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Ic post how you do your construction lines
and tell me what you think of mine
File: wtf (9).jpg (33 KB, 420x282)
33 KB
learn anatomy
learn gesture
learn proportions
most importantly
learn loomis you shitter
This isnt helping you draw. Youre just drawing the outline and then putting lines in it. Mannequins are supposed to help you *find* the outline.
Did you look at any reference or model when you were drawing this?

If not stop wasting your time and use references.
Hey it’s me OP I’m hearing your feedback if you got link to places that can help with the many flaws in my shitty art I love to take a look

Also pic of my other art if you see any big flaws in this as well I love to hear it
did you even read the sticky?
OP again Ya I read them just asking for all the help I can get I know my art kinda shit so I’m trying to improve

That why I was asking to see other people construction line so I could see how other hopefully better people do it
File: sketch.png (27 KB, 151x468)
27 KB
I would suggest to lurk more.

Also, stop drawing animu
Thanks op again

I will try lurking more but sometimes it hard to find a good tread but ya I don’t come here often

I’m not trying to draw anime I can’t stand most of that stuff my style was very cartoony for a long time so these are my poor attempt to make somewhat “realistic” art but ya it does look like anime and I’m trying to change that
Youre not the worst guy on here op, with the right direction and material i feel like youll improve in no time. Try looking up how to draw gestures and anatomy. With that youll get the right proportions figured out. There is alot of youtube videos about these topics or you can always try the book approach.
this one aint that bad

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