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File: poor nigga guns.jpg (1.43 MB, 3900x5008)
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Hey /k/
Dallas poorfag here

got $200 to no longer be a nogunz
I'm thinking of getting a Iver Johnson in 32s&w (Because I LOVE Fallout ) and a reloading kit even though I know that's not practical
>even in the game it sucks
>still better than nothing

What other option do I have?
I'd rather buy Mil surplus or police trade in that's in a common American caliber like 45acp or 9mm
But i'm happy with a modern gut gun in .380acp or .9mm

Merry Christmas
>Pepe bless
File: 1467816399995.png (280 KB, 1180x1488)
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280 KB PNG
Pepe bless us all
Save $100 more and buy a decent CC in 9mm?
Can't save
I might be able to find a job soon hopefully
There’s much better value at a slightly higher price point, like if you could get together $300 for an SD9VE or SR9E. I know you said you might be getting money soon, so I would just wait until then. Most pistols <$200 are crappy or in weird calibers.
You can wait, you've waited for a gun this long, another week wont hurt.
I wish firearms started at $500 so no income losers like OP would be forced to prioritize becoming a productive member of society before buying meme guns from vidya
I like your Iver Johnson reloading meme idea, actually. It isn't practical, but I bet it'd be a lot more interesting than just buying a 9mm Shield or something. It's classy.

I have a lot of guns and can afford way better, but I have this horrible gnawing hunger for a Hi-Point for some reason. I think I'm gonna cave and buy the 10mm carbine when it comes out.
No, every time I weight I need the money for something else job or no

I've wanted a gun since I was 17, i'm 24 and still no gun
Dude, it's $100. You can save it.
Prove what everyone else thing about you wrong. You're not retarded. You can make smart decisions. Because all you're going to find is shit at $200.
I was hoping you would talk me out it but you're right

10mm, fellow fallout fan or not a pussy?
Maybe you love hunting deer with handguns
Whoop my b
Even worse.
Maybe if you learned some impulse control you wouldn't be broke and unemployed after two dozen years on this planet.

Yeah I know, but I'm poor man
Like I said, the second I get $300
Poof, here comes a money issue
It's like a curse

There are some decent guns at $200, mostly pocket 380's like Taurus or Ruger LCP

I'm good with money
My little sister has a job and is in debt

Me however

Don't go out
Don't buy the latest crap (I'm on a 10 year old laptop with linux right now, my brother gave it to me for free)
Don't even own a car or credit card

I only purchase food and DIY electronics/computer stuff when I got a job
Save $300. End of story. Magical fairies don't come and take your money.
>Good with money
>Can't save up an extra $200 over a month or two
>No credit cards or loans to establish good credit.

tbqh you should use that $200 to get a secured credit card. Work on your life, man
File: 22624-DEFAULT-l.jpg (37 KB, 900x600)
37 KB
anyone around glenrose Tx wanna buy a m70ab2t underfolder, $550

I'm studying to be a engineer, I have no life
I know that
It's underpants gnomes making a profit
File: armscor m200 38spc.jpg (66 KB, 1200x608)
66 KB
>I'm thinking of getting a Iver Johnson in 32s&w (Because I LOVE Fallout ) and a reloading kit even though I know that's not practical
If that's what you really want, then you could do that, though they aren't exactly the most enjoyable guns.

Armscor/Rock Island Armory M200 revolvers are at like $200 typically, it's a 4" barreled .38 Special revolver in DA/SA, the M206 is the same thing with a smaller grip and a 2" barrel.
They're cheap, a bit heavy, and a bit rough, but if you use a revolver buying guide to inspect them in person you could easily find one that's alright and avoid a potential defect.
I'm suggesting that because it's more practical and you could actually go find cheap ammo in a store.

Honestly, if you're not in a pressing need for a gun, I'd just hold on to those $200 for now, in case you need them, and then try to find that job, so you can save up.
Lemon Squeezer revolvers like the Iver Johnson and S&W aren't going anywhere, most people don't want them and there's a million billion of them in pawnshops and gunstores all over North America

If you just want a revolver for plinking and recreational target shooting, and don't mind manual loading, you could look at some blackpowder cap & ball revolver, they can be very cheap, like $100, sometimes less.

>every time I weight I need the money for something else
So your plan is to spend the money now so you don't have it when you actually really need it?
Call me crazy, but that doesn't sound particularly clever.
I was really counting on people talking me out of it, but a gun is a gun

I wouldn't mind a .38 special if I could actually find one in Dallas
Cable's has them at $300 starting
No pawn shop or gun store I've called has any

I've wanted a gun for years
I also live in a crappy neighborhood
Lucky me I keep to myself

I just want to finally own a gun
it's depressing as shit to know a list of tactics, history, mechanisms etc etc and yet have my hipocrite anti-gun no gun safety knowing family tell me I'm a idiot or I don't know what I'm doing when the all own some pistol and have pointed it loaded with the finger on the trigger at themselves or others

I'll get a job and save
I just want to own a fucking gun for once
Making your firearms purchases based on Fallout is a solid strategy.
I know my shit
I just wanna get anything that shoots and this is within a reasonable price

Ammo is rare and pricey so I'll just reload what I can find
File: 457180.jpg (85 KB, 880x660)
85 KB
>I just want to own a fucking gun for once
Then try a Pietta blackpowder revolver, they're cheap and actually pack some decent punch if you need them. If you look around for a used one they can go for quite a lot below $200, meaning more money for powder, ball and caps.

Again, those Lemon Squeezers aren't going to be going away, they'll be readily available and cheap still by the time you're retirement age.
one day
I want a handgun first
yeah you're right
I'll look into one

At least it's not a Jimenez
Even hipoints are better quality
That, or if he wants a revolver he can afford, a Heritage Rough Rider.
Being a cheap revolver, inspect it before buying, using a Used Revolver Guide. If it's good to go, they're actually surprisingly nice little plinkers, and .22LR is very affordable.
Hi-Points are surprisingly dependable, but if you're looking for an enjoyable gun, you can do much better.
Save up another $100 by eating ramen for a week and get a SR9E. Get a gun without gimmicks that you can learn the fundamentals on and trust your life to.
Why does everyone keep assuming I want a revolver?
I have a slight bias towards semi's but if it shoots I can't hate it
I know

i have a long list of guns I've wanted and have researched constantly
hence why no one ever has called me a nogunz, I know too much to ever be called that
File: P9R Hungry FEGgot.jpg (516 KB, 2168x1608)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
You brought up a revolver to start with.

Something else you could save up for is an old Hungarian FEG P9R pistol, it's vaguely like a S&W 5900 series pistol with Browning Hi-Power aesthetics.
Spare magazines are hard to find but usually the pistols comes with two magazines, they hold 14+1rds and they work fine. It's not unusual to find them for a fair bit under $300, I've seen multiple for as low as $240
>vaguely like a S&W 5900 series pistol with Browning Hi-Power aesthetics
Right and wrong. Different designs under one model name. Some design was a direct Inglis clone.
File: FEG PJK-9HP.jpg (71 KB, 640x480)
71 KB
Do you mean their Hi-Power pistols? Because those I think were designated PJK-9HP.

The P9R pistols are double-action/single-action.
File: tokerov.jpg (12 KB, 279x181)
12 KB
Your Tokerov's look funny
But who am I to judge
Ruger LCPs are like $169 on PSA right now.
Check texasguntrader


This seems like a good deal. I'd buy it if I had the money.
Always had a feeling that would be my first gun, usually on the cheap price end, great gun too
Or maybe not
Thanks anon I owe you a blow job
np. just happy to convert no guns to has guns
Zastava M70's are appealing at their low price, being all steel in 9mm, meaning little recoil, and having kind of a clean aesthetic. The fact that these actually have a real safety, unlike the original, means it's drop-safe and doesn't need to be Israeli Carried.

That said, I hear this and that about magazines
I prefer solid steel
Grew up in the explorers police program we had solid aluminum sig sauer p226's in the later years

But the gun you got on you is more useful that the gun you brag about all day
File: 1512530516281.jpg (3.77 MB, 3900x5008)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
stop posting that outdated image. delete it from your hard drive, and take this new one
I got that one too
Dude go to grabagun their having a pretty good sale! Get an mp9 shield for like 270
Why? They could just buy an ak brand new at that price...
You sound young and impulsive...just save dude.

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