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You cannot reply anymore.

File: tfw.jpg (36 KB, 977x244)
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Again 2h36 minutes to upload my 6bg video to please my 2 millions subscribers

Why even live ?
>that screen resolution
Poorfag detected
What ?

Standard 1080p
4K is for my TV

lmao. gramps, it's time to get 1440p or over
1080p is still the standard for the majority, most programs are in 1080p
4k is still obscur. But I already have all the hardware for 4K tho.

1080p is my laptop. Do you know many laptop in 4k - 17,3 inches ?
>most programs are in 1080p
lmao. mr boomer, programs are adapttive to screen resolution and have been since 1995.
>2 million subscribers
Yeah alright m8.
>he likes the upscaling

Millenial who like shit please go, native is way to go
it's not upscaling you idiot, aside from a few select programs.
do you even know how a ui is scaled you absolute mongoloid? it's not stretched, it's repeated. so is the position of various ui elements. their position and size is relative to your screen/window size.
yes, there are some exceptions, but they are few and far between,.
1080p is 1080p
1080p on 4k screen will be upscale by the screen tech

This swedish guy who thinks he can learn me something about this while my channel with 2 millions subscribers is about new techologies

you are a litteral brainlet retard.
on a 4k screen the content (unless designated otherwise by you or by hardcoding), would be 4k, not 1080p.
sure, a 1080p video would be upscaled, but a program would not as long as it wasn't made by a retard.
I want to punch your fucking jaws left and right because you write bullshits and you're sure it's good.
The source cannot magically become higher. That's why in this field we talk about native "NATIVE"
Fucking piece of shit
ive got 200 subscribers
ama, kiddos
File: rjt.png (27 KB, 480x380)
27 KB
brah, imagine the windows xp textured taskbar.
it consists of three elements.
one left "cap" texture that goes on the far left of the taskbar, and one center piece (a horizontaly tiling texture, and one right "cap" texture.
there is no upscaling done in a program unless it was done in an incorrect way. same goes for 3d programs. they are not fixed resolution
>2 million subscribers
post broof
I will pray God for you tonight, may the life brings you hapiness.
Good. Let the anger flow through you, retard.
same fag who tries so hard

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