratulations for being the 1%, hope anyone who takes your advice actually make it instead of offing themselves in the next 5 years. But you'll hold yourself accountable for when that happens right?
rich parents
This guy tried to be witty and edgy but came across as a cringy nerd
Cringing at your stupidity, yea
>n no u
I was not joking. You’re too transparent a dork to play the mean truthspitter. Sorry
In some countries, artists can apply for a goverment paycheck.

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