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File: 1532735972068.jpg (70 KB, 225x350)
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How would one prevent a piece from looking "too western" as in it's obvious you are foreign to a style adopted by the orientals? Does the discrepancy lie in the lineart?

There was a theory a while back that suggested it's the writing system that demands attention to detail and fluid curves that somehow influences a Nip's lineart to produce a signature stroke that only a Nip possesses. Could it be true?
Most Westerners use horse face and big pig nose, just don't do that
I'm not sure if it's much help but I do notice that western art, especially cartoon or even anime-lite tend to have big, bold lines that clearly separate the different elements of a picture, whereas the japanese art community has less defined outlines and colors sometimes bleed into each other.

I've actually been trying to get away from bold outlines because I find thin/faded outlines to be more aesthetically pleasing, but I'm still not exactly sure how best to do it. An upbringing of color-within-the-lines is hard to shake off.
You get better at what you practice. No need to learn how to write out 2,000 Kanji characters when you're trying to draw a person.
File: _.jpg (195 KB, 1200x855)
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195 KB JPG
Japan likes to draw characters as though they are 14. Western artists prefer to draw as though they are 20.
File: Illustration3.jpg (219 KB, 697x628)
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219 KB JPG
As soon as the line art layer was removed the figure was improved ten fold but when you want to show the line art it's hideously westernized.
File: OkayIBelieveYou.jpg (59 KB, 1280x720)
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>That pic.
Maybe try making your lineart as thin as possible?

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