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How well do you think this would work?
I actually already have it but don’t have blanks to use yet. Planning on using it in a 10.5 barrel ar pistol.
The thing itself is made from carbon steel and has this really unpleasant coating on it, just feels weird and gritty to me. Which they had used stainless steel and made it not so thick.
Should launch pipe bombs pretty nicely.
Do they make one you can slide on a yugo sks?
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I'll just say that the X-Products Can Cannon is a very well-executed product, and probably beats the pants off any alternative. It is reasonable priced too, can usually be found for about $300 retail, and obviously less online.

You can add a whole other level of immersion by adding an M203 quadrant sight. I got mine brand new for like $40 delivered. While the ranging numbers aren't exacting (divide it by 4 roughly), having sights gives you some consistency in where you launch the can.

The recoil is substantial, so I recommend a bona-fide LimbSaver pad for about $40 more. Any other recoil pad is just a shitty piece of rubber that does little to mitigate recoil.

I'm not a robot
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could you fit a grenade in one of these?

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