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File: logo v3 testing.jpg (94 KB, 538x874)
94 KB
I am working on a new logo for my youtube channel. Here are three work in progress versions of the new logo design. All are based on the mythical animal Kirin/Quilin.

What do you think of these designs?
Which one do you like best?

I'm also up for alternative suggestions. The Kirin is a holdover from the old logo but I'm not married to the idea if someone can think of something that suits the channel better.

I am aware the fade effect on the moon isn't good form for a "logo". If I was to do a printable version I would turn it to a simple semi-circle to represent a moon.

> Channel info

Channel focus: creepypasta, folklore, old horror comics, and the like.

Channel name: HeartofNight

Current audience: Age 23-50, mostly male when younger and (oddly) mostly female when older.
Jesus that reddit spacing. Look Anon if you want an opinion on a logo you should probably go over to /gd/. Good luck with your channel tho
I really don't know what reddit spacing is. I was simply trying to not have a block of text nobody would read.

Anyway, I guess I can try there if this thread doesn't gain any traction. I was thinking this section might be best as I was looking for feedback and open to critiques.

Thanks for the well-wishes.
All of these are incredibly ugly and don't read at thumbnail size. I would not watch your videos if you had this icon because I would assume they were done by a high schooler. The colours are ugly as fuck and the design is bad.
File: 1557936015542.jpg (66 KB, 473x630)
66 KB
Third one is cute, but the concept itself it's cancer.
The third one looks the best imo.
Third looks rad, go for that one
third one looks the best
Third one. No contest
you need to simply a lot, a whole lot. These logos read awfully at thumbnail size
too much detail, rework it

Remember it has to read good even at a distance, elements like teeth and those weird pointy bits on horns should be removed or simplified greatly. Remember logos should be made out of shapes that even a kid can replicate easily. Fix your composition, dont let the skull blend into background
File: logo v4 testing.jpg (125 KB, 800x908)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Suggest a better design? If you can come up with anything better that isn't a horror cliche I'll listen. Ideas are always welcome.

Skull it is! Time to begin refining a little...

Skulls, especially animal skulls, are not easy to simplify. That said, I did break the original down into shapes and found it was roughly two mirrored trapezoids offset with one higher than the other (back of head, muzzle) and two circles (center of head/jawline, horn arc) also offset.

I simplified it into two circles and two triangles. I also tried to repeat the shapes using the exact same circle in head and horn and triangles in prongs and muzzle. I couldn't find a decent way to do the teeth in this fashion, so I omitted them.

I also simplified the moon a little. Less background noise. I'm including a simple heart background version to further remove noise from the equation.

Here we go with new work in progress versions! Which looks better?

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