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You cannot reply anymore.

>be me
>eating dinner with gf
>suddenly sound of glass breaking
>knife wielding buglar jumps through window and starts walking towards me
>pull out P220 and aim at head
>squeeze trigger...
>...keep squeezing trigger
>trigger feels like it's 100 lbs
>buglar closes in and stabs me
>wake up

Fuck these dreams
>trigger feels like it's 100 lbs

This is what liberals want.
Do you have a cross on the wall in your bedroom?

I used to get pretty consistent nightmares, but dug out the old crucifix I was presented at confirmation and hung it up on a whim and now I've been 3 years without any bad dreams.
File: 1504973103873m.jpg (130 KB, 1024x682)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
In my dreams i just miss every single round
I just started carrying. How long before I have this dream?
I started taking nootropics now I'm the nightmare in my own dreams

Last week I was Pennywise scaring the shit out of a bunch of kids
Train more, this is your subconscious telling you it's not confident or comfortable with your weapon or skill set. I used to get the same dreams when I started carrying.
>sound of glass breaking

Stone Cold Steve Austin walks in

Wat do?
I'm gonna have to side with this guy
At first I thought this was just a complaint about the p220's horrendous double action trigger pull.
I used to have dreams like this but the more I train the better I am when dreaming
File: 1468790859993.png (330 KB, 330x319)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
also nice trips
Oh yeah, I know that feel.

For me it is usually fist fights where my arms feel like they are made of lead and my punches land with the force of a feather hitting the ground.

Your nightmare sounds much more terrifying though because for me the fist fights are just frustrating and annoying and I don't get stabbed or die.
File: 1509645418823.jpg (12 KB, 474x473)
12 KB
>being catholic
This might be true
>start using low velocity "tactical" buck shot
>have a reoccurring dream that I shoot a home invader 2-3 times with the low velocity shells and it has basically no effect
>put regular buck back in my HD gun
>stop having that dream
buy a glock so you don't have a safety anymore
You are most likely going to hell, irrelevant of the fact that you're a heretic

>do chest compressions on a guy attached to platoon till he dies after he got his legs blown off in a blast
>never able to smell hamburger meat again
>all dreams end in no legs

>t. Drunk vet on free meal day
Are you able to enjoy Philly cheese steaks?
Why would anyone enjoy that in the first place?
In my dream I mag dump my AR straight into a gang of attackers. They then realize it has no effect on target and start laughing at me. Mag dump after mag dump and they just keep advancing and laughing. I have that one dream every 2-3 weeks. Is this God tormenting me?
>inb4 "5.56 no penetrate lel what a fag"
suck his cock furiously
File: image.jpg (107 KB, 500x371)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Philly cheese steaks are good my dude
I keep having a dream where I shoot a buglar with a buffalo bore 357 magnum round and kill 3 people across the street by accident.
>Philly cheese steaks are God's gift to all men, you absolutely heretical nigger. Your taste in meat-based dishes is liberal-tier and your failure to accept Phillys as the second coming of meaty-Christ has predestined you to meat-hell, where instead of suffering from unimaginable pain, you will suffer unimaginable culinary denial administered by the ninety legions of meat-hell, as endless millennial white girls will cook you endless, dry, unseasoned, white meats. May meat-God have mercy on your soul, my dude.
Op's brain be like : Train harder faggot.
File: k approved.gif (349 KB, 260x400)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
this^ is solid advice
Hey if it works fuck it
Have had three similar dreams except its a Kahr PM9 I have to pocket carry for my shitty job with a no weapons policy. Endless trigger pull with no bang.
>Not wanting the 3rd crusades and removing kebabs from Western Civilization.
deus vult faggot
Does he even Pope Urban
I hate dreaming. I never sleep well when I dream.
I've also had dreams about things well before they have happened. Multiple times I've been doing various things and get super de jevu because I've dreamed about it happening before
Things that I could not have known or done before.
Makes me hate dreams even more cause they could come true.
File: qs022fa55gix.jpg (9 KB, 278x278)
9 KB
>innawoods far from home
>shooting a deer at 200 yards
>aim is 100% stable
>shoot its heart
>after recoil I look down the scope
>it slowly stands up on two legs and stares right at me
>work the bolt
>bolt wont budge
>look down the scope
>deer is gone
>run to truck
>where the fuck did I park I dont remember
>follow a trail
>I think I see it in the corner of my eye,but when I look its not there
>get to the end of the trail
>more woods in all directions
>pitch black except for a pair of red eyes coming closer and closer
>pull out my glock 20
>when its close i magdump
>first round is a click
>i chuck the glock at the eyes
>it explodes
>i take a picture for my three ring binder full of pictures of exploded glocks
>i now consider stocking glocks in my 1 star rated gun store
>wake up

>Walking down city street at night
>Urban gentleman walks up to me and tries to mug me, has a gun tucked into his waistband
>Tell him I'll give him my money and to just stay calm
>When I reach for my wallet he goes for his gun
>Grab his wrist to stop him from getting to his pistol and draw my own gun then proceed to magdump into his chest
>Call the cops bawling and terrified pleading for help, guys whimpering and begging for his mom while he bleeds out
>Go back and fourth between telling him I'm so fucking sorry and screaming at him because I would have given him my money and we both could have lived
>Cops show up and immediatly cuff me
>Drag me into a back alley and surround me, telling me I'm a murderer and I'm going to jail and that I'll never see my friends or family again
>Tell them I want a lawyer, they laugh and say the best lawyer in the world can't help me, and that they won't let me call my family so they'll never know what happens until they see it on the news
>Drag me back to the cruiser, throw me in the back and slam the door
>Wake up in a cold sweat fully believing I'd killed somebody, had to call my fiancee and have her confirm I wasn't being charged with murder before I can calm down and go back to sleep

Worst fucking dream I've ever had, still get sick to the stomach thinking about it.
>Is this God tormenting me?
This is God telling you to get yourself a battle raifu.
>muh deus bult
Fuck off we know how embarrassingly bad those crusades went. Also this is America, if you're gonna be christian be an evangelist you Irish pig.
Catholics aren't the only denomination that has a confirmation ceremony. I happen to be Lutheran.
I got almost the opposite of that.
I'm pretty timid and as a child I would rather run away from people than confront them.
>sitting beside fire in the woods at night
>someone comes up from beside and behind of me and puts his hand on my shoulder
>I turn to look at him and I'm standing on a street corner in a nondescript city under a streetlight
>man is just generic placeholder_mugger.humanbean
>says he's gonna fucking kill me and pulls a knife
>try to pussy out and run
>he just goes around in front of me and puts both arms out to the side, blocks me
>try to reason it out
>he just starts yelling and tries to stab me under my ribs
>I break his arm, then push him down and stomp on his face hard enough that it breaks his nose
>stomp again
>and again
>and again
>eventually his left eye socket is pulverised and his eye is dangling out by its stalk
>blood everywhere
>guy would be dead were it not for dream logic dictating that he's still alive and begging me to stop
>pick up knife and slash at his throat until he stops
>feel nothing
>look down at corpse and just start giggling like a straight up Charles Manson
>wake up with a raging boner

>from that day forth find myself more assertive and self-confident in daily life, willing to stand up for myself more, and a better, more well-rounded person overall

I think I actually dreamed myself into a better person and also some sort of fucking psychopath.
So you’re saying that i’m not the only one who has these types of dreams?
>i dont want to protect the holy land from saracen invaders

This is for pussies, take the /k/ equivalent and put a kukri under your pillow, according to gurkhas it scares away evil spirits that cause nightmares
File: IMG_20150130_105907.jpg (488 KB, 2048x1536)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
>be me
>onnahill looking down into a valley through binos
>see group of friendly YPG guys moving down into the valley
>shift view to further down their trail
>another group of YPG moving across the valley opposite the first
>already know what's going to happen
>see guy in first group point his AK
>hear shots ring out, see guy in other group drop
>wake up feeling sick and sweating
It's like some twisted memory of a friendly fire incident that I actually experienced. Bad dreams are normal, right?
>not orthodox
you will burn with the catholics in hell.
I blame /b/ for making me able to remain hard going from porn thread to gore thread to porn thread and at full mast the entire time.
>Not Mormon
I bet you don't even wear magic underwear you heathen .
>be a free captain, mostly doing cargo hauls to expensive resort space stations
>do one of such
>walk around shopping district while cargo is being unloaded
>find a jewelry store
>go in
>look around a bit
>see a pair of fancy looking binoculars in a glass display
>'hey I should steal that'
>grab it
>alarm goes off
>run out of store
>queue long escape sequence taking me through kitchens, sleeping quarters, children's play rooms, and me being pursued by anything from chefs to security guards to childrens' entertainers in huge animal suits
>finally make it to the cargo loading area
>space station is about to go into hyperdrive
>my pursuers aren't within the shielded area
>watch security personnel and some dude in a Big Bird costume turn into yellow goo as we warp space around us
>look up to my left
>asian dude listening to an old diskman while sitting on a vent pipe looks down on me
>nods in approval
>wake up

I wish I had normal dreams.
I used to have this dream all the time. Went away when I started training at the range more. Muscle memory helps my subconscious know exactly how a trigger press feels, I think.
What does it mean if I dream that I unload an attacker with my carry but they just shrug it off like nerf darts?
To switch over to .45
yeah, I have this too.
Maybe We'll turn into prophets.
Or get institutionalized.
Or both.
I understand this reference.
Are you Vampirefag's anon?
Do you have geists we should know about?
File: feelsawfulman.png (34 KB, 633x758)
34 KB
>Shooting targets in a courtyard far below with SVD
>See them drop as the bullets cleave down through them
>Suddenly hear a noise
>Turn around to see a giant in way too much molle bearing down on me with a knife for some reason
>Turn and scream in horror and try to squeeze off a round with the SVD
>Trigger pull feels like 100 pounds
>Use two hands and stabilize the gun on my leg to just pull the trigger
>It goes off
>Misses completely
>Wake up after being stabbed to death for a good hot minute
>Have dreams like this every few nights and die in new and gruesome ways every time, different scenario, different way, always painful
>Last night strangled and ripped to pieces by some sort of monster
>Night before was beaten to death
>Always have dreams of being thrown off of buildings or falling

please end my suffering
Or, "basically Catholic" as any other Protestant denomination sees it.
You need to see a therapist
>wishing for other Christians to burn in hell for believing in God and Jesus

Watch your pride, brother.
There are so many deities and religions on this planet

what makes you believe your flying spaghetti monster is the real one; srs question
>start having nightmares about over penetration instead
>Be sleeping
>Wake up to sound, still kind of out of it.
>Get tackled before I get up.
>Feel pressure on top of me, can't make out what the fuck it is.
>Arms numb from sleeping on it and other one is trapped in blankets.
>Panic sets in.
>Take a huge fucking bite and start shaking my head.
>I'm not going down without a fight.
>Hear a Yelp and feel fur in my mouth
>Girlfriend comes running and turns on the light.

We talked about her getting a dog earlier, but I went to sleep.
I'm in her apartment.
I just mauled her dog.

Figured this thread was as good as any to tell someone.
Nice well done you've established dominance
Same thing probably, or that you spend to much time listening to meme's about how your caliber sucks. When I started coming to /k/ my dreams got FILLED with memetastic crap.
>had dream
>was in the middle of a huge gun battle
>pick up a Thompson and start shooting
>bullets so slow you can see them because clown round
>bullets firing in a 3 meter spiral because FA is innacurate
>pick up a Glock
>impossibly heavy trigger pull
>pick up a M9
>can't find a magazine that fits it (don't know what that was about)
>someone challenges me to a duel and hands me a 1911
>i turn on the count of 1 because fuck playing fair when my life is on the line
>the gun is empty because lol only holds 8 rounds
>guy hears the click and turns
>i charge him and beat him to death with the empty gun
This was all one dream, was pretty fun.
Jesus, how /k/ do you have to be where it starts affecting your dreams?
retarded christcuck
5.56 was designed to wound
Man up and learn to appreciate the terror
>have dream
>aliens invade my home
>pull out my trusty handgun
>literally just my hand making a finger gun
>get riddled with bullets before I wake up
>>trigger feels like it's 100 lbs
I've had this dream. fucking wake up sweaty.
trust me anon, you've killed this guy many times. you only remember the times you didn't.
>The nocturnal trigger wizard
>In car with friend heading to my house
>Another car pulls up in front of us and stops, 3 Mexican gangbangers hop out
>They approach the car obviously looking to steal it and take what ever we had on us
>In the backseat for some reason, and I draw my 6" 586 revolver from my work bag
>Aim at the nearest thug and tell him to fuck off or I'll drop his ass like a sack of rocks
>They scurry back into their car and we drive like hell to the nearest gas station
>I actually load the damn gun this time just as we pull into a gas station
>Friend runs inside to call the police as the beanermobile rolls up behind us
>The thugs are now armed and surroundimg the back of my friends car
>Thug I told to fuck off originally is staring me down with a shotgun, he takes aim and fires
>*click* must've forgot to load the chamber first?
>I fire two shots through the back window of the car at him and aim for a third shot on the second baddie...

Then I woke up. The only real thing that I kept thinking about after that is why was I carrying my S&W and not my XD40 with twice the ammo.

It also got me thinking about ballistics when shooting the glass such as car windshields.

What a weird dream that was.
nevermind, i just remembered
>inna 'nam
>g3 for some reason
>spots charlie in the treeline
>they're on a high ridge directly to our right
>not engaging for some reason
>i take aim
>trigger is straight stuck
>pull out 1911
>bumpfire spray the treeline with 1911
can't quite remember anything past that or if i just woke up
I sometimes dream I have a gf too
File: 1478243706935.jpg (74 KB, 800x792)
74 KB
>It's dark and wet and someone is banging drums with no rhythm
>I'm crawling along a crappy bridge made of boards lashed together with rope
>There's thunder and lightning going off constantly, illuminating the area in flashes
>The boards are across a muddy river. Everything is mud and splintered trees
>There are people in the river. They are begging me to pull them out. I know I have to try.
>I reach out to one and start to pull, but he's stuck.
>He is shouting for me to pull. I pull as hard as I can.
>His arms tear off and I fall back into the river
>My rifle snags on a board.
>I try to pull myself up, but i went in waist deep. The mud is like quicksand.
>Suddenly the thunder goes off nearby and I'm flung away, back into the river.
>I'm shoulder deep now, like the others.
>More men are moving on the banks but they ignore all of us stuck in the mud.
>They can't help us and we all know it.
>See other man beside me in the mud give up, and intentionally submerge himself so that he can drown.
>All the others start to do it too. I can feel the despair.
>I try to resist, but finally I give up, lay back, and let myself submerge.
>Wake up.

I was 8. I had the same dream for two weeks, every night. I would refuse to go to sleep. I got sick from the lack of sleep and that finally stopped it. My family is British. Years later my mom told me that it had really freaked her out because my descriptions of the dream matched WW1 fighting in Belgium, where one of my grandparent's brothers had died. I didn't know the thunder and lighting was artillery. I even described the helmet and Lee-Enfield rifle used by the British. I had never been exposed to any WW1 movies or stories or anything.
you died in WWI anon.
>Be a soviet partisan
>running from the wehrmacht soldiers
>turn around and engage them
>bolt is sticky can't open it
>Get shot in the leg
>wake up in cold sweat
File: 20170910_013637.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x1840)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>in afghan
>alone in a village
>get shot at
>drop baddie with expert marksmanship
>suddenly shot at from everywhere
>pinned behind a house
>my buddies and an armoured car are across a street
>not too far,I can make it
>wizzes and hits land next to me
>halfway across
>gear is really fucking heavy for some reason now
>leg starts stinging and becomes instantly numb
>feel like I got stabbed in the leg
>fall to my knees
>look at buddies
>cant breath
>hit twice more through the chest
>stinging then numbness
>think this is it and just feel really sad and disaapointed in myself
>dying doesnt hurt as much as I thought it would
>think that my dog will miss me as i watch myself bleed out on the ground
>haji walks up and puts an ak to my head
>last thing I see is the muzzle flash
>last thought is of who would miss me,mom,dad and dog
>regret lying to my parents that I'd be ok
>wake up
>try really hard not to cry and hug my dog hard as I fall asleep

what the fuck /k/,I thought I was doing ok,I have a good job and spending money for my hobby
Pic related is doggo
File: 1503358869472.gif (1.55 MB, 393x561)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>glass shatters
>album starts.
were you ever in the military?

if not its just pure cringe
Me and half my platoon went to every chilis in town today. Along with a few other restaurants.

I am so full.
There’s your problem
File: 1503575903705.jpg (52 KB, 692x728)
52 KB
Religionfags are retarded
If god exists, god wouldn’t care about your worship
Ask if he wants to shoot guns and get wasted
>never used a revolver

I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about the p220 it's basically just a revolver trigger. It's fair enough not to like it but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it.
What a fucking retard. Shove your cross up your ass you superstitious faggot
File: tipsfedora.gif (1.93 MB, 263x252)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF

Underrated top kek
>be neverdeployed POG
>get drunk, someone slips me a dubious pill "against headache"
>hallucinations of being ambushed ensure

I've never been in that situation myself, but my brain convinced me otherwise.
just get deployed dude

if your a muhreen go on a booze cruise with the meu
You are fucked, my dude
File: Facom-T-Handle-10mm.jpg (77 KB, 450x450)
77 KB
Only had one dream like this. Happened shortly after the Boston bombing.

>Be me
>Walking around, big crowd
>Suddenly, loud bang
>Crowd freaks the fuck out
>People running, do my best to stay put and not get trampled
>See someone standing some distance off, looking dead at me
>Pic related in his hand, but with a phillips head
>Suddenly this guy is right up in my face
>Fucker tries to ram the screwdriver into my ribcage
>Block, backpedal, try to draw my xds
>Fucker is on me again before I feel the grip
>Stabbing at me wildly
>Need both hands to protect myself, can't draw pistol
>Feeling terrified and supremely pissed the fuck off at the same time
>Get space, go for gun again, again he's on me. Faggot won't get off my dick.
>this repeats until I wake up
>your normal brain functions induced by your brain's chemistry have been altered by a piece of wood on your wall
Why are religious people such brainlets ?
>fucking brainlet doing something that helped his mental state
Why are you such a joyless shit eating cunt.
Implying there's any correlation between those things. It's pure coincidence, you twat. Also stop projecting your fetishes on me, it's silly.
Fuck off normie, this place isn't meant for you.
File: why.png (39 KB, 122x128)
39 KB
I once dreamt of my city being occupied by Nazi German forces. Then there's this one where I fought up against an MG-42 nest manned with highschool girls with a Ruger 10/22.

Nothing's much worse that the one where I dreamt of having a gf. She told me
>it's okay anon, you might already know you're in a dream, but I love you still

Woke up and just laid on my bed for minutes holding back my tears and thinking why am I such an imbecile
>pure coincidence
No, it wasn’t pure coincidence. The cross made him feel more comfortable so he slept better. Just because something is a placebo doesn’t mean it’s not the cure.
>doesn’t understand the basic concept of psychology or comfort items

What an autistic brainlet you are. >>>/b/
>tips fedora
File: 1508227681134.png (4 KB, 300x163)
4 KB
That some good shit anon. Your brain is just a little gold mine.
File: BNntA8yz.jpg (144 KB, 1252x1252)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>>knife wielding buglar jumps through window and starts walking towards me

Is a buglar a Nigger ?
Just thinking about realism in dreams
Most likely the mental ward one.
>in hospital
>dream(i think) they're mind controlling me to make the food
>attempt to escape to inform the police but can't find the exit
>peace officer tries to corner me, attempt to take him down with a fire extinguisher
>he takes me the fuck down
>then believe i was in a movie and no one told me to make my performance more believable
oh wait that wasnt a dream it actually happened
>/k/ has gun dreams
>their guns never work
Isn't there a psychological connection to this?
Funny, this was the last thread i read before I took a nap. While I was asleep i dreamt of an economic collapse, that I was about to lose my job because of it and that we were on the brink of the next world war. I wish I would have just stayed up
My gun has a failure to load every shot for my dreams, and I get killed desperately trying to fix it
I always wake up terrified thinking I owned a hi point
File: images (1).jpg (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
>not placing a cross on your wall with a hidden blade
>not wanted to compel the shit out of Satan's minions with the thrusting power of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
My cock gets plenty hard asshole
File: 1505828998450.png (139 KB, 440x414)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
I fucking hate it when dream-me does stupid shit like what your dream-you did. The stupid little faggot gremlin is always doing dumb shit as lucid-me screams at him not to insult x person, shove y person down the stairs for shits and giggles, or steal z object, and obviously dream-me either never listens or can't fucking hear lucid-me. Fuck you, dream-anon, stop stealing from the chick you're trying to pound.
>had to call my fiance
Was she staying the night at her boyfriend's house?
I've had plenty of weird 'nam dreams like this. I had an AUG once and I was all alone. It was pouring down rain, like absolutely flooding, and Charlie was at the top of a perfectly square cliff. Cue me running around screaming for 30 minutes in a Minecraft-esque recreation of a Vietnamese jungle. Woke up drenched in sweat and extremely confused.
Get a real slick trigger kit too, blow a hole in your leg before you blow a hole in his head. It's great on the range but fuck does it scare me sometimes, my shit is like 2 1/2lb. I can bump fire it if I'm loose on the trigger.
File: BJ_Wolfenstein_3D.png (3 KB, 240x160)
3 KB
>mfw I have a recurring dream where the ATF comes to take my funs
>I'm standing there for some reason unable to stop them
>they take guns I own
>guns I don't own but have always wanted and for some reason have in this dream
>they laugh and tell me to fuck off
>I end up in my room angry
>reach under my mattress and remember I have the venom gun from Wolfenstein 3D
>it's legit the chaingun from Wolfenstein
>pixilated as fuck but somehow real
>chaingun down the ATF while chuckling to myself
>they make the Uuuuugggheee sound as they go down
>I haven't played Wolfenstein since the 90's yet this dream pops up maybe once a month

I dunno I always wake up and kinda chuckle
Are we being raided or something? These responses are fucking terrible.

/k/ is a Christian board
It's telling you to learn to fight and/or enjoy a good death
File: 20171007_222508.jpg (1013 KB, 3264x1836)
1013 KB
1013 KB JPG
>be me
>home alone
>suddenly car pulls up with a bunch of "teenagers"
>including a white girl for some reason
>suddenly I live in a nice mansion with large windows that come down to the floor for some reason
>start sprinting for my AR-15, which I know for certain I left in my safe
>suddenly can't run properly anymore
>it's like a cartoon where a balloon is tied to my backside and I'm slowly losing traction on the floor as I run
>overwhelming sense of panic as I slowly lose the ability to run
>make it to the safe
>AR isn't there
>for some reason my mind knows where it is suddenly, it's across the mansion, where I'll have to sprint past the door
>sprint at 'top' speed towards my raifu
>panic is overwhelming
>finally reach it
>turn around
>white girl is through the door now
>pokes her head through
>grab my rifle and turn on her
>she screams and runs back to the car
>dream over
That was a few months ago. I started shooting A LOT more, reloading for my AR, cleaning it a lot, and the dreams stopped happening.
File: P03.jpg (42 KB, 511x493)
42 KB
>tfw get multiple dreams of reliving countless lives on D-Day
>Have pretty much died and only to wake up charging up the beach from my boat
>Furthest I ever gotten was to the base of a pill box.
>Got bayonetted in super slow motion for what I would imagine was half my usual dream sequence
>Haven't had that type of dream in a while
>Newest nightmare is dropping spaghetti during a robbery and everyone is laughing at me
>Even the robber gave up to just laugh as I autistically struggled with my gun
youre spending too much time on /x/
Some guy put up a crucifix...
>back in school
>in the gym
>lots of others around
>suddenly shots start punching through wall that faces parking lot
>it's a goddamn mounted 50 cal on a humvee or mrap
>i dive to the ground
>others are panicking and running, some get hit
>start crawling to exit
>i start chuckling lightly
>it's kind of thrilling, being shot at
>get tagged in the thigh
>feels more like someone flicked me
I'm not a psycho, am I?
Remember we have to forgive them. They don't know any better.
File: 1480757276367.png (396 KB, 610x343)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
So, wait, do you have a girlfriend in real life or only in the dream?
>horrendous in any way

The door is that way...

These are all dreams made up by technology.
Not giving your video clicks, queer.
File: 1447373366818.jpg (16 KB, 187x241)
16 KB
>Be a merc guarding a trade caravan inna commonwealth
>All of a sudden some guy in a blue jumpsuit just coalesces out of fucking nowhere
>Gotta lay off the jet.jpg
>He stares at us for a couple seconds
>My piperifle is at the low ready
>Guys is just being suspicious as fuck
>Suddenly he just starts walking off in the opposite direction, and I ease up a bit
>We continue on guy is ahead of us going in our same direction
>30 seconds later guy gets jumped by a band of raiders, a deathclaw, some mirelurks, and some dudes cosplaying as robots
>I try to tell the caravan I'm guarding to seek cover but it's too late they're already engaging the attackers
>I'm now trying to get these idiots to stand down and get them out of the area
>meanwhile the guy in blue is just laying it on these attackers
>throughout the fight he's wolfing down food, nuka cola, injecting himself with stims and a wide assortment of chems
>must be from Florida
>about a half hour later the fight is over
>the caravan is now wasted and I'm out of work
>The blue guy is just standing there staring at me again
>"Hey pall you okay?" I ask him
>Nothing he just stares at me for a solid minute before he just vanishes into thin air
You WERE your grandparent's brother
File: 1399856147414.jpg (176 KB, 1107x1063)
176 KB
176 KB JPG

>be innadream
>fighting in someplace warm, subtropical
>run up to a pile of rubble or a concrete barrier
>level rifle at an enemy
>trigger pull is unbearably long
>hit the wall
>wake up before it breaks

What does it mean?
File: 1508022000054.jpg (23 KB, 480x320)
23 KB
>be walking through a foggy factory
>can hear claws tapping the ground
>its coming from everywhere
>suddenly cant move my legs, theyre stuck on something
>look down
>its spider webs
>press the first trigger, napalm spews out
>press the second, entire room fills with black smoke and fire
>burning webs and cooking bugs
>stomping on eggs
>everythings burnt
>move into next room
>GIANT spider hanging from rafters
>must be the all mother
>click first trigger
>spew napalm all over her
>she flops down and jump towards me
>press second trigger
>nothing happens
>get mauled and spun up by a giant spider
>wake up panting and sweaty
File: faggot_maymays(491).jpg (137 KB, 500x333)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>hanging a tacky piece of wood/plastic on your wall
>not placing a beretta under your pillow so the cool steel will sooth you back to sleep during a restless night
>arrive in my timy dorm room from a long day of whatever
>reflexively shut and lock door after entering like I do every day
>splish splash
>my small fridge is open and the ice box is empty
>circle of water around it
>head the two steps further into the room that I can
>splish splosh next to my bed
>what is it now, jesus
>notice distortion in the air before me, look closer
>it's a perfect unbroken hair-thin stream of water coming down from the ceiling after apparently seeping through it
>OK fuckboi above me, I'll be giving you what for later
>decide to sit on bed first though
>move to sit but fucking bump into something
>but my room is still as empty as it was before
>defcon1.exe, MAD initiated
>wildly charge in the direction of whatever it is that I felt
>totally bump into something invisible again, flailingly manage to snatch what feels like an arm
>engage clumsy as fuck armlock, the thing struggles but not as hard as I expected
>grab knife from table, cut the back of the hand I'm clutching
>grab wank-rag toilet paper roll I always keep next to my bed and dab it up
>decide I need more material
>twist the hand around, lock the arm in my legs and stick what part I presume to be the fingers into my mouth
>time to rip a finger or three off for science
Oh god, my dreams have been getting worse and worse since i tried to lucid dream a couple times back in late HS. Never could remember them before that. Literally didn't have a dream from 10-17 or so. Shits been ramping up the last few years and now i've got the full fucking deal, averaging 2-3 dreams per night and frequent sleep paralysis. Shits starting to really effect my ability to get good rest.

Almost always about me being unarmed and attacked by various b movie monsters. Frequently murdered by normies too, or just in weird ass situations. But on the bright side of things i've been getting better at controlling them which is nice, but it seems to be a real double edged sword. I've got a pretty bad time with intrusive thoughts so that just as frequently results in me changing my dreams for the worse.

>dreaming im in the back stocking room of my old work
>lazy summer day, nobody is there but me and two old men i dont know, sitting on folding chairs around the line chit chatting with me
>back door is propped open with a milk box
>can see clouds gathering and hear lighting in the distance
>suddenly i can feel the atmosphere of the dream changing, hair is standing on end and i have an intense feeling of danger
>old men are just sitting there staring at me now being creepy
>suddenly everything clicks and i realize im dreaming
>get annoyed "not this shit again" kinda attitude
>start changing what the old men look like, change their skin color to black and start changing facial features because why not
>hind brain fills in the blanks and decides to make them look like a couple old coworkers of mine
>neat, that's a lot better and much less creepy, starting to feel better already
>intrusive thoughts go "hey, while were at it you seem pretty stressed. be a shame if they were to suddenly morph into mostly human looking vampire/ghoul things with super long needle teeth and distorted features wouldn't it?"
>end up licking one before engaging the jaws
>it tapers off into a fine end, like a snake's tail of sorts
>as soon as i do this the thing goes incredibly still
>1+1= time to keep it placid, keep licking around the weird finger that actually tastes like nothing
>start trying to talk to the thing but it stays absolutely silent like it has been this entire time
>suddenly the door flies open and in it stands what I can only call some sort of discount justice league
>some dude who has Superman written all over his styling and trangular body build but obviously isn't, what looks like off-brand batgirl and a Rorschach copy
>the thing I'm clutching on turns visible and looks like a combination of female Venom wearing the No-Face mask from Spirited Away and a regular tentacle monster, all black and shiny
>the cape quad says something along the lines of "we heard your distress signal and came as fast as we could"
>apparently tentavenom got into my room and tried to chill out here but i came home unexpectedly, locked the door down and then engaged in active self protection to cover my asp while the capes were flying in to extract
>the thing was more than strong enough to kill me but didn't because I was harmless at the start and it was getting turned on by the end
>dream peters out at this point
tl;dr anon kicks the ass of and molests off-brand comic book character in effort to defend home
Their features rippled like water and melted into a new distorted shape you could see a slightly inhuman bone structure through and thy started chasing me... Fortunately in my panicked running away i managed to hit the "end this fucked up shit right now" button inside my head and tore the dream apart. pooped immediately into a new one...

Oh, and fyi apparently you can actually feel pain in dreams... didn't used to think so but recently i've learned different. but that's another story and this ain't my blog.
Fuck this, had one of these dreams last night for the first time ever except I heard yelling, went upstairs and some guy was fucking my brother in the ass. Gun then proceeded to have said 100lb trigger.
File: want.png (59 KB, 778x512)
59 KB
>wake up
As a Floridian I can confirm this sums up any time I go innawoods
Honestly, it's the changing demographic of the forums as a whole. Ironically boards like /shall not be named/ are at the root of an influx of the teen edgelords and I really think that nicer posters are being pushed out by these newbs.
It's worse when you shot the dude several times and he doesn't fall.

>went upstairs and some guy was fucking my brother in the ass

>Gun then proceeded to have said 100lb trigger.
Probably because subconsciously, you actually wanted to see your brother getting fucked in the ass.
Toss him a cold Coors light out of bedside minifridge and suck some down with my boy and then see if he wants to go shooting.
To be fair, when it comes to curing the purely psychological or psychosomatic the value of a good placebo(even in totem form) is hard to overstate.

Had a friend who suddenly developed horrible nightmares every night and occasional spoopy stuff he claimed was happening IRL, burned some sage and it was gone like that. Not sure how much i believe him about some of it, but if it works, it works.
Solid mega kek
File: 1376992790672.jpg (304 KB, 474x502)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
File: b35.jpg (18 KB, 353x334)
18 KB
>Dream I was with grandparents
>At retirement home
>Terrorists attack it
>Point a finger gun at them
>.357 Magnum revolver appears in my hand
>Get shot in the chest
>They come to finish me off
>Grandmother crying over me
>I say they don't have the guts
>They shoot me and I wake up

What does it mean /k/
Death loses its sting after the 300th time, don't worry.
Don't tell somebody who has a gun pointed at you that he doesn't have the guts
you're probably a catholarper who only goes to mass on easter and hasn't even done a confirmation
>wake up to screams in dream
>oh shit whats happening
>look outside
>zombies eatin people and shit
>go to safe
>combo not working
>you wat faggot
>run to second gun safe try combo for first and second
>still not working
>grab grandads mosin over fire place
>hear pounds on door and window breaking
>load mosin
>miss at yards
>it is grabage rod oh no
>bayonet charge
>bayonet gets stuck
>zombies from back door rush and kill me
i checked all of my safe combos and spent an hour memorizing that day
t. Natsuki Subaru
>Be me (Americans) sniping germans somewhere in europe with a partner up a tall apartment complex
>i'm holding a thompson machine gun, while he has what i believe is a springfield.
>Germans are advancing cease fire and hide.
>hear multiple footsteps running up the stairs
>lockdoor hold breathe.jpg
>hear a knock, then a few subtle footsteps with some metal sounds
>tell my partner (tommy) hit the deck, Germans start blasting through the sheetrock
>Tommy didnt hit the deck, he got lit up, start yelling his name in sadness
>i return fire shooting through the wall
>Germans die, and were with an officer
>grab their ammo and another rifle and move down the stairs
>Its all clear, and germans are long past this complex
>go back upstairs to our previous position and sat down away from the window.
>wake up
>wtf just happened.jpg
File: lee-Enfield.jpg (289 KB, 1095x730)
289 KB
289 KB JPG

What do I do now, anons? Get a gasmask? Visit WW1 battlefields? Buy a Lee-Enfield?
>Not making a crucifix out of berettas
>axe wielding psycho coming towards me from other room
>grab AK from closet where I actually keep it
>fold the stock and pump 30rds of 30caliber power into psychos body
>wake up
>fucking intense for a dream
File: 5e3.jpg (48 KB, 535x577)
48 KB
>be me
>eating dinner with wife and senpai
>wake up

Fuck these dreams
>be me
>at range with mosin
>getting 1 moa at 200 yards
>bolt cycles smoothly and everything
>decent accuracy?
>realize in dream
>wake up
fuck I hate those
What is moot doing in that pic?
What a faggot
Being held hostage by ps3 games
File: 1484946634747.jpg (7 KB, 249x222)
7 KB
I just have dreams where I find myself laying on the road and the nerves to the rest of my body are disconnected and I can only move my head just in time to see a car pancake me on the pavement
>be in fistfight
>arms feel ike lead
>he shrugs off my hits like nothing
>becomes harder and harder to move
>eventually become paralyzed, frozen in place
>he takes out a knife
>stabs me
>wake up sweating, arms still feel heavy

I ever had this nightmare since a sandnigger mugged me with a knife to my neck. I wish I already had a weapon back then or at least get his ID from somewhere so I can murder him for a peaceful sleep again.
Nah. You need to find out what you started before you died but didnt finish and finish it. Its not the war, that's over.
>chilling in my house except all the rooms are completely different
>suddenly suits are after me for some reason, don't remember why
>use what i remember seeing as a p226 but it was some polymer thing
>have sights lined up perfectly but miss every shot
i wanna practice more but range time and ammo is expensive
My first /k/ dream was just today, I fended off 2 guys and ended up killing one with only my edc knife
What does this mean?
Remeber /k/ press check your CC every day because the concealed carry gremlin likes to take your round out of your chamber while you sleep.
I relived the entirety of Interstella 5555 in my dream
>tfw i was shep
>be me a few years ago in highschool
>zombie apocalypse happens
>my dad shows up and tells me to protect this one downie
>I shapeshift him into a medium coke
>put him in the cupholder of my dad's hero
>changes to 3rd person and I get the GTA hud
>drive around killing zombies
I have some fucking weird dreams
>Keeping doggo in a cage
It's like you want her to die in a fire
File: it_aint_me_intensifies.gif (1.47 MB, 480x336)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
>be GI
>be innajungle
>be onnapatrol
>be radioman
>squad gets ambushed by charlie
>everyone gets down between two berms on either side of a dirt road
>people getting hit left and right
>try to call in napalm to burn out gooks
>guys on the other end can't hear me over the gunfire
>stand up and shout "Will you gooks shut the fuck up? I'm trying to make a phone call!"
>bullet hits my eye
>wake up
>mfw it's my favorite dream ever
Looks like the commies have taken over if THESE are the responses a Christian gets
This, elections killed 4chan
File: 1507774475883.jpg (237 KB, 1131x783)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Nightmare anon again, wonderful nights sleep once more.

>Be after apocalypse
>Scavenging ruined, destroyed town
>Friends run off into town, me and other person stay at the entrance, a huge burm up at the front of the compound, staying slightly behind it.
>We're the only ones in the group with weapons, I have a SCAR variant of some sort
>For some reason I'm a woman in this dream
>Apparently unfazed that I genderswapped during the dream, don't notice until I wake up
>Suddenly we hear moaning
>Peep over the burm and see a horde of fleshwalkers as we called them. Basically zombies of a sort.
>One leading them, some woman with bloodred eyes and grey skin
>Basically Hellsing type vampires and ghouls
>One guy in our group with a sword like those from Claymore levels it at her and yells "You're mine, fleshwalker!"
>End up shooting a ton of them, but there are too many of them
>Run out of ammo
>They grab me
>Rip both of my arms off, then a leg, start eating them above me
>Somehow friends fight to me
>They lift me up, somehow I'm still alive
>Elated, crying that I lived somehow
>Somehow the leader vampire begins to control me
>Starts screaming at my friends, "You're never safe, not here, not anywhere! I will find you! I will kill you all!"
>They're torn up, start to cry
>Can't control myself, feel horrible
>They eventually stab me in the stomach and dump me down the ridge. I just fall flat on my face and bleed out in another two hours after crying my eyes out
When I woke up I wasn't even disturbed anymore. I was just sad that I had to see a group of people go through something so emotional because of me. I think I need help, anons.
>turned him into a soda

You just triggered a lot of tipping anon. Interesting trick, but I don't have nightmares
I wouldn't mind dying like that
>squeeze trigger...
>...keep squeezing trigger
>trigger feels like it's 100 lbs

When I have bad gun dreams it's always like this as well. I do usually manage to fire, though, but then the gun is incredibly weak and I dump round after round into the attacker with minimal effect. I usually tend to eventually drop them just in time, though.
Did you just have a ss13 dream?
would explore the realm of sleep with

hardly as weird as the dream where anon turns the downie kid into a coke or whatever though
Glad to know I'm not the only one who has dreams where the trigger is too heavy to pull...
>inna trashcanistan for some reason
>have a m4 with half a mag left alone in some empty compound while bad guys in jeeps head my way
>find an ak with semi loaded magazines
>all the bullets are put in backwards
>Panic trying to empty and refill these mags
>ak mags become magpul ar magazines for some reason
>wake up
What the shit /k/?
>be innacity with sister
>bad guy appears in front of us
>draw P-01 I don't own yet
>squeeze trigger for what seems like forever
>bad guy laughs at me
>finally fires and I drop him
I didn't know HK made AKs
I keep having these dreams where I find small, very old handguns around my house. It’s a mix of revolvers and nondescript DA/SA autos. I just want to sell them so I can get a 1911, but then some bad guys break in and I have to use these ancient relics. They don’t work, the trigger will snap off when pressed and rounds are just spewing out of the guns. One of the revolvers was fancy, engraved... and somehow hooked up to an Xbox huge JVC video camera...

I have had a couple of dreams where I win though.

>chillin in the kitchen
>wait I hear a noise
>goblin looking groid peering into kitchen window
>oh shit son
>870 materializes in my hands
>he somehow manages to get in
>point blank shotgun blast to the chest
>red mist decorated my formerly white wall
>A hole the size of a bowling ball in the corpse of my enemy as he slowly, very slowly, falls to the ground
>wake up with big bone
You should move to a better area
File: 1509997249355.jpg (19 KB, 283x281)
19 KB
>be inna dream
>packin Beretta 92fs
>muffled "AFIX BAYONETS" in the distance
>ruskies pop over a distant hill, mosins in hand
>they are charging at me
>take a couple pot shots
>drop a few of them
>continue killing the reds as they close in
>they are close now
>very close
>all of a sudden, my shots are innefective
>can't drop a single red
>gun stops working
>look down
>no gun
>I can't find my Beretta
>Commies are right on top of me
>realize, I never had a gun
>I was pointing and shouting "pew" at the reds the whole time
>tfw noguns
the only people who reply are people who are against it. The Christians who agree just nod and keep scrolling
File: ok.gif (1.91 MB, 325x183)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
>dream im somewhere in the pacific in 1945
>have m1 carbine in my foxhole as the sun fades and the moon comes up
>rustles heard
>machine gunner to my left opens up and kills a few japs trying to creep into the line
>flares shoot up and an all out attack starts
>more japanese start running at our lines
>bar gunner to my right begins firing
>im in awe watching this battle take place
>then i see it, some japanese soldier, head to toe in leaves woven throughout his gear in a full on sprint, faster than any others
>about 100 yards out, bring rifle up and start firing
>dump an entire mag into and he keeps coming, start freaking out
>bar gunner starts firing at him, entire mag hits him and he keeps coming
>im reloaded by now and fire, half a mag through he starts stumbling, but is still running
>makes it a few more steps collaspes 20 yards from my hole
>Have dreams like this
>CC trigger is heavy as fuck, but can still be pulled. Every round misses though.
>Recently git gud with my 686. Can hit cans and apples 5/6 times at 70 yards.
>Another dream like this.
>Attacker with covered face slowly walks up with a sharp metal rod
>Pull out generic pistol
>Cock back a hammer that isn't there.
>Fucking hair trigger
>Attacker is actually hit. Pulls down his mask and looks surprised before he falls dead.
>Wake up.

And I kept my 686 at my bedside ever since.
>Be me
>on a military convoy going through some snowy forest next to an abandoned supermarket
>not actually in the military, just working with them for some alphabet soup org because reasons
>flirting with guy next to me, suddenly truck gets overturned
>giant shadow monster erupts from the ground, impales guy I was flirting with just a second ago
>feel its attention turn toward me, hear it telepathically tell me "I WILL DRAG YOU INTO THE UNKNOWN" and "YOU DID THIS"
>tried to grab me, realize it wants me alive
>arrive at office complex, see woman in window begging for help
>some weird floating ball of light electrocutes her and she disintegrates with her shadow getting burned into the window while every single electronic inside the building gets turned on
>wake up

I ended up having the dream again and managed to save the lady in the office, but the guy I was flriting with choking on his own blood and guts stayed with me forever.
oh fuck, the 3 ring binder returns. Is this /k/'s new extreme meem?
this happens to me also, basically guaranteed to happen once a month. Its weird as fuck how do I deal with it?
A lot of sorta k related dreams are coming back tome because of this thread. All I remember from one in particular is that I was genderbent into a girl and was in a rebel army fighting against the gubmint in a slightly sci fi setting. We raided a nuclear missile silo and sent a nuke to the capital.
File: believe.jpg (139 KB, 728x546)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
If you aren't a christ fag, here's an old tryhard thing I taped up on my wall
>had dream a long time ago
>was seriously like a year or two ago
>me and a group of people including my then girlfriend were in a large hotel suite
>somehow find out there is a murderer in the hotel and he's killing everyone
>barricade doors and hunker down and wait for the problem to be resolved
>few hours later, nothing much happening
>knock knock on the door
>everybody stops and waits
>more knocking
>person outside quietly says he's looking for a place to hide
>"uhh guys we probably shouldnt let him in"
>"nah anon its fine its one person"
>everybody else decides to let him in
>some dude who likes like that actor who played harry potter
>rebarricade doors, eveyone seems to think he's a nice guy
>settle back down, guess he's fine
>gf goes back to watching a movie, i go back to playing video games
>notice he went to watch the movie with her
>go check on them, nothing happening, i trust her so i go back to my game
>check a bit later and find out he killed her
woke up in a panic, forget the dream in a day or two
gf broke up with me a few months ago. few weeks ago i had an almost identical dream
>same hotel, recognize immediately
>everyone is the still there except for now ex gf
>knock knock
>"guys we really can't open the door"
>nah anon its fine"
>open door
>its him
>"get the fuck out"
>fucker gives me a knowing smile
>nobody else knows why i'm saying that
>"i said get the fuck out"
>"anon chill let him in"
>he walks in and makes nice with everyone
>he walks to the little side room where the same movie is playing
>i follow
>"i know who you are, you mother fucker."
>acts confused
>i repeat
>smiles again
>"i fucked your girlfriend and murdered her right here"
>sudden fucking rage
>i loved the fuck out of her
>somehow first punch wasn't sleep-slowed, knock him flat
>strangle with one hand, sleep punch him with the other
>just kind of bouncing off his face cause sleep
>strangle him almost to death
>wake up
god damn i still feel angry when i think about it

tryhard for sand nigger genocidists who work under the auspices of The International Jew.
Hope you see the winning numbers to the lottery.

But seriously that is significantly more than its ever happened for me.
You can try Vivid dreaming, where you control what happens in your dreams, though I dont suggest it. More likely you will create a self fulfilling prophecy that way and drive yourself mad.
Your options are to pay attention to the dreams or ignore them. Thats it.
Either keep track of them, see what they are telling you, then act upon it to try and make things better.
Or completely ignore them and pretend that nothing happens.
I don't have an attached photo or anything, it's just the quote, and the quote has applied to anyone living in the free world since basically the 1920s
File: RMsMNe2c.jpg (75 KB, 600x644)
75 KB
>knife wielding buglar jumps through window
Well I basically ignore them because they are never significant, just random shit
Not really /k/ related, but I just woke up from a lovely dream about marrying my gf. Maybe I will one day.
Then its best to just keep doing that.
...this. It's always fucking irrelevant shit, too.
I don't remember my dreams but when I do it's because I fly awake at 2AM either shortly after being killed by a club wielding savage while fighting for my life on the post apocalyptic ruins of a highway overpass illuminated only by the burning wreckage around me after emptying my last 4 rounds into his horde of barbarians or because I wake up screaming and trying to swat demonic spider ants the size of dinner dollar coins I can feel biting their way up my legs and into my throat and eyes off of my body.

I know what the second one is about but I don't have a damn clue why I keep thinking about being in some kind of gunfight. Being eaten alive by insects makes way more sense given my life experiences.
File: lee-enfield-2.jpg (235 KB, 630x400)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
You are right, Anon. I will have to learn more about my family's past, and see if there's more info on what happened.
>still being a christfag
File: 1498671557513.png (17 KB, 212x200)
17 KB
Glad you posted this anon, its impotent to keep faith in your life and remind all of the edgelords that this is a Christian board.
Fucking this, the thread was a trap to lure /k/omrades so that dream demons can harvest our fears
File: Guts' Rage.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
69 KB
This has happened to me in several dreams

My dreamself responds to this horrifying situation by pistol-whipping whoever I'm fighting until his head cracks open like a melon.

It usually works, I killed some wannabe Jason from Friday the 13th doing this.
I got in a 1 on 1 firefight with a 16 year old i think german kid in bastogne.

Im not clear on why i was using a nugget.
File: GetOutStalker.jpg (81 KB, 720x954)
81 KB
>Be walking through dreamscape that looks vaguely like the Zone from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
>Find AK
>Take it because I've got a little pistol carbine
>Fat fuck comes up demanding I give him back his rifle
>Waves big ass revolver in my face
>Notice bullets are backwards
>Give him the unloaded rifle
>Nigga starts eating a balogna sandwich
>Mag dump because nigga can't shoot back with backwards bullets
>take AK
>cheeki breeki
In my experience, sleep deprivation makes dreams both more vivid and more absurd. 10/10
>evangelical protestantism

What if I don't want to go to the ghetto to pray in a shed?

Absolutely anathema
In my dreams, bullets move too slowly to cause harm; I have to close with my opponents against the same resistance as running through neck-deep poolwater and tear them apart with my hands instead.
I dream of killing burglars with 20ga birdshot because I'm just that good :^)
I thought the same thing

Yeah but you didn't get these kinds of responses even as early as 2014. I'm not even Christian but it shits up threads. /pol/ invaded a FPH thread on /fit/ early that didn't happen before either. I'm newfag cancer from 200- my observations are worth what you paid for them
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
Sometimes, I dream of cheese
File: 1509939685773.png (337 KB, 582x534)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
Truely you are a prophet of God.
im going to bed
You're a good man.
Good night, and good luck
Got one Nightmare that actually still disturbs me even after 4 years.. It's a long one.. So here's part 1.

>be me
>arriving back to house in Community I live in, with parents mind you
>pull up in SUV, leave running and driver side door open
>begin to get out
>it's dark, like dusk, notice what little bit of sunlight is left is being completely covered by ash, smoke and fire plums throughout the are and distance
>ominous, heat lightning in the background with the sounds of battle in the distance, tank treads and sporadic gunfire
>begin walking up to house, driveway is cracked, mortar rounds, house is practically destroyed, roof caved in but walls still up
>bullet holes ripped through front door, windows destroyed, this is in Florida so a lot of glass..
>walk in, I have a rifle, not sure, but I'm gripping around the magwell, so immediate thought is AR15, but really short barrel, Mk. 18?
>no lights, just the light from fire, what little sun, and fires in the distance light the house, set the creepiest air I've ever felt in a dream
>go through Foyer, chandelier is on the ground, rifle is on the ground, know it's my Dad's and begin wondering
>family room is utterly destroyed, couches have been ripped up from what looks shrapnel, smoldering and anything left looking like furniture has been destroyed
>walls separating family room to kitchen is destroyed, look out on patio to pool enclosure and backyard, pool is green and black, covered in soot
>start scanning from inside the kitchen for a route to bedroom
>enter media room, roof partial caved in, turn on light on the side of rifle, see door to my room blown out
>enter room carefully, I know in my mind there is something wrong, but this feels so real
>feel wind draft blowing at the back of my jacket, can hear the crunching and crackling of glass as I step with my boots on debris
>enter in bedroom, start shuffling around the covers and pillows, find family album
>find pictures of family, Mom and Dad's Wedding, sister's graduation from College
>I craddle the book in my arms, I feel really sad, sorrow and almost depressed
>grab the few photos not burned, shake off the drywall from them and put in my jacket pocket
>can't take that deep of a breathe in, smoke is still somewhat strong, I get a tickle and cough in my throat
>exit my room, take a look back through the destroyed wall of where my window used to be, I start remembering when I used to pull up a chair, draw the birds that landed on our gate as a kid for Science class
>feelings start run all over me, and I just want to leave
>as I exit media room into family room and kitchen area, something stops me
>I don't want to look, but something is making me look, almost telling me turn my head
>in the center of the family room, between the rubble and ashes falling from the hole in the roof
>my mom and dad
>blood running from my mother's body, my dad is covering her, he's been shot in the back, looked like he tried to cover her,
>both are dead, I drop down in agony, start crying uncontrolably, can't even get close to them, it feels like I'm being pushed away
>I stagger to my feet because I feel like something is even worse in the kitchen, I have no idea what it is, at this point rifle is left on the ground
>walk to fridge, where we always put up magnets and our churches calender was pinned to the fridge door
>look at calender, it reads: "NOVEMBER 1ST, 2ND ______" All the days after the 1st and 2nd are gone, there is no year nothing else
>I begin to cry even more, it feels like I knew the day after the 3rd was horrible, that it caused everything I was experiencing, it took everything from me
>feel ominous prescence behind, I can feel myself freezing in place, it's getting hard to even turn, like my legs are planted to floor and I can't even pivot
>finally able to move
>see a disfigured body, missing it's arm, a foot, hobbling in place with half it's face blown or burned off
>it's shadow is forboding, I know whatever it is, it's pure evil, I need to get away from it
>it start hobbling to me
>I lock my eyes on its chest, pull out pistol from side belt area, to this day I have no clue the pistol, it was blocky, but not like a glock, more like a USP or SIG..
>start firing at it, gun cycles and shoots perfectly, ears ring a bit, smell of gunpowder is strong
>3 rounds, it drops, whatever it is
>it begins to bleed, something black and red, I couldn't tell
>everything in me is terrified, I know this house, my home isn't safe
>carefully move around body
>go to family room, look at parents, I feel even more regret
>pick up rifle
>book through living room to foyer
>grab Dad's rifle, and an old tea kettle my mom got from her mother that was strangely by the front door
>run to edge of driveway, not even looking back
>SUV is still running, lights are on, see gear in the backseat as I get in
>toss rifle in back, place tea kettle with me on passenger side seat
>close car door, drive off down loop to exit the community
>wake up with what feels like me dropping onto my bed from a few feet up in the air
>begin crying immediately, it's 7AM, run out to kitchen, parents are having coffee, dad's making his famous crepes like he does everyday for a week leading up to Christmas Day
>realize it's Christmas Eve, hug parents, hug sister, go back to bed mentally drained from crying, try to forget it
Every year I wait, November 1st, 2nd and 3rd to see if something happens, I don't know if anything will, but whatever it was it had to be an event that turned the United States into a warzone. Convinced I need the guns from the dream to survive, even down to gear. Bought Oakley S.I Assault Boots, Russet Brown M65 Jacket, pair of jeans, and now what I think is a SIG P226/Mk25 and I guess a AR15 that felt like a Mk. 18 or some SBR..

Yes family are preppers, with prepper group, no not the insane wierdos, actually want to help re-build society.. Rifle I figured out after the dream that was my dads is a Tavor. He got it from me as a Christmas Gift, loves it, I guess I projected that in the nightmare? Still get shakes..
This happens to me as well, although substantially more often. Used to get them every other day, now it's a couple of times per month. It's funny actually because i often meet people in my dreams and then when it happens irl i already know the person i'm about to meet.

Then again, i dreamt about having a conversation with my mother about my father having brain tumors. That came true as well.
File: FgHTqBol_400x400.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Call me a nigger again and I'll stick the knife straight up your ass next time.
>not lucid dreaming and taking control of a dream
Why are religious warriors always coked up lunatics?
Read your own post again and you'll have your answer
Dont breathe whwn firing through glass, especially close quarters. Rounds tend to deflect in the opposite direction of the slant. So if you're in the rear window firing out, your round should deflect up a tad.
If you have time, exit the vehicle
>be at work inna pawnshop
>guy with a gun demands everything in the register and jewelry case and points it at one of my female coworkers
>try to calm him down or at least distract him
>as soon as his gun gets off target I draw and double tap him perfectly, center of mass
>he falls backwards to the floor, practically in slow motion
>by the time he hits the floor the cops are there arresting me
>telling me that i'm going to jail and they're fining me money I don't have because his gun was fake or unloaded
>they slam my head against the cop car and gloat that they're going to put so many fines on me that I'll live in poverty for life
>they pull my wallet out and burn the money in it in front of me
>everyone around me hates me for shooting the guy
>wake up in a cold sweat, expecting to see a prison cell around me

Fuck guys, this is something I actually think about frequently
Means you have balls and want to protect your family from foreign invaders.
Nothing wrong with that.
File: pepehype.png (19 KB, 112x112)
19 KB
after reading i'm actually happy i never have dreams
You sound like you need reality in your life.
8 legged creeps?
Like he shapeshifted into a fucking medium fountain soda with a lid and a straw. I guess for easy transport so I didn't have to deal with a downie and zombies, idfk.
>wake suddenly
>hear baby crying
>walk to nursery
>pick infant up
>turn towards changing table
>glance out window
>old lady staring
>we're on the 2nd floor
>nope back to bedroom
>give baby to wife, tell her about witch
>grab Glock 21 with Streamlight and suppressor
>run back to nursery
>she's gone
>look down
>bucket truck arm lowering
>run downstairs
>open front door as she pulls away
>fire 4 shots before stovepipe
>break rear window, damage cab body
>truck gets away
>wake up
>grab Glock
>operate into nursery
>all clear
>baby sleeps
The first month of parenting was a bitch.
Why is your fiance not with you?
>at home
>door kicked in
>I'm at the top of a flight of stairs
>grab my glock and aim it at the intruder
>it's jammed
>pull slide back to clear the jam
>all the rounds spray out though the ejection port like one of those snakes-in-a-can
>try and drop the mag to load a new one
>the mag is also jammed in the gun
>decide the best course of action would be to leap down the stairs to flying tackle the bad guy and beat him with the gun
>wake up with a jolt before I land

I ended up driving somewhere at 3 AM and dumping four mags without a malfunction to convince myself that it would work properly.
》dreamt I had 2 dicks last night
>4+1 loaded, I thought
>fired 4 rounds
>last shot, last bad guy
>aim more carefully
>pull the trigger
>look to see bolt locked open, empty
>go get another gun
>get back and he's hacking up my brother with a knife
>shoot him
>too late
>wake up
once dreamt my dick's attachment point to me was sliding down my leg, so like it was coming out of my thigh, and then out the side of my knee

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