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File: pym50g0o7tgz.jpg (60 KB, 752x500)
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>visiting a town about 5 hours away from where I live
>decide I want to go shooting and look for any shops/ranges in the area
>call ahead to a couple ranges nearby that have rentals
>one has fees that are reasonable and they have something I want to rent
>25 minutes later I arrive
>brought my own ear pro and targets
>go to the counter and tell the guy I called ahead
>"great, it's going to be $x for the gun and ammo plus $y for your range buddy, and only two bucks more if he wants to shoot"
>"we have a no singles policy just in case someone wants to rent a gun to do this"
>he mimes putting a gun under his chin and pulling the trigger
>say I didn't see anything on their website
>"it's a new policy"
>well why the fuck didn't he tell me on the phone?
>shrugs and says he thought I'd know
>they don't even have a sign there
>I'm a bit pissed off now for having my time wasted
>start arguing with him
>tell him I'm from out of town
>pull out my carry permit
>show him I'm actually carrying right here at this very moment and I haven't offed myself yet
>he backs down and agrees to let me shoot
>"okay, the price is going to be $x for the gun, plus $y for the range time, and finally $z for our ammo"
>I ask how many rounds I get
>"hmm, that's kind of expensive, how much for 1?"
>"excuse me?"
>"how much for just one round?"
>he just stares
>I blankface back for 10 seconds
>he tells me to get the fuck out

Went to the other range and put a box of ammo through my carry piece instead.
>I thought my joke was so good I made a thread just so I could share it with /k/

Be honest.
and from my local range

>couple of guys in the pistol range start firing into the ceiling
>concrete chips spray everywhere
>bullet fragments go whizzing by
>RSO yells his fucking lungs out for a cease-fire and sprints over there
>pretty sure I was going to either see a double murder or a anger-induced heart attack after they said they were trying for "bank shots, bro"
>RSO grabs their arms and literally hauls them out, screaming at them the whole way
>everyone else has stopped shooting to watch them get chewed out
>idiots are protesting the whole way to the exit
>they leave without further fuss and I go back to shooting after the damage is checked
I've been kicked out of a range twice
first time:
>buddy and I head to the worst possible outdoor range within 100 miles
>both of us just bought M92 PAPs
>get to the range
>head to 50 yard benches
>start to unload
>fudd as fuck total faggot RO comes up
>"excuse me, what?"
>"you got paperwork for those guns?"
>"I don't think those guns are legal without a tax stamp and regardless you won't be able to hit the broad side of a barn with those AK47's"
guy proceeded to be a complete fucking faggot about the situation until my buddy just told the guy to "quit being a faggot"
we were promptly asked to leave.

Second Time:
>go with fiance's dad to indoor range with my PTR
>in the past there were signs all over the place saying "silver memberships and above can shoot a max caliber of .308"
>fiance's dad is silver member
>I haven't been to this range in months so I didn't think anything of it
>pay at the counter, guy inspects my PTR and my ammo
>guy admires the PTR and compliments me on it
>go inside range
>unload and start shooting
>after one mag two range officers bust in and scream "STOP! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?"
>I thought someone was going to shoot themself or something until I realized they were looking at me
>proceed to start screaming at me that I can't shoot .308 in the range and saying that I snuck the rifle in
>I ask them if they seriously thought I snuck a 42" rifle past three employees and the guy who inspected the gun
>they get pissy and ask me and fiance's dad to leave
>oh shit I'm 8
>dad thinks I'm old enough to ditch the pcp
>hand over a .38
>show me how it work
>have fun
>time to hit 25 meters
>all 10s and occasional 9s
>dad proud as fuck
>club master comes in
>talks to my dad
>tf you doing the high caliber range is forbidden to minors
>meanwhile I bring back my target
>dad shows target
>my kid outshoots you so fuck off
>get both kicked
Worth it
>on vacation
>see a bud's
>rent a revolver in 44-40win
>get nod of approval from nearby fudd
>head to range
>pull trigger
>i always did the fucking dishes
>pull trigger
>you never goddamned listened to me
>pull trigger
>what about what i fucking what
>sir, you need to leave
>admires PTR
Fake story.
Explain yourself.
pretty self explanatory
woman plans to kill her husband.
>sir, you need to leave
>woman plans to kill her husband.
Now I have questions.
it gave me half a smirk
>everyone in the internet is a man until proven otherwise
You could have just shot the gun but NOOOOOOO you just had to ask how much just ONE ROUND COST which is basically a short way of saying "I want to kill myaelf still but since I convinced you that I wouldn't through my bullshit, how much would one round to kill myself be?" even if you did not mean it, it comes off as that way because asking him how much one round was a stupid thing to say.

You ahould have just said "50 dollars for that amount of ammo? How much do those ammo cost alone!? Didn't know it was that expensive so why is it that expensive?" That way you sound less autistic and actually sound less of a manchild neet you faggot.
Oh nice you got the joke
first of all the guy was to incompetent to be working there if he bitches about ak-47s when you dont have them. also 1 if you dont have the licensing for full auto common sense tells him your "ak" is a semi auto not full, if you have a full common sense tells him that you have either licensing to even have the fucking thing or wouldnt have it at a public place in the open. the guy was being a noguns cunt because he is a no guns cunt. should have keyed his car
actually op's point was to be a smart ass to the jerkoff that tried to screw him on price, for the guy trying to fuck him on cost. the only one being a manchild is you faggot
My friends boss came fir drinks with us. His parents had just done a murder suicide. His mother with Alzheimer's was killed for mercy by his father.

Man that must suck.

It's time to stop posting little guy.
He was just a fudd. Relax.
>That feeling when you've only had the outdoors as your range for your whole life

Feels good.
File: IMG_6513.jpg (51 KB, 638x359)
51 KB
>evre1 isa man till proof otherwise
Holy fuck you're retarded
>>RSO grabs their arms and literally hauls them ou
That's cool hope that faggot gets shot one day
Why do fudds lose their shit over .308?
>be me, 20
>father is nogunz, mom is anti-gunz, so have to rent
>decide to try out a new range
>range rules say no rentals under 21, so ask dad to tag along
>show up and start looking at what they have for rentals
>pretty bland library
>I point out a .223 AR and a 1911, tell dad to get 100 rounds for each
>we getting ready to pay
>overweight 40 something yo woman says 'you don't have to do that'
>we both visibly wot at her
>'It's illegal to purchase a gun for someone else "SIR"' she hisses out to my father
>uh, we just want to rent
>'get out before I call the police'
>my mind is shattered at the stupidity
>flick her off as we walk out
my dad called them the next day to complain to the owner and apparently that was his wife covering for him on a sick day. How does your husband own a range but you don't know it's legal to rent to a man and his son?
File: IMG_20170926_134234.jpg (3.05 MB, 3036x4048)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
>get leave
>Gunny takes me to the range to show me his new 300 BLK AR
>Get on lane
>Gunny takes his time unloading/unlocking rifle, loading mags
>Procedes to dump whole mag as fast as humanly possible
>Fudd RSO storms over with his hand on his sidearm
>Starts yelling how we need to get off 'his range'
>Gunny smiles his insane smile, used to be DI years ago, mfw scared
>Starts ripping apart this 250lb mall cop
>Guy is shitting his pants and backs off
>Looks like he's about to cry
>Gunny stares at him while dropping empty mag and loading fresh one it
>Dumps another mag

We got banned but it was worth it
File: 1466470796173.png (139 KB, 357x368)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
I have never been kicked out of a range before and I've magdumped a WASR at a full sprint, bayonetted a target, and done a spetznaz sidearm transition.

Your ranges suck.
>Privately owned range
>Customers sign wavers
>Start destroying property with reckless use of a firearm
>With other people nearby

I'm surprised the faggots didn't get shot by the RSO
That would have been an amazing Youtube video
>be me
>be MNfag
>go to range
>its a empty clearing with two benches for rifles, targets set up
>no one there, ever
>never asked to pay, no RO or owner there
>Pay anyways to help keep it open

Shit is so cash, I aways hear bad range stories on here. This place isn't even online, my buddies just told me about it so its empty. I love it, I can shoot all day if I want unbothered.
>flick her off
Why did you finger her? Gross.
The fudd was acting like a tough guy until the gunny went off on him
My range is pretty cool other than the one time I saw a guy shooting a sawed off 50 cal at the plinking range. Mainly pretty empty and goes to 1000 yards.
File: efb.png (7 KB, 389x255)
7 KB
I had a similar situation to this once:
>take three nogunz friends to a range two hours away to shoot
>one friend wants to try my AR
>has it resting on a sandbag, so it should be pretty safe
>while my back is turned to help another friend, the RO comes running over and tells my friend with the AR to stop shooting
>mfw he had been at the top of a paper target about five feet in front of him with 5.56 and blowing holes in the ceiling
Luckily, we were the only customers there, and we didn't get kicked out. He also fucked around with the clicky knobs on my rear sight too. I only go shooting alone now.

it's more accurate and lighter and better in every way then their precious 30-.06
File: 1489551465070.jpg (12 KB, 109x129)
12 KB
story plz anon
File: IMG_4282.jpg (1.21 MB, 2366x3264)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
I got kicked out of a range once because they only allowed pistol and shotgun cartridges are allowed to be fired there
Keep in mind no one told me this throughout the whole process of checking my paperwork
*because they only allow pistol and shotgun cartridges to be fired there
You guys should consider shooting 2-gun matches instead of just waddling out to a firing line.
>fiddling with someone else's sights

Apparently he doesn't possess any manners either.
Especially annoying since I had specifically brought my AR there to zero it.
I swear either you made a thread about that, or there is another person on this board who got kicked out because of that rifle
Alas, it was me all along
I fired 15 rounds before the RSO came and asked me to leave
I mean if you wanna stand in one spot magdumping and getting kicked out, more power to you. I'm just saying it's more fun when you get to magdump AND move around.
I agree with this guy. But notice he doesnt deny being Karl.
I fucking wish I was Karl. I'd easily take being an ev en bigger autistic sperg if it meant I got to be buddies with Gun Jesus.
nice. did you get ice cream after?
>spetznasz sidearm transition

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