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That's just basic anatomy knowledge, and obviously no references used.
I don't know, how do you get away with buying things at discount prices? How do you get away with using automatic transmission? How do you get away with saving people's phone numbers in your contacts?
the whole skull should be a little higher I think

judging by the position of the years, the head is tilted forward, so the teeth should be a little higher than the lips, the bridge of the eye sockets should be a little higher than the fleshy one, and if you will look at the shadows of the cheek bones you will see his right side is higher than his left side

while the final result is nice and all, this is what tracing or copying and not fully understanding what you draw does to your work, when you try to combine to references you might screw up

and I say this as somebody who is aware how good tracing is as a form of practicing and I do it myself
There’s nothing wrong with using references you stupid crabs
Everybody uses reference. /thread
Never use popular images. Use obscure images you find somewhere. At best from some random books, or even better make your own photos. never copy them 1:1, but add own stuff to it, like different clothes, or whatever. Try to develope a style from the references you pick. Use 3d models. Draw from imagination too.

If you do all this, and you are very productive, people won't give shit that you use references. using references is simply the only way to draw really realistic. It's not cheating, it's an artistic choice and style.
File: Vilppu feelz.gif (23 KB, 693x758)
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> How to get away with using reference?
"Remember that you are not copying the model..."
File: f2JJWJN.png (242 KB, 529x599)
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>Get away.

>With using reference.

>Get... away...

Do you have brain damage, OP? Or have the brain-dead knuckle-draggers that infest this hell-hole convinced you that using reference is cheating?
Sketch your concept down then refine it with the help of references, instead of copying an already existing and composed piece.
File: 1452173224856.jpg (82 KB, 780x593)
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If you're blatantly stealing something from google images, at least browse through a couple of pages or add some random couple of years in the past date range to your search criteria. Also mirror your reference before using it, that way it's even harder for internet detectives to backtrace it.

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