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Who inspires and/or influences you to draw? Do you have a certain artistic style or method as your goal?
Feel free to post a collage of art from artists who inspires you or influences you in a way.
Not a personal blog.
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Influence map thread? Post em.
File: 342532452362663634.jpg (1.08 MB, 1848x1980)
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I made my own
File: FFF@.jpg (214 KB, 850x1400)
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It was mostly jojos and D-gray man.Also I started reading a lot of light novels and manga,which gave me a deeper apreciation for the art.This is what I ended up with.I tried a different style of shading and I think It ended up alright.This is the first thing I've seriously sat down and drawn,in maybe about 6 months.
The nose is terrible
Study how nips do noses. Otherwise it's alrighty
File: 57e4954f6bde4.jpg (110 KB, 855x827)
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Thanks for the advice.I'll look into nose anatomy.
When It comes to nose.I either go fully realistic,or on a rare occasion,anime.This time I tried something in between and It kind of looks like ass.I changed it.Do you think its okay,now?
File: influence map.png (1.48 MB, 1190x1093)
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1.48 MB PNG
>Yukai Du
>John Berkey
>Hitoshi Ashinano
>Rune Fisker
>Tove Jansson
>Ernst Haeckel
I did this because looking at their art always leaves me a little more inspired.
You shouldn't completely draw the ridge. Look at how noses are drawn in D.gray man or Jojo, they actually only show the tip of the nose, merely shading the rest. Same in real drawings, look at how they do it, the form should be implied, not "forced".
Alex Toth and pretty much the whole school of 1930s adventure strip artists like Caniff, Sickles, Crane etc.
VERY nice list
File: Unbenannt-12.jpg (743 KB, 739x1081)
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743 KB JPG
>Asaf Hanuka
>Sascha W├╝stefeld
>Matteo de Longis
>Sachin Teng
>Mike Mignola
>Adrian Tomine
>Alexandre Zedig Diboine
>James Harren

Im still trying to find a more simplistic style than my current one while still not wanting to go into an all out commercial illustration type style. So when i dont know where to go i mostly go back to some of those artists as they never fail to get me inspired.
File: influences.jpg (1.09 MB, 1984x2060)
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1.09 MB JPG
I like a lot of artists but these are the ones I continuously come back to for inspiration and ideas.
good list, but i need names!
kawayoo, take(garou), amiamic, a_4_k_a. And I think the far right is named Baek Wonshin, his stuff is really hard to find but all of it's amazing.
Very nice. Who's the one that drew that blue-haired qt on the right?
That's Baek Wonshin. His blog https://cafe.naver.com/arteum/3722
Thanks a lot, anon
Nothing has changed
My main inspiration are little girls and surrealism. Stuff like Balthus is what i like
I love that I could tell exactly who you were from just the influences you posted. You've been emulating them well, anon.
File: Untitled.png (1.89 MB, 1174x992)
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1.89 MB PNG
Also a fan of Crom Waits and Jacub Rebelka

Still /beg/ as fuck but these all really appeal to me for one reason or another. I also have a folder with 400ish pics that I narrowed down as pure inspiration from a number of sources.
If your map is even this shit, it's hard to make it anon.
Don't listen to the other guy. If you're a beginner it's nice to have a realistic milestone to achieve.
Keep at it, anon, but never stop improving.
>that Google Doodle nihilistic modern art style
Your influences are WRONG
File: influence map.jpg (586 KB, 739x1081)
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586 KB JPG
I set my goals beyond my heroes' achievements
I'm never gonna make it
>We'll never get a season three of "the breaker"

Still hurts sometimes
Content, variety or effort put in to it?

No desire to be the next Rembrandt or anything, just want to get good enough to draw stories and be happy with them.
I just wanna draw nice shit so I can have some warranted sense of superiority.
based kojima
I think it could be cool for people to also post examples of their work to see how their influences relate.
Bump, this is interesting

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