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File: poland.png (1.89 MB, 1280x1388)
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Ok, so I bought a gun online and sent it to an FFL that was apparently closing down. The rifle had an attempted delivery on the 2nd this month but was surprisingly completed on the 3rd. I went down there and they had plastic up in the windows and the phone number on the front would not pick up despite multiple calls spread out over a couple days.

So I emailed the guy, respectfully saying "Yo nigga where my shit," and got sent this on the 5th not 6 minutes after I sent him the email;

"Your rifle is in my shop. I will complete the transfer as soon as I’m able. I’m down with very bad flu at the moment."

I responded 3 and now 7 days later and haven't got a response to either yet. At this point I'm really getting uneasy and slightly worried this nerd is trying to dick off with my gun.

Anything you guys can think of besides threatening legal action I could do here? I really don't want to seem like a frickin' frick and scream at the guy about lawyers if he's just actually sick. But then again god fucking dammit I was supposed to have that shit 10 days ago.
flue can sometimes take up to two weeks if he's a weak ass bastard, give it a little more time and ask nicely again. THEN threaten to sue his cunt ass if he still doesn't do it.
File: SPACE.jpg (283 KB, 1280x904)
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I hope you're right but at the same time I'm not very optimistic about the whole situation.

I've tried to be extremely polite but his lack of communication is really wearing my patience thin. Today was the last day I'll email him, so we'll see in the future I guess.

Also more of these memes please if you got 'em.
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File: Poland1.jpg (349 KB, 1274x542)
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lol that's a p good one.
File: 1513981631734.jpg (256 KB, 960x678)
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File: 1515422211025.jpg (166 KB, 960x678)
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File: Poland90.png (1.32 MB, 1280x904)
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I've got a couple but I need a lot more.
is fucking geography really something to be proud of now
thank you for these. they made my night.
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No that's the joke.

np, they're the only thing keeping me happy rn regarding my original op post.
I wonder if there’s something wrong with his FFL, that’s why he’s delaying (not answering your calls before he got his flu). Usually, FFLs want to transfer firearms as quickly as possible because it’s one less gun they have to worry about, one less paperwork they could finish and not leave out hanging.

Poland is lol teir. This is not in the spirit of countryballs.

Have a freshly translated one just for you:
File: Poland2.jpg (109 KB, 900x636)
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Well he's anything but in business right now, and considering his attitude toward transfers, I wouldn't be surprised if he had it out for me at this point.

I just discovered his one man hole in the shop like a month or two ago, stopped in a talked for a second about stuff and FFL transfers after I saw his website. He told me he was thinking about closing down the shop due to things like business being slow (namely due to FFL transfers) and the abundance of customers he just didn't like.

He said in person and on his website that he just cares about the 2nd and not who you are, but he mentioned Trump supporters specifically being really obnoxious faggots and tbqh I can't blame him on that bit.

I'll just have to wait, hopefully he's actually a cool sick dude and not a cruel sick dude.


Checks out.
I mean....Finland has a lot of lakes too
File: 1393869469465.jpg (42 KB, 369x468)
42 KB
>thinking about closing down
>business being slow (namely due to FFL transfers)
>abundance of customers he just didn't like.
>mentioned Trump supporters specifically being really obnoxious faggots
lol so how many more red flags did you ignore before you gave this guy your money?
File: Poland7.jpg (315 KB, 1400x1050)
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315 KB JPG
I gave him nothing besides the information of the FFL I was transferring from and subsequently my rifle. Undoubtedly still a bad call but he was the best FFL around and I just met him so I decided I'd do the transfer anyways.

He said he'd do it then but now I'm not sure what he really wants.
Haha holy fuck, I haven't laughed that hard in days. Poland's fucking face in these.
File: 1509902729572.jpg (471 KB, 1280x904)
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Why is Poland ass raping everything
Why not?
You gotta have a pretty ravaged anus to make Russia vs Japan comics in the present era. Does Tsushima or Port Arthur still cause anal leakage? Don't you remember how WW2 ended. I guess it's the Sakhalin thing.

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