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Anyone know how to properly sync their organized reference folders into an iPad?

I have a folder with over 10,000 images broken up into categories and subcategories, and I tried to transfer these over to an iPad I just got as a gift, and it wound up syncing it all in as an unusable cluttered mess.

Any way I can get them all in, orginzed within the folders I already had?
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Never used an iPad but I would try to ZIP them with the original folder structure on your PC and then unzip on iPad? Folders should be intact?

Another solution could be using Dropbox or Mega maybe.
Just use iCloud.
Go to icloud.com, upload the files to that folder, and then you can access them on your iPad by clicking on Documents (the blue folder app)
Apple literally does not have that support.
Apple does some weird shit, don't they? You'll get used to it.
Put them in the cloud. Google drive maybe, cause it gives you more space than iCloud. Use the google drive app on the ipad
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These are all cloud based systems, they will not always be around to sort out my problems when the lights go out. I would much rather have solution for the device being in my hand while its not relying on the internet for its own storage and sorting capabilities.
You could try using a third party photo manager with support for itunes file transfers. I found one that seems promising but I haven’t tried it myself. It’s called photo manager pro 5.
When you transfer files directly via itunes the file structure should be preserved.
sell it and buy something not apple
There's a little simple button called "download" or "make available offline"
or "save to photos" after you upload it
Fucking noob, I shouldn't have answered
No one here seems to grasp what's needed, Anon. Here's your solution: use Documents app by Readdle. It will allow you to sync your stuff via wifi and you have your folders, you can have tags and color tags. Thank me later.

Oh, and it's not as fast at looking through photos as the native Photos app, but once installed, you can browse it through the native Files app, which is almost as good.
Me again. I bit the bullet and got this app, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s basic but it allows for easy sorting in folders and subfolders, moving around images, choosing the folder image, and there are a lot of options for importing images. I would have preferred something free but I think it’s worth the money for something simple that “just works”.
So if you don’t feel like messing around with various workarounds and don’t mind spending a little money I can recommend it.
>I think it’s worth the money for something simple that “just works”.
>spend extra money paying for the brand
>can't do basic shit every other device can do
>pay even more money just to be able to do it
>be glad that it actually works
>this is the brain of an applefag
Documents by Readdle IS free. But what do I know, I only wish I knew what I told you after I spent a half an year to find something that works as a decent picture and file manager. Use what you want, Anon, I'm out.
It is free, and it’s perfectly fine, but I personally found the experience a little lacking. I don’t mind spending a few bucks if it means I can get something a little bit better and more tailored to my needs. Some might prefer your solution, but I just wanted to share my experience with this particular app. No need to get mad.

I generally prefer the experience of ios over android, and this is a fairly specific gripe with the native photos app. To me, the pros outweigh the cons, and it’s not the end of the world to spend the cost of a coffee to get an overall better experience.

It’s all a matter of preference, and I never tried to persuade anyone to either using an ipad or this specific app. All I did was present one alternative that could potentially be of interest and you autists just had to sperg out about it.
This probably sounds really dumb but I keep all my files on a reader (iBooks, comicglass) and if I plan to use one as a reference I make a screenshot and add that into procreate.

The best thing to do would probably importing all the images to photos and creating specific albums for them but it would be very time consuming.
Sorry, I was just disappointed, as the screenshots of the app you bought look the same as a lackluster experience I paid for. What I find invaluable in Documents is the film strip on the bottom, that allows me to glide over all the pictures in a swift manner. If only loading of the picture was as fast as the native Photos app... Do you mind sharing where your app is better than Documents then, I'm curious. I guess your way of using pictures is different than mine.
Yeah that film strip is a very good feature which I do wish the app I bought had.

The things I prefer are the browsing experience, as it fits more images onto the screen at a time, similar to the native photos app (retractable sidebar). You can also hide the filenames which decreases visual clutter. I also very much like the folder images because choosing the right folder only requires a quick glance rather than reading through the folder names. I also value the built in editing tools, barebones as they are, for things like making the image black & white, changing the contrast etc.
They're small things but to me they make a big difference to the overall experience.

But, it is simply a preference. To many these things are not worth the cost, or the app is missing something they think is vital. I've only just got it myself, so I might change my mind about it in the future.
I might use Readdle Documents for other things though, since it seems like a very good file manager in general. Thanks for the tip!

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