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On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the backlash I'm going to get looking for a Manga artist partner? I can and have written a lot of text, but I'm dirt poor so I can't pay them unless we publish something together and split the profits. I understand drawing is a bit harder than writing, but it sucks how much more difficult it is to find people who will pay you to write for them as opposed to drawing.

Second question, what's the most effective way to go about this? I can only imagine messaging random artists is just about the stupidest thing I can do.
>asking for someone to spend a whole bunch of time and effort working for free.
your best bet is to find a friend willing to do some pity work for your or sell you ass online until you can afford to pay for what you want. if you're too fat, just starve yourself for a few months then sell your ass
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Expected as much. Would rather my books never sell than sell my ass.

I mean I can sell my collectible items for around 100 dollars to give as a sign of good will, but 100 dollars ain't shit either. Most manga artists want to draw their own stories anyway. (even though a lot of them really should have hired a professional story writer/editor.)
being a good writer is a valuable skill, but the amount of work you're asking for is simply to much to do as a kind gesture. not to mention that but offering a rev-share agreement is considered very insulting.
you could save up and refine your stories at the same time or keep practicing your craft and try to gain an audience in writefag communities. you could also learn to draw which is what most real mangakas did.
I think in the end I will have to draw them myself. I am a terrible artist, but I think decent manga art is within the realm of possibility for almost anyone...unless I am wrong?

If in the end it turns out I am indeed allergic to the craft of drawing, then my only option will be to save up money. Thank you for the response, I will refrain from asking, then. The last thing I want to do is going around offending hard working artists with meek offers.
Most people that learned how to draw, probably have their own (however shitty) stories they want to tell, but likely have no time to draw.
Imagine now taking whatever free time you have, and dedicate it to draw someone else's ideas.

I'm not saying it's impossible, after all that's what fan art is, but you really gotta have something special, that will push X artist to want to dedicate hours of their day to draw it.
Tall order.

You could try to publish a couple of chapters online and throw the bait out, being upfront about the no payment thingof course, and see if someone likes it enough to want to partner up.

After all there exist people who just enjoy drawing, but find coming up with stories tedious.. even then though, how much creative control are you willing to relinquish? Being just a drawing machine with zero creative input is shit.
anyone who is dedicated and willing to work hard can become good at art. good luck anon!
I could do like 2 or 3 panels for that.
Thank you, man. I appreciate the support.L-life is pretty rough sometimes.

That is very true. Even when people do have the time, they might lack the energy, just like an author would.

I guess I'll try it out, but I won't get my hopes up haha. I can give up quite a lot of control in terms of that considering how much I'm asking. Plus I have very few stories that are set in stone, most of them are mutable. I only have about 3 of them that are off limits to anyone but myself.

Wewlad. That is fair, 100 for 3 panels is probably less than how much you would get for minimum wage. I better save up 10 benjamins before I get my hopes up.
pyw or ngmi
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This was a project from highschool. Drew myself (I am the OP of this thread). Last thing I ever drew.
>can't pay
Oh boy
>split the profits

Forget it, dude. If you had a close friend and you were both invested in a mutual project, maybe. But getting a stranger to draw your mango for no pay in the hopes of one day sharing some of the (probably slim to nonexistent) potential profit? Absolutely not, and anyone who did sign up for that gig would be a fool.
I've seen more ludicrous things in life before, but I do agree that it is essentially impossible
Just write the story and hope that some studio picks it up and wants to pay you royalties to turn your story into an anime/manga.
That's how they do it in Japan will all the light novel stuff etc.
It's low risk-high reward.
What you're proposing to do is high risk-low reward for both parties involved.
Post your first chapter or script or whatever. I most definitely wont be signing up but im curious as to what high quality script you have that you think could warrant an artist signing up for free.
There really is no good way to go about it.
I can try give you some tips to make it a bit easier and hopefully this advice can help other writers.

As a wannabe manga artist myself, here's my main concerns.


Most artists only work with people they know and they know are trustworthy. Suppose if I even were to pick up your script, how do I know you have the legs to continue? How do I know you can meet a deadline?
Before even looking at the writing itself,examine whether you can even do this. People will come to me with ideas but if I don't know who you are I don't know if I can trust you.
I can't begin to tell you the amount of people that have approached me with ideas.

Best way to put this to bed? Write and just submit your scripts by themselves absent of art. Set a deadline for a chapter per week. Having a blog that updates on a consistent basis is a really good way of showcasing to people
that you have the drive to keep going and are consistent. Have a link to your blog or website handy so they can see it. To me, consistency is the biggest green flag there is because I know I can trust that person to deliver on time.
Amount of views or comments don't matter on your work although if you have a fan base already that can make you a more attractive choice.

Alright great, you're trustworthy and can meet deadlines, you have drive, that in itself is something to be proud of and will put you ahead of 99% of other people. But I can tell you that, as a general rule, I don't partner with people I don't know.
If there's certain artists you are considering, try hanging out in the same circles they hang out in online. They could be forums/discord/their own website or blog/twitter/tumblr/etc. Don't go in straight for the kill saying you'd like to partner with
them. Just make yourself known. Retweet or share their art, let them know you like their work in the comments, just be supportive in general. If you can, try and talk to them privately and let them know you enjoy their work. Hopefully, this can be a segueway into a higher level of friendship beyond "guy who comments and likes my art".

At the end of the day, working on a project together is a relationship and if you don't like eachother beyond merely admiring their artistic talents then it's not going to work. And what's more, you don't really want to work like that anyway.

If you don't want to do this then either sending random PM's or engaging people on other artistic communities is your next best bet.


Be professional. State your username, what it is you do, why you're approaching people. Give them your idea in a nutshell. Give people a link to your previous works and your website. Give them a link to the script you are working on at the moment which is the one you want the artist for. Have at least 3 chapters available. End with a nice comment about how you look forward to working with them. If somebody PM'd me in that way, regardless of whether I want to work with them or not, I wouldn't have any hard feelings about it because it's nice, professional and straight to the point.

Delete any emoticons.
Have a nice looking avatar, don't just have the stock default one.
Check your grammar.
>Closing Thoughts for aspiring writers for manga

Format your writing in a way which is legible for the artist. Research how to format comic scripts and use that. There's lots of writers out there that will format their writing as a novel and give it to me. I hate it.
Format the script page by page, put who is talking and what panel they're in. If you're able, trying completing a name (draft) of the comic yourself. The drawing doesn't have to be great, just show positioning
and speech bubble placements. It cab be stickmen if you want it to be. Doing that will make you worth your weight in gold to a manga artist, or at least it will in my opinion.

If you can, volunteer to typeset. It can be really helpful and take a load of the artist's mind. It can help you become more involved in the process as well.
Creating manga is a lot of work for very little payoff, at least in the west, so any help is appreciated.

As a writer I'm sure you're capable of all of this. Hopefully if you want to do manga you've researched the best way to write plots. As a general idea, smaller scale projects are best to work on first to see if you can both work together.

Some general advice I can give is to not approach with some massive shonen tier epic with 10 different characters and a million different plot points. No popular series clones either. If your work has "Dragon" or "Blade" anywhere in its name
that's usually a massive red flag for me. Try bring a new and interesting idea to the table.

Good luck in finding somebody.

Honestly, a lot of artists that can draw can write as well because they've done both their whole lives. I've had tons of "writers" ask me to draw their stories but it's always generic shonen shit. Also if you're a good writer then don't send your stuff unless the artist asked for it, and definitely don't add your life story, nobody cares.
You should do this. If the writing is good it will stand out even if the art is subpar. Look at what happened with One-Punch Man.
Yeah I did think about doing that, but I heard non-Japanese people have an extremely hard time landing that sort of stuff. But I guess I shouldn't take that into account considering what I'm asking.

Hey that's actually a damn good idea. I'll save all of this advice 100%. I think my chances will be a lot higher with all of this. In terms of consistency and dedication I can write a full chapter a day if I know the direction of the story (which I usually do) so the only thing that can stop me is outside factors. I usually have a small cast, and if it's a big cast it's usually formed after a while. My largest book series is crazy big, but I'm definitely going to sell it as strictly a novel until I have enough resources to make it into something more.

I was actually wondering if I should write it like a script or a novel...thanks for letting me dodge that bullet!

Many thanks, M. I will forever be thankful for this.

I once had a writer friend ask me if I wanted her to write a story for me (I was 16 at the time and had no experience in writing) and when I gave her my idea she was surprised. She said she usually gets really generic plots and that I was the first to give her something unique, so hopefully that's a good sign.

Nothing I write is a masterpiece, that's for sure, but I think I have some good ideas that would sell. Right now I only have texts from my other novels, so that's really all that I can give you.
I was basically thinking about that example, but rather than me having a bad manga pre drawn I would just have a script and rough drafts of character designs (I say rough draft because I can't draw for shit, as I said)
OP no matter what you expect, you are underestimating what it takes to draw good manga art. If you wanna learn how to draw, take you time estimate, then double that and then take ten times that and you might be in the right ball park if you have talent.
Man every time I've seen someone talk about how long it takes, they always use some weird math formula hahah. I would guess it would take somewhere around 1,000 hours, more or less depending on the level of one's talent. So doubling it brings it to 2,000, which sounds about where it would be in reality.

I didn't mean to downplay manga, as some of the best art I've ever seen comes from manga artists, but I would assume stuff like old Roman/Greek art would take well over 5,000 hours to become "good" at and perhaps another 5,000 or so to reach mastery.

The longest book I've written (which I am still writing) has taken a total of 375 hours to write and I'm about 40% through the story. I really feel like I grew as an author over the years. Looking back at the beginning of the story I can see that I've come quite a ways since then. Might have to go back and change some of the sentences.

My shortest book, which is really the only one I managed to finish (and publish), took 50 hours.

I'm no stranger to dedication, so if I have to I'd put the hours in to drawing as well, but I would prefer not to as I think I lack talent.
Maybe I exaggerated with the time, but it's not something you should just pick up as a small tool for something else.
If you think you would enjoy drawing then absolutely go for it, talent isn't super important but it obviously helps a lot.
Also, Manga (or any stylized) art is a lot more complex than you might think, unless you use a shitton of cheats and shortcuts as crutches, you need to understand realism first.
Oh, certainly not. If I take up drawing I'm not going to treat it as some sort of side job, I would want full investment. Part of why I read manga is how beautiful it is. I admire it and its artists quite a lot for the amount of work they put into the craft.

I watched Mattias Pilhede's video on that, so don't worry, man, I know better than to ignore the fundamentals. We've all seen the result of what happens when people want to draw manga without learning real life anatomy...
Literally just get a fucking job you teenager.
The Date Clan is not impressed
It's another "broke ass writer LF new artist, paying in exposure" episode
I'm 21, I've applied to over 25 places already. I'm physically injured in two different joints so most places I could apply to are out of my reach now and applying for disability pay is out of the question you gormless retard. Try living in overpopulated California without working at daddy's company.

Nor should they be.

Not even exposure. I'm looking for a partner. Not like I get paid for writing books if they're not selling. Much less people read novels than read manga. I give an artist a solid story and they give me solid art. As I said before, a lot of people have artistic talent but lack pacing, avoidance of cliche and many other storytelling skills/fundamentals. Also do you go around in real life calling people broke asses? Good for you if you have money, but you're just making yourself look like an asshole. You undoubtedly don't, as you would get slapped at one point.

Do you post your writing anywhere? Does it do well? The reality is unless you are some godlike writer or you have a good friend who is an artist who doesn't like writing, it will be near impossible to find an artist willing to form a partnership instead of just being paid for their work. I think you are better off just drawing it yourself. Look at the mob psycho guy, he couldn't really draw and he's doing pretty well. As long as it's clear to read and paced well the art doesn't have to be the best.
You’re not going to find an enthusiastic artist, much less a competent one, who will work for you for free. Unless you personally know people or have artist friends, you will need to pay them up front
File: Holy Battle.png (128 KB, 504x414)
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Yeah I've posted writing on Wattpad before and to no avail. I currently have a book published on Amazon, but it's a comedy book so it's not really a great representation of my other writing. I've never really been good with having blogs or pages or anything of the sort, so my exposure has remained quite low despite my best efforts.

I do agree that it seems I will have to be the artist, but the problem lies in that Mob Pyscho and One Punch Man are more on the satirical/comical side, and 99% of my stories are not comedy. If I do start drawing it's going to take a while to get to a point where I consider good enough to start drawing manga. I'd probably be content with something around the level of the Shield Hero manga (with my own style, of course)

I'll have to train many years to draw it, then, or wait until Andrew Yang is president so I can get 10 Benjamins a month. I'll give M's advice a try and if I can't find an artist, well, I guess I'll be frequenting this board a lot more in the future so I can NGMI with everyone else heh.
I was kinda looking for a partner (not necessarily writer though) for the medibang comic challenge, though I'm only doing it for fun and as a hobby. post a link to your writings it's the only way anyone's going to contact you
Hmm, not sure how I can help, but if you ever need writing advice then I have a discord/facebook account I can give you.

Ah, you mean links here? Not sure if that would go well...I'm always apprehensive about posting my writing in these kinds of situations...Ah, what the hell


Here's a link to my published book's file with my name and the title omitted. Get ready for autism.
well no offense but I don't really get inspired by your writings. Ideally I'd like to draw my own story one day but it's one step at a time, which is why I have drawn a few short stories before and am planning to take the medibang challenge. I think if you're on a board asking for a manga artist and all you have to show is a single novel (?), it means you're skipping some steps. As was said before a manga artist requires a lot of experience prior to drawing it, and a lot of work to draw it. So when you're asking for a potential artist, you should be able to show that you've also already worked a lot and are experienced in your craft as well. You should have a variety of short stories to share and at least some of them should be written specifically for comics. I don't think many artist will want to dedicate a very significant portion of their time when you're still getting in the field. Even a bad artist
Damn, that's not good to hear haha. Yeah, you're right. I do have a 270 page book that I could share, but it's one of the three stories that I don't want touched by others. I also had a 10 page script of another story on my old computer but I unplugged it last year.

I would also like to add that this particular story is not the one I want drawn. Anyway, thanks for the input. I'm going to go to sleep and start writing a script format for the manga book tomorrow. I hope your drawing goes well.
Oh, also I would like to add that I didn't make this thread in an attempt to recruit people. I made this thread for the purpose of having the knowledge on how to go about it most effectively (while also not pissing people off everywhere I go).
no worries, just giving you my opinion. I'm trying to figure it out as much as you are, I think in the thread the most solid advice was from that M guy, make sure you make good use of it and good luck to you too

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